The Member’s Sale is on!!

The Member’s Sale is on!!

Hi there!
Good of you to drop in.
I have spent the day finishing up the 
New Design Club write-ups. 
It all take sooo long!!
But there we are. That’s how it is.
If you want it perfect, you have to put in the effort.
On the subject of Clarity Clubs,
it’s that time of year again:
The Summer Half Price Member’s Sale.

I would say that most people reading this blog are members of ours.
Certainly judging by the number of members.
But if you aren’t a member of the Clubs, maybe you should think about it, especially now the Half-Price Sale is on!

In a nutshell, we have the 3 clubs: Stamp, Stencil and Groovi.
You can join 1, any 2 or all 3.
Each costs £5 per month and you can pay monthly.
So basically, for £15 a month you can join all 3 clubs,
become a Diamond Member, 
get 15% of all Clarity Purchases all year round,
and free P&P on orders over £10 (UK Mainland)
The main event is actually the monthly colour projects you receive, together with a free stamp, stencil and/or Baby Groovi Plate.
Here’s a little VT we put together which explains it better…

One of the benefits I refer to in the VT 
is the bi-annual Members only Sales.
Half-Price. All 50% off.
If you decide to join, call Jeannine – she will be happy to rush join you, so that you can get straight into the Sale Area.
01732 868215.
I also have a favour to ask those of you who are in the Club.
Please would you leave a comment about our Clarity Clubs below?
I for one believe with all my heart that you really do get great value for money with the Clarity Clubs.
Uplifting, positive and honest please –
we are super-sensitive hardworking souls here,
just doing the best we can to provide a creative solution. 
Love & Hugs,

149 thoughts on “The Member’s Sale is on!!

  1. Hi Barbara
    I am a member of the groovi club and I love the plates we get every month, plus you know that you are going to get some crafting post every month guaranteed.
    You all work so hard behind the scenes at clarity, and I for one thank each and every one of you.
    Can I also praise your customer service they are all so lovely to talk to they get things sorted if you have a problem and are always cheerful when you phone for anything, the service you offer is second to none.
    Keep up the good work

  2. Every month is like Christmas when the club envelope arrives. Your clubs are super value for money. Great projects as well as a stamp, stencil and baby Groovi plate and lovely newsy letter every month from Barbara. Thank you Fi x ps I also love the members sales even if my credit card groans!

  3. I have been a member almost since Barbara started in this country. I love waiting for my club mail every month. Barbara is very friendly and so are her staff. I can't wait to see her again a one of the northern shows or workshops. By the way I love you Barbara, you are my friend.

  4. I am in the Groovi club, I for one couldn't shell out big fees so paying monthly is fantastic and I love my plate and news letter every month. I don't think I'll be alone in my views. Thank you so much. X

  5. I would recommend joining all three Clarity clubs, just for the thrill of receiving the envelope every month, as Forrest Gump says " you never know what you're gonna get" A first class service and worth every penny xx

  6. Funnily enough I dreamt about the members sale last night, spooky.
    I am in all three clubs and love to receive the Club Envelope every month. The great projects are a fantastic way to learn new things, I thought long and hard about joining the Groove club as I am quite a messy crafter but I love it and the little projects every month help me to learn without being overwhelming. It is lovely to be, in a small way, part of the Clarity family and the added benefits of discounts and free postage are just the cherry on the icing on the Clarity cake

  7. I am delighted to leave a positive message about the Clarity Club, and would find it impossible to find a negative. It is worth the joining fee for Barbara's monthly newsletters, and then you get all the monthly goodies from each club, a stencil, a stamp and a baby Groovi plate, all new and all with ideas on how to start using them. I am glad we have moved on to monthly payments, which make it so much easier to budget. I am a member of all three clubs, and my postie starts to look haunted towards the time my Happy Post is due. Then,of course, there is the bonus of free postage and heavy discount on everything else Clarity. Thank you for all you do to enliven our lives, Barbara and all of Team Clarity. xxx Maggie

    1. Hi Maggie
      Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your white work lesson yesterday. I found a larger ball tool & had another go today. What a difference! I have achieved a fairy smooth & much whiter finish than I have ever managed previously. Keep sharing & thanks again xxx

  8. Hi Barbara

    I have been a member of the ndc club for years and joined the others as they came along. I love getting a little present every month. The products we get are always beautiful and the project sheets give a great indepth tutorial. Not forgetting of course the added bonus of discounts free p&p and the two great sales every year. Its wonderful being part of the Clarity family and i have learnt soo very much over the years. Xx

  9. Hi Barbara

    I have been a member of the ndc club for years and joined the others as they came along. I love getting a little present every month. The products we get are always beautiful and the project sheets give a great indepth tutorial. Not forgetting of course the added bonus of discounts free p&p and the two great sales every year. Its wonderful being part of the Clarity family and i have learnt soo very much over the years. Xx

  10. I love being a member of both the stamp and stencil clubs and really look forward to receiving the new projects every month. It's such good value and like having a birthday every month when the new goodies arrive 🙂

  11. I am proud to be a member of The Diamond Club. I absolutely love getting my package each month. It is always full of quality items. Which, along with the detailed, easy to follow projects are a definite 'must have'. The monthly newsletter is an added bonus, which really makes me feel 'included' in this wonderful crafting 'family'. So what with all of that, AND the discounts. I would have no hesitation in recommending it…and I do!!! xxx

    1. Hi Morag,
      Hope youre ok. Dont know if you read my reply a couple of days ago, but next week is fine with me just tell me which day is best for you. Love and hugs Alison xx

  12. My Mr and me club together so can be Diamond club members…….'cause we're greedy and want it all, lol. It's like Christmas every month and we can't wait to get our goodies.

