Brand new Beautiful Stencil and a Gel Print Step by Step from the Retreats xx

Brand new Beautiful Stencil and a Gel Print Step by Step from the Retreats xx

Hi there.
Thanks for dropping in.

So much for a lie in!
I was up by 6am! Couldn’t sleep.
Wanted to know whether:
a) Mo Farah had won Gold in the 5,000 metres, and
b) Brazil had beaten Germany for a gold medal 
on the football pitch.
And the happy news was YES on both counts. 
Get in there!!!!

Even my German Mum said she was happy for the host team.
They so so so needed some validation, some reaffirmation.
Then I was up, so I was up. 

One of the bonuses of completing our retreatathon, 
is that I can now show those who didn’t attend 
what we actually did!
To be honest, I am feeling pretty wiped out, so to be able to call on a step-by-step in the Gray library is Gray-t!

There was a fabulous new Stencil, 
illustrated and designed by our lovely Annie, 
which we used quite a lot!

Here’s the Gel-Printing Plate piece. 
which went SO wrong on the hottest day of the year,
(hereinafter to be known as the day of the 32 Card-Trick).

and so much better after we put the paint in the fridge for a few hours before we started!
(to the reader who mocked me, and said that heat would never affect acrylic paint – Du hast keine Ahnung!)

Put the Gel-plate down on one of our Megamounts

Spread 2 translucent acrylic paints over the 8″x10″ Gel-Plate.

(What’s the difference between this Plate 
and the other one we used to sell?
Absolutely nothing, except the label)

We used a red (Autumn Fire) and a green (Limelight)
Then let it dry.

Spread a translucent acrylic Blue over the plate now,
and place the new stencil in the wet paint.

Use Punchinella (sequin waste) to dab texture into the paint.
Allow to dry completely.

Now remove the stencil quickly and cover with copy paper.
Burnish the back and peel back to reveal your first print.
Sounds like a piece of cake, huh?
I have visions of dozens of women wafting wafting wafting,
trying to help the paint dry.

“Whip it off and get the paper down!
“Whip it off and get the paper down!
“Whip it off and get the paper down!

Spread a third layer of opaque acrylic over the Gel plate.
We used Cheesecake.
When you can see the image start to appear through the Cheesecake, it time to pull your second print.
Flip the plate on the Megamount and lower down onto a sheet of Large whiter Stencil Card.
Rub the back of the card well, and pull your print.

Result? Two prints.

Holy Schmoley!!!
Most had a great result, some had a second run at it before it worked, some just had to put it down to experience.

The thing about pulling prints like this is there are so many stages, and each one will affect the outcome. 
So to get them all right – the amounts of paint, the drying time etc – was a real coup. 

But one thing is irrefutable:
when it does work well, and you pull a brilliant, original print,
 the feeling of accomplishment is superb.
Ask our dear friend Mel, she who illustrates so many of our images. She was with us when the Parching Ladies were in town. 

Mel, Pat and Linda….x

She is a fantastic artist, has an art degree, is exceptionally creative.
One in a million. 
Had never used a Gel-printing plate.
In fact, had never pulled her own print.
You had to be there. 
Here she is with my dear old friend, Ken Kilminster, 
who was her buddy for the day.

You should have seen her face when she revealed her print.

She was so excited!
In fact, she completely forgot that we were surrounded by all our customers!
“Oh Barb!!” she shouted, “This is f***ing Brilliant!!!!”

and we all fell about laughing at her.
Even Linda Williams, 
who had never pulled a print in her life either, 
was squealing with delight when she aced it.
A few expletives about messy hands and what not, 
but boy oh boyo! Was she happy!

Here we see Pat Murphy, still cleaning cleaning cleaning….

Do you know what?
I am really such a lucky, lucky woman.
I have got such an amazing life.
I work hard, I know it. And today I do feel a bit second hand.

But when I think about it,
I have been surrounded for weeks by kind, friendly, talented, generous, gentle people.
All passionate about their art and craft, 
all hungry to learn more and stretch themselves.

