We have a winner and a tidy garage! Well, tidier!

We have a winner and a tidy garage! Well, tidier!

Hello lovely crafting buddies!
Thank you for popping in!
Maybe you can tell I is in high spirits?
Well we have had such a good day in the garage –
you wouldn’t believe it!!!

Well, there was Gracie, on cleaning mega mounts…

“What?!?!?” I hear you exclaim, “You set her to work???”
Oh yes!
Retreats are a-looming!
I had to start sorting out the mess that we left in the Garage a year ago, after the retreats! Can you believe it was EXACTLY where we dumped it??
In our defence your Honour, it was a year ago almost to the day that Dave collapsed and we blue-lighted him to hospital.
And to be frank, the last thing on my mind after the workshops then
was to put everything away again nicely!!
So darling Grace dived in to help, 
because she wanted to hang out with me. 
But we weren’t alone…
Mr Church also rolled his sleeves up and joined the party.

Mess? You think this is a mess?
This is progress!
This is after 4 hours of wading through boxes!!!

Bless Dave for erecting the shelves for us last night,
or we would have just been shuffling shit around from one side of the garage to the other all day!
At least we could pile it high!

Tell you what though:
there’s nothing like a plan to calm the mind.
Yesterday I made said plan.
I worked out exactly WHAT we are doing at the workshop.
Really pleased with the menu;
I hope those of you attending will be too.
Healthy mix of stamps and stencils, ink and paint.
An afternoon of Groovi, 
and an afternoon creating a very lovely canvas. 

Today we started putting together the materials and gear.
I think we are about a week ahead of where we usually are,
which is peach.
So tomorrow, Grace and I are having a girlie day out 
in Tunbridge Wells,
and on Sunday, big treat – super day out – 
we’re off to the Hampton Court Flower Show with Dave. 
Can’t wait!
Got to pack it in; she’s only here for a week!
(hence the premature retreat prep…)
Flicks last night. 
AbFab the film was very funny. 
I do love Joanna Lumley; she is BAD.

So how about you?
Got anything lined up this weekend?
our lovely ladies, Jane Telford and Maria Simms 
are demonstrating our Groovi System 
at Doncaster Racecourse this weekend.
Go say hello if you’re there!
They will be on The Art of Craft stand, P07.

 Oh! Before I shoot off and finish up the Spagbog 
I have rustled up by special request,
please allow me to announce the winner 
of the £100 Prize Draw from 
our Crowborough Open Days…

Here are all the tickets….

Here is lovely Jeannine pulling out the winning ticket….

The winner is 
Maureen Riggs.
That’ll make her day. Gift Voucher’s in the mail 
Have a great weekend!
Love & hugs,

3 thoughts on “We have a winner and a tidy garage! Well, tidier!

  1. Oh you sound and look happy Barbara, and that's great. I'm so glad you're managing to pack in loads of quality time and special memories with Grace while she is home. Nothing planned this weekend for me. Hope you have a great time, love Brenda xx
    Don't know if people will have noticed, I left a comment on yesterday's blog, asking if everyone is up for doing another random act of kindness, in light of the latest atrocities?

  2. Hi Barb glad you are organised but still having fun with Grace. Disappointed I can't get to the retreat. I was even offered a lift for the first one but that's when the work on our house begins. Still, next year I'm in!! I have a Workshop this Saturday. My usual Cree and 3 new Ladies and Linda Page is coming too. Have a good weekend. X

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