A Handmade Quilt – a Gift

A Handmade Quilt – a Gift

Hi there,
Just got back from supper at the Spa Hotel 
with our last retreat group of the year.
Good food,
good service,
great company.
We’ve had another cracking first day,
although I was pretty wiped out by the time the bell rang at 5!
Friday’s blog a private peek right?
During the days at the retreats, so many lovely customers and friends have showered me with their generosity:
flowers, plants, chocolates, handmade cards, beautiful books,
cups, smellies, lavender – so so lovely – 
you’d think it was my birthday!
Many many thanks for the generosity and thoughtfulness.
Blows me away really.
I want to share with you one gift in particular which was given to me by Pamela.  
Beautifully boxed.
I had already made a mental note of the fab ribbon 
which I would be able to use in a project 
before even opening the box!
Classy, or what??

Super handmade Groovi card too…
But then I opened the box,
and could not quite believe my eyes.
A huge, amazing, modern, funky quilt!

Pamela said she saw the fabric and thought of me,
and lo! the quilt was born.

I was pretty speechless.

The detail in the panels is superb. 
I could not believe that somebody would spend all that time on a handmade gift for me.

But Pamela did.
And the back is as gorgeous as the front!!

I still keep opening the box and peeping in.
The colours are totally perfect for me.
It feels special and specials wonderful too!
I wonder whether it has been infused with loveliness too…
So Pamela, if you are reading,
I can only thank you again for your kindness and generosity.
It was a pleasure spending time with you again,
and I am already looking forward to next year with you!
I do love hooking up with good women and friends every year.
It’s simple. We come together, we work on art together;
I am very aware of the fact that many of the retreat guests are very talented artists and crafters in their own right. 
Pamela’s Quilt is testament to that. 
Love & Gratitude 

86 thoughts on “A Handmade Quilt – a Gift

    1. Wow first today! I hope you are all as well as you can be. I will look at this post tomorrow evening to catch up with you all
      I am so pleased Nick Skelton won gold and at 58. I can remember him first making the big time xx

    2. Evening Chris he was fantastic wasn't he dedication i have seen him at the great Yorkshire show with many other names in showjumping memories hope your holiday is going well hugs xxx

  1. Wow, what an amazing quilt that Pamela has made – not surprised you are delighted with it because it is gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing Pamela's fantastic quilt with us

  2. I've had an amazing day, learned lots of new things and was pretty damn pleased with what I produced. I keep looking at the staff here at the hotel and can't help but wonder……………
    Can't wait for to tomorrow. Thank you Barbara and Paul.
    What a fantastic gift, I am making a quilt for my hubby, he might just get it for Christmas😄

  3. Wow what an amazing quilt made with so much love . Can see you snuggled up in it on a cold winter evening in front of a lovely fire. Looks like a lively evening finished your day xxx

  4. OMG! What a superb gift! Certainly deserves a special place in your home. A beautiful quilt for a lovely lady! Really enjoyed my day today and the supper afterwards. I am now comfortably ensconced in my bed at the very same hotel and looking forward to the final day of crafting tomorrow (watching GB playing hockey).

  5. What an amazing quilt Pamela! The colours are fabulous!
    The Retreats are such special times, sharing with such lovely talented ladies and gents, absorbing everyone's passion for learning new techniques from you Barbara, not to mention Paul's patience with cries of help!

  6. Hi Barbara, Pamela is clearly a very talented lady, beautiful work. Thanks for showing us. I do hope you intend using it Barbara, and not just keeping it in its box to peep at!!! Glad you are enjoying yourself. All these fortunate people who have the choice to share some time with you at retreats and shows or whatever, past and/or present.