These ladies aren’t just our customers;

Over the years, they’ve become my friends.
and as I look at these photos,
and remember the various smashing groups,
I get a real sense of belonging to something much greater than
a few workshops in a rugby club. 
Linda here came all the way from Ireland.
all the way from Ireland.
Happy Days xx

Time for a walk in the woods.

Love & hugs,

79 thoughts on “Brand new Beautiful Stencil and a Gel Print Step by Step from the Retreats xx

  1. This looks amazing and fabulously rewarding. I think the geli plate is f*****g wonderful too.That did make me laugh. I love the new stencil, must get it. I just love messy crafting and the surprise and delight of revealing something original. Xx

  2. You all seem to have had a great time at the retreats. The art looks wonderful. Barbara, I'm glad you enjoy them so much; it means that if you keep doing them, I might eventually get to one!! Mxx

  3. Your inner clock needs resetting Barbara. So pleased you can fit in that walk.
    I enjoyed looking at all the pictures and the happy faces. Good to have a reminder for the geli plate, I am going to have another go. Paints do not need to go in the fridge today.
    The Olympics have bee awe inspiring, well done Brazil. That football GOLD was so deserved.xx

  4. My first time on Barbara retreat I can honestly say It was amazing Barbara has so much talent it just poors out of her.AI learnt so much Paul was a life saver at times.Had a few laughs great food and everyone was so friendly Mel super lady and Ken had many tales of travel which he is going to say next time round.
    Yes already said next year here I come.

  5. Oh Barbara! Reading this brings it all back to me! Such happy memories of this years retreat! Lovely set of people all with one thing in common….or should I say with one person in common….YOU! Most of us would never have met if it wasn't for Claritystamp and now we're great friends! With the help of Facebook and your blog we can also keep in touch despite us all coming from different areas of the UK!
    Thank you for a marvellous two days of artwork and fun! I know for you and your team it was 18 days but I hope you enjoyed it too….every group would have been just a bit different!
    Here's to the next one!
    Love and hugs xxxxx

  6. Oh Barbara! Reading this brings it all back to me! Such happy memories of this years retreat! Lovely set of people all with one thing in common….or should I say with one person in common….YOU! Most of us would never have met if it wasn't for Claritystamp and now we're great friends! With the help of Facebook and your blog we can also keep in touch despite us all coming from different areas of the UK!
    Thank you for a marvellous two days of artwork and fun! I know for you and your team it was 18 days but I hope you enjoyed it too….every group would have been just a bit different!
    Here's to the next one!
    Love and hugs xxxxx

  7. Hi Barbara, thank you for sharing a project from your retreats. Lovely stencil and artwork from it. It comes across just how much you enjoyed and got from the retreats, happy for you, and all your customers who attended.

    I was the opposite to you, I couldn't sleep after watching Mo win the 5k. I went to sleep (eventually) with a huge smile on my face. Mo is one of my heroes – came through adversity, recognised his gift, sets himself such high goals, sacrifices so much, and has to be the hardest working person I've ever known of, putting himself and his body through so much, beyond what most would. AND, actually achieves those goals. I'm in awe of you Mo.

    That's the one non good thing of my two days at the Commonwealth games. I managed to get tickets for his races, managed to get there, but Mo had been very poorly earlier and had not recovered enough in time to race so had to pull out at short notice. Did I let it bother me, certainly not, just the way it was, that's life, so put it to the back of my mind and had the time of my life.

    I have so much joy and pride for the GB Olympic athletes, and all their support staff. Not just for each of their individual achievements and the way each of them conducted themselves, and being great Ambassadors for our nation. Not just for the achievements of Team GB as a whole, being the first nation ever to win more medals at the first away Games after hosting the previous ones. But for our nation too, the way we have all come together as a nation, all the bickering and squabbling, and divisiveness put aside for 2 weeks to get behind our athletes and support them and enjoy their achievements with them. Long may that continue, and lets build on it.

