A Promise.

A Promise.

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Raining here. 
Raining there too?

The paint was out on the desk, so I thought I’d have a session.
Let off some pressure build-up.
I won’t go into the detail – not my story to tell.
Suffice it to say that if you want to upset the mother,
upset the child.

So here’s a simple step by step, 
using a brayer in a very novel way.

Spread a little black paint on the craft mat
and walk the brayer up Theuva Card lightly.
Then bang it up and down in the same place.
Very therapeutic.

Do the same with some blue paint.
Bang it and bounce it on the card –
especially in the lower area.
Bit dark. But very appropriate.

Better lighten up a bit. 
Still pounding the brayer though.

Orange always helps…

Nope. It’s no good.
Back to black.
The weather and recent events.
I guess it’s the powerlessness, isn’t it.
I rarely experience rage;
it’s not a place I like to go to.
So let’s see if we can turn this around.
Add a little white, a few highlights…
Can you see what I see yet?

I have JUST the stencil.

Pound some black paint through the stencil.

Can you feel the innocence?
Despite the storm?

Let’s add a little shelter from a tree….

and a Promise.

To always be there.
No matter what.

There’ll be plenty of storms along the way.
It’s called Life.

And whilst I can’t control the weather or direct the wind,
I can certainly make sure the fire’s lit and the soup is on the stove.

That’s a Promise. 

Love & Hugs,


83 thoughts on “A Promise.

  1. Great artwork Barb. I have been there and feel your pain and powerlessness. It is hard to stand back and just look on when one of your kids is hurting. I am a bi believer in Karma – what goes around comes around – let's hope we are both there to see it. Xxxxx

  2. Just come down from settling my little one, to catch up with Barbara and get a glass of water, before heading for bed too. Had an unsettled, pit of the stomach sort of day, figure an early night will be a good thing. Understand the mamma bear thing completely, although Bethany doesn't deal with more than someone taking the toy she wants at the moment.

    Love the moodiness of this picture, and the texture from the brayer. Sounds like good, therapeutic fun, might have to try it of my mood doesn't lift tomorrow! And the light in the background – sings of optimism!

  3. I do admire you Barbara that you can channel your anger to produce such fantastic art! Well done and hopefully you feel better for it. Beautiful piece. Sending lots of positive thoughts to you & yours x

  4. Gorgeous piece of artwork Barbara. As a mother I know exactly where you are coming from. If you can't change it just find a way to learn from it.
    Hugs to you and yours. Xx
    Amanda. Xx

  5. Fabulous artwork Barbara. We have finally had some sunshine today after weeks of cold and rain, so hoping it will head your way to cheer you and Grace tomorrow x

  6. I hope all that pounding with the brayer helped. Lovely piece of artwork came from it. I am fiercely protective of my kids no matter how old they are. So can understand the sentiment. Hope tomorrow is a better day. X x

  7. Hi Barbara
    I hope the soup, warm fire and a cuddle from mum has helped sooth Grace and the pounding of paint and a hug from Grace and Dave has soothed you. The artwork is lovely, just right for today with the torrential rain. It doesn't matter how old our children are, we still feel their pain and just want to cuddle them and keep them safe and fight their battles. I hope tomorrow is a better day and the sun shines for you again. Sending hugs for you and Grace.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends, I hope everyone is ok. Pam I'm sorry to hear your back is painful again. I hope you can get some pain relief and physio sorted soon. Weather has been very wet again here today, just as I was about to put the washing on the line! Sending hugs all round xxxx

    2. Thanks Diane, hope you've had a good day. I went to physio last week and now have another 4 weeks of exercises before my next appointment. I was quite positive when I came back last week, but it's worse than ever now. Seem to be getting nowhere. It's been fairly dry here only a few little showers, but mostly overcast. Did just manage to get the washing in before it started. Hugs to you too.xx

  8. A remarkable way to express your feelings. A mixture of anger and frustration I bet. Anger at whatever has caused the upset and frustration because you can't always protect those you love from life's unpleasantness. You will be there when you are needed and that will be a healer in itself. The young are more resilient than the older generation but that will not stop us hurting for our kids. Best wishes xx

  9. Despite the obvious undercurrents of anger/pain….I really enjoyed this blog. Can't wait to have a go at trying to copy this piece of art…I LOVE IT. Hope things improve soon 😊

  10. Hi Barbara, that's an amazing piece of artwork. It's real sad it's come from rage, but that's how artists work I guess, channeling their feelings into masterpieces. I'm so sorry for your and Grace's troubles, and hope they can be quickly sorted out. You seemed to be having such a good time together. If you can, don't let it win, don't let it spoil the time you've got left together. Big cuddles for you, Grace, and Dave. Hope you all manage to get a good sleep. Love Brenda xx

  11. So sorry you have had cause to have these feelings. I hope doing the artwork helped you work some of those raw emotions out of your system so you had more space for even more motherly love to shine through.
    Perhaps you should take up pottery, that would really get you thumping clay around – take care

  12. Great expression of a feeling ! I'll have a go at that when I can find my brayer – I know it's here somewhere. Sorry you had anger to vent though.

