And then in a twinkling….

And then in a twinkling….

Morning all!
Or should I say Yawning all?!?
If I yawn any wider, I swear my jaw will dislodge!
There’s nothing for it.
Double dose of Berocca here we come!

That should do the trick.
So Thursday’s Blog is always Blue right?
Is this blue enough?
Groovi Twas the Night!
I think I have just remembered so tired!
Paul and I had a knock out 7 hour TV bonanza on telly!
This is one of the sample from Monday, 
using one of these little babies.
Also available individually 

This Parchment project combines what we’re learning with the Groovi system with our Clarity brushwork.

Let’s take a step by step look…

First the centrepiece.

Then a wide frame round the outside, 

Start filling the wide border with toys and patterns from other plates. There are a bunch of toys on one of them…

I went ahead and added the family names in the frame too,
using the Universal Framer which has been designed to compliment the Twas the Night plates.
I also added a few stars.
Now if you intend to make them white, then I suggest you use the number 2 ball tool rather than the No. 1.
This will make the line art softer and easier to blend into the whitework. 

Whitework on the stars next.
Then pencil work.
Colour in the elements in the frame with blue colouring pencils BEFORE you tackle the ink step.
Dust with talc to get rid of any finger prints.
Load a large Clarity Brush with a dark blue ink.
Tape the parchment to a piece of copy paper, 
so you don’t have to hold it down while you work.
Swirl around the frame from behind,
building up blue colour
The longer you go, the darker it will get,
and the brighter the whitework will get.
There is still more to be done to this one…
Mount on Blue coloured parchment,
and the job is done xxx
See the stars in the middle and bottom left?
I just went in and did a little more.
What a difference!
But I really haven’t time to do the rest.
Time to go get Gracie from the train station.
Tickets for AbFab Film tonight.
Have a good day.
Do something that gives you joy.
Love and hugs
Barb xxxx

86 thoughts on “And then in a twinkling….

  1. That blue and white is so pretty – and love the idea of mixing groovi and other techniques.

    Have a fabulous time with Grace. Off to follow instructions and do something joyous!

  2. A fabulous step by step and I love it, just waiting for my plates to come. Thanks for sharing this.
    Hope you enjoy your time with Grace, do give her my regards. Xx

  3. Wonderful work as usual Barbara and those new ink pads look fabulous. You must be so excited to have Grace home and have a great time tonight. x

  4. Lovely blue project today, and great news that Grace is arriving for some mum and daughter time. I've booked a flight down to London to see my parents in November – it would be rude not to with such a good offer from the orange airline, and whilst I'm there I can do a crafty workshop and visit the Spirit of Christmas with some friends! x

  5. Hello Barbara

    Love the project today and looking forward to buying the plates, new parchment etc when I come on retreat. Only 15 more sleeps if I have worked it out correctly!

    Enjoy the film, one of my daughters went to see it ladt Sunday and enjoyed it.


  6. Afternoon Barbara fabulous step by step .have special times with grace here enjoy pictures tonight also don't forget to take time out from work for you and grace hugs xxx

    1. Afternoon all my dear family of blog friends always in my thoughts hugs to you all and all on this wonderful blog xxx
      I've had a lovley day today Tom took me to the deep in hull to see the Penguins and a spot of lunch too it's a pain free day I'm home again now shattered but well worth it been able to go out 😊 Xxx
      Dorothy sending lots of wee hugs xxx

    2. Hi Sheila what a lovely day, I like penguins too. So glad you had another pain free day and you and Tom could enjoy a day out together. Sending hugs xxx

    3. Hi ma wee Sheila am missing you to an this lovely place here… thanks for not forgetting about me your always in my thoughts you take care my friend your strong and I admire you…xx

  7. Have a great time with Grace .
    Wondering how her acting career is going ?
    Our son was a professional ,modern dancer with Trisha Brown dance co for years and we know from first hand experience how difficult the Arts can be and surviving in NYC
    He's teaching a week intensive class in technique this week in NYC .
    Also just graduated from McGill in June . The body can't tolerate dance indefinitely. .