    And lets keep up our bit too please. I want to say a thank you to everyone who has been keeping up their Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) /Just to brighten your day ATCs pledge. I much appreciate everyone's efforts. Please keep it up. And for anyone new to here, please join us. We are doing 2 acts of Random Kindness each day, they don't need to be big things, often the smallest things have the biggest impact on the recipient. The recipients can be anyone, person or animal. Some of us are also making ATCs and writing on the back "Just to brighten your day" and handing them out to anyone who looks like they could do with a wee boost. Whatever you do, you mustn't talk about what you're planning, or what you've done as that negates your act of kindness. Thank you. If you want to check out Barbara's blog on it, put 'Random acts of kindness' in the search box on the right, under Barbara's craft awards. There's a wee picture there that Barbara wants us to copying and paste everywhere to encourage others to join us.

    Hope you have a relaxing evening Barbara
    love Brenda xx

    1. Pleased you enjoyed the Olympics Brenda it's good that we can come together and be so proud of our GB achievements and I'm still doing my RAK hugs for you and daisy xxx

    2. Hi Brenda,
      As ever, Brenda, you have said what we all think(I hope) very eloquently. You certainly have a way with words. I am trying to do my RAK as well. Love and hugs to you and Daisy, Alison xxx

    3. Thank you Brenda, for a truly wonderful summing up of the Games! I so admire how you can express yourself so very well. I agree wholeheartedly with everything that you have said. Love to you and Daisy xx

  8. Evening Barbara thank you for sharing I love my gelli plate since finding clarity my crafting has taken so many different directions and I'm learning all the time I know I will never be able to meet you in person but I learn from all your inspiration on the blog/ hochanda and most of all the members diamond club so a big thank you for doing everything you do 💐 Xxx

    1. Evening dear family of blog friends sending heartfelt hugs to you all thinking of you all hugs to all on the blog xxx
      I've had a groovi-ing day today not a finished piece just planning one out but enjoyable hope you have all had a good day doing something you enjoyed xxx
      Wee extra hug Dorothy in my thoughts xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, pleased you had a good day. I made my 'fussy cutting' entry in my pj's thing morning. I had an image in my head and the finished piece looks just like it. Need to take pictures and send it in now.

  9. Lovely to see the photos, recognised some faces from last year; this year's Retreat was just fantastic as was meeting up with some ladies from the Open Days. Being housed in the Spa was the icing on the cake! Speaking of cake, it wouldn't be a Clarity Retreat without one of Lynne's fabulous cakes and this year's was just that – complete with 'Clarity image' decoration. Lovely to meet up with you again, Lynne and Fred; enjoyed your company greatly. Thank you.
    Woke up at five, iPad at bedside, to check Mo's result as we were a bit wiped out by the journey from York to Aberdeen.
    My welcome home was yet another FPN for overstaying a parking space in Glasgow on 17th June at 12.30 – guess where I was on that day? Yep – the Clarity Open Days! Car was locked up in the locked garage SO my number plate has been cloned yet again! Dealing with it all tomorrow as I have receipts, boarding passes, Heathrow Express tickets etc. Getting a bit fed up with it and all the lost time it takes to sort it out.
    Haven't had time for a walk today but will do so tomorrow; going to the other end of the esplanade as yesterday's tragedy in Aberdeen is where we usually walk; there can be a fierce surf and there is also an undertow. Terribly sad – an awful weekend for some families the length and breadth of Britain. x

    1. Gosh Shelagh I imagine by now that you never go anywhere without making sure you have some evidence to prove where you were. Can't believe you have another ticket to sort out. Good luck proving your case.
      I will have to come up with another design for next year's cake glad you enjoyed it. Wedding cake is next on list for Greg and Amie. xx

    2. Evening Shelagh surely they can sort the car out this time no wonder you are fed up with it all .good you have got all the proof you was not there .its so terrible that the sea can claim so many lives in a short period of time from the length and breadth of Britain and jersey also the sea is so unpredictable it's so sad .

