Brits Abroad….

Brits Abroad….

Hi there…
Thanks for joining us in New York!
What a city!
Despite the rain, we had a fabulous day yesterday.
Met Grace for Brunch at the Highline Ballroom
(will blog more about that later in the week. It was wonderful)
Then we walked all along the Highline, 
which is a walkway – a linear park – above the city in the Hell’s Kitchen area.
Trains used to run up there and they were going to pull it down, 
but friends-of saved it and turned it into a really cool place.
(will blog more about that later in the week too. Not easy from a hotel room in Manhattan!)
It’s a real arty place, some of it quite obscure.
Grace decided we should have a day of New York Photo opportunities….
Not only the postcard picture perfect ones…

or the more thoughtful, creative ones…

but also the ridiculous ones,
where we added our sixpence worth to the art.

We wheelie had a lot of fun looking for 
cool photo opportunities.
I so wanted to climb up on this tyre car and hug the tree,
but they wouldn’t let me.
The NYPD that is…

Macy’s. What an Aladdin’s Cave!
The Trolls were in town!

Grace so wants this part!!!

Then we stumbled upon more art.
Beautiful, crazy sculptures all along the road, 
right up to Times square.

Wurka and Hollick even got in on the act!

The Giraffe and the owl…

and then there was the Pink Camel.
I got my foot stuck and peed my pants laughing.
Blimming Brits abroad.
Bloody exhibitionists…

But oh ! How we laughed.

Politely waiting for the family to move on….

so we could climb to the top…
can you see us????

In the evening, Alicia Keys was playing live and for free in 
Times Square, so we enjoyed a blast of her in the open air.

and then we hijacked an NYPD scooter for good measure.

Got a TGIF takeout, went back to the hotel 
and watched the Trump-Clinton debacle debate on Telly.
All in all a very VERY memorable day.
Just got to climb the Empire State Building
and catch the Columbus Day Parade today,
before we head back to Blighty this evening…
see you on the other side!
Love and hugs,

169 thoughts on “Brits Abroad….

  1. Oh Barbara. I feel like I've been on your trip with you! You write so beautifully!
    Thank you for sharing all your adventures! You and Paul look as though you've have a blast! And so nice for you to spend so much time with Grace!
    Enjoy your day and safe journey home later! Xxx

  2. Fabulous, fabulous day. I've thoroughly enjoyed another instalment of 'my' New York tour!!!! As for where you are on the photo! I've magnified it as far as I can, looked in every window…I think..and still can't see you. Unless that's your feet sticking out!!!! Enjoy your last day and safe journey home. Love and Hugs xxx

    1. Hello Sharon 😊😊😊😊 Well done you. Welcome to our wee Clarity community. I left you a wee reply on the previous blog, but see you're on a roll, so you can have another one here too 😊. It does get easier now, you've done the hardest bit, honest. And yes Barbara is one of the special people in the world xx

    2. Is there an easier way to reply than directly here . When I check below where it says notify me I get all emails and then if I reply to the email it takes me to the blog but not in order , if this sound confusing you can imagine how my brain is doing .ugh . Jan

  3. Wow…..what a week…..thank you for the giggle tour…..fab pics, so nice to see all those big smiles. See you on the flip side, safe journey home to you and Paul. Hugs xxxx

  4. Wow…..what a week…..thank you for the giggle tour…..fab pics, so nice to see all those big smiles. See you on the flip side, safe journey home to you and Paul. Hugs xxxx

  5. Hiya all Barb looks like you are having soooo much fun. It seems to me like you will need a holiday to get over this one lol. As for peeing your pants at least there was a reason and it wasn't just an age thing hahahaha. Hugs as always Ali xxx

  6. Oh my what a brilliant blog post about your adventures. I have laughed with you along the way. Some amazing sights you have seen and such art work too. I hope you enjoy your last day before you travel back home.
    Linda xxx

  7. Oh my, you three know how to have fun. Love all your photos. Back to reality tomorrow though.

    Hi bloggy friends, I stayed up last night until 1pm leaving messages but when I looked this morning they had all disappeared, that's not the first time it's happened either. So today I'll just say how much I appreciate your support and advice, it really does mean so much to me…and Brenda please don't tell anyone how to turn off predictive texting as I can't wait for the next blooper. Love and hugs to you all.

