A New Stencil idea!

A New Stencil idea!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Wednesday’s blog is our mindful day, isn’t it.
Well, I have some excellent news for you…
Finally, and after much effort,
our Clarity Colouring Book has gone to the printers, 
and will be launched on HOCHANDA on 
Sunday August 7th.
Are we excited?
Relieved more like!!
You have NO IDEA how much work and effort goes into a well considered colouring book!
In fact, it has taken so long, I think we’re about to catch the second wave of colouring book popularity –
having definitely missed the first one!!!

Ah well.
It all takes as long as it takes.
Trying to run a super-busy little company at the same time 
as designing the book is where we ran aground. 
If we could have stopped the Clarity train,
taken a 3 month break from everything else,
then I would say we could have finished the colouring book 
a year ago !!
What if I told you it only has 21 pages?
My hope is that you would say,
“Well, they must be very special pages then,”
and that would be true…

Definitely a team effort, too.
Lovely Mel’s artwork pretty much defines the whole thing,
with a few bits thrown in from yours faithfully. 
Lovely Lisa composed and did the layouts for the picture pages.
Let me see if I can find a pic of the front page….

there we are!

It is a celebration of many old Clarity images and new mixed in.
It is a 10″ x 10″ top quality, one-side print run.
Made best sense to me to not have double-sided print.
Mel was in the other day, and saw some of the final proof.
She was so excited!
Mel is such a unique, wonderful lady.
She designs so many of our stamps, stencils and Groovi.
If you drove past her house, you’d say,
She has come up with a completely new way of using the stencils
which she has designed, which I think is fantastic.
Ready for this?
Who needs net curtains when you’ve got Clarity Stencils?!
She told me that the best part is when the sun shines in the 
North facing window, the patterns dance on the living-room wall…
Isn’t that beautiful?
So’s she.
Yes, so I absolutely cannot wait to launch our colouring book.
And the little surprises we’ve added to the Collection…

Mindful Wednesday.
Take your favourite stencil 
and find a window where the sun shines in.
Attach said stencil to centre of pane.
Take a seat and wait for the dance to begin.

Thanks for the inspiration once again, Mel!

Love and hugs,

138 thoughts on “A New Stencil idea!

  1. What a clever idea from Mel. I will have to try that in the conservatory which is where most of the sun shines. Definitely prettier than net curtains and easier to wash and dry,thinking out of the box. I am looking forward to that lovely colouring book. I had my fingers crossed that there might have been some for the Retreats, but I know it will be well worth the wait. Eleven sleeps till I set off for Tunbridge Wells again. Yippee! xxx Maggie

  2. Amazing shadows and a good way to use the stencils. As the rain has well and truly started here now and is on for the day outing stencils on the window to watch the shadows will need to wait for another day.
    I am having a crafting day to distract me from thinking about the two pieces of bad health news we have got this week for my Dad. So far I have made a couple of cards and I am working on some MDF things now. I have realised though I need to make 7 birthday cards this month so I better stop faffing and get on with them.
    Hope everyone has a good day and has a chance to have some mindful time crafting. It really helps if you do.

    1. We are waiting on mri and also meeting with heart consultant. He is 78 and very active in many community groups. He has rarely been ill so two serious things this week has been a shock. He has been told that he needs to rest and stop his hectic life. I appreciate your kind wishes.

  3. Love what she's done with the stencils. Just taking that idea a little further, I wonder if you could use the glass etching stuff to permanently add the images to your windows? Or possibly the gel glass paints, or glass paint pens? Shaz xx

  4. Now that's what I call stretching one's supplies!
    And the colouring book is looking very interesting, although one should never judge a book by its cover haha.

  5. You took the thought from my brain Shaz, it's exactly what I was thinking as I read today's post. I agree that the stencils are far classier than nets. Clever Mel. Mind you, her art work for the stamps are stunning, so not so surprising she is so expressive. Xx

  6. With all you have done in the last year I am surprised you have even completed the colouring book now. Groovi must have taken so much of your time. Must admit I have refused to buy any colouring book preferring to wait for the Clarity one. So will add to my retreat list. Now I must get back to cake decorating, my lovely grandaughter is 18 tomorrow. We are going to see her art exhibits this evening at her school. Will I be proud nan—of course. She is amazing. xx

    1. Just seen all your lovely comments, thankyou very much. She has had a brilliant Birthday also had a job interview today which seems to have gone well. Fingers crossed. xx

  7. Wonderful idea with the stencils.

    Have to be honest I'm not having a good week so far. My cute little whippet Jason got bitten by another dog thankfully patched up by our lovely vet and doing ok then lasy night I found out a very dear friend had passed away, gutted doesn't even come close, had been meaning to catch for ages so I'm feeling rather fed up. Think I need to get my Groovi on later before I disappear in my funk. Apologies for a rather depressing post xx

