Resistance is Futile!!

Resistance is Futile!!

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in today.
Just got home from the last day of our retreats.
The Clarity team have moved in to mop up, 
break down the shop 
and clear the hall,

and I have taken myself off to chat to you.

Well, what can I say?

Glad it’s over for another year, sad it’s over for another year.
I have really enjoyed all the groups, 
and this last one was no exception.
There was one lady with a particularly infectious laugh.
And every time she started, we all started!

Talk about Hilarity with Clarity!
It was enough to make you blush !!!

Today has been a brilliant day to end on.

Oh boy was I relieved the print project went well!

In fact, all the projects went like a dream;
the Gel printing plates were pretty much all spot on,

Beryl’s artwork.

 Nothing like a beaming face and a great print!

The canvases this afternoon were excellent too.

People were so chuffed with what they had done, 
and as I said to one happy lady,
“You happy. Me happy.
You unhappy. Me unhappy”

You know how I always says we get better with practice?
Well, the same goes for the teacher!
And the proof was in the pudding today!
The more times I have presented the same projects, 
the better the results have got.
I have tweaked and added tips as we went,
 based on the outcome the time before, and so on.
Which just goes to show that a teacher really can influence an outcome. 


Midway through the afternoon, we were working on our canvases,
and I mentioned that it was going very well,
that everybody was just enjoying the pretty crazy instructions,
but that I could feel absolutely no resistance.
At which point half the room chimed in with,

 Full Moon!

I would like to thank ALL the retreat participants 
for keeping what we had done in previous groups secret,
so that right up to the last group yesterday and today,
the projects were a fresh surprise. 
I think that it was very much appreciated. 

This is the first opportunity I have had to post any results or
any photos too!

To anybody who attended the 2016 retreats, thank you. 
My hope is to see you again next year!

Think I’ll have a lie in tomorrow….

Love & Hugs,


86 thoughts on “Resistance is Futile!!

    1. Oh Lynne, me too!! But today I made a jigsaw for one of my granddaughters first birthday!, one year old already – they are twins, arriving at 1.7kg and 1.9kg so tiny tiny!! Anyway, almost a year on they are flourishing – but in Milan!! So, I have made one for Iris and tomorrow maybe will make one for Rosa. Mix of clarity and JOFY stamps and I'm certainly neither a Barbara nor a jo firth young!!

  1. Thank you Barbara for being a great teacher. You made the retreats so enjoyable along with Paul and the rest of the team! I do hope that I'll be able to come again next year!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  2. Hi Barbara – so pleased to hear that all of the retreats of 2016 have gone so well, for both you and all of the participants! How wonderful it would be to attend one of these – it's on my wish list along with attending one of the Open Days! Meantime, you can now relax and tomorrow have that well deserved lie-in! Hugs to you and Team Clarity, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – sorry that I was missing last night, wasn't feeling too good – but it's really nice to be here today. Our weather has taken a definite turn for worse, and last night a family of 5 was swept off the edge of the cliffs at Newquay (whilst watching the crashing waves), the man died and a 2 year old child is fighting for it's life in hospital at the moment. I pray that the little one will pull through.
      I hope that you have all had a good day, whatever you have been up to. Take care everyone – love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Evening gilly hope today your feeling brighter I've just read on the news that another 2 family members has died of Aberdeen a child and mother so sad .sending you hugs xxx

  3. Barbara, you and the whole Clarity team deserve a week of lie-ins. I was there at the start of the Retreats and loved every second. Even "paint gate" taught us all a lot. It taught us that even experts have mishaps and not to give up on something that is not working, and to stop and think, to work out why. The second time round, most of us got good results. Mine could have been better but a chat with Paul showed me where I had gone wrong. Next time will be better. We could not have wished for better teachers or better company. Can I put my name down now ready for next year, please? Even a month later, I am still buzzing with the ideas you sparked in my mind. Thank you so much for everything you did for us all. xxx Maggie

