Painty Inky Stencil Step by Step…

Painty Inky Stencil Step by Step…

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Just thought I’d pop upstairs for half an hour 
and try something out before supper.
Saturday’s blog a new technique?
Well I know for sure it’s not new, 
because I just watched a Tim Holtz You Tube 
doing something like it and thought,
“mmmm…that looks interesting…
wonder if I can use what I’ve got in my cupboard and get something similar….”
So many thanks Tim for the idea.
Not that you would ever read my blog here in little ol’ England,
but I do feel I should thank you nonetheless, 
and give you credit for the idea. 
Dab some acrylic paint 
through a stencil 
(I used our Chinese Lanterns Stencil)
onto a piece of card which can take plenty of water 
(I used our white stencil card)
using a blending tool with foam
(I couldn’t find mine, because they are all in the garage nice and counted, all set for the retreats! 
So I made do with a mount + velcro to stick the foam to!
pound pound pound through the stencil, 
but letting it fade towards the middle.

Let it dry.
Can I be bothered to go dig a heat gun out of the stash in the garage…..

Let’s use another stencil in the corner.

Once dry, spritz with water,

and then apply Distress ink directly to the card.
Now this is where Tim and I parted company,
and I went completely off piste.

Maybe I should have been more obedient
and done what he said…

Attempts to lighten the whole affair with Mustard Seed.
When in doubt, get the yellow out!

Time to dilute this a bit.
Spritz with water, in hopes that the ink may move or bleed.
Mmmm. Card getting a bit soggy now.
Time to go get the heat gun and a towel.

Carrying on undeterred, let’s add a little ink round the edge.
That looks a bit more Holtzesque !

Way too big.
In fact.
Let’s make two! One for now and one for Ron!
Later on.

The orange end definitely needs a stamp…

Black Archival.
Yep. I like these words.

Bit of Black up the other end for balance,
and the job’s a goodun.

Not bad for what was a soggy mess halfway through!
Which just goes to show:
you never know where you will end up until you get there.
So get there!!!

Love & Hugs,

98 thoughts on “Painty Inky Stencil Step by Step…

    1. Evening to all my family of blog friends you are all in my thoughts sending hugs to all who need them and crafting hugs to all on the blog xxx
      I've had another pain free day and went to visit my dear friend who is getting over major surgery Tom took me for lunch at the garden center near where she lives a lovley end to a very good day xxxx
      Dorothy sending extra wee hugs xxx

    2. Hi Sheila it's so good to hear you are pain free again and able to go out and about with Tom. Your friend must have been delighted to see you. Sending you a big hug xxx

    3. Hi Sheila,
      Oh I'm so pleased for you – no pain! Glad to hear that you've had a lovely day. Let's hope there's many more like it, love and hugs Alison xxx

  1. Beautiful! I've been very good and done lots of work today, so feel the urge for some messy, random crafting to balance up. I love the bold, unashamed colours on this.

  2. Ooh! Are we doing something like this at the Retreat? That is just fabulous,and I am not particularly a great fan of Mr Holtz, although I appreciate his talent. I love how you went off piste – perfect! I must go and get my bag packed for my lesson tomorrow with the lovely Pat White – aiming for perforating and snipping this week (why does the text want to change perforating to percolating? Maybe, it thinks I should get a cup of coffee). Eight sleeps left! xxx Maggie

  3. I really do love this Barbara, thanks for sharing. I don't know what Tim did, but I think your unique version is just perfect the way it is. And it's a technique I could have a go at without freaking myself out too much! Dare I think about having a go this week, need to finish some cards first to make some space to work on. My usual full of good intentions never materialise these days, so not sure what my chances are!

    Hope you had a great girlie day with Grace today and that you all enjoy the flower show tomorrow. I'm envious, mind you my bank card is breathing a huge sigh of relief, I ALWAYS came back with far more than I went for on the few occassions I got to go to the plant nursery!!! In my defense, I always found the perfect, just made for it, spot for everything. I'm needing some new plants to fill the gaps of plants I've lost in the past year. Guess they'd just reached the end of their life, as some do or 2 bad springs in a row was too much for them. They might have been thoughtful and held on until I'm in a position to replace them eh!!!

