Hi there.
Thanks for stopping by.
Well, this weekend is special methinks, 
in Clarity World.
We are launching a collection of art which has been created by a very good friend of ours:
Jayne Nestorenko.

A few months ago, Paul and I went to see her.
She has been unwell for a while now, 
and has had to put her crafting career on hold. 
She entrusted us with the most exquisite collection of floral illustrations; an honour indeed.
So for the past months, we have been working on them,
and are finally ready to launch 
Floral Frame Collection.
In Groovi Format on HOCHANDA this weekend.
Tune in at 8pm on Sunday for the first hour.
A set of 9 plates,
comprising fuchsias, roses, dahlias and agapanthus,
plus a fab Alphabet within a clever box frame.

Now Jayne, like myself, is a stamp designer.

These flower plates were intended to be stamps,
and therefore they are.

The artwork next to the stampsets is Jayne’s own colourwork.
This is how she pictured her stamps.

Agapanthus Clarity Stampset designed by Jayne
Dahlias Clarity Stampset designed by Jayne
Fuchsias Clarity Stampset designed by Jayne

Roses Clarity Stampset designed by Jayne
I hope with all my heart that we have done her illustrations and her lovely frame concept justice.
The large frame also comes as a stamp on a megamount;
the wonderful trellis pieces and weaves fit perfectly 
into the frame panels. 
So there you have it. 
A comprehensive floral collection, 
designed by a dear friend
and made by us. 
Where and when will the stamps be available?
They are being launched on our website on Tuesday, 
after the Groovi One Day Special has finished.
During the month of September, I shall be showcasing 
Artwork to inspire
from members of our Stamping Design team here on the Blog.
Whether you are into parchment or stamping,
we believe that these flowers will prove invaluable
 to your Groovi AND Claritystamp collections. 
Must get back to it.
Love & Hugs
PS. If you were wondering what to submit for this month’s 
IN THE GARDEN Clarity challenge,
then any ONE of these would be absolutely peach.
Hop over to the Challenge Blog now and find out how to enter….

There’s a £50 Clarity voucher AND yesterday’s little Barbie canvas up for grabs…

152 thoughts on “Jayne’s Flowers – BRAND NEW STAMPS AND GROOVI

  1. These are all amazing. I shall be recording the shows and watching carefully. I hope you will be bringing them all to Leyburn so that I can stroke them and decide which I would like, the shopping list grows ever longer….

    1. Hi Chris – I hope that you have been saving your pennies, you will certainly need them at Leyburn! Pleased to see that your Dad got on ok at the hospital, even though it was slow for you. He is doing very well. Love, Gilly xx

    1. Hi Sheila, hope you're managing to rest now after today's turmoil you've experienced. A bit of unsettling day here too with regards to my mum; more tomorrow when we are better informed. As for the car, no response so far although the local police have been in touch. My big fear is that it could be used for something untoward!
      Sleep well.
      My next Clarity order will be placed ASAP! Madness not to as I received my pastel A4 parchment today. Xxx ;~}

    2. Hope it's a better day for your mum tomorrow let me know please if you can .i do hope you get your car sorted as you say it's a worry if it used for bad purposes.
      I got my Christmas parchment the other day got my celebration stencil today and a groovi plate .hope to craft over weekend goodnight hugs xxx

  2. Hello lovely people. I got some dianthus and lavender cuttings taken this morning but then it turned quite chilly so it had to be crafting! How blessed we were to have such lovely weather on our holiday last week.

    Thanks for the heads up Alison. I couldn't find the sessions on the Crafter's Companion site so rang them and they were really helpful. I am booked in for the same session as you – got to make the most of Barbara's presence! Do you think Morag knows, I have no way of contacting her apart from on here?

    1. Hi again Chris. I do know about it, but I'm afraid I'm stuck. We have a Christening to go to on that day. I couldn't believe that for someone who hardly ever goes anywhere…I had TWO places that I wanted to go to at the same time!! Deep down , I bet you can guess which I would have preferred hahaha!
      I'm meeting up with Alison next Thursday in Durham. Any chance that you could make it too? xxx

    2. Hello Chris oh there is going to be a riot with you and Alison with Barbara! I'm sure you will have lots of fun. Weather has turned here too, you definately picked the right week! Xxx

    3. Gosh Chris and Alison – you will have an amazing time with Barbara! So many of us wish we could be there with you two! We look forward to hearing all about it! Hugs Gilly xx

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous, my poor bank balance is about to take a hammering. You have made a wonderful job of turning stamps into Groovi. I am sure Jayne will be thrilled. I will have to catch up on your shows for Sunday as I am at a parchment workshop. I look forward to seeing all the artwork I bet it is fabulous. xx

  4. Like Linda Page….. I need the stamps too. Fabulous designs by Jayne Nestarenko, she does foliage so very very well. Looking forward to watching Sunday, always a pleasure Xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Loving the look of those stamps – might just have to buy those. Hope Jayne is feeling a wee bit better – how couldn't she after a visit from you and Paul eh? Xx

  6. Hi Barbara & ladies, well have not been in for a few days. Trying to get my kitchen really painted as you do have to keep things top notch.