    Today's event was a bit of an impromptu one, so I had to dig deep. The Pencil Javelin. The one naughty thing Daisy does, well the only one that I can't put temptation outwith her reach anyway, is scratching the craft room carpet. Usually a stern "no" stops her, and if not pointing to the doorway and saying "out" to do a timeout. The wee monkey has recently realised that if she ignores me and carries on, by the time it takes me to get up and over to chase her out the room, she's managed to have a really big scratch and escape before I reach her!!! She watches me like a hawk while scratching, it is funny, but I can't show that! Anyway, today, she did it again, so I launched some pencils (not posh ones) like a javelin past her to distract her!!! My mess on the floor has it's uses!!!

    Hope you enjoy your last day tomorrow
    Love Brenda xx

    1. I guess this must be my Asperger's brain. I've been wondering for a long time – what is special/good/or whatever it is about being the first person to comment? Please can someone enlighten me!!! Thanks.

    2. Evening Brenda no blood results dr has not opened yet not a happy bunny but nothing I can do till Monday sending hugs dear blog friend.poor daisy sending a extra hug for her xxx

    3. Evening Brenda, hope you enjoyed the show jumping today, great win by Nick Skelton. Pencil javelin eh? Does Daisy bring it back or have you got a remote controlled car like the Olympics? Xx

    4. Brenda, I guess that the delight in being first to comment is just natural competition. Perhaps we should call it the Clarity Olympic race. I love the idea of your pencil javelin. Sadly, if I tried that with my two dogs, Gemma would love it and run off with the pencils and chew them into tiny pieces before I left the starting gate. I look forward to hearing about your next event. Have fun with it. xxx Maggie

    5. If you try to think of it as your GP needing to prioritise, some people must have been in need at short notice. I'm sure when you've been of them you would have been grateful for other patients needing to wait longer for their thing, as I'm sure those in need yesterday and today would be grateful to you for waiting until Monday. And it's not holding anything up for you, I do know it makes you're worry for longer. The NHS seem to be like keeping plates spinning, it must be so frustrating for everyone who works for the NHS as well as the patients. Why don't you make a point of spendingbquality time with Tom, something that's not planned already, to take your mind off it for a bit at the weekend. xx

      I don't watch show jumping Donna, my personal opinion is it's cruelty to horses. You must be joking, it's Shanks's pony that fetches anything Donna!!!!

      How's it a competition? If you happen to turn up first here, that's not a competition. That's not nice. What reason is there to be in competition with each other here? Why can't be people just be happy with and for each other without always needing to be better than everyone else? There's only a tiny minority of people born who will be top of the pile at something, and one of life's important challenges is for each of us to see that and deal with it. Sorry, but that's upset me that there's a competition here every day for people to be the first to comment.

    6. Brenda, if it helps, I like the feeling of being first to comment in the same way I enjoy the first words I write in a beautiful blank new notebook. It's the start of some thing. But the first sentence isn't intrinsically better than the ones that follow.

    7. Hello Brenda I love the idea of pencil javelin, Daisy is a pickle isn't she. I always think of the blog as arriving at a party and opening the door to see the beautiful decorations and friends you haven't seen for ages, then having a look at the food table and all your favourite food is there. Being first to comment is like being the first person to turn up at the party, you're the first one to see how lovely things are and then you get to see the excitement of people who arrive after you. I don't think it's a competition Brenda just how exciting I'm first. I have opened the blog before and seen no comments and come back 5 minutes later because I didn't know what to say!!! I hope that helps. Sending you hugs and one for the naughty Daisy too xxx

    8. Thank you Lucinda and Diane for trying to help me. I came back here because I got worried that I worded wrong what I was trying to say, I don't mean to upset anyone with what I said. If you knew my history you may understand why finding out a competition has been made out of a nothing thing, i.e. everyone trying to beat everyone else every day over a nothing thing upset me. It's made a lot of bad feelings resurface. And then there's my Asperger's not knowing and not understanding these 'normal' people things. I'm really sorry if I've said anything that upsets anyone. I didn't mean to. I know it's me that has the problem, not normal people.