    I've got a date with Andy Murray tomorrow afternoon 🙂
    Have a great time, and please show us pics of what you buy for your garden, if that's ok to ask
    Love Brenda

    1. Oooh Brenda – sharing that you have a date with Andy when he's a married man! I will be watching and cheering him on with you too, so let's hope he's the champion tomorrow x

    2. Ha, ha Susan, I'm too honest for my own good eh!!! :xx

      You're welcome to join me Maggie, I'll make some banana flap jacks for you coming. Aye plenty of cushions to hide behind for sure. I tend to vacate the room at those bits! xx

      Glad you've had another enjoyable pain free day Sheila. Told you it was going to improve once you'd been seen by the specialist ;-). Fingers crossed this is just the start of your new much improved life xx

    3. Squash up a bit Brenda, I want to watch too, I'll bring lemon drizzle cake if that's ok. I'm like you, I always spend far too much at the plant nursery, mind you, hubby gets just as carried away!! You can buy some plants on line and they deliver them at the right time for planting but it's probably a big late in the season for that now. Wish I could pop round and take you plant shopping and tell you plant them. It's good to hear you might get a trip out with your garden man, what a lovely chap and finding a lovely neighbour and hairdresser, life is looking up. Sending hugs for you and Daisy xxx

    4. oooo didn't know we were having a group tennis cheer squad, count me in. I will bring the pom poms! We can make a super banner with all our Clarity stuff! XX

    5. Enough room for Diane and Donna too. Bring food and a disposable barbecue thing and we can put the telly in the garden on an extension lead;-) You can all do a bit of gardening at the bits we don't want to look!!! Are you coming Susan, Alison and Sheila? If you set off now you might just make it in time for the start!!! xx

  4. That's fab Barbara – I was just watching a lady at a demo today doing a similar sort of thing using dried PVA glue as a resist. Love the colours you have used x

  5. Love Tim Holtz, love you more lol. I bet he does know about you, he's sure to keep abreast of the other artists out there. Would love Barbara, Tim, Dyan Reaveley mash up.

  6. I love this project and the vibrancy of the colours, very much my cup of tea. I've had an interesting day, it started with having to scoop up a dead baby robin from the hall that the cat brought in for me this morning. Then this afternoon another present, a live mouse. Myself and Jennifer spent an hour and a half chasing the wee beastie around the hall and lounge. We eventually caught it and released it to be caught another day! The cat is about 13 or 14 years old but I think she is regressing back to her younger years. This week we even had a live, untouched duckling in the house which was captured and given to the local river watch guy. I eventually managed to get some crafting done, finishing my 'a day out' challenge card and making a 'happy birthday to ewe' card for my nephew.

    1. I'm glad Daisy doesn't go out! It's dying spiders aka flying insects that I have to deal with, and that's bad enough! All insects are known as spiders to her because her first encounter was a sider. And if I say spider and she comes running, and it is just a spider, the look of disgust I get!!! It's only flying spiders she likes! Dried apricots have to be called prunes, and nectarines have to be called peaches! Yes, I have a cat who loves her fruit, purrs for her bit of dried apricot at breakfast!!! Lentil soup, she loves that too!

      Mind you, I did have a field mouse get in twice last year. One was in a cupboard so was fine. The other, a wee baby, the first I knew was Daisy charging up the hall. The poor wee thing froze with fear, and what did Daisy do, sat and waited for it to move again! Clearly thought I'd given her the best toy ever!!! Lucky for me and the wee moose she hadn't a clue cats are meant to chase and kill!!! xx

    2. Hi Brenda,
      This made me smile. We had a cat at my parents' house long before I was married – I think I was about 20. Anyway she caught a mole in the garden and typical cat played with the poor thing. Well it stopped moving ( survival mode kicked in) and the cat lost interest. She was sitting over it and we noticed that the mole started digging! Before we knew it the mole had disappeared down a hole so the cat sat on top of the hole! About an hour later we saw her with her paw down the hole trying to work out where her prize was!! It was so funny. I'm so pleased that Scamp doesn't go out and bring me presents! The most I get are dead spiders and the odd dead moth. Love and hugs Alison xx

