Time for Reflection….

Time for Reflection….

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Wednesdays are mindful blogs, right?
Last Christmas, my dear friend Heather 
(aka the Clarity chick with the Kneepads at the shows)
gave me a gift which I have been enjoying every day.
Thanks Heather!
It is a Daily Meditations and Reflections Calendar.
Wonder why she thought this would make a good gift for me….
On the subject of mindfulness though, it has been a Godsend.
As soon as I focus on the message I am being given through the pages, the thoughts which are bombarding my head are arrested.
Stopped. Blocked. Interrupted.
I don’t read the days as they come 
– that would involve a routine and planning!
I close my eyes, flick through, then stop randomly,
 and let the reflection of the day come to me.
Call me daft, but that way, I think God has a hand in it.
Today, the page fell open to this one:
I had to read it several times, to fully understand it.
Ironically, the more I read it, the more it relaxed me. 
And believe you me, I was tense beforehand.

When oh when will I learn 
that I cannot control people, place or things? 
If I hid myself away and never spoke to another human being.
If I became a recluse and shut out the world, 
I bet my head would STILL invite everybody to a Mind-party!
No need to r.s.v.p. or b.y.o.b.
My mad head would leave the door wide open for anybody to climb in over the parapets, swim across the moat and join in. 
But back to the Reflections Calendar.
I can highly recommend it as a Mindful tool.
Since I wanted to blog it, I thought I would check out a few more.
So I went to my birthday page, to see what it said.
Now this you will NOT BELIEVE.
Check out the name of the author!
What ????
So now you’ve got my attention.
My undivided attention.
Let me swallow that little morsel.
Let the soul digest that little grenade!
THAT’S spooky.
So am I seeing the signals?
Let’s do one more….
That’s it.
This is ridiculous!
I actually used the word zombie to describe myself
this morning!
In conclusion then,
something which at first glance might look a bit gimmicky
and bandwaggon trendy,
actually turns out to be a very powerful mindfulness tool.
It has certainly made me pause for thought most days.
Maybe something you might consider?
Only takes a minute to flick and read daily.
But oh boy! Does it stem the mind-flow…
Love & hugs,

78 thoughts on “Time for Reflection….

  1. Um, very deep! I too can identify with workaholism and must buy that special book. I thought I was alone getting things, people, nasty thoughts coming into my mind, even when doing nice things. Apparently, not plenty of us out there. I keep telling myself this is not a rehearsal for life – this is life – and perhaps I need to reflect more on what is important.
    Thank you for this very mindful blog. Not long to go and cares will be gone on your workshop. (I know you put heart and soul into your workshops).
    Love Anne (Reading)

    1. Dear Anne sending hugs for tonight I agree this is our life but I think often too late we realise that but we cannot change who we are or how we are made xxx

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us, Barbara. Just the sort of thing we nee, especially with all the negativity that seems to be flying round at the moment. I have now gone on line and ordered this for myself and I like the idea of allowing fate to choose the page. To stop to think about the meaning is so good for us. Like Anne, I am just looking forward to losing my problems in two days of lovely crafting with you in a positive environment. I read something else recently which made a big impression on me – "Do not strive for perfection, but strive for excellence". (Remind me of that when I am cutting out loads of tiny crosses). xxx Maggie

  3. Loved today's blog and it has made me stop and take a little time for me and just for me
    Thank you for that Barb
    Now I'm of to open my new goodies from clarity. Lol. Xx

  4. Today's blog really resonates with me too – when I worked so hard in the NHS for very little thanks, I one day said to my partner that I felt like the person who was "me" was just disappearing with all the stress and anxiety. Lucky for us we were in a position to go and try something else, and I am thankful every day that I took the opportunity to change my life and rediscover myself. So I'll never be rich according to the accountant, but I feel like I have the pot of gold!!! Susan x

    1. As a headteacher I worked extremely long hours in term time. During the summer holidays I actually used to feel like I had come up from underwater and taken a few gasps of air.