      I'll need to try and work out what you're saying Lucinda, and Diane, my head is struggling to process/understand the concepts of what you are saying. But I do understand you're both saying it's not an actual competition, it's something that you get personal pleasure from, being first to comment, not something that you are thinking you have beaten everyone else or are better than everyone else. That feels better, and ok that people being first make a point of it, they're not boasting or anything, just saying they are happy for whatever personal happiness it gives them.

      Thank you for taking the time to try to explain xx

      Poor lad in the taekwondo, he's heartbroken at losing out on the gold, my heart breaks for him. Harsh judges on the relays too, never ever seen so many DQs, and no one can work out why for any of them. Would be quite funny to watch them all so puzzled, if it wasn't so serious.

      Thanks Jackie xx

    9. Brenda, you have nothing to apologise for. I have learned so much from reading your posts, so eloquently written. Thank you for helping us to understand how things that many of us take for granted can be so difficult for you, and I admire how you battle on. By the way, I was involved in the show jumping world years ago and the horses could not consistently succeed at the level of the Olympics if it was cruel. Watch their ears either pricked forward or twitching to listen to their riders. Horses do enjoy jumping and the top horses have to be contained within high fences to stop them jumping the field fences. I know of one case when two naughty show jumpers were spotted wandering along Cotswold lanes, having jumped over the wall from the field they had been turned out into for their winter holiday. Enjoy your crafting and your own Olympic events. xxx Maggie

    10. Morning Brenda sending hugs for you and daisy I'm going to loose myself in some crafting today don't know what yet as haven't decided what I can mannaged but have got plenty of choices.enjoy your next Olympics day with daisy xxx

    11. Thank you Sheila and Maggie xx
      Maggie, you hear stories of horses being treated cruelly training them. And horses have to be broken before someone can sit on them, so it's not natural and ok to the horse to have a rider, they are made to. And when riders dig their boots in, or use the stick thing to hit them with, or pull on the reigns, even having that metal across their mouth, and when horses hit the jumps, I feel that must all hurt the horse and is about making the horse do something it doesn't want to do. It's just my personal opinion, I know many people will disagree with me. I don't like seeing anything suffering, I've got that at an extreme level, it hurts me even if Daisy catches and wounds a fly and leaves it alive and hurt. I can't watch nature programmes if something gets killed as it affects me really badly, even though I know it's the ecosystem xx

    12. Hello Brenda. There is absolutely no competitiveness on this lovely blog. Everyone is always so kind and considerate, including your lovely self. I'm certain Liam is most appreciative of your explanations regarding your condition. As I really do think of different things you have said, before talking with him. It must be working…as I got a phone call the other day saying that Liam needed to talk to me. It was about something very personal to him, so he must feel even safer telling me things than he did before. I certainly feel that I understand him much better! Therefore I have much to thank you for.
      Love and Hugs xxx

    13. Brenda, I can understand what you are saying about the show jumpers. The word "breaking" is not really a good word to use to describe bringing a young horse to carry a rider. The last thing you want to do is to break the spirit of any animal, and just teach them carefully how to behave. It is a bit like teaching a dog to control itself and to be safe. Dogs have to learn to walk sensibly on a lead and not to attack people or other animals. Horses have to learn too, whether they are a child's pony or a top class seventeen, show jumper or dressage horse. Without training we would not have horses in our lives as they would not be of use even as companions. Most training these days is careful but firm. A well and carefully trained horse is a joy to ride and will need only gentle fingertip use of the reins and gentle pressure from the heels of the rider. Cruelty may create success for a short time, but that success would not last. It is like teaching children to be good people. If you force someone to do something, they very soon rebel, and the same applies to animals. I am not saying that bad training does not exist. I came across it when we went to our first dog trainer, who tried to force our joyful spaniel to do what he wanted. We soon left and found someone else to work with and encourage the behaviours we wanted. I hope my rather rambling explanation is of some comfort to you. Lots of hugs xxx Maggie

