In the light of the silvery moon….IT’S A GIVEAWAY

In the light of the silvery moon….IT’S A GIVEAWAY

Hi there!
Good of you to pop in.
Just a quick canvas today,
– Thursday’s Blog is always Blue –
and to perhaps get you thinking about this month’s 
Clarity Challenge….
Here’s one of those painty scraps we never throw away….
well, there’s some blue in there!
There’s blue for sky, there’s green for grass.
What more do we need for a garden???

One of my favourite stampsets.
Arrange them on the scrap…

So the kids are clearly larking about,
but where shall we put Mum?

We need a blue moon, a silvery moon.
The outer area of the margest Moon mask is perfect for this.
Use the blending tool with Antarctic paint.
Or a blend of blue and white will do nicely too.

When the moon has dried, stamp the toadstool intp place.

Then the kiddy hares.

Add Mater, then colour in the Toadstools.
Spectrum Noir blending pencils, Polychromos.
These pencils work well on top of acrylic paint.

Highlights with a white pencil.

That’ll do.
Spot of luck – it will fit on a 6″x6″ canvas board perfectly.

Brush Mod Podge onto the canvas board
and stick the artwork paper onto it.
Brayer out the air bubbles.

Wrap it around the back and use more Mod Podge to wrap and attach.

That’s it.

I like.

Hop over to the Clarity Challenge Blog and get involved.
The link’s at the top of this blog.
There’s a £50 Gift Voucher to be won, you know!
And I think we will send the winner this canvas too.
Yes, let’s do that too.
Also, if you like this stampset, it’s on Bloggy Offer for a week.
£19.99 £14.99.
Good price. Great stamps.
Love and Hugs,

116 thoughts on “In the light of the silvery moon….IT’S A GIVEAWAY

  1. Your ingenuity, your skill and ability to inspire/teach us never ceases to amaze me. Gorgeous, stunning design and to think it was scrap paper that gave you the inspiration to start – amazing

  2. Hi Barbara, oh that freaked me out!!! Came here earlier, all as before. Came again just now and all changed, my safe place not looking like my safe place. Thought is something wrong with this tablet, especially as I've needed to learn new things on it and change settings too, this afternoon. Or is it the internet, Barbara's blog hacked. Then I remembered you saying the challenge website was changing, had a look, looked similar. So now trying to calm myself down!!!!

    Love your artwork, thanks for sharing. And what a lucky person who ends up winning it. And thank you for another generous offer.

    I guess you are busy prepping for your tv shows. Hope Paul is helping you out.

    Nothing to update on the boiler saga.

    Hope you get a chance to relax this evening
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hello Brenda, just had to nip out to the post office to post my groovi card so I missed it! Will look on catch up, he does make me laugh. I know what you mean about the blog, I'm sure it will become familiar soon though. I'm having to enlarge the screen to see the pale lettering – that's varifocal contact lenses for you! Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    2. Thanks everyone for all your lovely words xx
      (I wouldn't be holding your breath waiting on me getting used to the new look, not with my duff brain! Still waiting on it getting used to my haircut!!!)

    1. Loving the new blog layout, exact the light blue writing is hard to see. Is there any tweeking you can do? Double checked that didn't say twerking – that's a whole different blog! Xx

  3. Afternoon bloggy friends, hope everyone is well. Warm and sunny here today making it feel like a lazy day. First day of Autumn too, be using more autumnal crafting colours now. Xx

    1. Hi Donna hope you've had a good day. I've been playing and getting messy today, not something I do!. Hubby came home and asked why my tongue was sticking out, I was so absorbed I had my concentration face on – my dad used to look like that when he was drawing!! Sending hugs xxx

    2. Hi Donna,
      Hope you've had a good day. Sad to see summer going as Gilly says, but Autumn is my favourite season, love all of the beautiful colours. Love and hugs to you and Phoebe – is she fully recovered now? Xxx

  4. Great new look to the blogs – those subtle changes to the colour scheme, layout and fonts just give a lift, without being too drastic. So glad you're not changing everything wholesale – it works very well, so doesn't need fixing!
    And what a lovely idea, to offer a piece of artwork both as an inspiration and a prize – we'll all be hoping more than ever that our number comes up!

