N I C E.

N I C E.

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

Friday’s Blog a private peek, right?
Today I want to share something very private,
because perhaps it will help somebody who is struggling with world events.

And I DON’T mean BREXIT.

Woke up this morning to the news of Nice.
France again.
On 13th November last year, Paris came under attack, remember?

How do I know the date? Never to be forgotten.
I made a lino cut – my first.

Made one print. 
Gave it to our French friends who we were staying with 
that very week. 

Then broke the mould, 

and prayed that its breaking would symbolise once and never again.

I keep the lino cut right by my Mac where I work.
I have made a little shrine by the window,
with a glass piece I bought in Jocelyn, France that same week,
to remind me to say a prayer for the survivors of terrorist attacks every day.

What was just another day in my life – albeit it sad and shocked -was a show stopper for a lot of people,
the start of a lifelong nightmare.

But yesterday, another French community came under attack.
And we are powerless.
We just stand by and can do absolutely nothing.
Be grateful it wasn’t us? That’s rather animalistic, isn’t it?
What a crazy world we live in.

The only constructive thing I can do is add another reminder to my 
Respect-Shrine, to remember to pray for the latest victims 
and their poor, poor families.

If I dwell on the atrocities and cruelty in the world, 
I feel an overwhelming sense of sadness and anguish.

So I have this little memorial place by my desk, 
and as soon as I see it every day, and remember those dear souls,
my life is right-sized, and all my high brow problems disappear in an instant.

And now little Alice will sit there too, 
and remind me of Nice – 14th July, 2016. 
I have written it on the back.

This is all so very very wrong.

12th June, 2016 – Orlando
This was the piece I made to remind me of those poor people.

My shrine is getting too full too fast.

So there you have it.
Now you know how I try to deal with these crimes against humanity which are just to awful to comprehend.
I can’t keep tracking the news; that just feeds my anger and fear.
So I withdraw, and speak to my Higher Power,
let my hands get busy, make some meaningful art,
and then light a candle. 

Love and Peace 

74 thoughts on “N I C E.

  1. Yes, there are too many tragedies, too many lives being lost in the most senseless way. I just saw the news bulletin on the funeral of the young MP Jo Cox, her family have asked everyone that today they will Love Like Jo, which is not a bad thing for us to do. Your memorial corner is beautiful, but I pray it never grows too big.

  2. Yet another sad sad day, why are we destroying what could be a beautiful world for all. If all the bad people channelled their energies and bitterness into something creative, but guess that will never be. Let's pray your shrine ceases to grow and God bless all the poor people suffering as a result of the latest atrocity. X

  3. As you say, too many atrocities occurring in our world. I simply cannot begin to comprehend how minds are twisted so much that they can go and commit such evil and premeditated deeds. ;~{

  4. So much pain and destruction today in our crazy world. My prayers and thoughts are for the families over in France today. A very poignant post Barbara, couldn't have put it better myself, thank you for sharing.
    Linda xxx

  5. WHY!!! I just don't understand what drives people to kill fellow human beings and destroy our world. God bless all the unfortunate people who lost their lives and families that will go on suffering with their loss .Thankyou Barbara for your very poignant post. xx

  6. So hard to put into words what we feel about such tragedies, so easy to become wrapped up in our own personal problems which can seem insignificant at such times. I worry what sort of world my grandchildren are growing up in although their personal world is so much better than that of many children. Thank you for sharing your way of expressing your feelings xx

  7. When my daughter was little she asked me why we have a department of war and not a department of peace. I think we need to rethink the way we approach these sad events.

  8. A very sad day for all those in Nice and the families who have been affected by this crime.

    A very powerful blog today Barb.

    Our love goes out to everyone at this time.


  9. So so sad for all the victims families and friends. Makes me feel I want to wrap all my family up safely but can't do that. We got to get on with our lives but remember all those poor souls who were just trying to enjoy theirs. xx

  10. So very sad, I can't even begin to comprehend, saying a quiet prayer for the innocent affected seems so small but maybe all those small prayers will join together to make a difference xx

  11. Hi Barbara, I've been watching it unfold on the news since just after 11pm last night. My head doesn't know what to do with the information, pictures, the atrocity as a whole. I seem to be struggling more and more each time there's a new atrocity. I feel all consumed by it. I feel so helpless, and useless too, that there is nothing I can do. And then I feel guilt because my life has been wasted away, the whole of it, even the one bit I should be in control of, i.e. craft, I'm a total failure at getting back on track with it, and using my time to the best I can. Guilt because so many poor souls who are living life are having it snatched from them totally needlessly, and mines has been totally wasted.

