I love the free in thee

I love the free in thee

Thanks for stopping by for todays trip through the gallery of samples.
I hope that you are enjoying the trip as much as I did when I was going through all the pizza boxes.
It is amazing how many stamps we have designed and released over the years and all the fantastic pieces of artwork.
I could spend hours just going through them all.
Here are some samples using the
This was part of a collection of Native American Stamps we designed.
Elaine has used a Versamark ink pad to stamp out the frame onto Black Clarity Card and then dusted with Perfect Pearls
Elaine Milner
Not sure who did this one, but it looks like the background has been brayered on Clarity Card then stamped with a tacky glue and then had Gilding Flakes applied.
Monochromatic – simple, yet stylish and elegant.
Elaine Milner

Anyway, I hope you can join me again tomorrow for another trip down memory lane.

I hope that Paul is behaving and remembering to post the blogs and that he isn’t doing any silly sales whilst I am away!

Love and hugs x

138 thoughts on “I love the free in thee

  1. Our lips are sealed Paul xx

    More lovely samples, the team are so talented. I'm just attempting the 'age is just a number' card and have stamped a 3 back to front just as I got to the end – duh !! Been going to do this one for ages as someone we know will be 70 this week. Am determined to finish it….

    Hope everyone is having a good day, it's wet here but never mind. Will be watching the football later and then a Chinese takeaway!

    My NDC goodies arrived today, as usual all 3 are lovely !

    Thanks Paul, for posting x x

  2. Hi Gilly, just wanted to say I read about your hubby's treatment decision and he's going for the radiotherapy. John didn't have hormone treatment, the men that did used to moan about their hot flushes, not much else though. One man mentioned it to the nurse and he was prescribed some tablets that got rid of them. Another man was told he couldn't have them though so I guess it just depends. Worth asking though if they bother him.

    Hope you're feeling ok and still resting. x x

    1. Hi Jackie – thanks for the information regarding the hormone treatment, I will pass this on to Neill. Yes, I am still resting, although I have managed to do some ironing today – Neill was running out of things! We are both feeling much better now that we have a plan and it will begin on Tuesday with the 1st tablet and then the 1st injection a week later. It did take my breath away when I realised that it will take virtually until the end of November to finish all of the treatment. Got my head around it now – thanks again, Gilly xx

    2. It does go on a bit, but the worrying thing is that November wont be long in getting here ! When I think back when John was diagnosed in the Oct/Nov time and we're now in May I don't know what happened to that time. Just waiting to hear whether it's worked or not now which is taking a while! xx

    3. Thanks again Jackie – I think that we have now got our heads around it taking that long – it's a bit like Groovi isn't it, as Barbara says 'it takes as long as it takes'! When we tell other people, they find it hard to reply. That's understandable really though. Keeping my fingers crossed for you & your husband that all is well. The waiting must be really hard for you both – hugs xxx

  3. Hi bloggy friends, hope your Saturday is going well. I have my heart all printed ready to start. Off out later for my birthday meal so I will start colouring tomorrow. Xx

    1. Hi Donna, I've been playing nice with the heart. I did shrink it down to fit onto a 6×6 card, but it does make it a little more difficult to colour. But I've managed it..just! I had forgotten that purple blended with yellow makes brown, so that was a challenge in itself.. keeping it purple haha! Have a lovely evening. Hugs xxx

    2. Hi Donna hope you've enjoyed your birthday meal. It's my birthday today, we have been so busy, I have finally managed to sit down with a glass of wine and open my cards. Enjoy your colouring xxx

  4. Oh dear Paul, you're in trouble! The artwork is once again lovely. This is a stamp I haven't really noticed before but once you see what can be done with it then it might just be on my wish list.

    The weather here has been interesting. Down pour, sun, thunder, then a monsoon side pour. Although I only had the windows open a wee bit the rain was flying in! It is dry and sunny for the time being. I've had a great day so far. Had a long lay in until I heard the postman who delivered my gold envelope which I took back to bed and read every single bit, bliss. My husband and daughter, Jennifer are going to do a car boot tomorrow so I've been sorting through my craft stuff, I've got quite a lot of stuff to sell or at least Jen has. She is going to negotiate a percentage of the sales as her fee. I thing she should ask her dad for 15% and settle for 12%. Thankfully the weather is meant to be better tomorrow.

    I hope all you blogites are having a great day too…I'm off to do some crafting now.