  5. Hi Love these stamps I have them already. Great new look to the blog.

    Going to try out my sewing machine tomorrow – went into town to get some new thread. Ops maybe this will be my next obsession. No – stamping and entering the Clarity challenges will be a priority

    Love the final image of your canvas.

    Crafty hugs xxxx

  6. Hi Barbara
    I like the look of the new blog, my eyes are struggling with the light text but it's ok I can expand to read on my iPad! ( thus getting old lark is a right laugh isn't it!!). I've been watching you and Paul on catch up today so I'm nearly up to date, loved the dress you were wearing. What a lovely canvass board today, i found the toad stool stamp the other day still on its handle! Must have overlooked that one. I might just have a peek at the challenge, it's this confidence thing isn't it – one day! Have a lovely evening, if you've been prepping all day go for a walk in the woods to stretch your legs and get some fresh air, all too soon the evenings will be dark again.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends. Been a lovely sunny day here, washing dried ironing to be done! Been playing with inks and getting messy today using copy paper to mop up – why don't my scraps look like Barbara's! Haha. Hope everyone is ok. Sending hugs xxx

    2. Hi Diane,
      Glad you've been getting messy today! One thing is certain – my scraps aren't anything like Barbara's! The only thing mine are fit for is definitely the bin! Love and hugs Alison xx

  7. Wow Barbara how your scraps make wonderful art work I have this set some of it I've used for the calendar challenge I've just sent into Paul I spent August doing bits at a time I'm enjoying the way your changing the blog bits at a time nice muted colours happy prepping for the shows Sunday Monday so looking forward to what you bringing out xxx

    1. Evening dear blog family of friends heartfelt hugs to you all hugs to all on the blog I went to the nurse today to give more blood for extra tests my dr has rested for today and I've got my liver scan early in morning so will be early to sleep so will be another rest day tomorrow. Xxx

    2. Thank you Donna I just keep counting the bruises and what they turn into on my right arm I had a umbrella now it's change into a clarity tree my left arm is a deep red sunset the one today looks like a face 🤔

    3. Hello Sheila, my lovely – I have been thinking of you today, and will do again tomorrow! I love the way that you describe your bruises, in Clarity terms! I hope that everything goes well tomorrow, it really won't matter at all, should you go to sleep whilst they are doing your scan! Night night, God bless – much love and caring hugs, Gilly xxx

    4. Hi Sheila – just popped to say that I hope the scan went ok today! Make sure to rest up, for the rest of the day – some sleep would do you a lot of good. Sending you extra hugs for resting, love Gilly xxx

    5. Bless you gilly taking the time to message when you have got a stressful day hope all goes well for Neil enjoy your fish and chips later .i went for my scan got to hospital for 8.10 am lady came out said machine wouldn't work she tried it again said she had sent for the engineer she booked me in for one of our other hospitals about 15mins away with me been diabetic so of we went I was feeling unwell but we got parked easy and got seen very quick now home all medication taken showered and now resting glad it's all done now sending caring hugs xxx

    6. Glad they got you sorted with a scan elsewhere. That was very good of them. Hope your wait between now and your consultant appt is not too anxious for you. Have you had the results of your latest blood tests yet?At least we've got hours of Barbara and Paul to look forward to, and maybe a wee bit of extra exercise jumping on and the wagon eh!!! You must be fitter than the rest of us with all your bouncing on and off!!! We can always rely on oor Sheila to keep Clarity in business!!! 😉xx

    7. Afternoon Brenda got a letter when the postman came they have cancelled my consultant appointment but on priority list was dated 31aug don't know if it's due to the doctors strike so rang Drs to update him but he is on holiday but he picks up his tasks while he is off he is off for 2 weeks .no results on my bloods from Thursday but he had got my bloods results from Tuesday that's why he asked for Thursday's.
      Guess what I got in post as well a clarity parcel 😊 I've had a look on hochanda and the clarity groovi plates are on plus some stamp sets also have you got your cushions or zebadee springs ready hugs for you and daisy xxx

    8. Told you! An extra wee sneaky order. You were just practising of course, for the real thing this Sunday 😉 I did wonder if you'd be affected when I saw it in the news. I'm so sorry to hear that, it's not fair, messing patients around like this. I'm sure they could make their protest in a way that affected patients far less. We've never had the strikes up here, so far, but we do our own health sysytem now through devolution, so I guess our drs must have an ok deal. I hope it comes real quick, but I think there's to be a strike each month now, so there's going to be a bigger and bigger backlog. But hopefully yours will be first with being first to be cancelled. I'll need to go have a look on Hochanda at the new stuff, see if I need to go rummaging in the cupboard for my zebadee springs!!! Xx

