Something very Groovi and Glittery…

Something very Groovi and Glittery…

Hi there.
Good of you to pop in.
Saturday’s blog a new technique, right?
How to apply glitter to parchment art.
Well, this isn’t new at all to the traditional parchment expert,
but to me, little old parching novice that I am,
when I saw lovely Linda Williams 
showing our guests this at the Open Days,
I was very excited to say the least.

So take a Groovi Christmas card,
like this one, using one of the 10 Twas the Night Baby plates.

Very cool.

If you want to see the step by step on how to arrive at this place, 
I’m pretty sure I did this  on 
Thursday 7th July.

Anyway, I thought you might like to learn how to add glitter.
It’s pretty simple once you’ve got the right gear.

Yep Sticky ink and a Mapping pen.

Oh. And glitter of course.
The best in my humble opinion is Glamour Dust.
You can get it on line for less than we can buy it in for. 
Go to Amazon or Hobbycraft, and they have it. 
So here’s the kit:
All you do is dip the pen in the sticky ink 
and then either fill in areas
(I went for the stars first, to play it safe)
Or run the nib along line art.
Works really really well on parchment.
Not so well on card. 
(I tried it because I thought this would be a breakthrough).
But it didn’t flow so well on card.
If you dip a thin paper stump in the sticky ink, it works brilliantly on card. Just keep twirling the nib back to a paper point. 
You don’t have to rush either; 
the ink stays sticky until you add the glitter to it.
So you can take your time.
I thought I would try and make snow too.
So I dotted the nib in the centre area.
Can you see the dots?
Then sprinkle the glitter over the whole image.
Tap off, and hey Presto!
Glitter where you want it!
Snow works really lovely.
See how I went over Grace, Mum, Ben and so on?

Very happy with this inexpensive bit of kit.
I imagine one ought to put the lid on tightly after use.

And clean the nib.
Ranger Alcohol Blending Solution cleans the nib up like new. 
But I bet there’s something that expert parchers use….
do let us know!
We’re all Groovi ears, aren’t we, Groovi friends?!
Now you know xxxx

Time to stop.
Tooth hurty.

Love and Peace.

63 thoughts on “Something very Groovi and Glittery…

    1. Evening dear family of blog friends how's your day been? hugs to all who need them hugs to all on this wonderful blog xxx
      I received my clarity club envelope this morning wow wow wow thank you Barbara for all that insperation. My friend from our school days rang me this morning to thank me for her flowers I sent her as she is 60 tomorrow a lovley surprise for her and a lovely thank you for me .
      I did some sorting out of my groovi folders this afternoon rested, now I've just stamped one of my stamps that came in my clarity sale parcel yesterday . Resting again .
      So a very good day xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, I hope you have had a pain free day today. It's great to have friends! I was looking at the August challenge today but I have just too much going on in my head to concentrate on it which of course is the perfect time for me to craft to take my mind of things, maybe tomorrow. Have you managed to do yours?

    3. I've done the background and the stamping just got to do the hills and mount itI might give it ago tomorrow yes it's been another pain free day but having to start to drop my oral steroids from today weekly so I'm hopefully going to make the most of the stronger dose .xxx

  1. Wonderful. I have got myself a parchment class booked for the end of the month, really want to learn all I can. I received my Club envelope todsy, thank-you.Another winner, have to admit when I first looked at the Groovi one I was not sure, then wow I saw what you had done. Stunning, changed my mind completely. So thanks for all the time you spend creating those lovely little inspirational sheets for us. Really appreciated. X x

  2. I am addicted to Glamourdust. On card, I use the thin gluepen, allow it to dry off before adding the glitter. I also watched what Tina Cox was doing with it on thin double sided red tape, to make a feature of it to stick her parchment down. I have not yet had time to try it with the sticky ink on parchment. Are we doing it next week, I wonder? I think I need to restock on my supplies of Glamourdust, although it does last for a long time. xxx Maggie

  3. Hi Barbara, sorry you are still having problems with a little pain those pesky teeth.
    Well you still have had time to show us another trick for our Groovi designs. This looks great another trick learned.
    You always come up with things to learn.
    I just love my Groovi system , best bit of kit I have ever brought. It just helps me relax so much. Look after yourself .
    Lynn xx

  4. Hi Barbara, sorry to hear your mouth is still sore. The positive side of it being your teeth you're having problems with – you can survive without your teeth, you can't survive without a working heart, lungs, kidneys etc.! Don't know if that helps any.