    3. Yes, Lynne – luckily I still had them all and hadn't put them through the shredder. Looking forward to a photo of the wedding cake. X
      Think someone has a mate somewhere who picks a number and makes the false plates. However in the light of what has happened this weekend, it's a mere detail. Hope you are well. X

  10. Looks fabulous. If this has proved one thing to me it is that you should stretch yourself to achieve the things you want to do – this year I didn't do that and consequently missed out on something very special. You can be darn sure I won't be missing out next year!!! Xxxx

  11. Oh, Barbara, this post does bring back so many good memories. Yes, the paint went wrong thanks to, not just the horrendous heat, but incredible humidity too, but I know I learned so much. I loved all the projects that you had spent so much time and effort to create for us, even cutting out the legs on those flipping' geese, but if I had to choose, I was most happy with the alcohol inks on the Yupo, and I will continue to play with that technique. Thank you for all you do to inspire us and we are all proud that you call us your friends. xxx Maggie

  12. It was so funny looking around the room when we were all trying to get our paint to dry. I did wonder what someone would make of the ladies on the veranda waving their gelli plates about. Good exercise for our arms. I was so pleased with my print as well.
    I second what Jane has said earlier, I have made so many new friends just by joining in your Clarity events and workshops. Everyone so friendly and helpful. Enjoy your walk pouring down here again. xx

    1. We were frantic to stop it drying when we did it. I was there for "Paint Gate", definitely a steep learning curve. Loved it all. Hope to see you again next year, Shelagh, and I hope you do not have to sort your car out again. What a pain! xxx Maggie

    2. Thanks, Maggie. The last one was the Dartford Tunnel – wrong car, wrong make but my plate – at least there was a photo I could argue with. This one's just a series of numbers. Look forward to meeting up again, too. X

  13. Hi Barb,
    I'm really that the retreats went so well and that you had lots of very happy visitors. Reading all of the positive comments must make you very happy and proud ( deservedly so I must say). Now just think you can sit back next Sunday and begin watching the new series of Poldark! Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you are all as well as possible and that you've had a good day. At least the winds haven't been as bad as they said – we took the baskets down just to be safe! My cold has well and truly landed on my chest and had a dreadful night last night wheezing. I'm hoping that it doesn't turn into bronchitis. I'm reluctant to go to doctors with cold as there's nothing they can do , but I'll just make sure I don't get dehydrated. I think I'll have to give the bike training a rest until it clears up though. Love and hugs to all of you, Alison xxx

    2. Hi Alison – sorry to hear that you are feeling so poorly. just maybe you should go to see the Dr to make sure that your chest is clear. Neill has just finished his 2nd lot of (strong) antibiotics, and we are hoping that it has now all cleared up. With having asthma you, and he, need to keep a close eye on this type of thing. Sorry didn't mean to nag! Take care and rest – love and hugs Gilly xxx

  14. Hope you had a relaxing day. I only did the two day retreat and was pleasantly knackered! Just had an easy day today, did cut the grass and did a bit of gardening before the rain set in. Before the retreats, I was lacking in creativity, but now my juices are flowing and looking forward to some 'me time' to crack on with some serious arty fatty stuff! Thanks again Barb xxxx

  15. Hi bloggy friends hope everyone is OK today. I can't believe the Olympics are over, what will we all do now! I certainly have upped my viewing hours so it might be time to give the poor TV a rest. Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      still theres only a fortnight until the Paralympics! I might be able to get some crafting done between now and then at least. Love and hugs to you and Phoebe, Alison xx

    2. Hi Donna – it's amazing how quickly it has gone! I must admit that I won't be able to keep awake to watch the closing ceremony, so I shall have to record that. Hugs to you and Phoebe, Gilly xx

  16. that is a good project. i do love the gelli plate. one day i might make it to retreats, when the kids are a bit older and i can justify leaving them for a few days to have some fun and learn a few things….. hugs xx

  17. Lovely to see all those people enjoying themselves and getting such satisfaction from making something beautiful. Pulling a print using the gelli plate is extremely satisfying and every print is different which is a pot luck every time. Hope you enjoyed your walk Barbara. x

    1. Hi Julia – those retreats really do sound amazing, don't they! I have been thinking about you, and I hope that you and your girls are ok. Are you on FB, I had a look but didn't manage to find you. Sending you love and some supportive hugs – keep the positive feeling going, as it will take you through it all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, Hi Gilly, I'm ok. I had a really good couple of days Fri and Sat but yesterday wasn't so good – he was verbally aggressive. I'd like to move on but he won't talk to me but I have a deadline for going to a solicitor if he doesn't talk. I know it won't be easy but I know how to have good days! I'm not on FB but I will keep hanging around here as being a part of this blog is one of my coping mechanisms. I have some really good virtual friends as well as physical friends. Thanks for thinking about me.