    1. Hi Donna,
      Glad you're new stamps arrived and that you can have a weekend playing! Bet you're really looking forward to that. Love and hugs to you and Phoebe, Alison xxx

  8. Thank you for this lovely step by step, looks great with the names of the family and toys in it. Will have to get this set gradually. Have a super time watching the film with Grace. Send her our kind regards. Much love Pam xx

  9. Hi to all you lovely blog friends, glad to hear you've had a good day Sheila and bet you enjoyed seeing the penguins. Super that your Africa stamps arrived today Donna, you'll be able to play with them tonight, or at least the weekend. I want to get them too, my list is getting longer by the minute, having a break for a few weeks as spent a lot at the open day. Birthday coming up soon so giving hubby some hints. Hope you've all had a good day, still missing you Dot, take care. Love and hugs to you all and everyone on this lovely friendly blog.xx

  10. Hi Barb,
    This was one of my favourite demos on the shows – I love it. Pleased that you've given us the step by step for it. I think I might try this at the weekend as my Twas the night plates arrived today -yeah!! Thank you to all at Clarity for getting them out so quickly, can't wait to play. Hope you enjoy the film with Grace and that you have a lovely time while she's over here. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  11. Hi to all my lovely blog friends,
    Hope you're all ok. Sheila so pleased you've had a pain free day. Morag hope you are well, we keep missing each other! Well my Groovi plates arrived today and they are fabulous – can't wait to play. Opticians tomorrow morning for contact lens check followed by eye test and I know I need/want some new specs. I'll be in there ages as I can never decide on frames! Then it will be in front of tv for men's seem finals of Wimbledon. Love and hugs to all, Alison xxx

    1. Hi Alison, I gate choosing new frames and have to take someone along with me as one of the opticians assistants tells you look lovely when you know you look hideous!! I took photos of my daughter when she tried on new glasses so she could 'see' what she looked like in them. Enjoy the tennis tomorrow xxx

    2. I take ages as well choosing new glasses. Try and remember right and left unlike me! My optician was looking into my eyes through his lens and asked me, "Look left" my eyes moved, and he completly dead pan said "And the other left." I then had to try not to laugh throughout the rest of the appointment! Xx

  12. Hi Barbara I just lovely these plates will be placing my order on Monday as away for the weekend to friends in Derbyshire hope to go to Hadden House.

    Hi ladies hope you have all had a good day weather a bit iffy but never mind. Have a good weekend all. Hugs Lynn xx

  13. This was my favorite Groovi demo from the shows this past weekend.Thanks for the step by step. You and Paul do such a fabulous job on TV. Am eagerly awaiting my plates and ink arrival here in the states. As this may be the first one I try.
    Also anxiously awaiting the light panel cover/pouch!

  14. Hi Barbara
    I loved this demo when I saw it on tv, it's such a beautiful blue and the white work looks great against it. I'm glad we can buy the plates separately, think I might start with one or two and build up my collection (or just take the plunge and buy the set!!). How lovely to have Grace home again for a while. Enjoy the film, we saw it last night and had a good laugh. We looked up the ages of the cast this morning and we were amazed – June Whitfield looks fabulous at 90! Have a lovely evening.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends, I hope you are all ok and gave had a good day. It was a housework day today so I might squeeze in a craft session tomorrow. Sending hugs xxx

  15. Hi Barbara sorry not been around but struggling a wee bit here the now so just catching up ti keep me sane.. and to read that you and wee Grace are being together and close for cuddles has made my day sad time for me and my Mum so my lovely keep the memories going beautiful girl and a loving Mum wi a heart of Gold…xx