    3. Oh my goodness Julia that's quite a day!! What lovely presents you have! We had a couple of field mice in the lounge a few years ago, we put down humane traps then hubby put then in the car and drove them to a country park near his work so they couldn't return to our house! Sending hugs xxx

    4. Cleo used to leave 'presents' on the front door mat! Always a surprise to open the door in the morning and find a dead animal waiting for you. Even worse when she brought them in! XX

    5. That's funny Alison. If it had been Daisy, she would have had me digging in the hole to find it for her!!! Knowing some of the things she manages to get me to do for her, it's not that unlikely!!! xx

  7. Love these stencils and the effect you created. It has worked out very well.
    Today I had a fantastic day with the Glasgow girls and Jo Rice. We all created the most amazing cards, bookmarks and even an insert for a shopping bag. It was so much fun and really helped me zone out of what else is going on in life.
    Looking forward to joining everyone to watch Andy tomorrow afternoon. We are going to be at a bbq during the match but have been told we can watch him play. Fingers crossed it is his time.

  8. Love the bright colours you've used for this demo. Great effects too with the stencils. Hope you enjoyed your day in Tonbridge Wells with Grace making more special memories.xx

  9. Great technique, love Tim Holtz. I love the way white paint or ink comes back to the surface, I discovered that fact when I did my card for the challenge last month and the background came through the tree. Didn't like it at first but the more I looked at it the more arty I thought it was, well in my mind anyway! XX

  10. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, hope you've all had a good day. Glad your getting a reprieve from your pain Sheila. Special hugs to Dot. Very tired tonight so off to bed for an earlier night. Love and hugs to you all and everyone on this blog.xx

  11. Hi Barb,
    This is really good, I like it a lot. In fact, I might even give it a go myself. Hope you're enjoying your time with Grace. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi to all my blog friends,
      Hope everyone is ok and that you've had a good day. Been a quiet one for me then I had a date with Centre Court. So pleased that Serena Williams managed to get her 22 Win. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Evening Alison. I read yesterday's blog tonight as I was weary last night. You won't regret buying two pairs of glasses. I was advised to have transitions lenses for outdoors last year and got a pair with plain lenses too. I soon found that when I craft near a window the transitions lenses darken slightly which makes colour matching and blending difficult, especially when using neighbouring colours of poychromo crayons xx

  12. I love this art work Barbara and will attempt something similar very soon as I am in a stamp mood and I feel much bolder after a couple of Maria's classes. I have had a a Groovi spell but I simply can't get the snipping right. I'm hoping I can find out where I'm going wrong at Leyburn xx

    1. Hello all. I hope everyone is well. I'm pleased you are having a good time Gilly. Jackie, that's good news for you and John. Roz I hope you enjoy your party. Maureen congratulations – £100 wow!!
      Brenda I will do a random good turn as soon as there as a chance.
      Bed is calling now xx

  13. Hi Barbara
    This is lovely, wondered where you were going at first but it all. Ame together in the end. Love the bright colours you have used, it looks lovely. Must try this out. Hope you and grace have had a wonderful girly day together. Enjoy the flower how tomorrow .
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends. I hope everyone is ok. We've spent the day moving a desk from upstairs down to the study/craft room. Time for a tidy and sort out I think!! Sending hugs all round and an extra special hug for Dot xxx

  14. Lovely Barbara xx

    Hi everyone, we've had a productive day laying some slabs on stones for a greenhouse base. I'm just having a small one! Being put up in a couple of weeks. Been out for a Chinese meal this evening so am stuffed now. Hugs to everyone xx

  15. Morning Barbara beautiful art work need to make time to give this a go and get back to doing my wee crafty stuff have a good Sunday wi wee Grace or if yi jump in a helicopter you could come up to Brenda's and join yir blog family you sure there's no one in the garage… Love Dot.xx

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