Come into the Lion’s den.

Come into the Lion’s den.

Hi there.
Good of you to drop in.

So much going on here today, 
with Grace, the Retreats 
and being bombarded with miscellaneous business issues.
And to crown it all, (forgive the pun)
I had a tooth out yesterday, and twas not pleasant. 
One and a half hours the dentist was swinging 
from this blimming tooth.
And did it want to move? Did it heck.
Typical, isn’t it. There’s one at the front that is so wobbly, 
I had to warn him not to lean on it while he was grinding away at the one at the back.
And the one at the back is evidently attached to my collar bone. 
Bloody caper.

So consequently, I have been in a bit of a dither today.
Whatever he gave me to numb the gum has knocked me for six. 

So I shall just pull a step by step out of the archive this evening, if you don’t mind.

I did this on telly last time.
Real simple panel card, using the lions from our new 

I used Theuva Card.
The best stamping card I know.

The stamp set comes with masks too.

Have you seen the new dinky inkpad sets we have started stocking?
They are delightful.
There are 4 little sets like this.
Fab quality too.
Just enter Artistry on our website…

Anyway, torn paper landscape with our brushes…

Couple of different colours…

Just move the torn paper down and brush the next hill into place.

The lions are masked off, so using a make up sponge, 
add a little shadow behind them.

Remove the reusable mask, and colour the lions in, 
to match the sunset.

Stamp the little Massai warrior and the lone tree into the background using a brown Archival ink pad. Potting Soil is good.

Cut back and mount.


I’ve got a roaring headache.
I’d be lion to you if I pretended otherwise….
The mane issue is deffo the tooth….
Is it bedtime yet?
Or more drugs….
Love & hugs,

45 thoughts on “Come into the Lion’s den.

  1. Dear oh dear those teeth of yours! One less to cause you any more pain. My mother says she wouldn't have her teeth back she prefers her plastic ones!! Hope you are soon recovered. Took my old dog Jack to the vets today for a check up on his arthritis. This young female vet said to me she would like to book him in for a dental clean up. This would involve a general anaesthetic and dependant on what they have to do could cost up to £500. Now the money is not an issue for my old man he deserves every penny for the years of faithfulness. I said to her he is 13 in November don't you think a general anaesthetic would be not recommended for something that is non urgent treatment? "Well I would like to sort out his teeth so he is ok in the future. "How long do you think he will live?" I asked. "Oh he could live till he is 14 or 15" she said. Needless to say I have come away "to think about it" – not. Who would subject a dog that is nearly 13 years old to such invasive treatment when he is not complaining of any pain or discomfort. Ok if he was in pain and there wasn't a choice then I would have to do something about it. Youth might have its advantages but I am afraid she needs to learn the lesson that when you are old if its not broken don't fix it! Barb your teeth must have the roots of a tree – I am reminded of that children's story where more and more people try to pull up the turnip and I can see them not the dentist and then more and more staff and then the patients all pulling together to get your tooth out. Much love Jayne

    1. Jayne I had to laugh at the image of the dentist and staff and patients in a chain pulling the tooth out, so funny. I agree with you, why put your faithful friend through the trauma of the general anaesthetic at his age. I'm sure you can 'think about it ' for a long time! Xxx

  2. Hi Barb, sorry you are suffering…would some camomile tea help? Just a thought…please take it easy and I am sure you will be fit as a fiddle tomorrow…sleep well…Love the art work,,,these really are fabulous stamps , we are going to be using them on Saturday at Clarity Cumbria……so looking forward to it….hugs…xxx

  3. Hi bloggy friends, hope everyone is well today. I really must get my a**e in gear and get my challenge entries started, I feel a crafty session in store this weekend. No tennis to tempt me to sit and watch TV so fingers crossed I manage it. Xx

  4. Sorry to hear this. A Forces dentist, who could have played the dentist in The Marathon Man, decided I did not need a newly erupted Wisdom tooth during a routine checkup. Didn't feel the extraction after the SIX injections he gave me, but the next day…………….
    It reminds me of a comic book scene when I recall it now, remembering him falling back across the room as he pulled the tooth.
    service humour I guess.
    Hope that you are better tomorrow.