    Thank you for sharing this technique. I've got a mapping pen for normal ink (not tried it yet), I'm assuming that will work with the sticky ink too?

    I got my Diamond club this morning. Another great edition, thank you. I especially like the wee drawing step-by-step. I don't know how everyone else feels, but I'd love to have more of that kind of thing incorporated into some step-by-steps if possible. I'm going to give it a go on ATCs. Mind you if my efforts are rubbish, it's not going to put a smile on anyone's face is it!!! Great to hear your change in mindset, and the enjoyment you're having 🙂 I think I managed to experience similar at Hampden park, makes you crave it more eh. Sadly I can't, maybe never again. The next huge thing, London 2017 world athletics, tickets are about to go on sale, so I've definitely missed out on that 🙁 We had been planning for it, were going to see if Nicola could get permission to do it with me. I hope you do get back next year Barbara.

    Hope you're managing to have a good weekend despite your pain. I guess Grace must be going back to the USA soon, if she's not gone already, hope you don't get too sad and hurting.
    Love Brenda xx

    Thank you to everyone who is going to join in with our – 'just to brighten your day' ATC RAKs. I'll give a wee reminder here towards the middle of each month. That will also give any new people joining us the chance to join in too if they wish xx

    1. Hi Diane, have you been managing to do any craft this weekend? xx
      Hi Dot, hope you're managing to feel a wee bit comfort from having your grandbairns round you xx

  5. Hi Barbara, This looks absolutely fabulous, thank you for showing us this technique, I love this !!!
    I hope your mouth is feeling a little better.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  6. Well, we have a little peek of sunshine this evening, so let's hope it lasts for the Tipsy Tea Party tomorrow fundraising for the Women's Aid charity! Try alternating paracetamol and brufen for your toothache Barb – worked for me when I had my wisdom teeth out. Sending healing hugs x

  7. What a lovely warm sunny day we've had here in Essex. LInda showed me this sticky ink at the Open Day and I found some the very next day in a garden centre craft shop!!! I tried it out and am most impressed as it really looks great on parchment. SOrry to read that you still have a poorly tooth Barb – have you tried Corsodyl mouthwash?……

  8. I bought the sticky stuff and pen when Linda was demonstrating it at the open day! Can't wait to use it and this design is already on my list. Hope your tooth feels better soon xx

  9. Hi everyone, I'm in Cornwall this weekend visiting our friend. We've had a lovely day in Dawlish we we on train from Bodmin parkway, changing at Newton Abbot on the way which was spooky as John's mum worked there in the war and was seriously injured when it was bombed. She was one of the first people to have skin grafts. Anyway we had a lovely cloudy sunny warm day ! Not been there since our honeymoon 33 years ago ! It hasn't changed a lot that I can remember. Hope everyone has had a good day xx

  10. Hi ladies, hope you all all keeping well. The weather here today has beenot very mixed sun, dull and some sunshine let's hope it gets better soon. Love the idea of being able to add glitter to parchment. Hope you are all getting on ok with your Christmas designs how's it going Morag
    still got to order mine but will do it this week. Before my granddaughter comes to stay for a few days. Have a good weekend all. Hugs to all on this blog
    Lynn xx

  11. Hi ladies, hope you all all keeping well. The weather here today has beenot very mixed sun, dull and some sunshine let's hope it gets better soon. Love the idea of being able to add glitter to parchment. Hope you are all getting on ok with your Christmas designs how's it going Morag
    still got to order mine but will do it this week. Before my granddaughter comes to stay for a few days. Have a good weekend all. Hugs to all on this blog
    Lynn xx

  12. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for my Groovi elephants, I have been playing with them this afternoon. Hope you tusk soon feels better!
    Happy weekend to you all…

    Lynne xxx

  13. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for my Groovi elephants, I have been playing with them this afternoon. Hope you tusk soon feels better!
    Happy weekend to you all…

    Lynne xxx

  14. I've never used glamour dust before, does it stay on or does it just flake off like traditional glitter on glue? Are the sakura glitter pens any good? I normally use stickles on card as is stays put. I also received my diamond envelope today – wow, I particularly love the groovi plate… now that would make a great stamp.