    1. They've not disappeared Julia, honest. Blogger can only handle 200 comments on one page, so all you need to do is go to the bottom of the page and click on 'load more' and they will all appear in the right places. Aye I was too eager to help, thought the same after I had written it. I'm sure I can stall anyone asking me how to 😉 Guess I could be really naughty if needed and send them on a wild goose chase instead. Who me, would I do that, well there's always a first time for everything….. xx

    2. Brenda, you wee hero, my comments are indeed there and I've learnt something new today,thank you.

      I use my laptop to comment and last night I had typed thong instead of thing but I can't use predictive text as an excuse just my brain thinking quicker than my fingers can type.

      I've been doing a bit more decorating today. Up here the schools are on holiday for two weeks so I managed to persuade Jen out of her bed at about 3pm to come with me to the bank so she could pay in her wages. When we got home she changed back into her pj's…oh to be young.

    3. Ah Julia, we know where your thinking was last night then…… xx
      Pam, the next time you slip up, nae blaming predictive text then, I'll remember!!!! xx

      It's my analytical sponge brain, got to know why, how etc. for anything, not satisfied until I've worked out/learned whatever it is. My brother thinks it's funny, some of the random stuff I know, that I just come out with during a conversation!!! I sat for hours working out what each movement of the picot cutting did, how each part worked to give you the perfect wee triangles. Sad I know, but it's not a choice thing, it's how my Asperger's brain functions. And now I have got it all sussed, I'm having much better results with the picot cutting, and can quickly get back on track when it's back to looking nibbled by them wee field mice trying to take up residence under the floor

  8. Great photos , have to look for those places next time in town . Where or where do you get your energy .theres your next book.
    We also watched the debate and being American and republicans I must add this to this post
    I'm so very proud of Mr Trump,. Believe me we need him to,get the corruption out of our government . I love him. No hate mail here , just had to say my feelings . Joy now Jan

    1. No hate mail, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. And since you chose to voice yours, my opinion is Trump is the most corrupt, vile presidential candidate I've ever witnessed. Pity help the rest of us if he gets elected.

    2. Hi Brenda , are you aware of all,the times Hiliary has lied to the American people and to the FBI and how she deleted 33,000 emails on her private server which had been subpoenaed byour FBI which is. Federal offense where many have been sent to prision , but not her because now it looks like our FBI is less than honest . We lost 4'. People in Benghazi and she lied to the families and to all of us for two weeks . They had requested military help 100 s of times and she did nothing .
      Her husband Had numerous affairs and even with a young woman in his,office when he was president and she slandered them and ruined their careers to protect him and when she was a young attorney she defended a rapist of a young 12 year old girl and won and then she was recorded on tape laughing about how she did it. Sorry Brenda , maybe you didn't know all this and there is more but I do feel,it is nesessary that the truth be known. I'm not sure why you would think Trump is corrupt( there is no evidence of this) sometimes his language is strong but I'm not sure I would call,it vile ., the news media here is very liberal,and also very dishonest .
      I. Have learned one thing though and that is we do need to be kind to one another , life is short and it's a small world . We all need to join in and make it a great place . Have a great day . I must learn not to voice my opinion about politics but sometimes my wee little ego gets the best of me . I must have a conversation with him and also,place a piece of tape across his mouth and typing finger . Lol and joy now Jan

    3. Of course I know what people are being accused of, I follow world affairs. I can assure you, where I come from, the stuff that comes out Trump's mouth is viewed as vile. Of course he is corrupt, using the excuse "that makes me clever" doesn't change the fact. As I've told you previously, there was a huge petition in Great Britain to get Trump banned from entering our country because of what he says and does. Huge enough that it had to be debated in our Parliament as a result. So I am very clearly not a lone voice as to how the wider world views your wonderful Trump! But like I say everyone is entitled to their own opinion

    4. I don't comment as a rule on politics, but I do have to agree with Brenda. The idea of Donald Trump having all that power, and becoming the leader of a country like America scares me to death. In my opinion, he is dangerous because he is so volatile. He constantly shows his racist beliefs. Yes, we all need to be kinder to each other, but attacking people for their religious beliefs is quite the opposite. That is going back to the Middle Ages when only one religion was allowed and people were put to death if they disagreed. xxx Maggie