    1. Hi Julia – our weather has been grim today, although it has now stopped raining and the sun has come out. I hope that the sales go well tomorrow, it's a good job I don't live near, as I would no doubt be tempted to buy some of it! Hugs Gilly xx

    2. Gilly, I'd happily give you my excesses. I do hope Jen sells most of it, it's not about the money it's more about people wanting it. Sheila, Sarah hasn't seen Mark for two days which is the longest they have been apart for about 18 months. I believe he is feeling better today. She will see him tomorrow but she has no idea what it's like to get four wisdom teeth out – I don't think they will be snogging for a while. Chris, I love all three items and I think tomorrow when everyone goes out I'll do the pink stamp card which is my favourite. Morag, I often feel guilty having a lie in but I guess that is my body telling me it needs to repair. Dot, the weather forecast keeps changing, I'll just need to cross my fingers.

    3. Bless you Julia – but I am a hopeless case & really I need to clear more things out. Was able to give quite a lot to my daughter recently, as she is just starting out. xx

  5. Hi Barb, yes Paul is looking after us very well indeed! Found today's rummage through the pizza boxes very helpful as bought this stamp in a sale but never used it so these samples have given me some fab ideas; thank you.
    Received my latest 3 NDC items today and I really love them. Thanks Paul for posting the blog x

  6. Hi Barb, yes Paul is looking after us very well indeed! Found today's rummage through the pizza boxes very helpful as bought this stamp in a sale but never used it so these samples have given me some fab ideas; thank you.
    Received my latest 3 NDC items today and I really love them. Thanks Paul for posting the blog x

  7. Thanks Paul for keeping everything going. I have this stamp set and must look it out having been inspired by these fabulous samples. Love the latest NDC offerings which arrived this morning – especially the groovi plate and projects.

  8. Hi Paul, thanks for posting. Hope you're having a good weekend.

    Yet more lovely design team samples, The main image looks like a photograph negative, it's great. You can things much better like this than you do on the telly. It's amazing to see artwork pre gelli plate arty stuff, to compare where everyone was then and now. But still all good, just a different style.

    I hope Barbara et al have finally switched off completely now, even if it is enforced due to lack of outside communication from their wee island. I so hope they are having the best time ever.

    I too got my diamond envelope today. A wee question Paul, is it at all possible for there to be a way to guarantee mine could always been sent in the last batch? My club envelope is pretty much the only thing I have to look forward to each month, and I used to really look forward to it. But now I dread it in case mine comes before the people who don't like that get theirs. Because I fear so much forgetting and saying something on here about the club goodies and then being given the not nice comments people get for doing so. I don't have anyone to share anything with, just here, it's good to share in good things, and happy things, so I'm finding it very hard, and I fear a lot that I'll say something without thinking. That's made harder for me because, whatever their problem, it's not something my Asperger's brain can understand, which makes it harder for me to put triggers in my head to reduce the likelihood of me saying without thinking. I would really like my club to be something to look forward to again. It's got me feeling so low today because of it. I just thought I'd ask in case it was something easily sorted Paul, if not, or it's too much work, don't worry, I'll just keep doing as I am. Thanks

    love Brenda xx

    1. Oh Brenda – bless you! I am so sorry to hear how you are feeling today. Please feel that you can talk to me any time – I'm not sure how I could help you, but I would love to try! Many hugs on their way to you, love Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Brenda,
      You sound really upset today. Don't worry if you let out what's in the club envelopes. – yes it's nice to have a surprise, but it's certainly not the end of the world to know a little about what the months goodies are. The surprise is still actually seeing the stamp, stencil and plate. Like Emma and Gilly have said you can talk to me as well and I'll help if I can. Can I join your little colouring group please? I'll print off my heart tomorrow and catch up with you. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    3. Hi Brenda whats aw this aboot getting worried aboot letting things out about the ndc goodies dinae yi worry yersel naebody is going ti bad comment you on here I for one am no really bothered if folks say what it is until you see it for yourself then you don't really know what it looks like so yi can tell me if yi like,
      Well Amy was not to bad at the hairdressers she did have a wee unsure face and a wee bit shaky like you said but the woman was very patient with her and managed a great job.
      Bet half of your city is partying tonight so chuffed for the Hibs and I'm no a fitba fan.
      Right nae worries noo here's yir cuddle..xx

    4. Hi Brenda, please don't get upset about it, it's not the end of the world if you say something. Even if we know the stamp is a car or the grid is a horse or whatever we still get that lovely surprise when we actually see them xx