  8. That's fab. I have this stamp set and did a lovely fairy card with it for my great-niece's birthday this year, but it's also great for men's cards. I hope your blog from yesterday encourages more people to take part in the challenge. Brenda M – I don't think of it as a competition, because the winner is always chosen at random. I think of it as a chance for me to craft with my bloggy friends, as none of my new friends in Inverness are into crafting, and I miss my little craft group from London. I love seeing what everyone else creates from the same theme, and I treat it as a challenge to myself to make something a bit different from what I always do, Susan x

  9. Love the new blog colours. Also I was pleased to see I had this set when I looked at the Calendar Challenge this morning ! I'll have to look out some of the left overs to see if I have a suitable background. Reminds me of atership Down but these are hares aren't they! xx

  10. Evening everyone, enjoyed a lazy day today, finished a book and started another and sat outside in the sun as I think it's about to change tomorrow. Certainly feeling autumnal now. Just watched hubby clean off the conservatory roof reminding him that I did it last year – he couldn't remember. I said he was probably nodding off as he watched me as he hadn't got his sleep apnoea sorted then so was nodding off all the time. It's great to see he's had a year of being back to his old self (ignoring the prostate thing – if he still wasn't sleeping that would have been 100 times worse to deal with as he would have been majorly tired I think !). Hope everyone has had a good day too.

    Gilly, that's nearly another week over for you and your hubby's hospital trips too x x

    1. Hi Jackie – it would have been awful if your Hubby had been suffering with sleep problems, whilst having his RT treatment. Yes indeed, it is almost another week ticked off! Do you know, it's not as bad as I thought it would be. We are meeting some truly lovely people, and having lots of laughs along the way, hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Ha! ha! Chris, that's what I always heard when I came home from work !

      Gilly, it isn't as bad as you imagine is it – once you get in a routine and you do meet some great people ! xx

  11. Hi all, love the new look to the blog. Gorgeous canvas must keep my scraps more. Brilliant day for me today crafting, sun streaming in the window, Cher blasting away and me elbow deep in paint just great. Lol and hugs Lynne m xxx

  12. Hi Barbara, I'm loving the new-look to your Blog, I thought I was on the wrong one haha.
    This project is stunning, your scrap piece has been transformed into a 'work of Art', I love the scene, it is such a 'happy' picture.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  13. I love what you have created with the scrap and the humour you put into it. Like many others, I like the new blog, apart from the very pale blue writing. I find it very hard to read. Is it possible to darken that a little without messing everything about? xxx Maggie

  14. Just remembered to check my post box and was so happy to find a beautiful card from Clarity with my voucher inside. Thank you, I shall have to wander on over to the website and see what takes my fancy! Xx

  15. Evening Barbara, love the hares, all very atmospheric. I have difficulty with the pale writing, thought it was a fault with my laptop. I will have to record your programmes on Sunday as I will be looking after the grandchildren.xx

  16. Hi Barbara – love the new look blog and also the artwork! Really looking forward to your shows on Sunday and Monday – Jayne's new Groovi plates look beautiful! I hope that the prepping for the shows is going well – hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – we're not as shattered today, and we even managed to do a little food shopping on our way home today. Just a little bit more to do tomorrow, decided to split it over 2 days this week. As tomorrow is Friday, we shall have fish and chips after Neill's treatment! Yay, treat day!
      I met up with the same lady that I spoke to last Thursday, when I had 'my wool incident' – in fact she spotted me first. She was called in to see her consultant, but was told that he was running just over an hour late. So when she came back to the waiting area, she told me and said that she hadn't brought a book with her. I said no problem, sit next to us and we can talk. She then told me it was her birthday, so we both wished her H B & I gave her a big hug. She told me that her cancer had come back & she was starting chemo next Tues, so I made sure that I told her funny things about my life & she laughed a lot! We are meeting so many lovely people and every day is amazing in it's own way.
      Finally, I need your advice! Should I buy distress markers or Spectrum Noir Colourblend Pencils (Primaries), for colouring in my Groovi? I have tried the colouring pencils that I have already got, but didn't like the result.
      Love and hugs to you all, sorry for rambling on – Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Sheila – I had an email from Clarity today, reminding us of the times of the shows on Sunday and Monday. Then at the end of the email, it said 'And now for a sneaky peak' – there were pictures of the new plates by Jayne N. From memory there are 8 flower plates, xxx