    1. Thank you, Brenda. I have just popped back to read it. I am glad I did not confuse you with my rambling. My two dogs are very lively and needed teaching how to control their energy around others, otherwise they could get into real trouble. I believe firmly in bribery and encouragement to get what I want. I forgot to say yesterday that I have watched horses turned out free into a field which contained jumps and they have amused themselves jumping them without any rider or any encouragement, but just for fun. I am glad you were able to give Daisy such an understanding and loving home. That is something you should be very proud of. xxx Maggie

  4. wonderful that the 2016 retreats where a great success.i know I will never make one but it's so fabulous to see the photos of so many happy clarity crafters thank you for sharing have a restful Sunday, do I spy a new stencil ? Xxx

    1. Evening dear family of blog friends sending heartfelt hugs to you all hugs to all on the blog
      I've mannaged to use my grunge paste through my sunflower stencil this morning it's all dried now ready for another day as I've had a very up and down day I've been to bed once this afternoon and slept and back in bed from 7pm putting it down to my CFS but at least I did some crafting xxx
      Dorothy sending a extra wee hug thinking of you xxx

    2. Evening Sheila – so pleased to hear that you have been able to do some crafting, but sorry to hear that your CFS is taking the upper hand! Keep resting, and keeping as positive as you can – love and very special healing hugs, Gilly xxx

    3. Hello Sheila I hope tomorrow is a better day and you manage to finish your sunflower. It's good you know when to gave rests so you can manage a bit of crafting. Sending hugs xxx

    4. Hi Sheila, I'm late again. I ended up in the back room last night trying to craft but both the girls migrated there way into the room and we ended up just chilling – quality time. Thank you kindly for the lovely comments yesterday. I really am doing much better than I would have expected even if I am a bit on edge but I know that may not always be the case.

  5. I enjoyed my time with you, even though it was during a heatwave which produced a problem with the gel print, but great experience. I'm sure we all learnt from it. Thank you so much Barbara and your fantastic team. Hope to return next year b

  6. So glad that all he retreats went well. Won't lie I am a tiny bit jealous, wanted to come but surgery got in the way, but I will be there next year come hell or high water!! x

  7. If you are up for running the retreat next year then count me in. I would not miss it now. Glad the last day went so well reckon you deserved a happy group to finish on. Hope you get a rest now and thank-you again for making my time at retreat so wonderful. X

  8. Seeing and hearing everyone's comments about the retreat feel jealous hope won day to be able to attend but for know it's reading your blog watching Hochanda and seeing you and Paul and team and ally pally tickets have arrived know just need my knees to cope with the drive etc they have not been to good very painfull had injections. Two weeks ago little easier so hopefully be okay hope you have a good evening lots love and hugs xxx

  9. I just wanted to say a very big thank you to Barbara and the team for giving me a fantastic 2 days of fun and education. I had a fabulous time and will definately try to come next year working rota permitting😄 I will be spending all day tomorrow in my craft room playing with my new goodies and testing out my new knowledge-happy days😃

  10. Hi Barbara, glad you and all retreaters enjoyed themselves, and learned a lot. Sad I'll never be able to experience it, join in anything, have time with you.

    Today it was the 5m Mail Dash. Daisy is always hot favourite for this one, unless she's sound asleep she wins every time by a big margin. I keep telling her that she false starts by going before the mail has come through the letterbox. She just responds with – it's not her fault she has far superior hearing!!!

    That's my last event. I just hope I achieved my goal – to give everyone a wee extra smile, a wee bit of fun each day. As for Daisy, well she's busy counting her medals, not easy considering she's eaten them all (treats)!!! She's trying to tell me she's beaten Michael Phelps' tally!

    I feel so sorry for Tom Daley, the poor wee soul. What a day to have an off day, especially after the hard times he's had to have. My heart was breaking for him.