    1. Many thanks ladies, I've since found out my friend was only diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the beginning of June this year, so terribly sad. Thankfully Jason is doing fine xx

  8. Hi Barbara, nice blog today, thank you. Was that a happy accident? Did Mel run out of storage space!!! 😉 Now, what's this "sun" you speak about! Where I am it would have to be opening the window and letting the rain make pretty patterns through the stencils onto the floor!!! I was just thinking earlier, I really can't remember the last day there was no rain here! And cold, it's more like autumn most days, most days our day time highs haven't been any higher than your night time lows! And sometimes a few degrees less! So, where's the positive out of our weather here this summer – I don't have to go through all the fears and efforts of watering my gardens from the windows! It better be dry tomorrow though, the grass is so long and tomorrow is this month's only garden visit! I don't think being at the coo's tail in releasing your first colouring book will matter, it'll be true Clarity quality, well thought out, and no doubt with a little twist/difference. It will stand out above all the others and everyone will want it. Love Brenda xx

    1. I'm banking on you getting one too Brenda so we can colour together! Might even progress onto pens!……………. Ok calm down, we will stick to posh pencils. XX

    2. Hello Brenda, We're at the back of the queue for summer weather too! I'm not really into to colouring books, I like to make cards mostly. But if we're going to do any more colouring projects together from it. I will certainly be going into my basket.
      I have a message for you Brenda from my daughter…she says "Thank you so much for helping Liam" .
      She too is on the Autistic Spectrum, so was really struggling.
      So really your good advice has helped them both. Love and Hugs xxx

    3. Hello Brenda, I do t mean to boast, but we've had 2 dry days back to back, the first in a long time but still not sit in the garden sunny. I hope you get your grass cut though, ours was looking like a meadow last week! Now I wonder what Daisy would think of the pretty rain patterns on the floor! Watching her play with the Suns shadows could be entertaining though. Sending hugs xxx

    4. Hi Brenda,
      Pretty fed up with the weather here too! We always seem to have a cool wind which is drying my flower pots and baskets up too quickly but we dont get the sun to bring the plants on either. I bought a new garden parasol the other day in hope that the sun might come out! Love and hugs Alison xx

  9. Hello Barbara what a clever idea , looking forward to the colouring book , looks great . Although I've bought from Clarity for a while now I have only just taken the plunge and joined the gold club this morning, can't wait to get my first months goodies. Your lovely lady Jeanine was very helpful , rang me at 8.05 this morning just as Paul said she would when I rang yesterday afternoon, thank you all. xxx

    1. Hi Barbara & ladies.
      Hi Sandra you will just love this club what ever items you have chosen you will wonder why you have not done it before.
      Hi Barbara, well the colouring book looks like it will be another success. I had a colouring book bought for me some time ago but it was so loud , but looking at the front page my style of colouring, another order to place in August. New order to place this week so will be looking forward to the post man to arrive.

      Hi ladies, hope you are all keeping well. A better day weather wise. Hope you have all sorted your orders out especially the Christmas ones. Take care all. Hugs Lynn xx 😴

    2. Hi Sandra and Lynne. Sandra you will love the Gold Club. Christmas every month from now on!
      Lynne, I hope the postman arrives soon for you. Hugs for you both. xxx

  10. I feel so lucky to have met Mel, what a girl! I would love to have an ounce of Mel's amazing talents! Beautiful work Mel & Barbara, please promise me one thing… KEEP UM COMING! 🙂 Lots of love xxx

  11. Hi bloggy friends, hope everyone is well today. I'm just off to locate my garden heart, which I have put into 'a safe place' then we can get going with our colouring again. I will be back……..

    1. OK garden heart located, now I'm not sure if I have missed a bit! Have we already coloured in the flowers along the bottom with the star centres?? If we have I need to catch up, and we haven't then we will do these next! 😉

    2. Hi Donna, glad you've located your garden heart. I've made a New Home card tonight and have lost one if my little houses. Only found one of my letters last week. It's so annoying, hoping it shows up soon. How's Pheobe now?xx

    3. Hi Donna. I 'm pleased you've found your heart. I haven't coloured in the flowers with the star centres. The last things I did were the rose leaves. Love and Hugs xxx

    4. Hi Donna did you find my die cutting plates in your safe place? Heaven knows where I've put them!!! I'm pleased you found your heart, have fun colouring xx