    Mr is into the Groovi system and I love everything!! Great value for money, especially getting the discount which I can use at Ally Pally (go twice a year) and free postage (always spend over a tenner).

    I love your blog and visit everyday, don't always comment (I know, shame on me), but I get so much inspiration from you and your wonderful team.

    We missed the Demo day this time, due to both elderly parents being ill and both ending up in Hospital but, we will get there one day – love to all at Clarity and thanks for all your hard work, it is appreciated xxx

  13. I have been a member of the NDC for a few years now and joined the stencil and Groovi ones when they started. I enjoy getting my little package every month and learn so much from the projects – the photo step by step approach is very clear. They are worth every penny and I appreciate the opportunity to pay monthly too. I also enjoy the newsletter, the discounts, free postage and half price biannual sale. What other company offers so much?

  14. I am a member of the new Groovi Club and can't wait every month to see what the new groovi plate is. It's like Christmas every month. Great value for money and paid monthly you don't notice the money going out!
    Well done Clarity once again. Your customer service is also second to none. Thanks

  15. I've been a NDC member for years (I have all the old instructions with the photograph attached) and it's still great value for money, especially if you're in more than one club when the P&P on orders is free. I agree that it's a mixture of Christmas every month, and a wee challenge every month as not every design is what you would choose for yourself, but it makes you think about how to try something different, and gets your creative juices flowing. Never have to think about whether I need to rejoin as I think it's wonderful! Now off to the website….x

  16. I am a member of the stamp and stencil club. I love looking forward to recieving my goodies every month. Its like a present to yourself each month. There are great ideas that come with it and its just brilliant. I would highly recommend being a member. There are also other sales on selected items each month so well worth it. Dont think about it…do it xx love sam

  17. Yes Barbara , great job by all at clarity. I have been following for about 6 years and look forward to the new designs each month, the daily blog and the TV demonstrations. Although the stamps are unique, the stencils great , the groovi is genius !!! Love them all. Thank you, Maria

  18. I joined for the stamp & stencil as soon as I could pay monthly (always struggle to find a lump sum!). Like others say, it's like Christmas every month – a lovely surprise, and great value for money. Thanks! xx

  19. I am a proud member of all three clubs, and everybody (including of course Barbara and family) who works at Clarity are so accommodating and nothing is too much trouble, I personally don't know how they keep their "cool" Thank you for everything you do, xxx Marian

  20. I love my Diamond envelope each month, content always a surprise. It is great to get the newsletter and catch up on the gossip. Thumbs up from me,I thoroughly recommend the clubs and agree that being able to spread the cost is very helpful. Thank you Barbara and all the team for all your hard work.

  21. I am a Diamond member, value for money, fantastic quality, inspirational step by step projects. Have to say the Clarity team go above and beyond! You have to be in the club, I can't say it any clearer! Now for the sale…

  22. I was a member of the stamp club first, then I joined the stencil club when it was released and now I am a member of all three clubs. I love waiting each month for the envelope to arrive with my club goodies inside. The newsletter is always the first thing I read and then I read the projects. The project sheets are superb quality with great photos for the step by step walk through. I often look back through the projects for technique reminders so its like my very own Clarity learning library. I'm proud to be a diamond! Xx

    1. Hi Donna hope you enjoyed the tennis. How's your weather been today? It's been sunny here so I hope you've had warm weather too and not wet playtime! Sending hugs for you and Phoebe xxx

    2. Sunny day here, so warm playtime. Tennis has been so good, I think it will be Andy and Serena winning this year. Hope you have been finding time to get crafty. Xx

    3. I love the tennis rooting for Andy too I have been lucky to have gone to Wimbledon 3 times on men's finals days 04 /05/09 then became too ill to go lovley memories though xxx

    4. Hi Donna,
      Hope you and Phoebe are ok. I love the tennis and i agree with you about Serena, but i would love Roger Federer to win – sorry! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  23. Hi all, I am a bit of a fraud – Clubwise- at the moment because I feel as if my creative mojo has left the building!! But I know it will come back and when it does I have all my newsletters, stamps, stencils and groovi plates to get me going again!! I think the clubs are terrific value money wise but also for the way we are introduced to new techniques and reminded of old friends!! Always a sense of excitement at the beginning of each month as I wait for the package and to hear what Barbara has in store for us.

  24. Hello Barb,
    I have been a member of your stamp club, off and on (due to health reasons) since at least 2000, then you brought out the stencil club and I joined that also, and now the Groovi – although I do the original parching. I think this says it all. Great value for money, wonderful stamps/stencils/groovi plates and best of all, the witty, funny and laugh-out-loud remarks in your newsletters. Thank you!!!!
    Maureen xxx

  25. Hi I'm a member of the Groovi Club and love it. I've been unemployed for a while and the club was my only treat. It's been the highlight of the month recieving those gorgeous baby plates. So glad I've started working again so I can join the other two clubs on pay day.