    14. Thank you for taking the time to explain all this Maggie. I understand better now, your analogies helped. You're equating it to the likes of us all training our furry friends. Including me, and the terrible time I went through with Daisy when she was little and totally out of control, and if I couldn't break through to reach her then she wouldn't have been able to be homed anywhere if I had had to give up on her, and I dread to think what would have happened to her. Now, she's through that, does her own thing, knowing the rules, and is having a safe and happy life, I hope. A happier life than a cat would have in the wild. I will check out the horse whisperer, I've seen a movie of one xx

      I'm glad I've been able to help a fellow sufferer Morag and to help you to understand better too. Thank you for telling me xx

  7. How beautiful! Started a quilt nearly 40 years ago. Did all the patchwork but failed to quilt and back it. Maybe when I retire? Had a great day today. Thank you Barbara and Paul. Met someone I hadn't seen for 20 years and another who was born in the village I got married in! Such a small world. Also tucked up in The Pas watching the hockey. Hope it doesn't go to penalties. Need sleep! Looking forward to tomorrow.

  8. Wow wow wow Pamela how talented you are a stunning gift Barbara you deserve them all big or small gifts given with so much love sending special hugs xxx

    1. Evening to all my dear family of blog friends sending special heartfelt hugs special hugs to all on the blog xxx
      A extra wee hug Dorothy thinking of you xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, I missed last night as I to a friends house with a bottle of wine and today I'm meeting another friend for lunch. Hopefully I might catch a minute or two to do some crafting. I'm beginning to feel better about myself but I do wonder when the meltdown might come! I hope you have a great day.

  9. A beautiful expression of appreciation. No wonder you're chuffed. Enjoy the final day. I'm sure those of us who were fortunate enough to join you this year have great memories, great techniques under our belt (well nearly)and share with Pamela, if not her talent, then her appreciation of yours and the team's efforts. Carol x

  10. Wow! What a beautiful quilt and awesome gift. Wonderful fabrics and colours. Had a really lovely day today at the retreat and very enjoyable evening. Looking forward to getting grungy tomorrow!

  11. Wow, what a stunning present! I've always admired quilters, we had a lady at work and the lady across the road who did magical things with material and always some neat.

    Pamela, what a talented lady! I'm glad you all,had such a great time and hope to be able to join you one day as I so much enjoyed the open day and stay at the hotel and meeting you lovely lot!

    Have a lovely weekend Barbara. I see you're on Hochanda next Sat for their birthday anniversary.


    1. It was a tough decision but I went for the funky birds postcard in the end. Have coloured one bird but was card making this afternoon for my sisters birthday so haven't done any today. Have you started yours? Xx

    2. Not my post cards yet just one of the bookmarks owls only done the leaves /branches /and done one owl today I want to do the robin in the post card set I got I only got the one set as wanted the robin . Did you get them all including the large colouring book ?
      I've just ordered the Christmas groovi 20 sheets pack so can back some of my groovi Christmas cards and try some of these rich colours xxx

    3. Hello Donna, enjoy your colouring, don't go over the lines as you get excited at the Olympic medal wins this weekend. Just watched the diving and caught the end of the hockey, what a fantastic evening again. Sending hugs to you and Phoebe xxx

  12. Hi everyone, I bit the bullet today and reordered the plates I can't find – if they turn up I'll have to offer them out! My niece's baby is due two weeks tomorrow my sister just reminded me ! I'm not sure I'll get the plates in time for a card for her now but they'll come I handy for her first Christmas or birthday no doubt ! Been a wet day today and now we're due gales for the weekend…. More craft time I think. Hope everyone is ok and hugs to all xxxx

    1. Evening Jackie I'm sure if you phone up clarity towers they would send them out ASAP if you explained you need them quickly happy crafting weekend hugs xx

    2. Hello Jackie enjoy your crafty weekend. Our weather has been wet too, in fact I went out not thinking to take a brolly and came home looking like someone had poured a bucket of water over me! Sending hugs xxx

  13. This is gorgeous and obviously involved a lot of work by Pamela and the colours and the design certainly say Barbara. A gift for you to treasure always and Pamela will be so thrilled that you love it so much. x

  14. Hello Barbara

    What a beautiful gift. Something to treasure and pass down to children and grandchildren. Be sure the story is passed down with the quilt so future generations know how loved you are and how you inspired so many crafters.