  5. Hi Barbara, sorry to hear you are not to good. Those pesky teeth, just a pain! !!. I hate teeth just dread going when check up are called for.
    Just take the drugs! !and go to bed and rest hope you will feel better in the morning.
    Lynn xx

  6. I love these stamps Barbara, they are definitely on my shopping list for the retreat. I'm not a Groovi person, although I admire those who Groove so well, and as a result I'm extra-excited when you bring out some new stamps for us. Ive got some of the original Africa stamps and these are going to combine so well, so thank you. In the meantime, just back from the dentist myself today, you have my every sympathy. I do hope that a good night's sleep brings complete recovery x

  7. More drugs lol, hope you got the good stuff. Gorgeous artwork, have got these stamps on my wishlist, would love them as Groovi plates lol, not that I'm obsessed or anything! Hope you feel better very soon xx

    1. Evening my dear family of blog friends sending you all warm caring hugs xxxhugs to all on the blog xxx
      Dorothy a wee extra hug xxx
      I've had a nice day today did a little groovi this afternoon then rested then did my background for August's calendar challenge now in bed resting again .so a nice crafting day xxx
      Pam hope you got some help today via your dr thinking of you xxx

  8. I love these new stamps and the card is definitely a winner…just gorgeous! Sorry you are suffering from your extraction. Hope you have dosed yourself up and that you have a good night's sleep and feel much better in the morning. x

  9. Drugs AND bed me thinks….. Hopefully this will put an end to the teeth issues?

    Gorgeous card, loved this one on TV. Love me a panel card anyway, and these stamps are just amazing.

    Hope you are feeling better tomorrow.

  10. Lovely step by step, great stamps. Poor you, do feel for you. Hope your pain subsides so you feel better tomorrow. Teeth are a pain coming and a pain going unfortunately. Sending

  11. Hi Barbara
    I'm sorry to hear you are in pain, had a back tooth out myself last year so know how you feel (Yes deep roots, half expect dentist to go TaDa and hold up your undies as the tooth comes out finally!!). Definately pain killers and bed and if you've got some arnica tablets to help with healing along with your salt water rinses. Sleep well and hope you feel better soon.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends I hope everyone is ok. We've just got in from an open air theatre production, a murder mystery farce, great fun, full of bad jokes and red herrings. The sun has been lovely today and we ate our picnic without getting too cold and for once- we didn't get wet!!! Sending hugs all round xxx

      Ps Barbara forgot to say, the card is fabulous, these stamps are great xxx

  12. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, hope you've all had a good day.
    Was just about to go to bed and realized I hadn't looked at Barbara's blog. Off to bed now, so tired, just hope I can sleep. Night night. Hugs to you all.xx

  13. Ooh dear, nothing worse than a sadistic dentist ( they are all sadistic…) As you can probably guess they are not my favourite peeps. However my father- in-law was an exception. You have my utmost sympathy. Love the artwork though, on a brighter note. Love lions, as my birthday is in August.xx

  14. Hi Barbara

    Hope by tomorrow you are feeling a little less battered and bruised! My husband had the same problem a few years ago when the dentist tried to remove one tooth. She was practically on his chest and the beast would not budge… one and a quarter hours later she had to go and seek help from a male dentist!!!

    June x

    PS great art work Barbara!

  15. Sorry to hear about your tooth, hope it's not too sore in the morning.

    Love this blog and the cats. A definite one for the basket.

    Hi everyone, hope you're all ok, just hearing the dreadful news in France and wondering why….. We're off to our first trip of the year to Camelford, Cornwall tomorrow for a long weekend. Back on Monday for my niece's baby shower in the evening – whatever a baby shower is! Hope everyone has a good weekend.

    Gilly, we will have to fit in a meet up when we are down again xxx

  16. Hello Barb, hope the mouth is better this morning. Going to the dentist is probably my biggest fear/phobia. Love these new stamps, and love this card in particular. Take care everyone. Bx

  17. Morning Barbara, Here's hoping your mouth is feeling a little less painful this morning. I can surely empathise with your feelings, I have been having dentist problems too.
    This card is beautiful, I love your combination of colours too.
    Such sad, sad, news this morning, and my thoughts and prayers go out to all the families in Nice, France.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  18. Afternoon Barbara, I hope you are feeling more like yourself today after your tooth extraction. A gorgeous card and watched you create this too! Love the background. Enjoy your day.
    Linda xxx

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