  26. I joined the Ndc when it was just stamps but now am in all three as I could not decide which one I most wanted….nor would I want to miss out on terrific stuff so if you can go for the big one! It's brilliant waiting for the envelope to land and you're never disappointed with what you get….far from it! All fabulous designs that can be used over and over. And more to the point you get ideas and instructions for how to use them all very beautifully presented. Storage is sorted too when you join and to top it all you get the most brilliantly composed newsletter from Barbara who normally gives us a little story about what's happening in her world! All in all its the best club to belong to! I've stopped buying magazines as a lot of the time I hardly look at them…. That money pays for my Ndc membership!

  27. I joined the Ndc when it was just stamps but now am in all three as I could not decide which one I most wanted….nor would I want to miss out on terrific stuff so if you can go for the big one! It's brilliant waiting for the envelope to land and you're never disappointed with what you get….far from it! All fabulous designs that can be used over and over. And more to the point you get ideas and instructions for how to use them all very beautifully presented. Storage is sorted too when you join and to top it all you get the most brilliantly composed newsletter from Barbara who normally gives us a little story about what's happening in her world! All in all its the best club to belong to! I've stopped buying magazines as a lot of the time I hardly look at them…. That money pays for my Ndc membership!

  28. I have been a member for over four years now and I wished I had joined sooner. It is fabulous getting happy post every month and I love Barbara's letter. It sounds as if she is just sitting me giving me an update on her life and outing the world to rights too.
    Being a member means I can put in a sneaky wee order for just over a tenner and not worry about postage. Sometimes Hubbie thinks those wee orders are my club post so I get way with it!!! The items of the month and members sale have allowed me to build up my Clarity range quicker than I could have normally and also meant I could try stamps or stencils that I may not have otherwise.
    The variety of stamps, stencils and plates you get is amazing. Sometimes I think I would never choose a particular one, but Barbara has taken me out of my comfort zone and increased my skill level at the same time.

  29. I joined the stamp club last September at the Catterick open day when you had a special promotion. When I got my first issue I was very impressed. When the Diamond club was advertised I had to think carefully, being on a pension. I looked at the shop prices of magazines which came with free stamps and decided Clarity stamps are far superior. I looked at the cost of the gardening magazine and the food magazine I bought every month and there was my answer. Instead of buying magazines I joined the Diamond club and am very pleased – nay delighted – with the products and the lovely surprise every month. Also I am delighted with the discount on products. For me it is a no-brainer!

  30. Hello Barbara

    I am only too happy to comment on the Design Clubs. I belong to all three and love them all. They are such good value, even without two half-price sales each year. Every month there is the delicious anticipation of what will come in the post.


  31. I love being a member of the diamond club and receiving an envelope every month, it's like having a birthday and Christmas 12 times a year! Now I have the added benefit of the Member's Only sale. I've already been shopping. Thoroughly recommend membership and it's benefits. Fran

  32. I started with the stamp club, then the Stencil Club – when the Groovi Club cam along I had to think about if I could afford all 3 as it was a lot in one go. Then what did you do put them on Monthly payments. BRILLIANT. Each month I learn so much and value for money is great. Never yet had a boring project or a repeat. The letter makes me chuckle as does this blog. Well worthwhile.

  33. Yay, member's sale, thank you Barbara :-).
    I'm a Diamond member, I joined a few months before the stencil club was born. The reason I didn't join sooner was because I thought I would get a lot of ones that wouldn't be my thing, and having Asperger's I wouldn't be able to adapt to use them. The actuality is that that has happened far less than I imagined it to, and when it has, the projects and/or demos here have helped me think of a way to use them in my style of craft. Or, to be brave and think of doing something outwith my comfort zone, which is very hard for someone like me to do, but is good for me. And, as they say, learning a brand new thing helps keep the brain healthy and active!!!

    I think the clubs are amazing value, and that's coming from someone who is always careful with money! It's great value for the monthly design and projects alone, and then on top the free P&P, and discounts on everything on the website. Then the twice yearly half price sale, not the end of lines or stuff a shop can't sell, but proper top quality current items. And an added bonus is, because they are made in-house, nothing sells out, so me, who takes forever to make decisions doesn't lose out by things selling out. And Barbara's newsletter usually has some funny story/observation to cheer me up/make me laugh.

    I'd also like to say that, as most of you know, I am housebound, on my own, and for a while have had no help. That makes me totally dependent on the internet for ALL shopping, literally EVERYTHING I need/want. My favourites on my internet browser is veeery long. I can, hand on heart, say that Barbara,and Team Clarity has been, and is, by far the best company I have been a customer of. In all aspects. Including when I have had support phoning up on my behalf, something that normally causes huge problems. It's literally the only shopping/ordering/delivery I don't fear, because I have learned that if something goes wrong Barbara and Team Clarity will sort it out, and in the easiest way possible.

    Can you tell, I love my Diamond club and Clarity
    And I love you Barbara Gray, one of the special people in the world
    Love Brenda xxxx

    1. Hi Brenda, hope you are getting some sun. I usually browse a few times before ordering when its sale time. Then I regret not getting something and order more stuff! Xx

    2. Hello Brenda hope you are having a good day. When we used to get the paper copy of the sale I would go through and circle everything I wanted, add it up, go back and look at what I really needed and go back and add up again then eventually put my other in, brilliant isn't it. Sending hugs for you and Daisy xxx

  34. Hello Barbara

    I am only too happy to comment on the Design Clubs. I belong to all three and love them all. They are such good value, even without two half-price sales each year. Every month there is the delicious anticipation of what will come in the post.