  9. Oh Barbara, I think this is your best non crafty blog ever, it's brilliant, still laughing with you. I'm so glad you all had such fun, do you all the world of good. Is this leaving voluntarily, or are you by any chance being thrown out for disturbance of the peace, commandeering a police motorbike, and vandalism of artwork?!!!!! 😉 Oh, and the one you've not admitted to – highjacking a crane to reach the top!!!!! Hope it's not too sad for you all today. Coming home to Dave should help. We've been good girls in your absence, honest…… Love Brenda xx
    p.s. Dave, if down there is anything like up here, take an extra big jumper for Barbara and Paul when you go to collect them

    1. P.s. blogger is playing up a wee bit today, guess he's grumpy because of our fun yesterday!!! Anyway, refreshing the page doesn't seem to work, but click on the website link in your favourites, or from googling the blog, and that appears to be sorting it.

    2. Thanks everyone. Aye, very cold here today, must have been a cold night. xx
      I tried phoning the blue badge lady again today, tried at least 4 times, and left another message on my first try. Still nothinh, phone rings and goes onto the answer machine each time, and she still doesn't phone back. What do I do? There's no email, and going on this she wouldn't reply anyway. The stress of it all is really flaring up my eczema bad, I can't go much more days like this, too stressful and unsettling.

    3. No, but how would I do that? The number I'm phoning is the only one on the letter and the web page where the form is. Seems the council are split over different locations too, and not all in the same town. I spent hours trying to find the direct social services number earlier this year, and still couldn't find it! From that search there seems to be no central place you can contact and be put through to whatever part either. The council website is a nightmare for me to navigwte round too, if you find something like your looking for, click links to take you to info, numbers, you just end up going round in circles not being given the numbers/info it tells you the links will take you to.

    4. Oh my dear Brenda forget the numbers just get your gardener to take you too the library as you said it's close to you they should do it for you as they will have numbers to the council and can book you an appointment your council seems not helpful in returning your calls I wish I could do more to help you xxxx

    5. Thanks guys

      I hear you Sheila, but my garden guy has done a lot for me in the last few weeks, and he's currently chasing social services trying to meet with them, as well as my garden visit on Wednesday. I can't pile any more onto him just now, unless it was an emergency. It wouldn't be fair of me to.

      I found some numbers but there are 2 maybe possibles, one says revenues and benefits and the other is all other services. But it's way too scary, not knowing if they are right or wrong, who will answer, what will I say to that etc. It's my Asperger's communication stuff. Phoning the number I was given is hard enough, but trying these could be anything numbers is beyond my limits. I don't know how to explain the difference to you.

      I don't know that there would be any time for him to try phoning council numbers/library when he's here, but don't see how that would help with the form part anyway, might with the certified birth certificate copy part, if they say he can sign it.

    6. What a pain to not have a direct number. The blue badge department must be so busy with people phoning if their forms are so complicated. Is there any chance your brother could assist you with the calls? Hope you can get it sorted quickly so you can get your eczema calmed down. Xx

    7. Dear Brenda where did you go to get your blue badge or renewed it we go to the library now we use to go to the council office. I thought if you rang the library they might be able to give you an appointment or help you get through to the number more days are passing to your renewal I wish I could do more to help you goodnight hugs for you and daisy xxx

    8. Sheila, they used to send a straight forward simple form to fill in, and all they asked for was a photo, and my DLA letter to be sent back with it. I had no idea it had all changed to this complicated mess. There was nothing in the letter to say it had, but no form came, the letter just said to do it online or phone this number for alternative ways. When I looked online the first page of the form said all I needed was a photo to upload, my badge number and NI number. So I waited until I could get the photo to start filling it in online. I didn't know until I started filling it in last Thursday that there was all these hard questions and the birth certificate carry on. That's why I don't know what to do, because it's not even like I've seen what my support did in the past, because it's all changed this time

      My brother can't do it, he works full time, can't phone during the day. Plus if someone phoned for me it will probably have to be here because they will probably ask me to verify who I am and ask me to give permission to them for my person to speak to them. Almost everywhere refuses to talk to someone on my behalf unless they speak to me first to say it's ok.