    5. Dear Brenda my wonderful blog friend I know I put on the blog last time to one lady not to tell us what was in the club envelope but if I realised how much I have upset you I can only apologise I didnt realise about your Aspergers as I don't understand Aspergers so please accept my sincere apologies and don't be afraid to come on the blog and say anything as you help us in so many ways and letting us know what's in the club envelope is not important as you feeling safe to come here and be loved big hugs my dear blog friend xxxx

    6. Aaaw! My Dear Brenda, what does it matter if we know what is going to be in the envelope?? It is still wonderful to see it first hand. In fact, for me, it makes it more exciting knowing what I've got to look forward to. Please, please, don't take anything away from your enjoyment of getting your envelope each month. I totally understand how you can't help but take things to heart. Liam is the same, we have to really always think before we speak, as he takes things so literally.
      To change the subject a little, I was reading about your experiences with having your hair cut. We found from Liam, that for him, it's not just the being too close to someone or having to sit so still, he can't abide the 'noise' of his hair being cut! We take ear plugs for him now, and that seems to have done the trick..a little. But his hairdresser understands his problems so is great with him.
      You must have been playing your CDs lovely last night at the campfire. Cos I had the first good nights sleep I've had in ages! Bless you! Whatever would we do without you! A great big hug for you xxx

    7. Goodness, I hope there hasn't been not nice comments, I know I've asked to keep it as a surprise before but hope I wasn't rude! I'm sure I wasn't. It's certainly not the end of the world whether the cat is let out of the bag or not so don't take it to heart and don't worry if you do mention it. Life it too short. I look forward to the surprise but it's not the end of the world if I find out before I get the envelope xx

    8. Oh dear Brenda, I don't think most us realise how things like that affect someone with Aspergers but I'm pleased that you can come on here an explain it to us. It doesn't bother me if I know what is coming my way, in fact it makes me more excited and impatient to receive them. I received my three items this morning and I love them, I'm hoping to make the pink card with the stamp. I hope you enjoy them as well.

    9. Hello Brenda
      Now don't you go worrying, we all understand and you are amongst friends here. I'm sure Paul will see what he can do to help but meantime, you enjoy your club envelope, it's a lovely monthly treat for you and we all get excited about it. Sending a hug for you and Daisy xxx

    10. Thank you everyone, you're all very kind :-). And thank you for all the offers of listening to me when I want to talk :-). Before my Asperger's diagnosis, there would often be a situation where I'd say something that I thought was ok, or even a good thing to say, but I'd get a bad reaction, and I never knew what I'd done wrong, why I got a bad reaction, never understood so much. It's really horrible going through life like that. So after I got my diagnosis, and found out I'm different to most people, I spend a huge amount of time trying to make sure I don't say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing, and then spend a huge amount of time after, trying to work out if I have or not. To try to prevent people being bad at me. It's just the way it is for me living in this world. And I've found with everything I've been put through from the support services, and the increasing forced isolation from the world, I'm struggling, more and more with communication and understanding other people. Way back to as bad as I was before my diagnosis.

      I'll be fine, just on a downer just now. We all know how hard it is if we have no one to share our worries and problems with. But in my experience it's at least as bad, often more so, when I can't share any good bits I'm allowed in life with people.

      I've been doing all my filing away of stencils, stamps and groovi. had quite a lot as they'd been piling up from all Barbara's generous sales over the past few months. I stamp out all the stamps onto copy paper, in categories so I can use that for deciding on which to use for each project, so it takes time when I have a lot. But that's it done, for now. just to tidy away the mess I've left tomorrow, and that's my craft room all sorted – wee clear out, and mostly everything away and in order. just a few bits and pieces lying around waiting to be finished/started, but it's always goin to be like that eh. So tomorrow I'll start my colouring in. And I need to work what I'm arty/crafty projects I'm doing next. Alison, of course you can join in, no one is excluded. There's too much of that in this world! Thanks for the tip, was it you Morag, not to put purple over yellow. When my hair is cut I feel the scissors cutting though it, I don't like that. I'm desperately needing it cut, it's too long, I'm too old for long hair, and it's hard to brush too with my CFS. It's not through choice that it's not been cut, no support means no haircut, no nothing.