  35. I love being a diamond member and getting that little present to me every month. And the project leaflets are brilliant, 2 step by step ( with photos) for each club. And as people have said, Barbara's newsletter is very entertaining in itself. Then there's the 15% discount, free P&P, finding out about workshops and retreats, getting first dibs on tickets, and the 50% sale twice a year. It's more than a club, it's one big happy family xx

  36. I really love being a member of the Diamond Club and cannot recommend it enough, not only do I get free delivery and 15% discount but I get a surprise delivery every month. And now I can start stocking up with the members only sale, how good is that. Thank you so much Barbara for all your daily words of wisdom. Ann x

  37. I belong to the groovi club and look forward to my plate arriving every month. I paid in full in January so I feel I'm getting a free gift every month. I can't thank barbara enough for all her hard work. I enjoy the daily blog too. Such a tented writing as well!
    Love n hugs
    Trudy xx

  38. I am a Diamond Club member and love the benefits from the club. It's like Christmas every months and look forward to opening up my parcel and see what surprise is inside. The project sheets for each gift is invaluable with great instructions, ideas and photos. Now I'm off to do some retail therapy with this members discount offer. Thanks Barbara and team Clarity. 🙂 x

  39. I am a Diamond Club member and love everything about it. Can hardly wait every month to receive my package of goodies to see what Barbara has come up with. The print out is wonderful with lots of colour pictures and step by step to recreate what is featured. The Member's sale is an added bonus twice a year with products that are regular line and not discontinued items. There is never a sell out as items are made in house so you can get exactly what you want even if you order on the last day of the sale. Product quality is second to none. By far they are the best quality products that I have ever used. Love the fact that you can pay monthly instead of yearly so it spreads the cost out. Great value for the money.

  40. I cannot praise the club enough. I am now a diamond member and extremely good products and good value. Love the news letter and all the helpful tips and guides. It is lovely to come home from work and find a Clarity envelope. (Still waiting for June's and lying in wait for the postman!)
    What is the expression from Field of Dreams? Hope or think or wish and it will come. I thank the day that I found Barbara, Clarity and all the bloggers.
    Love Anne (Reading)

  41. I am a member of all three clubs and consider it very good value. Really look forward to receiving my monthly goodies. I must admit Groovi seems to be the order of the day at the moment but I'm sure I'll get back into the stamping and stencilling again soon. Thanks for all the effort you and your team put in.

  42. I'm a Gold club member (Stamps & Groovi). Can't wait each month for my kits to arrive. Wonderful value. The instructions are always step by step and easy to follow. I love trying new techniques. Keep up the good work Barbara.

  43. I am a diamond member and find them good value for money. I used to subscribe to 3 magazines and spent almost as much but never read the magazine or used the free gift. I am still learning to use the groovi, but have used the stamps and hope to start using the stencils eventually in the way they are intended, I have used them to emboss(perhaps when I retire I will have more time, which is some time away, they do not cost anything to keep and will come into use one day). Please keep up the good work.

  44. I am a Gold club member . I love opening my parcel each month to see what stamp and groovi plate I get to play with. If you are not a member yet don't hesitate you'll not be disappointed. Best craft club to belong to in my opinion. Lol Lynne m xxx

  45. I joined the Groovi and Stamp clubs at Ally Pally. Every month you receive a Groovi plate and stamp which are excellent value. I can't wait to see what I am getting each time. The instructions are very detailed and easy to follow. I have met Barb twice now, what a lovely lady, with the Clubs you get a newsletter from Barb, I can hear her voice whilst reading it, very entertaining, makes me smile. Thanks Barb and your team for inspiring me.

  46. I'm a diamond member. It's great having such wonderful things to await each month. Excellent value for money, brilliant for the brain – I get such inspiration from the instructions even if I don't act on it!

  47. Love being a Diamond Club Member, which was made possible when you introduced monthly payments – so thank you for doing that. It's so exciting when I see the envelope pop through the etterbox. Keep it up – your hard work is very much appreciated xxx

  48. I'm a member of the Groovi Club and it's fantastic! You get a unique baby plate, full instructions for 2 projects and a really nice letter from Barbara. Any you also get 10% of your orders from Clarity Stamp. All for a fiver! Can't go wrong, really. xx

  49. I am a diamond club member absolutely love it.. always get top quality goodies ,the coloured step by step instructions are invaluable,i also like the list of colour coded items used in the projects . The newsletter is a great idea with Barbara's genuine thoughts and feelings… the best £15 a month I spend much better value than all the magazine's with their free gifts ,and adverts .keep up the great work all at clarity towers x

  50. I am a diamond club member and love it! So many beautiful project ideas as well as the fantastic products. I got club membership as a present and it's the best present ever as you get a present every month. Highly recommend Clarity and the clubs! Xx

  51. I first joined the stamp club as a birthday present treat wow was so impressed it felt like I was having a birthday treat each month and also I started getting the back issues which also was a fantastic chance to get some more of the stunning stamps and insperation I learned so much even from the newsletter that Barbara writes herself you feel that your part of a family then I joined the stencil as soon as it came out more fabulous clarity products wow then out came the groovi and the diamond club rang clarity and the lovley lady above explained that this one is a baby groovi that you get that was even better for me as with having problems with fibromyalgia CFS and now rheumatoid arthritis it so much easier to handle and the baby plates to add to it are good value for money too .i paid my in full as I find it easier than direct debit but it's a fantastic opportunity to pay monthly as it makes it affordable to all .since Barbara brought out the new format it's far easier too and fits in the folders all neat and also easier to handle With me been mostly been housebound I look forward so much to my monthly (birthday) present the 2 members sales is another highlight I wait for with excitement as they are a 50% off real clarity products made at clarity towers .
    If you are wondering if you should join go on you won't be disappointed I'm off to view the sale yippee crafting hugs xxx

