Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside

Paul here. A bit later than normal.
I just want to apologise to anyone who may have experienced problems contacting the office today.
We had a few technical issues!
Problems with the Broadband connection being the main issue.
It reminded me a bit of my old job in London, when things go wrong with IT, it seems to have a knock on effect with other bits of equipment!
A normal service should resume tomorrow!

Anyway, I received this pic from Barbara, Dave & Steve earlier which made me forget all the hassles of the day.
What an amazing sunset/sunrise.
Paul x
Hi everybody.
I think we need to carry on singing the song from the title of the blog.
All together now…..
Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside,
I do like to be beside the sea!
I do like to stroll along the Prom, Prom, Prom!
Where the brass bands play:
This week, I have gone all sea related.
Under water, beside the water and on the water.
So lets start with, beside the water.
These stamps are perfect for cards as well as scrapbooking
I really like the elegance of this card done by Elaine.
Simple, yet effective
Elaine Milner
An arty piece from Sam using the Gel Press to create a scenic background
Sam Crowe
A piece from Sylvia – check out the Shell Corner. 
Sylvia Marshall
Later in the week we can have a closer look at the Shell Corner stamp and see what other members of the design team came up with.

I hope you are all behaving.

Love and hugs x

56 thoughts on “Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside

  1. Enjoying your little slideshows on Facebook, Barbara. Very uplifting, looks like a beautiful place. Great samples from the team again. Hope you got the Gremlins out of the system, Paul. Xx

  2. Evening Paul beautiful scenery lovley stamps and art work I love the verse one for my wish list .
    Hope all back working tomorrow xxx

    1. Evening to all my dear blog friends thinking of you all and sending all my very best wishes to you all big hugs to everyone on the blog xxx
      I've managed to Finnish of a groovi card I've been making for my school friends 60th birthday for July she has never missed my birthday I'm getting my cards ready early as I don't know how long I will be able to craft and this is one card I wanted to get ready I've got a hospital appointment tomorrow for X Ray's on hands and feet and Wednesday got my diabetic eye screaning so might not be able to blog crafting hugs xxx

    2. Hello my lovely Sheila, that sounds a very important card to me, there are some that just have to be done aren't there. Take it easy and don't tire yourself out. I hope all goes well with the X-ray and diabetic clinic over the next couple of days. We will miss you but will be thinking of you. Sending lots of hugs xxx

    3. HI Sheila. I've been missing for a couple of days. I hope your appointment goes well today, and that you don't become too exhausted. Hugs xxx

  3. Hello Paul and Barbara
    I hope you've got something lovely for dinner Paul after your stressful day, with all the talk of the seaside fish and chips might be the thing, out of the paper of course!! I hope tomorrow is a better day for you, oh yes, IT problems, I'm married to the one who gets the emergency it's gone wrong sort it out now phone calls!!
    Barbara what a fantastic view and sunrise/sunset. Looks like you are having a wonderful time. The artwork today is lovely, I don't know these stamps, isn't it lovely seeing something you haven't been aware of before. I like those shells, I've been thinking of doing a canvass about seashells using a phrase we saw on holiday last year, these mat fit the bill!! Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends, I hope everyone is ok. It's been a lovely sunny day here today. Just settling down to do some groovi or colouring, haven't decided which one yet. Sending hugs all round xxxx

    2. Hi, been a lovely day here too. I did some potting on of veg plants. I know you can buy plants but I just love growing them from seed. I've only xx got a small raised bed and some pots but can grow quite a lot

  4. You poor soul Paul, great start to the week, not! My worst nightmare losing my broadband/internet, it's my lifeline, literally. And for businesses nowadays it must be as bad. I hope you've got it sorted, and the rets of your week is a lot better.

    Amazing sunset/sunrise. Love it.

    And yes I did sing out loud!!! Lovely artwork again. I don't remember the shoreline and poem stamps.