    Well love the new design blog , very peaceful and just love this colour.

    Well I think you have done it again, the stamps and Groovi are beautiful I just love flowers any sort. The husbands has grown me some dahlias this year they are enormous so drink quite a lot. I will have to have a thought about which to buy. I still would love to get the cake and box plates for my Groovi and now something else for my list. Looking forward to the shows so I am sure the design team will make my mind up as they do everything justice.

    Hi ladies, hope you are all keeping well and looking forward to the shows at the weekend.
    I have looked at the pencils for my colouring still don't know which.way to go.
    Hope you all have a good weekend and sit back and enjoy the shows.
    Hugs to all
    Lynn xxx

    1. Hi Lynn, I can't always make it every day either. I read every post each night when I go to bed, but my eyes won't let me write on my phone.
      Are you thinking about buying pencils? If so you can't go wrong with Faber Castell Polychromos. I was doing a happy dance about a month ago as, after about 3 years I finally reached the full 120 set. I started out with the 36 tin, and every now and again I bought some singles as and when I could afford them. I was able to buy an empty tin from them. Hubby said at first that I would never use them all, but he now admits that he was wrong!!
      Love and Hugs xxx

    2. Hi Lynn, I am lucky enough to have both Spectrum Noir pencils and Faber Castell Polychromos and personally I prefer using my Polychromos whether it is on parchment or card. Enjoy yourself colouring lol Lynne m xxx

    3. Hi both, thanks for heads up on the pencils.
      I have some Faber Castell art grip and are ok. I also have Drewant
      Inktence I use them with water but very little as they are quite bright.
      If you are happy with the Faber Castell polychrome then I must have a go with them.
      thank you all for info.
      Hugs Lynn xx
      will let you know how I get on

    4. Hi Lynn what a lovely decision to have to make, I have the spectrum noir pencils but if I was buying now I would go faber Castile – was it Alison who found a good offer at the Newcastle art shop on line? I looked at the time and the offer was very good. My daughters got the full derwent selection, she said I could borrow them if I'm really careful! Xx

  7. Evening all, still can't really get into groovi – despite having loads of plates from the get go and being a member of t he diamond club so get my monthly updates! However these stamps are lovely – and, as others have said , just as I had decided not to add to my stash!! Hey ho!!

  8. Hi all, what beautiful sets of stamps and Groovi plates. I told myself that after Hochandas birthday bash I wasn't going to buy anything more for awhile just so my bank manager could recover his nerves(he he) oh well good intentions down the drain and another spend up on the way. Lol and hugs Lynne m xxx

  9. Wow, wow, wow Barbara, exquisite artwork from Jayne. Jayne's beautiful and deatailed artwork made into stamps and Groovi by the best company, match made in heaven. Jayne has such an eye for detail, and really hits the spot with me. I've got so many flower stamps you wouldn't beliespo or maybe you do, because we're all craft hoarders from the same mould, but somehow I've got to justify to myself to add these ones to my collection. And the frame too, brilliant concept. Me like, me like a lot.

    My garden guy is going to phone re my boiler next week, get them to come out. If they can't come on Wednesday when he'll be here, we're going to do it that I'll be on my own when they come, but he'll make sure they know to phone him before leaving if they haven't resolved the issues. If it works this way, could be a good idea for future times if I ever get any support and help again. Save me support costs, just paying for the time spent on the phone to the workman, which I can easily monitor how long from this end. Wouldn"t work for most things just now, but something that may in time, if the bulk of the work ever gets done and we find good workmen I could maybe get used to a wee bit.

    Methinks you're going to have record breaking sell outs!!! I have an agapanthus, that colour outside my window just now, looks just like Jayne's artwork. 22 very large flower stems on it, beautiful blue colour. I love it.