  10. What a day you had. ..the sculptures must be new they weren't there 3 weeks ago. ..sorry about the rain though. ..the HighLine looks fab and look forward to reading about your visit there later. Have a safe trip home.'s been lovely 'living' your trip with you both, technology is a wonderful thing – sometimes! !! Xxx

  11. What a day you had. ..the sculptures must be new they weren't there 3 weeks ago. ..sorry about the rain though. ..the HighLine looks fab and look forward to reading about your visit there later. Have a safe trip home.'s been lovely 'living' your trip with you both, technology is a wonderful thing – sometimes! !! Xxx

  12. You two – what are you like?! Lol. So glad you have had this fabulous down time and were able to spend some fun quality time with Grace. Safe journey home both. Xx

  13. You've packed in plenty of fun and laughter. Hope you are able to relax and catch up on some sleep on the flight back. Thanks for sharing it with us and for the inspiration to go out there and enjoy life.

  14. So happy you enjoyed your visit to NYC. When I was a teen my best friend and I took a bus to this magical city. We shopped for fabric as I already had ten years of sewing behind me. Parents never worried for our safety and we never felt threatened. Oh, how times have changed!

  15. Oh what a time you have had.
    Absolutely brilliant blog the way you have written it we could have been ther with you
    Great photos good company and a safe journey home
    Oh just to let you know I received my one day special order today Thank you Clarity

    1. Hello dear blog friends thinking of you all heartfelt hugs to those who need them I've mannaged a little colouring to Finish of my Christmas card backed up another one for the box I've still got a lot of pain on im my fingers wrist and elbow but a little crafting on my brighter days is what I need to do hugs and cuddles to all xxxx

    2. Hello Sheila I'm sorry to hear you are still in pain but it's good to hear you have been crafting. Oh don't mention Christmas cards!! I haven't started yet. It's Emma's birthday next week so once her card is made I can get my head around them. Sending hugs xxx

    3. Hi Sheila,
      Brilliant that you've managed some crafting today although I'm sad that it is so painful for you. I haven't even thought about my Christmas cards yet but I must start them soon. Love and hugs Alison xx

    4. Don't encourage her Julia, hahaha!. But it is right that a little bit of what you fancy does you good. Says me with a bar of choc in front of me!!!
      It's good that you've been able to manage some crafting today. But don't overdo it my friend. Love and Hugs xxx

    5. Sorry you're still in pain Sheila. Good that you managed to finish off a few cards. I've not crafted since we were away. May go up and spend an hour or two after I've washed the tea

    6. Dinnae be telling oor Sheila to have a drink to kill the pain, she's got enough problems with her liver!!!!!😉 People with CFS can't drink alcohol anyway, it makes you more ill in some way (something my brain was happy for me to not work out how, what!!!!). Glad you still managed a wee bit craft Sheila, see, you fought, you won, and had a bit of quality and Mindfulness time yesterday and today. Which will also have given you a wee break from feeling so bad and sore. Aye it's a weird one, the pain is still there but by concentrating on something else it does give you a break from it for a bit xx

    7. Oh heck, I hold my head in shame, I forgot about your liver problems. So no alcohol and no chocolate. I know…buying more clarity stuff always makes me feel better!!!

    8. Aye that's it Julia, buy more Clarity stash, works every time eh Sheila😉 Me too, with all my food allergies on top of everything else, buying craft stash is about the only treat thing that's possible for me, and that I'm not allergic to!!!!!🤗🤗🤗 xx

  16. Hi Barb, thanks for taking time out to blog great stuff. Maybe it was your excuse to get knackered feet up for a mo! Fun to read. Stayed up till 4 a.m watching The Debate – mainly as training for election night in just a few short weeks! Managd a quick clarity towers order during quieter bits too. Have a goid journey over pond, hugs Lynne xxxx

    1. Hi Lynne I had a little fall of the wagon too just had to have the new groovi stickers and some more double sided tape and keep the CCA going hope you used your cushions 😊Xxx

  17. Hi Barb,
    Well you've cheered me up no end today, I've had a right good giggle at all your antics with Grace and Paul I'm surprised you weren't arrested for vandalism!! Loved all of the artwork and sculptures – just brilliant. Reminded me of the London Paddington Bears. I bet you ve all had an absolutely fabulous time and you deserve it. Have a safe journey back home. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been good for you. It's been glorious here until about 3.30 when the heavens opened. Been a strange day today, had to go to solicitors to sign forms re selling my Mam's house and then the estate agents. The house is now under offer, but it's really sad as I still think of it as home really. It was a very happy place. Then had to take my sister to airport again as they are off travelling again – I'm sure she's got a money machine in her attic!! Well better go and sort tea out, love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