    1. Hi Donna that's brilliant then, did you here the bump I've just put my sale order in nice soft landing on my cushions oh I'm so addicted to clarity .xxx

    2. So much for me saying I wouldn't need my cushions till I started to feel better nothing like a clarity sale as pick me up tonic .ive also seen my dr this afternoon he has put up my oral steroids so here is hoping they work .plus I got my new glasses too they superb xxx

    3. Hi Sheila, I wonder if you were the first one in with your order! 🙂 have you left the cushions down for us all? Hope the pain isn't too bad today. Sending you a big hug xxx

    4. Hi Sheila,
      well you were quick off the mark today! Hope you havent had too much pain today and here's hoping the new medication will give you some relief. Im off to the opticians on Friday so that will be another big payout! Love and hugs Alison xx

  52. Hi Barb I love being in the grooving club, the monthly project pamphlet and baby plate are wonderful but the newsletter is also really interested and informative

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs June Smith xxx

  53. I'm a diamond club member because I couldn't decide which club to join and decided that it is a healthier habit than smoking ! I love the fact I get a surprise each month often they are not stamps/stencils/plates that I would have choosen however I have learnt to embrace that and see it as a good thing as it pushes me out of my creative boundary and gives me more choices to play with. I love the inspiration of the booklet again it pushes me to try something new. I also love that every order has free p&p which means I add another treat into my basket. A great job from all at Clarity Towers.

  54. I am a Gold member (Stamp and Groovi) with step by step instructions in colour showing how to gain experience and give inspiration. As the stamp or Groovi plate is a wonderful surprise each month it broadens my crafting to use something chosen by Barbara, who is an excellent tutor and knows how to guide us along to make the most of the membership. With a 10% discount and postage free it's a winning combination.

  55. Hi Barb, I am a diamond club member. I started with the original stamp club and added the stencil and now the diamond club with the groovi plates. The monthly payment really does help with spreading the cost and I so look forward to receiving my envelope each month and to try out the suggestions you give in the worksheets, they really do give you ideas. I love the newsletter too, so personal with lots of information of what is happening or is going to happen at Clarity – I still have copies going years back and cannot bring myself to part with them!! To top it all you get free P & P in the UK and you get 15% off your order and of course the members half price sale. I think this is an excellent way to stay creative – a really fab club you and the Clarity Team continue to offer. xxx

  56. HI everyone.Im a diamond club member and really enjoy the monthly projects. I don't have time to do them all straight away, but the project sheets are all filed away for when the holidays start in 3 weeks time. The free p and p and the discount also persuade me to spend more than I should!!! Got to go and see he sale….. And order some bits and bobs.
    Keep up the good work the whole Clarity team.

  57. I can't wait to open my envelope when it 'plonks' onto the door mat, your letter first then the surprises begin! I belong to all three clubs and I think for value for money and range of goods, it is second to none. I really appreciate the colour pull outs for ideas because they give me confidence to try something new. No, I don't like every single stamp, stencil and groovi plate but I don't expect to. We are all individuals and you can't please every member, every month, but I will say you try your hardest! I love the 15% discount and free p&p, will I join again, just try and stop me. Carry on what you are doing because you and your team are doing it so well. Thank you! Xx

  58. Hello everyone, I am a recently joined Gold Member (although I have followed Barbara's Blog and brilliant demonstrations for a few years now) I am enjoying a stencil and stamp project every month. I love the project sheets that come with them and also Barbara's news letter. It has the feel of a big friendly family group and I am so glad that I joined. It is encouraging me to try such a lot of different techniques I am also thinking now of uping my membership to Diamond.

  59. Hi Barbara, I belong to your Diamond Club, all three clubs are fabulous, and I look forward each month to the envelope coming and the surprises therein, fabulous value and fabulous quality plus the 15% discount and the bi-annual Members Sale – why would you not !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  60. I'm a member of the Groovi Club & would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about it. I look forward to receiving my baby plate every month & all the useful tips & advice. The 10% discount is an obvious benefit & I really only have one negative comment which is when it's sale time I spend far too much – order placed this afternoon (included lots of full priced items too)! Barbara your hard work really is appreciated so much – thank you xx

  61. I am a member of all three clubs. It is the highlight of my month when my Clarity envelope arrives. I so look forward to receiving a new stamp, stencil and baby Groovi plate together with projects for each. And the newsletter is so informative and entertaining. The Clarity clubs are such good value for money. Keep them coming please!

  62. Well got to be really honest here then. The Groovi clubs are AMAZING, wonderful value with the free postage and discount. Also the fact that I can pay monthly is a big help. I am a Diamond member and really enjoy my monthly envelope dropping through the door. Always wait til I can sit with a cup of tea and browse through all the brilliant tutorials. I am sure that you and your team put an awful lot of work into making sure we all get our envelopes and I for one really appreciate it. Thank-you so much xxx

  63. Hi I'm a member of the diamond club, and so each month I get detailed printed and illustrated step by step tuition for 6 projects (2 each of stamping, stencil and groovi) – plus a free stencil, stamp and baby groovi plate. Each of the projects are innovative , original and inspirational. Plus I get 15% discount, free p & p as well as two half price members sales . All for around 50p per day – it's a ' no- brainier ' as far as I'm concerned . Thanks to you Barbara and all your team !