    3. Hi julia will he move out so you and the girls can stay safe as you don't need verbal aggressiveness the easy route is better for you all .sending lots of caring hugs here for you to share I don't do face book try to loose yourself in your craft 💐 Xxx

  18. Hi Barbara – what fabulous photos of such very happy people! You have enriched the lives of all of those people attending The Retreats! Take some time to rest, when you can – bearing in mind that you and Paul are on TV next weekend! The new stencil and the artwork is amazing! Hugs, Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – I hope that you have had some decent weather today. I am afraid that here in Cornwall we have had steady drizzle for most of day – which I am sure that the gardens are well pleased about. I have had yet another mainly resting day, and an afternoon snooze! I am trying to build up some energy that will be needed from Tuesday onward. Take care everyone, love and hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly we had a lovely day until we arrived at friends for a long awaited BBQ then the skies opened! Still we had a great laugh good food cooked indoors and a fun time. Xxx

  19. I enjoyed the retreat so very much. I was one who needed a second run, but that was great 'cos I learnt better, thanks to Paul's help and patience. It's a very special treat each year: roll on the next one, but I hope you can have a rest now. Carol x

  20. My gelli print didn't quite come out as planned – not enough blue paint! – but I still love the way it looks. And can try again, as I had to get that stencil! Hoping to use a gel print for my challenge entry this month, so will be having a go sometime soon. And just found out that hubby has some medium for slowing the drying time of acrylic paints, so may need to try with that!

    Had a very enjoyable evening working on the samples for wedding favours for a friend. Lots of different techniques combined, and tried some new things that have mostly worked. Hopefully get photos off to her tomorrow and arrange to show her and her hubby-to-be. Hope they like at least one of them!

    Hope you've managed a restful day even if you didn't get a lie in. I am being spoilt over the summer holidays – hubby is home, so when he gets up he takes little one so I can go back to bed for a bit! I'll be a wreck once school starts again.

  21. Hi Barb, more fabulous photos of very happy people. Your comment about Mel's reaction to her first print had me falling off my chair with laughter. I am so glad you can cherish all the friends on your blog and in person. One day I will attend one of the retreats, and enjoy it to the max. Take care. Bx

  22. Hi Barbara
    This is a fabulous way to show us all the great time you had, I did chuckle at Mels reaction, just goes to show it was a natural reaction and she was lost in the moment. Love the artwork you all produced. I will get to a retreat one day, glad a workshop with you many years ago and that was such fun too so I know the retreat would be even better.
    Love Diane xxx

  23. Love the great new stencil will have to pop it into my basket me thinks. Hard work I am sure but it is great to look back on and good memories are what counts even if you are exhausted by it all. I have always been in love with printing since I took it up at college. I never get tired of seeing the image printed and the sense of achievement. To introduce someone to craft is to give them years of pleasure and occupation. Much love Jayne

  24. I was sooo impressed with my 2 days, really enjoyed myself and now lovely to be able to talk about what we all did. I was so pleased with my Gelli plate effort that I have had it framed and now is on my wall. Thank you Barbara and all the team. Also that you Paul for your lesson in using the punches to layer up my parchment work, so easy when you are taught by someone who know what they are doing. Can't wait to book for next year. Wonderful team thanks to all.

  25. Oh doch Barbara, ich habe Ahnung von Acryl Farben! Und meine Freundin in Florida erst recht, da es dort heißer ist als je in England oder Deutschland. Wir malen beide seit über 40 Jahren mit Acryl (wie lange arbeiten Sie damit?) und wir haben uns schief gelacht bei der Vorstellung die Farben in den Kühlschrank zu tun. Aber vielleicht liegt es ja daran daß wir professionelle Farben benutzen. Wir sind nämlich keine Hobbymaler sondern Profis die auch ausstellen, verkaufen und in Galerien vertreten sind.
    Ich weiß daß Kritik hier nicht gerne gesehen ist, aber zum Glück ist es ein freies Land und man darf sich durchaus auch kristisch äußern. Lobhudelei bringt einen nicht weiter.

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