    Thank you for sharing what you do Barbara. Maybe I need to start one too. It's something visual, plus having it channeled into something actual may help me to compartmentalise/ box it, but not forget the victims. I never know what to say to God at these times, too stunned, shocked, helpless, I have no words.

    I also must get proper crafting and for as many hours as possible each day, instead of squandering each precious day I'm allowed alive. I give you Barbara, and everyone here permission to nag and shout at me if I don't, and when I fall off that wagon too!

    It's so little, but is anyone up for doing another act of kindness, sharing some love around to our fellow human beings? What about Barbara's idea a while back of making hugs and kisses cards and sending them to Barbara to distribute to whom she felt needed one. We could all make hugs, smile, happy day, etc. cards and give them out randomly to total strangers who look like they need a bit of comfort/happiness. We could all put the same message in them, any suggestions? Anyone up for doing this? Starting our own unique Clarity Community RAKs movement? I could keep it going by reminding us each month to make and give more, as many as each of us want. I could do mine by handing the cards to the guy that gives me garden visits, or my brother, for them to hand out for me.

    Thank you Barbara
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda, I nagged you into using your posh pencils, so I shall nag you into getting crafty! In a gentle way of course…….I will just get my Puss In Boots eyes out, you know the ones!

      I'm up for sending Barbara some RAK cards. I like the idea of putting in the message 'Just to brighten your day'. Xx

    2. That is a wonderful idea Brenda. I have been doing random RAKS since your last suggestion and I will continue to do so.
      I am another who will quite happily send you virtual 'nags' in order to get you crafting again.
      Love and Lots of Hugs xxx

    3. Brenda, you are feeling just the same as the rest of us today, totally shocked and in complete disbelief. Please do not think your life has been wasted, though. You have given so much support to so many on this blog. You should be so proud of that achievement. I think the idea of handing out little cards randomly to people who look as though they need a boost is a wonderful one. Perhaps ATCs would be a possible way to go, easy to carry but still big enough to carry an encouraging message. xxx Maggie

    4. Dear Brenda I thought of you last night as I watched the news unfold to do a random act of kindness today, you have given so much of yourself to us on this here blog your life is not wasted your a special blog friend / family . I find my crafting helps me heals my mind so you craft a little each day and feel that you have crafted something special that helps you through each day hugs for you and daisy xxx

    5. Thank you everyone xx
      Donna, we're not sending them to Barbara, we're handing them out ourselves.
      That's a good idea Maggie. what size is an ATC?

      ATCs, with whatever message we decide on written on the back. And they don't have to be really arty, just whatever people have the time for each month and whatever they feel like doing, it's the thought that counts.

      AND PLEASE DON'T SEND THEM TO BARBARA (I'LL BE BANNED FROM HERE FOR GIVING HER ALL THAT EXTRA WORK!!!!! ;-)) I must have written that part the wrong way, sorry Barbara. We'll reach more people around the whole UK, and further if people take some with them on their travels, if we hand them out ourselves.

    6. Brenda I agree with Sheila, you are just religion like the rest of us today. I though of you as I did a RAK today , just seemed the right thing to do and just happened. I like the idea of cards or atc. Sending you a big hug today and one for Daisy xxxx

  12. Want to thank you a lot as a French person. It is not understandable, especially that the "mad man" who did that was FRENCH…. How can he??? Thanks a lot again for your prayer.

  13. Way to honorific to understand. No words so I found a quote…

    Despite all the bad days and mean people, I still believe in good days and kind people…….plus there are always dogs.