    Thanks for posting Paul. Hope Barbara et al are not fighting over who's going to do the driving!!!!

    love Brenda xx

    hi everyone, I've got 2 roses coloured in today, should manage to do the other 2 tomorrow xx

    1. Evening Brenda had to print of some things for my rhumatoid atritus printed fantastic thanks to you my ⭐️glad your getting your roses coloured it might be Thursday when I start mine how's daisy enjoying having more space to play in the craft room ? Hugs to you and daisy xxx

    2. Thanks everyone xx
      Hope your tests have positive outcomes Sheila. Glad you've got your printer sussed 🙂 Floor space didn't last for long, but it's just my winter quilt until I can get it in the washing machine. So the place looks a tip already!!!! xx

      I think the stamps must have been part of a big set. Well that's my excuse anyway!!!! xx

      Everyone just seems to be passing through on route to their beds tonight Diane. Have you got your printer behaving yet? xx

      Got any more birthdays this week Donna?!!!! 😉 xx

    3. I've got the beach set I think they must have been on sale but not seen the verse that's on my wish list now will say night sweet dreams xxx

    4. HI Brenda, I didn't even manage to pass through last night. I fell asleep on the settee and hubby woke me up to go to bed!! I seem to go from one extreme to another. From can't sleep at all..to can't stay awake. How's that for being contrary hahaha! I much prefer my 'can't sleep' time as I manage to fit lots of crafting in then.
      I hope you're feeling much brighter now. It will be a good feeling knowing that your craft room is sorted. I bet you found loads of stuff that you'd forgotten about. Hugs xxx

  5. Gorgeous sunset/sunrise and lovely artwork made with stamps I don't have. Thank you everyone for my birthday wished for today. I met a friend for lunch then we came back to my house and sat in the garden with a cup of tea. It was so relaxing. I'm now filling myself with birthday cake.

    1. Hi Donna. Wasn't happy with my colouring on 6 x 6 heart. So I've printed it out again full size. Much easier to do! So now my roses are finished. Can't wait to see what we're doing next. Countdown now for you for the holidays. I hope you have something nice planned. Hugs xxx

  6. When the I.T. doesn't work we are lost nowadays. Now you can't use cheques in most shops, unless you have the cash you can't even buy anything if systems go down. Hope it's sorted tomorrow and thanks for posting despite everything xx

    1. Hi Paul, sorry you've had a bad day must be in the air as my PC died last night! Wondering whether to replace or get a laptop instead, we have one that hubby uses and I have the iPad but I don't feel quite ready to go without a PC yet. On a positive note I did manage to finish the age is just a number card for someone who is 70 tomorrow. Also another card mixing a card kit with the new Clarity alphabet to make a sorry you're leaving/good luck card.

      Hope everyone else is OK can't push my luck on the iPad as it does funny things sometimes and I might lose this before publishing ! Xxx

    2. Hi Chris. It's lovely to spend time in the garden isn't it! Hubby does ours..his hobby. So I just get to enjoy the benefits. Hugs xxx

  7. Hi Paul, sorry to hear about the problems, hope it is all sorted. Mmmm IT, well I had better not say anymore, because it might just be rude. Love the photo, so beautiful and serene. Such stunning artwork too, all different, but fabulous. Have a great day all. Bx

  8. Morning Paul

    I hope you and the crew have a better day today. When IT problems start it was always a nightmare for me, so fingers crossed for you all that today will go as planned!

    Stunning view from Barbara, I'm so pleased they are having a well deserved 'rest' although this kind of holiday can warrant another holiday to get over it!!!

    June x

  9. HI Paul. Thank you for taking the time to blog despite your awful day. Fabulous photo. I hope today is much better for you all. xx

  10. More wonderful cards with a seaside theme which go perfectly with that gorgeous photo and what a fab time you ust all be having Barbara. Thank you for posting Paul. x

    1. Hi Pen. I hope you're feeling better today. I don't like social media sites, for those exact reasons. I know this site is 'open' too, but here, it just feels nice and safe xx

  11. I hope that IT has been sorted today Paul! Gorgeous photograph from Barbara. I do love the projects by the Design Team. Who doesn't love being beside the seaside? I do love the seaside.
    Linda xxx

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