  64. Hi I am a gold member as I mostly make Groovi and stencil works of art, well they are to me. They are brilliant clubs, I so enjoy having the little parcels come through the door once a month. I wonder what it will be. I love the designs and the newsletter, which comes with them. I pay monthly and that is good because I can now afford to be in two clubs. I also get 10% off anything I purchase and it is free postage if you spend over £10, I find it really difficult not to spend loads more. Please keep up the good work Barbara and everyone at Clarity.

  65. Hi I am a member of the gold club , I joined this year the best thing I have done. I have bought from Clarity for a number of years service and customer service excellent. When Clarity bought out the Groovi system I thought I would give it a try , I was going to buy a cutting machine but changed my mind and decided to go with the Groovi system. The best days work I have done. It helps me relax and is such a brilliant system . So many plates and designs to choose from. Even the husband thinks my white work is getting better. So if anybody wants a new challenge try the Groovi system. Lovley monthly news letter's with lots of information inside to try. It's a no brainier. Thank you Barbara for such a brilliant and talented lady. Your team are second to none. Lynn xx

  66. I am a gold member and look forward to receiving my stamp and stencil each month.
    The tutorials are great and so is the newsletter.
    thank you Barbara for an awesome club.

  67. I'm a member of the gold club, best decision ever. I was determined to master stamping and inks this year, clarity products have given me the confidence and inspiration to do this, I've even dipped my toe into groovi and I can't wait to get my stamp and stencil each month, the quality of the stamps and the step by step guides have helped me enormously. I have the night before christmas stamps and have just bought the groovi version and can't wait for them to arrive. What the clarity products have taught me the most is if you invest in quality products quality results ensue.

  68. As a member of the Diamond Club I look forward to 12 Christmas days a year when my 3 presents arrive! Excellent instructions on how to get going with my new crafty stash! As Del Boy would say "Perfik"!!! I cannot wait for my July Christmas! Love and Hugs Caroline X

  69. I've been a member of the stamp club for a few years now but decided to change to the groovi club this year as I'm trying to master parchment craft. However I'm missing the monthly stamps so am thinking whether to upgrade. Its great knowing there is something new coming in the post every month, I can't wait to get going on a new project as soon as it arrives. Much better value than the magazines in the shops.

  70. I've just finished watching the Sunday 2pm show and decided that I'll spend my voucher, for winning last months calendar challenge, on a couple of the sets of the new ink pads..but now there is the members sale – so much to choose from!

    I am a diamond club member. I love receiving all three items and especially the inspirations sheets. I may not use all of the items but I can mix and match the inspirations with items I have in my stash. I love the clubs and appreciate all the work that goes into it and certainly don't mind if they are late. I always carefully integrate the items with my appropriate stash and keep the inspiration sheets in their folders.

  71. As a member of the Diamond Club I look forward to 12 Christmas days a year when my 3 presents arrive! Excellent instructions on how to get going with my new crafty stash! As Del Boy would say "Perfik"!!! I cannot wait for my July Christmas! Love and Hugs Caroline X

  72. Some years ago, I joined the stamp club, then added the stencil club and I'm now a member of the Diamond club. I really enjoy having my own personal 'Christmas' each month when that lovely envelope of goodies lands on my doorstep.
    The step-by-step photo tutorials are superb for each of the clubs with lots of tips and ideas. They really get my creative juices flowing and I enjoy trying to put my own ideas into action. The accompanying newsletter is lively and chatty and feels like a letter from a friend which is a real treat in this modern, email based era and provides a very personal touch.
    Barbara and her team have a wonderful company. It is innovative, educational, reactive to customers comments and ideas, fast moving and exciting. The customer service is outstanding and I love the offers, sales and generous discounts. I can't imagine a time without being in this club; thank you!

  73. Hi Barbara
    Oh I love the members sale, I'm off to gave a look in a minute. I am a diamond member and I love receiving my envelope each month. I make a cup of tea and read your letter first, it's like catching up on family news from a good friend. I then look at the goodies and read the projects and get lots of ideas from the project sheets. I have quite a few favourite that gave become my go to stamps whilst others I have gone to when looking for inspiration. The stamp club was a Christmas gift from my husband and I then continued adding in the stencil and groovi design clubs and I have to say they are all high quality products and worth every penny.i would highly recommend the clubs to anyone who is thinking of joining, you won't be disappointed. Love the members sale twice a year, good quality stamps that are current and firm Barbara favourites. Ive added some much longed for stamps to my collection from the sale so I am delighted with this too. Right I'm off to look at the sale, where's my cushions……..
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends, I hope everyone is ok. We've had a lovely sunny day here all day! Can't remember when the last time when we had no rain!! I hope everyone is ok sending lugs xxx

  74. I was always a stamper first, liked stencils enough to buy some, but didn't think I'd be interested in Groovi. I held off buying any for a long time and then gave in "just to try it". Ha! So, now I'm into Groovi first, then stamps and stencils. Never thought anything would put my stamps into second place, but Groovi has.