    I had a big shock today, met someone who I hadn't seen for a few years, she used to work with me (well at the same place) and I wouldn't have recognised her if she hadn't seen me. I could tell something wasn't right immediately, she has terminal lung cancer which has spread. We really must count our blessings. All coincidental meeting her too, last day of picking up grand daughter from her school so wouldn't have been in that place but for that. She'll be off to school on bus in Sept and dropped home by bus. Where's all that time gone?! Need to live for the moment I think. xxx

    1. That's sad news Jackie, how right you are, we just don't know what's round the corner, do we? Must try to make the most of every day. Hugs to you and John.xx

  13. How emotional am I after seeing your blog today – I can relate to the saying 'hurt the Mother by hurting the child' – went through it when ours were younger and can imagine my Mum went through it when I was being bullied as a child as well. We can but protect them as much as we can – more difficult when they are older though – hope things are calm for you now, love and hugs xx

  14. I feel for you Barb….our children are our world and when that world turns upside down so do we. Your artwork tonigh is just stunning. Take care and the storm will pass. Sending a hug to your precious one xx

  15. I think we are on the same wave-length. Speak your mind, don't hide lies and whoops you are in big …. Most of the children not speaking, or if they are not very pleasantly. At the moment – just go away, have had enough of their tantrums. Too old, too tired, too over-worked and just want to be in my own little world. Roll on the retreat/workshop.
    Apologies, just p….. o.. with family squabbles.
    Off to dream of nice Clarity things.
    Anne (Reading)

  16. Think I totally got the wrong end of the stick, when reading your blog. I am so sorry – just got it all wrong, as usual. Not quite thinking straight with daughter problems.
    Please accept my apologies
    Anne (Reading)

  17. A lovely piece of art Barbara, hope now you've vented your anger into your beautiful art you are feeling much calmer. Understand completely that we Mums can't bear to see our kids hurting, we want to take that hurt away. You are a terrific Mum and you'll always be there for your kids that's all us Mums can do, is be there. Lots of love and hugs to you Grace and Dave.xxx

  18. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, hope you are all ok and have had an enjoyable day. Hope you've been having a rest today Sheila. Love and hugs to you all, and everyone on here who needs them.xxx

  19. Sorry for the bad weather, and the feelings of hurt, which are always strong where our loved ones are concerned. You made a cracking piece of art by pounding your brayer Barbara which has relieved the stress I hope. Tomorrow is another and I hope better day, for you and for Grace! x

  20. Brilliant piece of art. Can tell that you have anger within you as you used black first which isn't your usual go to colour. I hope that your art time has helped you work through your feelings.
    This morning my Hubbie took me out to look for biker jacket and trousers as we want to go away for a few days on his motorbike. I came back disappointed and with no shopping, I couldn't find trousers that fitted me to match the lovely jacket I found. It seems that if you are a size16 in normal clothes then 2xl which is meant to be size 18 doesn't fasten!! i am sure that I will find something that fits soon. I was cheered up by an afternoon crafting with a friend and creating a beautiful groovi piece. It certainly helped to calm me down after a frustrating morning!!

  21. Don't know the challenge you all,are facing but I've had years of experience being the mom of a dancer in NYC . .So , if it has to do with that I can fully understand and empathize . Beautiful art work .,despite the rain and storm the Sun is still,shining — you just can't see it because it is covered by clouds . Love and joy jan

  22. Like this art therapy stufff! I need to go pound my brayer! Thanks for the idea and for sharing! Hope all is well again Soon. Big <——-HUG——-> Jx

  23. Hi Barb,
    Sorry to hear that is/ was rage in you – not a thing I think of when I think of you! Hopefully everything will now to be back to normal. Sometimes life if just like a pressure cooker and if not watched it will blow! I have to say though that the artwork you've produced when in this mood is extremely atmospheric. I love it and the sentiment is perfect . I hope you all have a good, calm day today and be back to your lovely , smiling, happy selves. Love and lots of hugs, Alison xxxxx

  24. Beautiful, that says it all no need for words, we ve all been there and I wish I d had your talent to express what is in your heart so well. I sensed it was very therapeutic for you too.
    love and hugs to you all X X

  25. Morning Barbara, Wow !!!!!! this is absolutely stunning !! It's a pity it was created from your feelings, but hopefully you are now back to 'calm' and I hope everything is better for you. Sending you huge hugs.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  26. However life affects you Barbara you have this fantastic ability to produce something wonderful. Hope all is OK with Grace and Mark and the storm has lifted.

  27. Morning Barbara hope today is a brighter day the art work from yesterday was wonderfully set .
    Hugs for today for you and Dave and grace too xxx

    1. Morning all my dear family of blog friends I went to bed at six last night my CFS kicked in and said I. Must rest sleep I did got up at 8am today which is a never that early for me .got an appointment for my ear syringe this morning never had a problem hearing before so this is a new thing for me . 😱
      Thinking of you all sending lots of hugs to you all hugs to all on the blog .
      Catch you all later xxx

    2. Barbara just wanted to say I received my card /code today for winning the calendar challenge a big thank you for choosing mine the card I received is stunning going to frame this too .just placed my order with clarity towers so a big thank you for them also 💐 Xxx

  28. I feel for you Barb….our children are our world and when that world turns upside down so do we. Your artwork tonigh is just stunning. Take care and the storm will pass. Sending a hug to your precious one xx

  29. Arghhhhhh Barb,
    I feel your pain, and when you become a Grandmother it kicks in again to protect and guard your new loved ones. I hope things clear up and you all feel happier soon.
    In the meantime, your artwork is inspirational and fills the bill perfectly.
    love Maureen xxx

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