    2. Hi Alison hope you got your washing in before the rain came down! I know what you mean about the house, I cried my eyes out when we left mum and dads house for the last time, end of an era. We've driven past since but they've changed the front so it's not their house any more. Sending hugs xxx

    3. I agree which what has already been said Alison, when the new people move in they will make it there own loving home. It occurred to me today that the people we bought our house from also split up, can a house have bad vibes, I know there is such a thing as lay lines.

    4. I can only imagine what a horrible situation it is for you Alison. (One bonus I suppose of having no parent's) All the happiness you felt will have left some lovely vibes in the house for another family.
      We'll need to sort out with Chris and have that ride out as soon as. Love and Hugs xxx

    5. It is sad when the family home is sold. It's been 21 years since mine was sold. I still occasionally go past it if we're visiting my Niece who lives near but it doesn't hurt as much now. Still have my lovely memories as you will too. Sending you some hugs hoping they'll help you get through this. xxx

  18. Hi Barbara
    Wow oh wow what fabulous artwork and statues. I can't see where you are hiding but it looks like you had fun. As the saying goes you laughed so much the tears ran down your legs!!! Hahaha. Have a wonderful last day with Grace, don't be too sad leaving her, she looks happy and healthy. Safe journey home.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Diane, hope you've had a good day, we've had sunshine today as well, very welcome this time of year isn't it? Hoping to do a little crafting tonight, haven't done any since we were

  19. Another entertaining blog! Fab photos again – I loved the idea of that bus yesterday, what a good idea, was it an odd way to travel? Safe trip home – bet Dave can't wait to see you, hope you've bought him a lovely present LOL !! Xx

  20. Hi everyone, lunch out today as start of my birthday week. Two funerals to attend but that's life isn't it. One on my birthday, I'm just lucky to be celebrating mine I think. Been nice and sunny here with some warmth in sun but chilly in shade. I did go out in light trousers, sandals and cardi over my top – I'm not giving in yet ! Hope everyone is ok. Xxx

  21. So glad you walked the Highline. It looks a little cooler than when we did it in August! Your photos took me right back there. Enjoy the rest of your trip and safe flight home. X

  22. You look really happy, you've had such a great time, really enjoyed hearing about your trip and seeing all your lovely photos, almost feels as if I've joined you. Hope your journey home is good. See you on this side. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  23. Hello my lovely friends. I'm sitting here just in the hopes that I'll be able to get up again!!! I decided to change all the curtains etc for winter this room at a time. So that I'll be able to concentrate on training the little one from Saturday. Only once I started, I just kept on going and going. I've had to admit defeat on a couple of rooms, but the rest is done. Oooh my poor aching back!! hahaha!
    I hope you all have more sense then me! Love and hugs xxx

    1. Don't be too impressed Donna. They're the same winter curtains that have gone up for the past 30 odd years! It's the only way I know what time of the year it is hahaha! I'm just following on from my old Grannie. xxx

    2. Mum used to have summer and winter curtains but I've never done that and only change them when we decorate ! I do take them down for a wash here and there though and just hope they don't shrink ! Xx

  24. Thank you for putting a huge smile on my face. You have so much fun on your holidays and I love reading about them especially the photos. Your pink camel video had me in fits -you weren't the only one in need of a Tenna! I bet Grace had a scream spending time with you and Paul. Hope you have as much fun on your last day. Safe journey home. Love and hugs Jeanette xxx

    1. What was that Donna, crafting in your winter wellies? hahaha! Pam, tena to one, there'll have been quite a few needing them after reading Barb's post today!!! Love and Hugs xxx