  12. Ooh judging by the sample page there Barbara it will be fantastic and it is definitely on my "have to have" list. Whilst I have many colouring books but I am sure the Clarity one will be the one I use the most. I have to agree with Lynne though – I think you must have stretched each day out to 34 hours instead of 24 in order to get everything done. Make sure you include more walks through the forest. Xx

  13. Afternoon wow what a day today my extra steroids have kicked In today and I've been able to craft yippie and now I see your launching the clarity colouring book in August and a one sided print is fantastic idea .
    I've just found out I've won the groovi calendar challenge wow as I said what a day I know already I must have the colouring book and the groovi baby bauble and frame alphabet thank you so much xxx

    1. Afternoon dear blog family of friends you are all in my thoughts sending lots of special hugs your way thank you for helping me through some very tough days xxx
      Hugs to all on this special blog xxx
      A wee hug for you Dorothy missing you xxx

    2. Congratulations Sheila on winning the calendar challenge, very well deserved. Great that the steroids have kicked in and that you've been able to craft today, long may it last.xx

    3. Oh Sheila, it is all or nothing with you. Congrats on winning the calendar challenge, feels good doesn't it…and now feeling well enough to craft, fabulous. I'll be looking out for your 'day out' challenge card. I hope you make the most of your good fortune.

    4. What great news, that your steroids are now doing you some good Sheila. It's about time you had some time when you can enjoy your crafting. Congratulations on the challenge card. Love and hugs xxx

    5. Oh my lovely Sheila, I can feel your happiness in your post. I'm so glad you have managed a crafty day, it makes such a difference doesn't it. Huge congratulations on winning the calendar challenge, what a star. Happy spending xxx

    6. Hi Sheila,
      well you have had a good day! Im so pleased that the steroids have kicked in, must be a relief for you. Brilliant news on winning the challenge – congratulations and enjoy spending your voucher. Love and hugs Alison xx

  14. My dear Mel…..What fabulous art work you design for us. What a fabulous idea for the stencils……have to wait for the sun to come back, think I will add it to my craft room window as the view from it is not very nice (all the rest of my views are wonderful)….So thank you Mel.

    Hi Barbara. Hope you and the family are well. SO SO looking forward to seeing the book. Just the cover alone looks amazing! Have a great day. Love and hugs to all. xx

  15. I bet the colouring book is superb. Perhaps we will get a look at Leyburn??
    Looking forward to the next club package even more after your comment yesterday xx

    1. Hello all my blog pals. Dad has rallied again so hubby and I had a lovely morning out to Aysgarth Falls which is very beautiful. On the way back we called in at a farm shop for a nice lunch. They sell local hand made items and I looked at a fabric bag, then I thought about the Clarity members sale – guess where I spent my money!!

    2. I love Aysgarth Falls Chris. It will have done you the world of good. I'm so pleased to hear that you Dad is better. Love and Hugs xxx

    3. Hi Chris,
      pleased your dad has rallied – must be a relief for you. Love Aysgarth Falls. I went to Reeth to pick Dave up from his latest bit of the Coast to Coast walk.love and hugs Alison xxx

    4. Hi Chris,
      great news about your Dad – must be a relief for you. I love Aysgarth Falls too. Ive been to Reeth today to pick Dave up from his latest bit of the Coast to Coast walk. Love and hugs Alison xx

  16. Very exciting news – my dad loves his colouring in, so I might need to get one for his birthday! It keeps him out of trouble now he's almost 86!!! Love the idea with the stencils in the window x

    1. Wow, Susan. What a great idea for your Dad's birthday. It's so good that he enjoys colouring, it will be so good for him. Hugs xx

  17. ooh, colouring book – something else for me to stroke !! What a great idea about the stencils, I think I'll put one up tonight ready for the morning, we get sun in the front in the morning. Where I've got a sparkly kitchen floor now, with the back door open in the afternoon/evening and the sun coming through I get coloured reflections (are they prisms?) shining on my white kitchen cupboards. I love it !

    Well done with the colouring book as I'd been wondering about that. In the meantime I'm just trying a bit of snipping on the parchment and it's not as bad as I expected.

    Hope everyone's week is going well, ours is a bit busy with different appointments, the main one being Friday and I'm a bit knotted up about that but fingers crossed etc. I've just realised that's what has caused my ulcerative colitis to flare up a bit – stress ! Not drastic but just realised why.