    I hope you can chill before Sunday
    Love Brenda xx
    P.s. the 3 of you look like you've been caught scheming mischief in that photo!!! 😉

    1. Hi Brenda – so pleased to hear that your garden guy is going to help out with phoning about your boiler. I too have an agapanthus, but not many flowers on it, I must be doing something wrong. Hugs to you and Daisy xx

    2. That's such good news that your 'Garden Guy' is going to help you with your boiler. He sounds like a treasure. It sounds like he is certainly going to help your confidence my friend. Take care. Love and Hugs xxx

    3. oMG I need some pointers on getting more flowers on agapanthus I was impressed that the one in the garden had 2 flowers! One of my favourite plants so this has to be a must buy. Xx

    4. Hi Brenda,
      Oh I'm so pleased that you've got the garden guy to help you and how kind it is for him to do it. I hope that your boiler is fixed very soon. Love agapanthus too, looking to get one for the garden soon. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    5. Evening Brenda I'm so pleased you have got help with your boiler from your garden man he sounds wonderful a kind person to have around.thank you for your messages today they made me smile too hugs for you and daisy xxx

    6. Hello Brenda , I'm so pleased your garden guy is going to help you – I hope you tell him the blog ladies think he's a sweetie! That sounds like a good solution, I really hope they can fix it or out a new boiler in. We can't have you being cold this winter. I'm impressed with your agapanthus, my uncle rows them but I don't think he's ever had that many blooms. I'm sure your neibours admire it. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    7. Thanks everyone xx
      I'll tell him when I see him next week, he'll like that.
      Mmm will I tell the secret, or will I be naughty and make you all guess!!!! It's taken me years of trial and error working it out. That's 2 in a row now that it's bloomed like this, so I must have cracked it. And yes my neighbour, and her friends, do comment on how much they like it. But folk often say they like my gardens, don't know why, they look a bit of a mess at the best of times, far worse this year though. I like my garden borders to look natural, not cultivated and sculptured, so you can imagine the state they must be if I'm saying they look a bad mess!!!. Ok, I'll share!!!! It's all in the feeding, you've got to get that spot on or they go in the huff and tease you with only one to two blooms!!!! Liquid seaweed fertiliser, make up half a litre, it's 2.5ml of feed, I use a medicine spoon. Pour it round the base of the plant. Start very early spring, and do it each week through until the end of spring, early summer. Then wait, and watch, and you'll be rewarded. You have to do it weekly, miss weeks and it doesn't work. Liquid seaweed fertiliser is good for feeding your grass too, safe and organic, just use the watering can to water it on.

      In return, anyone got any tips for getting my deciduous peony to flower. The root bulb is showing above soil level, so it can't be that it's too deep down. I'm leaving it alone for a few years to see if it needs a settling period like my arums and nerine. It's in a sunny spot, and we put compost over the borders each winter to feed them.

    8. I think Barbara has a secret plan! She's working hard at getting us all bankrupt to Clarity and then she'll open a sideline business in finance counseling!!!! 😉

    9. That's a good one Brenda! As for the peony they sulk when first put in and take a few years to flower. A bit like some hellebores which look lovely in the put then awful the year after they are planted then decide to grow the next yrear xx

  10. What a fabulous job you've made of Jane's gorgeous artwork. I have always loved her stamps. These will definitely be coming home with me from Leyburn if you are able to take plenty of supplies. I might have to get the stamps on Tuesday though!. I can't wait for your weekend's programmes. Enjoy them, you'll be brilliant as usual. Hugs xxx

    1. Nice to see you Morag. Sadly I can't make Thursday as we are having a new hot water tank starting this Monday and some plumbing work. The stair carpet may have to be lifted and hopefully Thursday will be the day I cab put everything back. It's a big cupboard and is spread over a double and a single bed at the moment. I hope to get to Aycliffe to C&C before the demo day, I think hubby will come with me, will let you know xxif I do

    1. Hi Morag – this is the first time, for ages, that I have been following you around on here! I hope that you are ok and I trust that little Penny is recovered now! Not long for you to wait for Leyburn now! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Sheila dear, I've been thinking of you all day. I hope you get the results of your scan soon and that the results will be positive for you. Love and Hugs xxx