    3. Glad you are finding something nice to do in the waiting room. I have trued Distress markers and Spectrum pencils and I prefer pencils as it gives a smoother blended look. Also I find the Distress markers leave streaks on larger areas. Hope this helps. Xx

    4. Hello gilly your such a wonderful caring person to help others while supporting Neil through his treatment this will help you and others through the tough days .
      I prefer pencils as Donna says on larger areas distress markers leave streaks I must have missed the e mail xxx
      Sending hugs to take with you tomorrow xxx

    5. Hi Donna and Sheila – pencils it is then!
      Ah Sheila – that was a lovely thing to say, I just love to make people smile! Otherwise, it's a hard thing to get through, especially if you are there on your own. Thanks for your hugs! I'll make sure to take them with me, bless you, Gilly xxx

    6. Hi Gilly,
      I bet you made that ladies day. I would go with pencils too. Whenever I try the distress markers , I can never get them smooth. The new ColourBlend pencils are good – I've treated myself – much better than the original ones. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    7. Hi Alison and Chris – thank you for your lovely comments. It's strange but I find that doing what I do – helps me too! So hopefully we all find comfort and benefit from each other. I can tell that some people just want to be left alone – which is fine, we all deal with these things in different ways. Anyway, must dash – we need to leave for the hospital. Hopefully I will pop in this evening, all being well. Love to you all, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi Gilly aren't you a kind person, you must have made that ladies day. I'm a pencil person too – think they might be on offer on the Cc website but not sure, clarity discount might be better! Xx

    2. Hi again Gilly, I'd have said pencils too. That was lucky for that lady that she met you again yesterday. You do hear some upsetting things as well as the positive ones don't you and it got to me when we used to see the little girl everyday who came in for her treatment in a wheelchair. Yet her and her sister laughed a lot too. xx

  17. Stunning artwork as always. I took up your call to enter the challenge and haven't missed a month yet. Comments from the team are always positive and I would REALLY like to win a piece of your artwork xx

    1. Evening all. We took my father for a hospital visit today. It was quite a long drawn out process as at 92 he moves so slowly but at least he can still walk and there was nothing to worry about.

    2. Hi Chris,
      Hope you've had a good day. The booking is on crafters companion for Barbara's demo day – there are 3 slots. I've booked for the 10-11.30 one. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  18. Hi Barb,
    Really like the new blog layout apart from the pale blue – I'm finding it really hard to read, sorry! Do really like your little canvas today and how kind of you to be giving it to the winner of the challenge. I really like the challenges but never got round to August's for some reason. I would feel guilty about winning again though if it ever happened! I really do wish my scraps were like yours! Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you've all had a good day. Been out with friends that I used to teach with , our regular monthly get together, and had a lovely time. Dave and I went out for a walk later on in the afternoon so that was good too. Going to attempt to do some crafting tomorrow – I think I'm getting withdrawal symptoms! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  19. Hi Barbara. I so enjoy your blog, and the lovely cards you make, how do you manage to make a scrap piece into a lovely card. You are so talented. Looking forward to the shows on tv this weekend. Xxxxxx

  20. Gorgeous artwork Barbara, I love those hares, they have such life in them, and the toadstools may be poisonous but they are so pretty. Thank you for giving this away to the winner of the challenge, a great gift for somebody. x

  21. I adore this. Canvas Barbara, gorgeous background and the beautiful scene you have created. Good luck to the winner of the challenge as they will not only get a fabulous prize but a Barbara original too.
    Linda xxx

  22. Hi Barb, like the new look. And love your little piece of art. I was looking at my calendar when I turned the page, thinking it really was a lovely scene with the hare and toadstool. Mmmmm, the day job is just a bit hectic, but may give the challenge a go if I find a few spare minutes. Take care all. Bx

  23. Morning Barbara, yes sorry I am a day late, I do check out the blog every day, and wow when I saw the new layout etc. it looks fantastic, so I felt I had to pop along and comment on it. I am looking forward to seeing you all again at AP only 2 weeks now, hope your ready for the rush, you know what it was like last time.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

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