    1. Hi my friends thank you all for not forgetting about me I do miss you all and the crafty tips and our laughs wish I could be at our campfire just now to be with you all.
      My Mum had a bad fall as you know and ended up in hospital no bones broken but badly cut and bruised which is now healing but since we lost Dad before last Christmas we now know that our lovely Dad had been covering up a lot about Mum and that her short time memory has gone cant bring myself to write what she has been diagnosed with only to let you know for now she knows me and I love her and I wish I could be there fulltime for her I'm struggling my friends hugs to you all and Brenda here's yir cuddle love yi…xx

    2. Oh Dot, I'm so sorry to hear that. I do know what you're meaning, you don't need to say the words. It must be so hard and heartbreaking to know and watch what's happening to your mum. My thoughts are with you. Fill up on whatever quality time with your mum you can manage, talk to her lots about your special memories from years ago. And make as many special memories as you can for you and your grandkids when you're with them during these holidays. Cuddle back and please remember to look after you too xx

    3. Arrr Dot, I'm so so sorry to read between the lines about what you are going through. My thoughts are with you and I'm sending love and hugs to you. Miss you here, but you are in all our minds and hearts. We will still be here when you feel ready and able. Xx

    4. My dear wee blog friend you don't need to say the words I understand this happened to toms dad and a dear teacher friend of mine of many years it's heartbreaking and my heart breaks for you .come to here when you can you are at our campfire in our hearts heartfelt thoughts and lots of wee cuddles hugs xxxx

  16. Hi Barbara, lovely Groovi picture, and what a lovely touch to put your family names in the border. Thanks for sharing. I must have been either sleeping or distracted depending on which show it was!! Thank you for the close up of your whitework, mine is more like the before, but wouldn't go any whiter, but I've not rtied with the larger tools first yet, and maybe I've been pressing too hard at first too.

    I've had a good day today. Today's rain is forecast for tonight, and despite the cold wind it did warm up when the sun was out. I got an extended garden visit so we could catch up on essential jobs, and managed to get most done, so the gardens are looking better. Had a nice time with the guy who gives me this visit. Found a home hairdresser, thanks to a neighbour up the road who's severely disabled. She's amazing, got a young family and a recent addition of a cute wee dog, goes about in her chair on her own, even when her kids were little. I haven't had my hair cut for over a year now, so you can imagine how long it's got! I think I'm too old for long hair now! And it's a nightmare for me to manage with my CFS when it's this long. I hate getting my hair cut, so that's the downside. And the guy told me he's going to give me a day out somewhere in nature up north in September. I never knew anything about this, don't even think about going out now, with the length of time I've had to be so isolated I've got really shut off. He said his line manager agreed, but then there's not much he wouldn't agree to when it's me right now, he cares a lot about me too. It's technically going to be his day off, but the nature of their job it has to be approved of or it's seen as inappropriate. These guys also work their day off too because they are always too busy to have it, they can work over 60 hours a week, and always well over their contracted hours! Don't get paid for that amount of hours! That's how dedicated they are. I haven't been anywhere other than the garden since last October (and the GP for my finger) so going to be a big shock to both me and Daisy, she'll get so stressed, and I'm scared too.

    I hope you're having an even better day with Grace
    love Brenda xx

    Thanks for all the messages yesterday xx
    I won't be getting the colouring in book Donna. I do have a big box of promarkers but struggled to work out shading with them and how to stop them bleeding over the lines in places, so gave up on them a bit. I'll still do the garden heart page we're all doing though, so go ahead and work out the next but and I'll catch up when my eyes are less blurry. It was the rose leaves that was the last bit you all did xx

    Happy to hear you're pain free and enjoyed a day out Sheila xx

    Hope tomorrow is a positive outcome Jackie xx

    I got your sun today Diane 😉 Daisy is happy to paddle in a little water, so I think she'd have fun. Either that or I'll get 'the look' letting me know I'm off my head!!! xx

    Hope you got the use of your parasol today Alison, even if it was to use a wind break!!! xx