      Daisy had a good time this afternoon, she asked out the back door, which is unusual, so I put her harness on (she wouldn't survive if she went wandering off) and she sat at the open back door for ages, occasionally nipping out to check out the wee corner just outside the door. And I've got a few wee sparrows who seem to have taken up residence nearby which is nice.

      Sheila, have you tried doing a clean of your ink cartridge heads? There will be a setting under maintenance that will run that. It may be that they are clogged up if you haven't used it for ages. Also run an alignment one, you should do that every time you replace your ink cartridges. Again that will be in the maintenance section. I can do them all through either the software on the laptop or on the printer itself, but it varies form printer to printer. your manual will tell you. And is your printer set to print landscape. Also what paper are you using to print on, sometimes if you print into something like super smooth using the standard paper setting it won't print properly.

      Hope everyone has a good Sunday xx

    11. Oh Brenda, don't worry if you let the cat out of the bag, we all understand and we don't want you fretting about it anymore. When we're excited it's easily done. Lynn let it out one day in her excitement and a few of us commented on it, she apologised and we told her not to worry too. It's lovely that you had the courage to explain to us how it's made you feel, we definitely don't want you feeling bad. So cheer up now, don't know how we'd manage without you. Love and hugs Pam xxx

    12. Morning Brenda, hope you read all these comments and take them on board. Never worry about people being rude to you here, there are so many of us on here that would NEVER let that happen. A few jobs to do this morning and then its colouring time! Must remember not to mix my yellow and purple too much. Xx

    13. Mornin just nipped in ti see if yi were ok and that yi got awe yir pals wee messages. .. well what else di yi day wi yer cup o tea in the morning . .. here's a wee cuddle happy Sunday ma friend see yi later..xx

    14. Morning Brenda this is an early time in the day for me since having the steroid injection it's been nice to see more of the day but the pain in my bones are starting to come back more each day but they are not severe as before and now been on the new medication I hope they don't .
      Thank you for your information on the printer I've tried all that you have said the inks are brand new inks so my printer tells me what to do as I know I cannot remember so that's good .i just don't understand why it prints only half of the picture then more of it then it printed a full one but not the thinking with clarity logo so I'm going to use the full one as its in the very corner of the bottom heart that it's got a few letters but if I'm colouring in dark purple it's should cover it .i have different printing papers from crafters companion and Joanna sheen .hopefuly it will sort itself out .
      Hope your day is a better day than yesterday good that you got your craft sorted out too and mannage to colour today and daisy enjoys the sun and fresh air it's good you look after her so well what a lovley way to keep her safe with a harness.
      Sending you lots of hugs for you and daisy xxx

    15. ooh Brenda, that's a good idea to stamp your stamps on to paper before filing away. I also have a load of stencils and stamps to file. I want to take some stamps of their blocks too so I'll have more storage space. I like storing them on the acetate sheets. xx

    16. Hello Brenda, I am late reading this blog, my 22 year old grandson has Aspergers also and has the same problem reading people's reactions. He is very artistic and a really good musician and songwriter, we are so proud of him. He now always tells any new friends about Aspergers and has some really comical tales about his experiences, looking on the funny side seems to work for him. Good luck with your printing, I haven't attempted it yet xx

    17. Thank you everyone πŸ™‚ xx
      A slow start today, was extra late getting to sleep. Nice and warm here, with hazy sun shining in. Not sure if I'll get started with my colouring in today, trying to play catch up at present. But I should be able to tomorrow, but there's nae rush anyone, it's meant to be enjoyable, so we won't move onto the next bit until everyone has finished their roses. xx

      I too enjoy telling my funny stories of having Asperger's living in your world. I like to make people laugh. I also seem to have the knack of seeing the funny bits in the everyday stuff of normal people's lives and words, and can relay that back in a way that makes them see the funny side of it too.

      Sheila it sounds like your page set up is wrong, like your printer is trying to print onto a different size page, or trying to squash a larger image onto a smaller page. What does it look like in print preview?

      1. Check you're set for the correct printing orientation – click "auto portrait/landscape", or click "landscape".
      2. Click on – "shrink oversized pages"
      3. Now click on page setup", check it's saying – A4, and landscape if you've chosen the "landscape option. If you've chosen the "auto option, it will probably say portrait here but that's fine. Click "ok" to cancel that wee window.
      4.Now click on "properties", it should be near the top, click on the "page set up" tab, there a few in a line across the wee window, near the top. Check that borderless printing is not on. And check that it's "normal-size printing" that is highlighted. If you can't find "page setup" in step 3, you can check both here too, just follow step 3 instructions the same.