  5. Hi Barbara & ladies. Well today this is so correct we all need things like this to think and think that thank you for that Barbara.

    Hi ladies hope you are all well. A better day for me today ad hospital day yesterday then back this morning again. So no.crafting, I have nearly finished this Groovi card and I am very pleased with my efforts after lots of scraping pages. This has motivated me to know I can do. This. Have a good evening all.
    Hugs Lynn xx

    1. Hi Lynn hope the hospital visits have gone well. Good to hear the groovi card is coming together, it's lovely to know you can stop the train at a point you are comfortable with or take courage and go on to the next station. Xxx

  6. Thank you for today's blog, you reminded me of my little mindfulness book, it's called 365 days of mindfulness by Yvette Jane, I bought it when you started the Wednesday Mindfulness, but must confess I forget to read it. Today's is "Today make a conscious effort to reduce your talking and see how silence can hold you in a calm space". I like your idea better of just opening it randomly. My birthday is "while washing up today, do this chore mindfully, noticing every rainbow bubble, the warm water and the shining dishes". All food for thought. Hugs Barb.xxx

  7. Hi. Hope Grace is Ok. I am presuming it was her who was the child upset yesterday. All things pass. O I did smile at the "Barb ed" quotation. There had to be a work / play division which is healthy for that person. I think that is why most of us craft. It enables us to drift into our subconsciousness, and really become ourselves, how we like to see us. We all have our problems, illnesses, and worries, but, for all that,we have the need and desire to become ourselves for a short period of time. To let our mind wander into nothingness… Divine. Then it's back to reality. Thankyou Barbara. Xxx

  8. Hi to all my lively blog friends, hope you've had an enjoyable day. The weather here has been mixed, sunshine and showers. Are we going to get a summer? Had a new tumble dryer delivered today as mine was one of the sort that caught fire, although never had a problem with it. Love and hugs to you all.xx

    1. Evening pam hope your back is ok and the pain is better today . I had to go for my left ear syringe this morning yippie good to hear fully again hugs xxx

    2. Hi Pam hope your back pain is getting better. I know what you mean about this weather, yet again the rain waited until my washing was on the line!! Sending hugs xxx

  9. This is certainly thought provoking and a little spooky too Barbara, but anything that gives us pause for thought and helps us to understand ourselves and avoid some of the things which trigger difficulties in our lives has got to be good. x

  10. Mmmm, I certainly feel like I am missing from my life. I am looking to rectify that although it will require drastic action and won't happen overnight – life has got to be better than this! I have been practising mindfulness though by way of disappearing into the back room and crafting…very good for the soul.

    1. Hello dear blog friend to craft is to disappear into our wonderful mind and create something that gives us pleasure , I received my clarity card / and voucher today order rang through so a very good day .hope you get your order sorted soon hugs xxx

    2. Hi Julia, one step at a time, find little spaces to craft and do things for yourself and you will get there, difficult I know with teenagers but it will get better xxx

  11. Is Heather the lovely Heather who helps Maria at the Groovi classes and makes delicious cakes?
    We could all benefit from these thoughts I think. We need to focus on what really matters to us and count our blessings however young or old we are xx

  12. Hello everyone, I hope you are all as well as you can be. The internet has been playing up for a few days. I have been reading the blog and managing a few comments then the system has frozen and I've lost comments or it won't post them. Have been thinking of you all through your good times and less good times and here's hoping I can keep up now.
    I tried to watch Maria on catch up on line this afternoon but it didn't want to load so I am going to watch on the DVD pklayer now with a nice glass of rose for company xx

    1. Hi Chris, thank you for the heads up, I've been out all day and hadn't noticed they were on. Enjoy your glass of wine, we went wild tonight and tried a rum and ginger cocktail! Rather potent but lovely 😀 Hic! Xx

  13. Wow, that's so spooky Barbara, that's not coincidence. Sorry, no words of wisdom from me, the quotes aren't something my Asperger's brain can interpret. But I'm glad they help you Barbara, and others on here too. Hope you and Grace have had some good quality time together today. Love Brenda xx
    Thank you everyone for your replies yesterday, hugs back xx