    Hugs to all

    x x x

    1. Best Wishes for Friday Jackie. I'm sorry to hear you're suffering from Ulcerative Colitis. It's a really nasty illness. Special hugs for you xxx

    2. Jackie we've got everything crossed for you too, be gentle with yourself, I know you can't stop worrying, but if talking on here helps then we are here for you xxx

  18. Hi Barbara and Mel,
    you gave me a great idea…
    I have a white window cream which works fabulous with your stencils.
    Must try it.
    Rolf xxx

  19. So looking forward to colouring book 😀 I haven't found one I've wanted to buy yet and I have looked at masses! I've had a lovely day Groovi ing 😀

  20. Oh I am so looking forward to the colouring book, love to colour in! And I am always so cross when colouring books are printed double-sided, as I still love my Promarkers and they bleed through so you only really get half the book! Hope it's going to be at Leyburn, but will probably not be able to wait and will get it as soon as it comes out… Anyway, plenty Groovi stuff I "need" so I know I will still spend the mortgage while I am there! Love to all, Ruth

  21. I am so looking forward to seeing the colouring book and I am sure it will have been worth the wait if the front page is anything to go by Barbara. x

  22. LOVELY news about the colouring book, looks amazing especially seeing so many of your stamps on the front page. Don't know how you manage to keep going with all you've done this last year, don't forget your Dave an Me time and those relaxing walks. Sounds good about the new use of stencils. Love Pam xx

  23. There are so many colouring books around but they don't really float my boat and I didn't think I'd be interested in a Clarity one but this looks stunning, how could I not put that on my wish list. I love what Mel has done with the stencils. It reminded me that years ago I used a stencil and glass etch on mirrored wardrobe doors to give a greek key border along the top to the mirror. Worked very well.

    1. Hugs to you too Morag, I think we all need more hugs with the weather being so pants! Sheila, the intention is there but I haven't lifted a book yet. It is a catch 22 situation, I go to bed too tired to read but I can't sleep for all the stuff buzzing around my head but if only I read for a wee while I'd soon fall asleep.

  24. Hi Barbara, I think you've done marvellous to have finished the colouring book. Considering all of your other commitments during the last year. It looks fabulous.
    The stencils on the glass reminds me of years ago, when the girls were small. They used to spray artificial snow through them to create pictures on the windows. Lovely memories!! Love and Hugs xxx

  25. Hello all my lovely friends. I'm sorry I can't stay up any longer to catch you all.
    I'm sorry I've missed you Gilly, Alison and Diane. I hope you have all had a good day. Special thoughts to Dot, Anne and her daughter. Love and Hugs to you all xx

    1. Night night Morag, I'm late tonight, just got in from the cinema. We've had a good chuckle at Ad Fab. My daughter said 'oh look mum she gets out the car like you!' I can hear you thinking classy and elegant!, no she meant the bit where she falls out the car! Sending hugs xxx

  26. Hi Barbara
    From the little peek it looks like the book will be well worth the wait, how lovely to see so many of your beautiful stamps incorporated too. I can't wait for August, the release is just in time for people looking for some colouring to take with them on holiday. I like the idea of one sided sheets too, much better for deciding if you are going pen or pencil. What a lovely idea putting the stencils on the windows, the shadows must look fantastic and probably inspire Mel no end.
    Have a lovely evening.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends, hope everyone is ok. We've had another dry day today, well the sun was out for a while and at lest it didn't rain. If makes a huge difference doesn't it. Sending hugs all round and a special hug for Dot Anne and Gilly xxx

  27. Hi Barb – what a lovely blog tonight. I love Mel's idea of the stencils on her window (another idea to copy……..then we will know a Clarity friend when we pass by! As I love colouring when I have time, I shall have to have the book; the cover and single sided sheets sells it for me. Will you have them at the Retreats please although I hope they last until the final 2 days!!!!!

  28. Oh I do like the stencil window dressing. What a creative idea, and how convenient that the frames accommodate the size so perfectly!
    The book looks enticing too and in time for Christmas presents.

  29. Hi Barbara, I look forward to reading your daily posts, especially the Wednesday ones. Looking forward to grabbing one of the colouring books, I just hope you have some left for Leyburn.

    I know it's late, but I'm having problems working out how Mel manages to get sun through her north facing window, unless she lives in the Southern Hemisphere. :-). Xx

  30. Hi Barb,
    Im really pleased that youve managed to get the colouring book finished. It must be a relief for you and one more thing to tick off on your to do list. Really looking forward to seeing it and as Emma says if the front cover is anything to go by it will be brilliant. Like that it's one sided too. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  31. Hi Barb, so looking forward to the colouring book, if the cover is anything to go by, it will be awesome. Love the stencil Idea too. Well done Mel. Bx

  32. Hello Barb,
    Can't wait for the colouring book, and one sided is brilliant. I also love what Mel has done with her stencils, and am definitely going to try it, lie back, and enjoy the "light" show. All I need is the sun!!!!
    Maureen xxx

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