    Sending love to all. Xx

  14. On our own, we seem to be powerless to claim back our beautiful world from those who are trying to terrify us all in the name of religion. It is not religion, but simply greed and cruelty. Each one of us can do some good in the world every day we live, even if it is one random act of kindness. Together, we are a far more powerful force for good. This blog community of ours proves that every day with the constant care we each receive and try to give. We must focus on good otherwise all those people who have been killed will have died totally in vain. We must stand up for good and what we believe in, not with violence but with friendship and love. In the UK, there has been a lot of racial hatred shown since Brexit. If we cannot get along with our neighbours in this small country of ours, what hope is there for the world? If small minded unhappy individuals use the media to bully others, we have no hope. However, I am an optimist and believe that if we can all do even the tiniest bit of good each day, the bad things around us cannot win. Thank you for sharing your shrine with us today, Barbara. xxx Maggie

  15. Oh, Barbara dear, your shrine is beautiful. But like many have said before, I hope that it doesn't get any bigger. What a senseless act of atrocity! My mind just can't comprehend why anyone would or could do it. My thoughts and prayers to everyone involved, and their families and friends. Also for all those who are hurting from the news of it.
    Love and Hugs to you all. xxx

  16. These atrocities that are occurring all to often really are quite sickening! The acts of terrorism that these people are carrying out are hard to comprehend. Your way of coping with these tragedies is beautiful and dignified. We must not let these terrorists stop us from living our lives to the full! Let's all hope that these mindless acts stop!
    As for the horrendous occurrence in Nice yesterday my heart goes out to all the people affected by it!
    Love and peace to you too Barbara! Xxx

  17. These atrocities that are occurring all to often really are quite sickening! The acts of terrorism that these people are carrying out are hard to comprehend. Your way of coping with these tragedies is beautiful and dignified. We must not let these terrorists stop us from living our lives to the full! Let's all hope that these mindless acts stop!
    As for the horrendous occurrence in Nice yesterday my heart goes out to all the people affected by it!
    Love and peace to you too Barbara! Xxx

  18. We cannot allow terrorism to make us cower. This is desperately sad….may those souls all rest in peace. Your shrine is so appropriate Barb xx

  19. Barbara your beautiful shrine of art how wonderful to create a corner of love thank you for sharing hugs to you and your family this blog gives us all so much xxx

    1. Hello dear blog family of friends hugs and love to you all .xxxx
      I received my sale clarity parcel today thank you clarity towers .im now going to make some art work tomorrow to send as a random act of kindness xxx
      Dorothy a wee extra hug xxx
      Pam hope the GP helped today xxx
      Take a hug from me to all who need one xxx

  20. Just know that you are not alone Barbara. Many of us are standing there with you too. It's just too sad and makes me so angry and I am helpless to help those poor peeps who are having to go through this again, Paris, Orlando, Nice, my heart breaks for you all xx

  21. You speak for us all Barbara. I will make some hugs and kisses cards tomorrow to keep in my bag, to give out as RAK.
    The horrific attack in Nice is just so pointless.

  22. I watched in horror as the news unfolded last night.it makes me want to weep the futility of it all. My thoughts and prayers are to all the French people of all religions and cultural diversity. I do really hope, Barbara, that your shrine gets no bigger. Here's hoping for less hatred and more tolerance to all.xxx

  23. Hello Barbara
    Yet again you have put into words what we are all thinking, thank you. I think your shrine is a perfect way to remember all the innocent victims but I too hope it doesn't grow. Sending you a big hug.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends. Sending everyone a big hug tonight, think we all need it. Just seem the advert for the Paralympic Games with the song 'yes I can' – brilliant advert, very positive and so perfect for today, yes we all can xxx

  24. Such a sad day Barbara your shrine is beautiful my beautiful grandson Joseph was on his last day of a school trip to France I was so scared when I saw the news all was well thank god the school let us know and they travelled home today. God bless all the people of nice thank you Barbara xxxxxx

  25. One just cannot comprehend these horrific things that keep happening and each person has to process and deal with these terrible events in their own way. Your little shrine is an act of remembrance and aids a sense of fellow feeling with all the poor people who have been affected by these atrocities Barbara, and I think we all wonder how things like this can happen, it seems incomprehensible. x

  26. Words fail me, I can not see what the person who does these horrible things gain. I love the little rememberance corner. I love doing little acts of kindness without anyone knowing.
    Hazel c uk

  27. We cannot allow terrorism to make us cower. This is desperately sad….may those souls all rest in peace. Your shrine is so appropriate Barb xx

  28. Morning Barbara

    I'm lost for words regarding the Nice tragedy. So many innocent people gone, their families will never be the same. The English father and son, the son was so young, his life ahead of him, now all gone. I admire your shrine, mine is kept in my heart. I regularly think about Jamie Bulger and many other, innocent, tortured souls from this country, Nice is another addition in my heart

    June x

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