    Hope you do manage a lie in tomorrow Barbara, and a lazy day to recharge your batteries

    Love Brenda xx

    1. Evening Brenda oh yes you have reached gold🏅 for making me smile I can see daisy winning the mail run 🏅🐾 extra hugs for you and daisy xxx

    2. Thank you Brenda, I have looked forward to reading your daily Olympic Blogs so very much! I think that you should be awarded the Olympic Gold Medal for the Blog posts here each day! I am sure that I won't be the only one to think this. Love to you and Daisy, Gilly xx

    3. Hi Brenda well it was only fair to let Daisy have this last medal but I think you should. Array the flag at the closing ceremony tomorrow. You have made me chuckle thank you. Yes poor Tom Daley, thought he was on a winner last night, what a difference a day makes. The ladies heptathlon was good, shame the girls couldn't share the bronze. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    4. Hi Brenda,
      You are certainly a winner in my eyes. I have loved reading about your events and I've had little chuckles every day. I can see that Daisy would win this last event – maybe she should have been handicapped for having superior hearing! It was a shame for Tom Daley especially as in the preliminaries he was spectacular. Sending love and hugs to you and Daisy xx

  11. Hello Barbara

    And….breathe! Thank you so much for all the hard work you and your team have put in to ensure all the retreats were such a success. This year was my first visit and I am already looking forward to next year.


  12. Hi Barbara, I'm so glad it all went well right to the end. Your retreats really are a wonderful experience. I know they must take an awful lot of planning and preparing but I for one am extremely grateful to you and you super star team for them. Here's to next year.
    Hope you and Dave have a restful day tomorrow. Xx

  13. It sounds & looks such fun – I'm going to make sure I'm free to come next year. Lovely to see lots of smiles from the pupils 🙂
    Have a relaxing day tomorrow.
    Carole xxx

  14. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! To Barbara, to Paul, to all the team behind the scenes, to my 'buddy' Carol, to Beryl.
    To Crowborough we came full of zest,
    To listen and learn from the best,
    We stamped, stencilled and grooved,
    And now so much improved,
    We've all earned a very long rest!………..especially Barbara and Paul
    ……but we'll all be back at it tomorrow no doubt.
    See you next year I hope xx

  15. And now ………REST! Thank you for yet another wonderful Retreat in July. You and your terrific team created your magic, again. Just loved catching up with my Clarity friends. Looking forward to next year. Xxx

  16. Not long home in 'Old Aberdeen' after an overnight stop-off en route in York. The Retreat was indeed a treat. My place already on the calendar for 2017. Very many thanks to all for making it such a special time. Paints unpacked, added to the collection and ready to roll! ;~}

    1. Glad you back safely. Lovely spending a few days with you and your husband. Was wet here yesterday so washing still to be done. Enjoy using your new stash look forward to seeing your creations. I know they will be fantastic. xx

  17. Thank you Barbara and the Clarity gang for a brilliant couple of days. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute ( except when my blasted geese didn't play nice and you very kindly gave me yours to finish my picture). Thanks also to the other members of table 3-Donna and her daughter Lauren, Elizabeth and Heather for sharing the laughter. The best compliment to you Barbara is that my daughter Kathryne has never done any stamping, inking, painting or Groovi and has told me that she has had the best time and would love to go on another retreat. Hats of to you. ( thanks for your concern when I felt poorly). Lol Lynne mills xxxxx

  18. Hi Barbara
    Congratulations on completing your retreat marathon, by the looks of all the happy people a good time was had by all. Perhaps next year I will talk my sister into coming, she loves Groovi so the stamping and gelli would be a real suprise. Have a lovely day tomorrow, relax, have a lie in and chill.
    Sending hugs to you Dave and the team- ell done all of you.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends, it's been quite windy here today but the sun came out eventually. Such mixed emotions at the Olympics today, success with the boxing and heptathlon and then poor Tom not making the final in the diving. Can't believe it's nearly over, the Paralympics should be good too, what a shame the tickets haven't sold so well. Sending hugs all round xxx