    I love 90% of the Clarity designs, so I decided to give myself a treat every month – I joined the Diamond club. With the exception of about two or maybe three designs over the whole eyar, I have loved everything we've been sent. I would have bought them anyway. The tutorial sheets with pictures are great. They were always good, but now they're really professional and collectable. It's a lot of money for me now I'm not working full time any more, but I think it's great value, and works out about the price of four or five cups of coffee a MONTH so I don't think that's excessive. I think I'm worth it! 😀 Thanks, Barbara and the Clarity team for all the beautiful designs and ideas. Keep them coming. Kay x

  75. Meant to say – it's an absolute JOY when that envelope comes through the letterbox and I have three lovely new crafty things to play with. Sheer joy. x

  76. Hi Barb,
    It is my pleasure to comment about the wonderful thing that is the New Design Club. I was a member of the stamp club for a couple of years and then the stencil club and now the groovi club as well. I really look forward to my club envelope landing on the doormat every month. The first thing i do is get nice and comfy with a cup of coffee and read through the newsletter to see what Barbara has been up to, then go through each club project sheet to work out which one im going to attempt first. I think my husband is always pleased too because it means i wont be bothering him for a while! The diamond club is worth every penny in my opinion and i save my membership fee with my discount and free postage. The members sale is an added bonus too. To anyone who is unsure about joining, i would say, just do it, you know it makes sense!!

    1. Hi to all my lovely blog friends,
      Hope youve all had a good day and that you're ok.Sorry i never got to comment yesterday but had to go up to Newcastle airport to,pick my sister and brother in law up at 10pm. I was intending to blog once i got back but unfortunately they didnt arrive until 12.15am! By the time id dropped them off and then got home it was1.30am and i was goosed!! Still they are home safe and sound so thats the main thing. Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  77. Hi barbara, well I joined the stamp club only this year but I love it when my new stamp comes through the letter box each month. Not only do I get a new stamp but I get a colour project sheet too help me on my way. I only wish I was a bit better off so I could join all of the clubs, but hey who knows what the future holds. Keep up the good work Barbara and the team, you are all such an inspiration, thank you

  78. Hi Barbara
    My hubby bought me Gold membership for my birthday last December and I upgraded to Diamond when it launched. It is so lovely when my parcel arrives and I appreciate the quality of the products and the hard work that goes into producing the project sheets. It is my monthly treat and I will renew my membership next year.
    Hugs from Chris X

  79. Hi Barbara well I have to say I joined the Groovi club as soon as it became available
    And I can honestly say it's the best money I have ever spent and the fact you can spread the cost over the year is brilliant
    You get a groovi baby board every month with a design sheet to give you inspiration and 10% of your clarity shopping
    For me it is a win win be warned though groovi is adictive you will be back lol.
    Seriously though it is an amazing community of like minded crafters who love to share ideas and alway help if asked Thank you Barbara and your clarity team xx

  80. After following you for many, many years (miniature animals etc purchased in the choose your own bin at Ally Pally I eventually joined the club. Now I have the pleasure of getting 3 projects every month and what a joy that is, also your lovely newsy letter and retreats too! So much pleasure although I could wish for more time to play! Love this blog too.

  81. Hi Barbara, I am a member of all three clubs, started about 5 year ago with the stamp club when my daughter bought me the membership for Christmas. Never been disappointed, as even if I wasn't too enamoured with a stamp when it arrived after reading the project sheet I could see the advantage of having it, you need to get out of your comfort zone sometimes and learn new techniques. Must be hard to make stamps each month that everyone likes, but on the whole I'm delighted with how right Barbara gets it. Joined the stencil club then the groovy more or less as soon as they came out. So now a Diamond member.

    Free postage when you spend over ten pounds, which isn't hard to do when you see all the fantastic products. 15 per cent discount on any orders even at the shows, 2 half price sales a year and the advantage of having 3 gifts every month and beautifully printed instructions in colour for 2 projects for each club every month, plus a lovely letter from Barbara so we can catch up with all her news and have a smile or two at her sense of humour. How could you miss out on all of that? Super quality products and an amazing
    team to back her up with excellent service, what more could you ask for, the highlight too of being able to pay by direct debit monthly
    to join. I'd say if you're thinking of joining, just do it, you won't regret it. Thank you Barbara and all your team for getting it all right.

  82. How are all my lovely blog friends, Late again tonight, hope you have all had a good day. We've had some sunshine which was very nice hope you have too. Been for physio today, was put through my paces but hopefully has done some good. Have to wait just over 4 weeks before I go back as they're fully booked, then I'm having a session a week for 3 weeks. Unless we are going away in which case they'll rebook me. In the meantime just have to carry on with the exercises. Feel a but more positive now. Haven't had time to read all the comments. Hope you are all well. Love and hugs to everyone. Special hugs to Dot, Sheila, Gilly, Anne, Brenda and Morag. Pam xx

    1. Afternoon pam so pleased to read you have got some positive treatment for your back I do hope it gives you some relief from the pain thank you for your special hugs sending lots of special hugs back xxx

  83. Hello Barb, ooh I need to go see what is on offer in the club members sale. I love my club membership (I confess to being a Diamond member, so get all 3)and what we get every month. I think there is incredible value for money, and so much inspiration. I really look forward to that envelope dropping through the door every month. Thank you to all the team at Clarity for everything. Bx

  84. Love being a Clarity Club Member and upgraded to the Diamond Club as soon as I could. The monthly goodies with your wonderful guides and ideas on how to use them are great. Your Newsletter is always a good read too. The monthly payments help spread the cost and the Members sale provides tempting treats along with the free postage and discounts. Whenever I've called Clarity, everyone I've spoken too has been a pleasure to deal with. I think it's well worth joining, and once you have, you'll want to stay.