      Click ok.

      Try it now, print it on the back of one you're not intending using to save you wasting paper. You won't waste much ink printing out the black lineart.

      If it still doesn't work, tell me if there's been any change to how it's printed, and what. Try and give me as much detail as you can as to how the printed page looks, and I'll have a wee search on the internet to see what else it could be.

      Just so I know I've understood, you're saying it starts printing fine, everything where it should be, then it misses bits, and prints bits totally out of place to where they should be?

    18. Your a star⭐️ Brenda thank you my lovley blog friend I checked all as you said and it did the same then realised I had change the size part which should have been on 100% but wasn't It's printed perfectly now so can join in the colouring with us clarity followers is it roses first purple edges & yellow lots of thank you hugs xxx

    1. Oh I have some of that decolourant, I got it to decorate some old T-shirts, I don't have the stamp though, another one to add to my wish list as I love the effect you got xx

  9. Great samples again – so different and very inspiring. I got my club goodies today as well, and still haven't put away the box of breakdown sale purchases, so I must get into the craft room tomorrow to clear the desk at least! Brenda M, please just enjoy your club items, and don't worry if your excitement means that you share something on the blog before everyone has received theirs. I for one would never worry about such a thing, and I would be so upset that you felt bad about sharing your joy and enthusiasm from opening the parcel every month. x

  10. Hi Paul – the samples are really good and it's great to be able to look into the 'Clarity Archives'. As if you would do anything rash, like have a silly sale while Barbara is away!! Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my wonderful blog friends – I hope that you have all been able to keep dry today. A bit more rest for me today, together with a bit of ironing – it really HAD to be done, poor Neill was running out of things to wear. However, I didn't try to do it all in 1 day!! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      I hate ironing! Hope Neil now has things to wear! Don't do too much and tire yourself out mind you. Weather been very mixed here today. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    3. I hate ironing too. I always try to fold things really carefully or hang them up as soon as they come off the line so that I don't have to iron them!

    4. Hi Gill, I stand poised in front of the dryer with hangers in hand!!! I do as little ironing as is possible!! There are much more interesting things to do with my time haha! You will need extra rest tomorrow mind to make up for it. Don't forget. Love and hugs xxx

  11. Hi Paul,
    As if you'd give us silly sales! Does Barb not trust you!! Yet more fabulous samples from the design team. It really is great to see these again. Love Alison

    1. Hi to all my blog friends,
      Sorry haven't commented for a couple of days but Dave took me on a surprise trip to Portpatrick for my birthday tomorrow. We stayed in tHe Fernhill hotel overlooking the bay and it was gorgeous. Having a quiet day tomorrow ( I think) and then going out for a meal on Thursday night. Going out with friends on Wednesday to Betty's in Northallerton so looking forward to that too. Hope everyone is ok, I'll try to catch up with the comments tomorrow and also do my calendar challenge. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

    2. What a lovely surprise for you Alison. It sounds like you've got a busy week. We can perhaps meet up at Valerie's the week after??? Spread your birthday out a bit. Have you started on your heart yet? it'll be the perfect opportunity for you to play with your lovely pencils. Love and hugs xxx

  12. Hi Paul &ladies, hope you all have had a good day. Paul is looking after us all and doing a good job. Have not caught up for a few days as hospital visit required. Had my monthly parcel today as had been out to Stratford for the day weather very good. As everyone says love the nice supprises the parcel brought. Hope you all have had a good day. Lots of hugs to all my blog friends. Please all take care. Hugs Lynn xx πŸ’–

  13. Evening dear blog friends thank you for all your lovley comments yesterday it's a better day today but not going to be on my I pad long as don't want the eye pains or the problems to the light like yesterday i had to wear my sunglasses last night good job they are my percription sunglasses so I can read with them .
    Been trying to print of my heart to colour with you all but it having problems printing it its printing bits of it half of it got one full one but it's got clarity through the very bottom so may have to use that as getting frustrated trying but have to keep trying as it frustrates me if I cannot get it right .
    I got my club envelope today wow another brilliant stamp stencil groovi to craft with and lots of wonderful insperation hugs to you all and to all on the blog xxx

    1. Evening Sheila glad your a bit better the day dinae start me about printers got myself in a right pickle changing the ink good job a still had the instruction book which was in one o my safe places but found it eventually.
      Keep your Shades on your a wee celebrity anyway to me..xx