  19. Thank you Barbara and Paul and the Clarity team for a great couple of days! Heather and I had a blast, and enjoyed meeting Donna and Lynn and their lovely daughters we had such fun! We are still at the Spa Hotel and have propped our art work up on the dado rail and keep saying how pleased with it, you are so right Barbara, we don't pat ourselves on the back enough! Enjoy your rest Heather and Elizabeth (the infectious laugh),��

  20. Just got in from a very enjoyable meal with my man after enjoying another really good two days of stamping, stencilling and Groovi! Oh Wow! It was just sooo much fun, really got my creative juices flowing. What a lovely group of ladies, so great to meet and make new acquaintances! At the centre of it all is Barbara, our rock! The one who makes all these fantastic art projects possible for us to achieve. You are so much more than you think you are, thank you, thank you, for making me feel I have a talent! Definitely be back next year for another fix. XXXX P. S. You are a gold medal winner!

  21. Had a wonderful two days at the retreat. Thank you so much Barbara and the team for all the hard work and effort you put into making the two days perfect. Already looking forward to next time!

  22. Loved my first Clarity Retreat this year, definitely be back! Lovely seeing the projects in your photos, loved making them and learnt so much. But couldn't share or blog them till now!

    Although first things first, have some wedding favour samples to get made for the bride and groom to see, lots of fun to do but running out of time. Story of my life!

    Have a lovely long lie in and a very relaxing day tomorrow x

  23. You can see from the photos and read those that have commented today what a great time they all had and that is down to you Barbara and your band of crafty helpers for getting it all together and making it fun but also instructive and now you need to have a good rest so take it easy. x

  24. Well, I've just got home from the most fantastic two days of my life. I looked forward to attending for the first time for what seemed ages and it well and truly lived up to expectations. I learned so much and can't wait to get cracking and try out some of my newly learnt skills. On behalf of everyone who attended, thankyou Barb, Paul, Dave and all the Clarity team who put so much effort into organising this for us. Barb, you are an amazing inspiration to us all. Thankyou – Beryl xx

  25. Hello Barb, what fabulous photos of very happy crafters, and a happy teacher. The gel prints look amazing. I'm sure that many are already making plans for next year. I hope that you will relax and have a rest this week and catch some quality time with Dave, ahead of next weekend on TV. Take care. Bx

  26. Hi Barb,
    Hope you got a good night's rest and a nice lie in this morning. The retreats look and sound fantastic – the photos are lovely as are people's comments. I would love to attend one of them but for now will make do with the Open Day at Leyburn which I am really looking forward to. Love and hugs Alison xx

  27. Looks a fab time Barb. A sea of smiling faces. No suprise there though. I have been to a festival at Appleby Castle for the flood victims last winter. It rained non stop!! Didn't stop the great British public though in their waterproofs and wellies. Much love Jayne

  28. Home safe and sound to the North East..still smiling after two fabulous days at my (together with Anne – my best crafty friend) first but definitely not last Retreat. Lots of fun, laughter and learning in a great venue, despite the weather. Lots of 'firsts' for me…retreat, brayering (mine's been in its box for 5 years), Gelli plate – now added to my wish list along with paints, alcohol inks and Yupo paper! Totally astounded with what I achieved, canvas project is already proudly displayed in my hall and all other artwork (feel able to use that term now!) will be turned into finished items over the coming week….can't wait to get started!

    'Mahoosive' thanks to Barbara and Paul who taught us so well, encouraged and advised, whilst trying to maintain some semblance of 'order'! The Clarity team members who fed us so well; also Dave (55 is a good year!), Steve and those who came to help pack up. It's true what Barbara says "Team work makes the dream work" definitely 'The Dream Team' in action.

    Can't wait for next year's dates to be released…

    I'm the one you said "You happy,me happy…" to; truth is…."Me totally ecstatic!"

    Sorry for 'rabbiting on' and thank you (all) again for a really wonderful time xx

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