  14. Barbara I left you a message on yesterday blog today . A thank you .
    Your a thoughtful kind person who gives everything to your clarity products and followers but you also need to know your are only you and don't have a magic wand even though you wish you had .we can only do our best and if best is not good enough we can do know more .
    I know you clarity and the dear friends on this blog has given me so much and kept me going on days I struggled with ,so mindful Wednesday is amazing . Look to the good and leave the bad alone xxx

    1. Evening to all my dear blog family of friends sending hugs to all who need them hugs to all on the blog .
      Today has been a very good day I put my order in with my clarity voucher I won with my calendar challenge as it came today , I'm looking forward to my clarity sale parcel comming too .im having another pain free day and I've been to the nurse to have my left ear syringed yippee I can hear again ,tomorrow I'm hoping to have a lovley crafting time tomorrow and Friday my granddaughter is comming to catch up too .xxx
      Dorothy a wee extra hug xxx

    2. Hello Sheila, I can hear your smile as you talk to us, what a lovely day. Enjoy your crafting and time with your granddaughter too. Sending you a big hug xxx

    3. Hi Sheila, you sound great today. I also phoned clarity today to place my order. Paul answered the phone and I was tempted to chat to him but I went all shy! I finished the book last night, it was very good especially as I could relate to the places.

    4. Hi julia glad you enjoyed the book and revisited the places in your mind .. after I read it that is what made me visit jersey for the first time been 3 times now .cannot go now but have some lovley memories of my time there pleased you placed your order today too .ive spoken to paul a few times now he is so professional but so lovley and helpful too xxx

    5. Hi Sheila, so glad you've had another pain free day and glad you can hear now after having your ear syringed. I'm afraid I'm still suffering with my back. It's been getting worse since the last physio. Going to doctors on Friday as at the end of my tether with it. Getting so depressed and tearful as not sleeping for tossing and turning most of the night but still aware of the pain when I am asleep. Meant to say congratulations on winning the calendar challenge Sheila, well done you. A lovely surprise for you and well deserved.xxx

    1. Oh Donna no! I can't believe you miscounted!! Mind you the last day is usually sorting and taking down displays etc so it will be a less taxing day for you. Just think of those lovely days for crafting ahead and the time will fly by. Sending hugs xxx

  15. Thanks for sharing Barbara, I think I'll have to get my hands in one of these. Just love the quote and the author for your birthday.

    I'm catching up here too having just read yesterday's blog. I'm sorry that one of your children has been hurt and hope they are okay. The image you made was beautiful, not something I've tried with the brayer before – will have to give it a go. Hugs xx

  16. Hi Barbara
    Wow what a great present for you, it was obviously meant for you, especially with the birthday comment. That is spooky! Very wise words and I'm sure they mean something to all of us. Hope you have a lovely evening.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends. I hope everyone is ok and has had a good day. Weather here has been mixed again, when will summer start!!! Had time this afternoon to mount some groovi work and write the cards to go in the post. It was lovely just switching off for a while. Sending hugs all round and a special hug for the lovely Dot xxx

  17. Hi Barbara

    I'm on catch up and I don't know how I missed yesterday's blog. I'm so very sorry to learn about one of your children being hurt. It's a killer for any mother, I know for sure. I hope it all works out in the end

    Today's blog… WOW, funnily enough I saw the name immediately on the first quote! How right that one is!

    I hope tomorrow is a better day for you all

    June x

  18. Hi Barb, thank you for sharing, how very true are some of those quotes. I think I need to go look for that for myself. Take care of yourself lovely lady. Bx

  19. Enjoyed reading that, it made me think. I'm in the right place for thinking, too; sitting by a lake drinking coffee and watching people feed the swans, ducks, geese and seagulls. Thinking about my husband, who I lost in March, and contemplating the birth of my first grandchild on New Years Eve. Don't know how to feel really, but enjoying sitting here thinking. xxx

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