    2. I would never have thought about wearing sunglasses! Paul said he would help anyone who had trouble with the printing. He might email you one if you contact him xx

    3. Hello Sheila,It's a good idea to contact Paul, it'll be a shame if you can't get the heart printed off. Maybe our Brenda could give you a hand too!! If I spend too much time trying to write on my phone, I can't see properly for ages. Sunglasses sounds like a great idea, I've got some clip on ones somewhere. I'll definitely be giving it a go. thank yo so much for the idea. Take care my dear friend. Love and hugs xx

    4. Paul e mailed me the download got that sorted it's just printing it now I've tried of my computer and my I pad as its wireless ans so is my printer so don't really need my computer but thought I would do a 6×6 for a card my dear crafting friend has just come home after major surgery she said her husband would print it of for me and post me it to me how kind and thoughtful they are .but still get frustrated at not been able to know why it won't print it properly xxx

    5. Sheila, sorry to read you've been suffering. Didn't see yesterday's post as I was in Edinburgh for a little break and that meant no iPad! Hope you're feeling a bit better today. ;~}

  14. Hi Paul – did someone say silly sales? What silly sales, don't know anything about that it's a rumour!!
    Loving the pizza box days and pleased that Dee has been able to claim hers xx

  15. Happy post day today! I am having a busy weekend as it was our church festival today and tomorrow I am going through to Edinburgh to Princess street garden where the church of Scotland is holding a huge festival celebrating the General Assembly week. My hubbie, kids and myself have signed up for stewarding from 8am until about 8pm to e sure the event runs smoothly. We have been doing this for a few years now. Mid morning is usually quiet so this year I am going to take my groovi stuff with me to do while sitting in the gardens, next to the fountain in the shadow of the castle! (It had better be a nice day!).
    When I came in today after running messy church sessions involving shaving foam printing, I sat and relaxed by reading my happy post. It really invigorated me again and I am about to go and play with them.
    Hope everyone e has a good weekend, perhaps not as busy as mine though!!

    1. Hi Fiona,
      I love Edinburgh! Hope you have a lovely day and keeping my fingers crossed that the weather is kind to you. I'm so jealous that everyone seems to have received their club goodies, but not me! Still something to look forward to next week. Love Alison xxx

  16. Evening Paul and the holiday guys if your reading another set of lovely samples great artwork again ladies.
    Paul keeping us going but never seen any sales who told yi that.
    Love Dot..xx

  17. Hi Barbara hi Paul
    What gorgeous artwork, so many ideas have been stored away! Thank you for opening the boxes and sharing them with us. Paul we won't breath a word πŸ˜€. Hope you have a good weekend xxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends it's been a really busy day here today but sunny! Sending hugs all round., I'm nodding off here so must go to bed now. Night night xxxx

    2. Happy Birthday for yesterday Diane. I hope you had a wonderful day and hopefully some nice crafty pressies. Even if, like me, you had to buy them yourself haha! Love and Hugs xxx

  18. Hi Paul, thank you for putting Barbara's post on again. Do hope they are having a wonderful time. Haven't seen this stamp before. Late tonight been getting packed to go away and sorted out some of ny groovy and the garden heart for colouring to take with me. Brenda's instructions worked a treat for printing it out. Hope you're having a good weekend.xx

  19. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, sorry I'm so late, haven't read all the comments just scrolled down and Brenda's caught my eye. Hate to think that our comments had worried her so much. Hope you've all had a good day and that you are well, hope you'll soon have your pain back under control Sheila. I'm hoping my back will be better while I'm away, kept putting it off, but we do need a bit of a holiday. Keep resting Gilly and Neil, you too Morag and Sheila My Diamond envelope came today so that was great. Hoping I can get internet while away but if not, take care all of you. I expect you're all tucked up warm in bed, that's where I'm going now. Love and hugs to you all and to everyone on the blog.xx

    1. Hi Pam, Have a great holiday and I hope your back plays nice. I got my Diamond today too. Fabulous as usual!!! Take care. Love and Hugs xxx

  20. Hello Barb and Paul. I wonder if Barb has a talent we don't know about? Or did she maybe just guess about yesterdays great offer πŸ˜‰. Love the artwork, beautiful stamps. Have a great Sunday all. Bx

  21. I don't think I have seen that stamp before but love the samples using it. We won't let the cat out of the bag Paul!! x

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