  85. Hi Barbara

    Being a 'diamond' member 'we' receive a stamp, with beautiful detailed instructions, a stencil, again with beautiful detailed instructions and a groovi plate, and dare I say again…. beautiful detailed instructions to kick start you on your creative journey. This is a fantastic offer and worth every penny…

    June x

  86. I've been a club member since its inception and always look forward to the monthly goodies dropping on the mat. The 'how to do it' leaflets as so helpful in getting the crafting mojo boogying. And the added bonus of getting free p&p and a 15% discount on purchases make the clubs excellent value.
    Keep up the good work.
    Happy Days,

  87. I've been a club member since its inception and always look forward to the monthly goodies dropping on the mat. The 'how to do it' leaflets as so helpful in getting the crafting mojo boogying. And the added bonus of getting free p&p and a 15% discount on purchases make the clubs excellent value.
    Keep up the good work.
    Happy Days,

  88. I joined the Gold club in April last year, and wondered why I didn't join earlier, and then upgraded to the Diamond club without a moments hesitation as soon as it was launched. Great value, look forward to the monthly goodies and newsletter, and with the extra monthly offers, discount, sales and free p&p, its just the icing on the cake! Whenever I've called the Clarity office, they can't be more helpful, so thank you Barbara and all your wonderful team at Clarity.

  89. I resisted joining a club for a while, but took the plunge last summer – wish I'd done it earlier! I love getting a surprise each month, the newsletter is lovely and gossipy, and makes me feel part of a real community. The discount is great, I probably cover the cost on that (haven't dared to add up!) and the members sales are a bonus – I always forget about them, then it's a lovely surprise when it's announced. Although hubby and credit card groan! And the customer service is amazing, everyone is so friendly and helpful when you ring up – no call centres reading things off screens without knowing what they're talking about with Clarity!

  90. Love, love, love the Club, value for money, surprises every month with beautiful idea sheets and instructions, plus discount on everything I buy and your lovely newsletter. What's not to love?

  91. What can I add that has not been said already. Have been with clarity for quite a while now, starting with stamp, then stencil and now groovi, meaning I receive all the superb benefits of being a diamond member. I live alone my family are two hours travel from me and when I lost my beloved mum clarity kept me sane. I genuinely feel part of the huge clarity family. This lovely hard working family has made my life a better place. Have lovely chats with Emma and Jo and have never been disappointed with all your great colleagues at clarity HQ. Their customer service skills should be used as an example to all the huge companies who fail miserably to resolve any problems. Anyone considering joining, don't consider, jump in and join an amazing group of talented, caring, sharing, professional people.

  92. I am a diamond member and just love the packet coming through the door each month. I originally started with just the stamps which I let lapse for a year and then realised that I was missing it. I then took gold when it came out and again upgraded to diamond. I think that the value is excellent. I don't think that I have had better service due to being a member as the customer service is excellent no matter who you are – they treat everyone that same – as a VIP. The projects are superb with lots of photos and detailed how-to-do-it and you do build up a great collection of stamps, stencils and plates. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the clubs and it is for all levels.

  93. Thank you thank you thank you for all your support and positive energy. Just what the doctor ordered! PS You will LOVE the next set – they are wicked!!!! Really really…

  94. I'm a dimond member ( I bet like most) it's like Christmas comes every month when my envelope falls on the door mat, the quality of the stamps, stencils and groove plates are just the same as the full price item, the information leaflets are nicely coloured print and very clear and easy to follow.

    Unfortunately the only down fall is work gets in the way and not enough time for crafting.

    Just remembered the DM 15% off and Free P & P. You must join great value.XXX

  95. I belong to all 3 & it's like having Christmas or a birthday each month when the envelope arrives. The images are great & well thought out so that they are always usable for lots of different occasions, but It's also good to receive an image you've not picked yourself as it expands your creativity. The step by step picture tutorials are so easy to follow – I can't recommend the club's highly enough. Add to that the discount & free postage when you spend £10 – it's great value for money. And should you contact the company everyone is so helpful & friendly.

  96. A bit late on this one. But there's nothing not positive to say about the special monthly envelope coming through the letterbox – I love it! I try not to look forward too much as it's wishing your life away but when it does come there are times when I just sit and look at the envelope and then leave it till later in the day to open it. It's all good quality and the little design booklet is fab, informative and easy to follow. Love it, love it, love it, and anyone who hasn't put there foot in the water yet, do it if you can ! x x

  97. It wouldn't be possible to write a negative comment!, I love the Club, have been in the stamp club for a few years, with one year in stencil club. Now that I can pay monthly, I am going to join all three at end of stamp club subscription, can't wait! Love everything, and very excited to have my ticket for Leyburn! Long drive, but worth every minute! Love to all, Ruth

  98. I agree with everyone else – the clubs are great – new product and step by step ideas to get you started every month. Paying monthly is also a great idea – thanks for arranging that. Hugs xx

  99. I am a fairly new member of the stamp and stencil club (a couple of years) and my only regret is that I didn't join sooner. They are great value for money, but more than that is the feeling of being part of something. Even when I phone to place an order or make an enquiry the service I receive can only be described as exemplary. Barbara, I think you make such a difference to so many people (and I have to include the fantastic team behind you ). I await the arrival of my monthly clarity treat with the anticipation of a child and as a sensitive soul myself I can fully understand how hurtful other peoples' throw away comments can be. X

  100. I am a member of all three clubs, they're all so good I couldn't choose! Great value for money and great variety too. Always love my envelope dropping through the letterbox. Thank you to all team Clarity!

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