  11. Hi Barbara – these Groovi plates and stamps from Jayne's designs look amazing! I am sure that she is very pleased with them all! Really looking forward to seeing the programmes and also the design team's samples, which are alway truly wonderful. Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – well it's Friday, and Neill and I are not too tired, which has surprised us both! We popped in to see my best friend, on our way home today – a surprise visit! She was really pleased, and the first thing she said was – 'I haven't got any cake'! She knows us so well! I said, 'no problem, we have brought the cake!' – fresh cream ones too! It turned out that she had been feeling rather down, as yesterday was the 14th anniversary of her husband passing away, so we were able to give her huge hugs, and cheer her up! So it worked out very well, as we both enjoy her company so much. I hope that you are all well, and Sheila – I hope that you managed to get through your scan ok and have been resting and sleeping today. love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly, I've been hanging around just to catch you. There's another week over for you both! Little Penny is making up for being poorly by being totally hyper, it's so good to see! I hope you manage to have a good rest over the weekend. Love and hugs xxx

    3. Hi gilly just put my message on about today ,thank you for your lovley message this morning your also have made your dear friends day too your hugs are very special in helping people through their days hugs dear blog friend xxx

    4. Thank you all – I've had a nice lie-in today, just planning on cooking cheese, potato and onion pie today. Then looking forward to watching Strictly this evening! Morag – thanks for waiting around for me, yes, it is another week ticked off! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  12. Wow wow wow groovi -ing shop comming on wow wow wow stamps sets oh dear I'm going to need lots of cushions and zebadee springs CCA see you round the camp fire thank you jayne for the fantastic art work thank you clarity towers for my parcel today xxx

    1. Evening dear family of blog friends well I'm in bed what a day I've had so pleased its weekend so I can rest up .went to my appointment this morning got there for 8 am the scan wasn't working so I had to go to another hospital 15mins away all went well in the end got home post came they have cancelled my liver specialist appointment letter was sent on 31aug they will send me a priority appointment when they can think it's because of the Drs strike as my appointment was the 16 September so rang to let my GP know as he booked it for me he is on holiday till 15 September but he picks up his tasks while on holiday so see what happens I've got blood tests on Tuesday again got 3 bruises still on my arms large tree 3 little trees and a red forest ..on the good side I'm been well looked after .heartfelt hugs to you all xxx

    2. Oh Sheila what a pain that they have cancelled your appointment, fingers crossed you get another one as soon as they can. Good that you are feeling well today. Rub in some arnica that is good for bruises. Xx

    3. Hi Sheila,
      What a palaver for you! I'm pleased that you are being well looked after – you certainly deserve to be. Donna's right, arnica is really good for bruises. Pleased that you have felt good today. Have a good night, love and hugs Alison xxx

    4. Hello Sheila oh goodness you have had a day, but I'm glad they've looked after you. What a pain your appointment was cancelled, I hope they book you in again soon. Sending hugs xxx

    5. Evening Sheila – sorry to hear that you had to travel to another hospital today and really sad to hear that your appointment with the liver specialist has been cancelled. Glad to hear that you are being well looked after and hope that you won't have to wait too long for another appointment. I agree that arnica is really good for bruises and it also helps if they are painful. Take things easy this weekend, and have fun deciding what to buy – Lots of love and restful hugs, Gilly xxx

    6. Hi Sheila, I was thinking about you nodding off whilst getting your scan. I am enjoying you describe the pictures your bruises are making. See, Barbara has had an effect on you, you might not be able to see things in scraps but you can see pictures in your bruises.

    7. Good morning Sheila – I hope that you had a good night's sleep! Take care and rest up, so that you can enjoy the Clarity shows over the next 2 days! Love and special hugs, Gilly xxx

  13. Loved jaynes work for many years have lots of her wood stamps. I'm so sorry she has been ill and I know everyone will love her work good luck lovely lady xxxxxx
    Thank you Barbara xxx

    1. Hi Donna oh this is making me chuckle, boing boing! I think extra large cushions are in order this weekend don't you, perhaps all those garden cushions we don't need at the moment! Sending hugs xxx

  14. Hi Barb,
    Oh my goodness! These are absolutely fabulous. I've always loved Jayne's work and I think you have done her proud here and she'll be chuffed to bits with what you've done. Mind you I think my bank manager will have a hissy fit!! I'll be bankrupt soon. Can't wait for all the shows, the recorder will be working overtime. Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been as good as possible for you all. Did a bit of crafting this morning, then unfortunately had to do the ironing! Decided to watch A Little Chaos with Alan Rickman and Kate Winslet. Really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the series Versailles on TV and forgot that I had this film. It's set in Louis XIV th's reign (Alan Rickman) and Kate Winslet is a gardener working on part of the new gardens at Versailles. It was a lovely film. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    2. Hello Alison I hate ironing and always put it off. Thank you for asking but I am sorry I can't make Thursday as we are having a new hot water tank starting this Monday and some plumbing work. The stair carpet may have to be come up and we think Thursday will be the day I can put everything back. It's a big cupboard and is in piles over a double and a single bed at the moment. I hope to get to Aycliffe to C&C before the demo day, I think hubby will come with me, will let you know if I do.