    1. Hi to all of my wonderful blog friends – please forgive me for not joining in tonight, I haven't been able to read all of the comments. My brain has turned to mush this evening, Merv and Ernie have arrived and I think that they have brought their friends too! Neill is very disappointed as he didn't get to see the Oncologist today, he is in Copenhagen! We saw a very senior Radiologist instead, but she wasn't really able to tell us anything, except that all of his side effects are quite normal and they will probably get worse during this final week. We will get an appointment to see the Oncologist in about 4 weeks time, instead of 6 – due to his worsening side-effects of the hormone treatment. Off to bed again now, love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hello Gilly my friend. I can understand why Neil is feeling disappointed. But it is definitely a positive that he will be finishing his treatment as planned. So you really are on countdown now. Just stick on in there. Love and Hugs to you both. xxx

    3. Dear gilly what a day you and Neil have had its very disappointing when you should see your consultant and he could have given answers that Neil needed and you too you just try to get some well earned rest hope you mannage both of you to get some sleep put merv and Ernie away no wonder you feel like you do it will soon be Friday and the treatment will end can you see a surport nurse or the consultants registrar or Macmillan nurse just to help you through the next few days also help while you see the consultant bless you my dear blog friend sending lots of hugs and cuddles thinking of you both xxx

    4. Good morning – feeling much better this morning, sleep really does help! I am back into coping mechanism now! I have managed to send Merv, Ernie & their friends on their way today – just got to make sure that they don't come back later. We have both got an appointment with our GP this afternoon – so I know that will do Neill good, to talk to him. He is always a big help to me, with my ME too. I will be taking your kind words and support with me today and see how Neill feels about speaking with our cancer nurse. Thank you again, Gilly xxx

  25. Thank you for putting a huge smile on my face. You have so much fun on your holidays and I love reading about them especially the photos. Your pink camel video had me in fits -you weren't the only one in need of a Tenna! I bet Grace had a scream spending time with you and Paul. Hope you have as much fun on your last day. Safe journey home. Love and hugs Jeanette xxx

  26. H4ell everyone. I am a bit later tonight as I have been to the gym, done some gardening before rain stopped play, finished off 6 Christmas cards, made a pastry base for a quiche , cooked tea then sat down for the evening. I started from the bottom of the blog, sorry if I didn't comment on all posts today but the internet is very slow so I'm giving up.
    Alison an Morag, Mainsgill is only about 30 – 40 minutes from me, if you are happy to meet there that would be good but I feel bad that it's quite a trek for you. Our services are needed at half term so we will be travelling south next Friday (just me if Dad is not too well) and I have hospital next Wednesday. We will be home on 31st – where will October have gone?

    1. Hi Chris, you have been a busy bee yesterday. The journey to Mainsgill is about the same for us, so it sounds like a good halfway place. I'll text Alison and see when would be best for her. xxx

  27. Wow! What a day of fun you have had! Love the photos showing the arty side of New York and you guys having a great time! Thanks for sharing the experience, makes me feel like I have been there with you. Safe journey home. Big hugs Marian x

  28. What an amazing time having so much fun so great memories to bring you could make some wacky stamps out of pictures of those wonderful animals colours would love them just a thought xx

  29. Just popped in before heading off to bed – so glad I did – great pics and once again lots of giggles! Been crafting all day today as doing a craft fair on Saturday – still lots to do but must tackle the ironing when I get up!!! Safe journey home Barb and Paul, hope you have a better experience in the airport on the departure side xx

  30. Wow, Barb, you certainly know how to pack in a fabulous time and on every day of your trip! I've been to NY once and always promised ourselves a trip back there. Just wondered if you would would come along too and show us how it's done???? Maybe a 'Clarity' moment! It will be good to have you both home though, we need you here, guiding us on our daily journeys. Xx
    P.S. Know what you mean re:Clinton & Trump! Poor Hilary getting him as an opponent!

  31. Hi Barb, you can see how much you're enjoying yourself and Paul too! Loved the photographs and your captions, me thinks Mrs Tena Lady needs to join you soon with all this laughter 😉

    June x

  32. Hi my bloggy friends, sorry I only did a couple of postings last night. I had spent all day on my i pad looking back at the last two years. Although I read it at the time and now feel I am getting to know you better and wanted to see what had been going on. Trouble was I get getting sidetracked by all the wonderful demos so it took a little longer than I thought. A really interesting experience though. In the end I just couldn't look at the screen anymore. Will do better tonight!😀xx Have a good day everyone.

  33. Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us, you clearly had a fabulous time. I've never been to NYC so it's great to see all your pictures. Enjoy the rest of your stay and have a safe journey home xx

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