    1. Glamorous is brilliant and can be quite subtle as it only sticks to the glue. If you let it dry off, flick the card hard, most of the excess will drop off, and a gentle brush will remove ant excess left behind. xxx Maggie

  15. Oh dear Barbara, hope the pain from your tooth soon goes away. Glitter on parchment looks great. Thanks for reminding us about it, have to get the glue and glamour dust. Received my diamond envelope today wow, you said we'd love it, guess what you were spot on. Hope you'll feel better so you'll enjoy your weekend. Love and hugs, Pam xx

  16. Hi to all my blog friends, hope you've all had a nice day. Didn't get on here last night feeling really down, couldn't express how I felt when the news was so awful in Nice, my problems don't compare. Those poor families who have lost loved ones. Like the idea of Barbara's memorial of art to all those affected by the recent atrocities. Nice surprise today receiving my diamond goodies. Glad you've been resting between doing your craft Sheila. Hope you're enjoying your break Jackie. Love and hugs to you all and everyone on this wonderful blog.

  17. Hi Barbara
    The glitter looks lovely. I have tried a Sakura stardust pen but for a wow effect the Glamour Dust looks better. I have my Diamond goodies too. Love them all espacially the Groovi elephants.
    I hope your toothache is better soon.
    Hugs from Chris X

  18. Bought the sticky ink and pen having watched Linda's demo at the Open Days. Not had time to try it out but . . . . one of these days will find a real necessity to do so. As for Glamour Dust, found a number . . or five . . bottles in my stash when doing my tidy up, decanted them into a box and now it's a 'go to' instead of a 'hunt for.' Fab club stuff this month BTW . Thank you. ;~}

  19. My club envelope arrived this morning & I love them all. I've so many ideas of stamps to add to the tree background & just simply adore the elephants. Thank you so much – you are so talented to produce the kits including the instructions that are easy to follow & make sense

  20. Thank you Barbara for my groovi envelope today. Love it. My granddaughters and grandson in California all had tee shirts and sweaters with elephants on, they say the company supports elephants, so I can see a couple of birthday cards later in the year for them. Your instructions that come with them are excellent. Thank you Hope you feel better soon. Xxxx

  21. Hi Barb,
    Sorry I've been missing for a few days, but I managed to still a pint glass of water over some box that works the Internet – surprise surprise water and electricity don't get on!!! Just got new box today so got a lot of catching up to do!! Really pleased that you've shown us how to use glitter. I have got some Sakura pens but I'd rather use proper glitter and now I know how. Just need the sticky ink but might also get the Pergamano mapping pen too. Really looking forward to trying this. My Diamond envelope arrived today and I am so pleased with all 3 goodies, especially the Groovi plate . It is gorgeous. Love the step by steps too, both beautiful. Thank you. Sorry to hear your having problems with your teeth – poor you. Hope you get some relief soon. Love and hugs, Alison xx

    1. Hi to all my lovely blog friends,
      Pleased that I'm connected to you all again – missed you all. I need to catch up with everything, so for tonight I'll just say have a good night and I hope you are all ok. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  22. I never thought I wouldn't be able to use stickles on parchment, but I suppose they are too wet. I will have to add some ink and a pen to my Clarity order. Hope your tooth ache improves soon. Xx

  23. Hi Barbara
    This looks interesting, will gave to find the sticky ink – have had a pot of glimmer dust for years- a little goes a long way! Sorry to hear your tooth is still sore, hope it feels better soon. Love the design club items, fabulous.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends hope you are all ok. Been quite hot and cloudy here, went to a work BBQ with hubby today, lovely just chatting to people and catching up. Sending hugs all round xxxx

  24. Barbara…I have just joined your Groovi Plate club today!
    I got lucky and found a great deal on the starter kit for larger plates here in the US and of course had to play immediately upon its arrival today.
    I cannot wait to try all of the wonderful things you teach so expertly – and put into action all of your Groovi tips.
    Love the way you added the glitter to this card…just a few more items to add to my extensive wish list.
    Thank you so very much for all of the posts you create…they are a wonderful help to many newbies like myself I'm sure

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