  15. Hi Alison. I'm away to my bed now. I'm looking forward to catching up with you on Thursday. It will be great if Chris can make it too! Love and Hugs xxx

  16. Hi Barbara
    Wow these are absolutely beautiful, Jane must be thrilled with them. Oh you know how to tempt us don't you, hmm stamps or groovi, stamps or groovi- this is going to be a difficult choice, I think they are all stunning and are going to fly. Make sure you take some breaks whilst prepping for the shows.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello my lovely friends hope everyone is ok. What a day – washing machine went bang this morning followed you a lot of funny noises then gave up the ghost ! Whoops, think that's where my craft money will be spent this month! We've had it for 12 years so it's had a good innings. We went to the shop to have a look for a new one but the assistant couldn't tell us anything about them – dreadful isn't it. Oh well I'm about to look on line. Sending hugs all round. Xxx

    2. Hi Diane – sorry to hear about your washing machine, but as you say 12 years is very good! It does make you wonder about some shop assistants, and they wonder why people shop on line! Hope that you manage to find a good deal on one. Hugs, Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Diane, the washing machine is one thing we can't manage without. Have you got a small independent retailer near you. We have a local one who may be a little dearer but is very helpful. Ring them by 9 am and they often come to do repairs the same day xx

  17. Absolutely stunning stamps,my thing, but the groove plates are lovely. Always loved to watch Jayne when she was on television. She is a very talented lady like yourself, Barbara. Awesome pairing!

  18. Truly, truly beautiful. There is no doubt in my eyes that you have done Jane proud. I for one will have to have the fuscia set but am having trouble choosing which other set (s) I can buy within my budget. They will all eventually fall into my hands I'm sure both Groovi and stamps. Jane's artwork is stunning and I only hope that I can do even an ounce as well as her using your stamps and plates. Can't wait to play. Love and hugs Jeanette xxx

  19. Loving the look of those beautiful flower stamps Jayne looking forward to see them in action feel temptation calling mind you it never stops calling well try hard to wait for Ally pally before any more spends not doing very well this last week think may have to stop watch Hochanda but don't think I could so temptation stays nigh night of to bed lots love hugs xx

  20. Beautiful images by Jayne and you have done a fabulous job in making these stamps and the Groovi plates too Barbara. I'm sure they will fly. Hope the prepping is going well. x

  21. Hi everyone, well I might be visiting the vet tomorrow in addition to the opticians, luckily they are nearly side by side separated by a pub! Mikey had a proper fight with Bailey across the road tonight. Bailey dared to venture on our drive and Mikey wasn't having it. They actually fought – rolling over and over attached to each other more than once and once in the middle of the road. By which time I was out and Bailey's dad too. How can you split cats up without a bucket of water! They didn't take any notice of my shooing ! Mikey came home and seemed fine but after sitting on sofa and then getting down he seems to be limping and holding up one of his front paws. He's now asleep on a bed so he managed to get upstairs! Will have to see what he's like in the morning. Might be an expensive day – possibly new glasses …..! New opticians – must see if I can find my last prescription it's here somewhere !

    Hugs to everyone x x

  22. Ohh Barbara what beautiful designs these are and like a lot of other people have said they are a NEED
    You have done Jayne proud and she you
    Looking forward to the shows now
    Take care T xxx

  23. Oh my – what beautiful designs. I am sure no-one can resist these. What a talented lady she is, and I am so sorry to hear that Jayne is not on top form. Wishing her well and looking forward to the release! xx

  24. Hello Barb, wow Jaynes designs are incredible and I think Clarity has done them justice. Jayne is a lovely and talented lady, and I have had the good fortune to meet her in person. I hope she recovers from her ill health. Hope the launch of these fab ranges goes well. Take care all. Bx

  25. Well, those are truly beautiful stamps – might just have to have the rose, but love the agapanthus too! Jayne's artwork and samples are just amazing – wishing her all the best x

  26. Beautiful adaptations of Jayne's gorgeous artwork Barbara. I know I'll enjoy the stamps, but playing with the Groovi plates at the Crowborough retreat made me rethink my initial feelings about parchment work, and now I'm a bit more keen on it. So, will it be stamps or Groovi? Gramps or Stoovi? Some of each would be fairest I think. Looking forward to seeing the recordings of the shows later this evening x

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