  15. What a wonderful piece of stitching such a beautiful quilt. I imagine you will treasure it and it will become a family heirloom. You deserve all the presents you have received. Hope you get a bit of rest on Sunday. x

  16. What a beautiful quilt. I love partchworking, although I don't sew often enough for the amount of fabric I own! One of these days I will have used up all my inks and papers so I will have plenty of time to sew!

  17. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Hours of work must have gone into that. And I love the design – a modern take on an age old art form. I used to sew quite a lot, but the sewing machine is decidedly dusty these days. Just not enough hours in the day for all the wonderful things there are to do! I have some lovely fabrics I've bought thinking I'll make things for my daughter – poor thing hasn't see one of them yet!

    Enjoy the last day of the retreats tomorrow x

  18. Hi Barbara
    Wow oh wow what a beautiful quilt, an amazing gift that you will treasure for years to come. Pamela you are one talented lady. I too have ribbon envy, how beautifully wrapped too. Hope you have fun tomorrow.
    Love Diane G xxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends, hope you are ok. What another great day for team GB, just been watching the diving heats, fingers crossed there's a medal there too. Have a lovely weekend. Love Diane xxxxxx

  19. I can only add what others have already said that is one stunning beautiful and mega nice quilt – I have quilt envy, yes and ribbon too!!

    I don't think you realise Barbara how precious you are to us crafters, especially us that have health issues. Finding something that is so good that it distracts us from pain or worry or health and it ends up being something we all love to do and do with others. That is precious to us Barbara and the lady that inspires us is just as precious too and that's why these ladies like to spoil you with gifts that take time because you have taught us to use time to create cards or gifts that our loved ones appreciate and are in awe of us, preaching stuff over!
    Have a great weekend everyone Karen xx

    1. Karen I totally agree I don't think Barbara realises how much she brings to us with health issues mental and physical and this wonderful blog how her clarity products are amazing and help us through each day with her inspiration and the time she puts in xxx

  20. Stunning quilt Pamela – what a lucky lady you are Barbara. How lovely that people can show their love for you, your talents and your products. I will definitely be back next year as I have had serious withdrawal symptoms this year. Hope you get a bit of time to chill before the Hochanda birthday celebrations next weekend. Xxx

    1. Shelagh and I missed your sense of humour. Barbara mentioned long strokes short strokes when doing the Groovi, I instantly thought of you. Hope to see you next year. xx

  21. Hello Barb, everything that is given to you, shows that you are loved and appreciated by so many people. The quilt is amazing, Pamela is one talented lady. So glad that the retreats are enjoyed by everyone. Take care all. Bx

  22. Wow, what a beautiful quilt. I'm not sure whether I'd like to have the talent to be able to make a quilt like that or just be special enough to receive such a lovely gift.

    1. Morning julia just read your message enjoy meeting up today with your friend pleased you had time out with your friend last night if you find your having a meltdown come share here or loose yourself in your craft it will not be easy but you will get there just think of yourself and your beautiful daughters and look to them who will surport you heartfelt hugs love Sheila xxx

  23. Hi Barbara

    The gifts from the generous ladies is testament to how much you are lovingly thought of… as is Pamela's quilt when she made for you too. A beautiful work of art

    Have a good weekend and catch up on some relaxation

    June x

  24. What a fabulous treasure to have received Barbara. Obviously made with love for someone who totally deserves it! As has been said, you have no idea of your true worth! Love and Hugs xxx

  25. What a beautiful gift, and thank you for sharing it with us. I can imagine you with it, snuggled in front of the fire in the winter. Enjoy your last retreat, and maybe I'll get there next year! Susan x

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