    Grass all cut Chris, yay! xx

    Thank you Morag, glad I could help. Tell your daughter I'm happy to help any time if I can, just ask xx

    1. Hi Brenda, glad you have had a good day and your garden is looking good. Oooo I'm excited for you, having a day out will be good, don't worry about it for now you have plenty of time before it happens to get your head round the idea. Xx

    2. Evening Brenda how wonderful you have got your garden done and have found a wonderful caring person fighting your corner you will be scared going out after all this time been alone and isolated start a little daily build up in your mind baby steps it would be so good for you to have some time out and special memories and I think this person would keep you safe away from fear as you say he cares about you and daisy too and if he is giving up his day out for you he won't rush you at a pace you cannot do and it will be so good for us on this blog to know you can have a special day out too .
      I know what you mean about managing your hair I now have mine cut short as that's the only way I can mannage it now .could you have the hairdresser cut a little shorter each time till you can cope with the hair cut with your Aspergers.
      I'm so pleased you have a neighbour now that you feel you can befriend.
      Thank you for your kind words and thoughts your a very special person who on this here blog helps many of us goodnight hugs xxx

    3. Hi Brenda aye thats right am oan one o they nightshifts again just nipped in to say am glad you've had someone to talk to today even if it was aboot yir wee plants gladdens ma heart.
      Thanks for caring about me and yir right the bairns are wondering whats wrang wi me the now need to make time for them to…here's an extra cuddle better get some sleep before the birds start singing night hen will nip in when a can…xx

    4. Thank you Sheila, hope today is pain free too xx
      I wish I'd known Dot, I was still on night duty at that time, and heard the blackbird sing in a new day with his happy song. Just say hi when you can, your in my thoughts xx
      Can't believe what I've been watching unfold in th USA, at this rate it seems they're heading for a very deadly civil war. Why do so many human beings in the world feel the need to harm and kill each other? I'm struggling really badly with this. Time for another random act of kindness everyone. Who's up for it?

  17. Enjoy your time with Grace. Sounds like the tonic you need. I've definitely been doing something today for my own joy, that is, making a card with the bare trees stencil. In fact I'm so pleased that I made two more or less the same. Have a restful weekend. Carol

  18. Beautiful blue piece today. Lovely Grace home as well, enjoy your time with her. We have been celebrating grandaughter's 18th Birthday tonight, just great, all the family together. xx

    1. Happy birthday to your granddaughter 18 years how they grow up so fast my granddaughter is 18 in September I don't know where all the years have gone hugs xxx

  19. Can't wait for my plates to arrive! Thanks for this blog! Glad you enjoyed Ab Fab I'm going Monday and looking forward to it.

    Hi everyone, spent the morning taking my mum for her cataract op check up although as she still can't see from that eye since the op the sign is that her glaucoma has taken over in that eye. They did a scan while we waited and will give her a ct scan just to check there is nothing else causing it but think not. They have been lovely and very thorough. The consultant reminded me it's heriiditry and I should be checked annually which I have been since age of 40 and so far so good. At least mum's other eye is ok. My sister usually takes her for these appointments but she's on her hols so I'm in charge! It's all doctors and hospital this week and the other hospital tomorrow for John. I fell asleep in front of the tennis! Hospitals make me tired I think! At least the weather was kind today. Xxx

    1. Hi Jackie so glad your mum is getting well looked after that's a good piece of mind when your going through so much yourself , my mum had glaucoma and yes I've been having my eyes tested since I was forty and still all ok now I'm nearly 60 I've got a cataract started in my left eye I'm very lucky I have been well looked after by my options and now I have diabetes even more so .i hope all goes well for John tomorrow sending caring hugs to take with you xxx

  20. Hi Barb, wow this is beautiful, love the inking, it really does make the white pop. Hope you had a lovely time seeing AbFab with Grace. Enjoy your time with her. Bx

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