Up, up and away!

Up, up and away!

Good afternoon!
Day 1 of the holidays and Paul will be posting today’s blog as Dave, Steve and myself will be in air!
Last week I said that I had spent a pleasant few hours going through the pizza boxes and choosing a few pieces of artwork from the design team to share with you all.
So here are the first few pieces using the lovely set of Fuchsia Unmounted Stamp Set
The fantastic Emma Williams
This would look lovely, framed and on the wall
The wonderful Mandy Branston
I love the depth of colour on this one.
The lovely Julie Owens
Working her pyrography magic to create a brooch.
So, hopefully Paul will have remembered to post the blog otherwise I will be writing to myself!!

We will see you when we get back!

If you have any questions or need help with anything, then please do not hesitate to contact the office 01732 868215

Love and hugs

102 thoughts on “Up, up and away!

    1. Afternoon Donna Dorothy Diane pam Brenda gilly morag pen Julia sue57 Chris and all my dear blog friends thinking of you all hugs and smiles hugs to all on the blog .xxxx

    2. Hi Sheila, I have these stamps (dare I admit I've not used them?) I'm looking forward to lots of inspiration using stamps I haven't used in a while (or not at all!). Xx

    3. Hi Sheila, how is your wrist feeling now? I keep thinking I've got a lot of stamps but I don't have this set. I have had a great couple of hours playing with my new fresco paints which I think I will turn into my 'anything goes' challenge entry.

    4. evening my dear blog friends I'm resting today as my pains have come back in my finger bones and my wrist bones but I've done a lot of crafting with my groovi and light tray so it might be that or steroid wearing off I do hope it's too much groovi -ing I've so enjoyed using my different plates but now I must rest I'm in bed now just catching up on the blog so will say night xxx
      Looking forward to your challange entry Julia I like the fresco paints glad you have enjoyed crafting with them xx

    5. Hi Sheila, hope your pains are easing off now you are resting. Hope it was just from overuse. Been finishing off my calendar challenge tonight and just caught up with Maria's last tv show. Love and hugs Pam xx

  1. Hi Barbara & ladies, have a great time and kick off your shoe's and relax. Hope all of my blog friends are Keeping well today. Have being grooving this afternoon, just finishing a project so I can carry on .The lady from Bristol show well what can I say don't think I will be as good as that but I can always dream. Have a good evening all. Lynn x x

    1. Hello to my lovely blog friends – I hope that you have enjoyed your day, whatever you have been up to. Neill and I are continuing to rest and do only what is necessary – between us. I seem to be sleeping so much at the moment, I expect that my body is trying to repair the recent damage. We are trying not to look any further than the next day, and I am trying to take all of your kind advice. Love, thanks and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Taking each days as it comes is exactly the right thing for you and Neill to be doing Gilly. Just enjoy each others company. Thinking of you both. Love and Hugs xxx

    3. Hi Gilly, you'll both be fine if you carry on what you are doing, listen to your body. Rest is a great healer. Take care of each other and just do the necessary. Love and hugs Pam xx

  2. Hi Paul, oor surrogate blog mummy!!!! πŸ˜‰ Are you going to come chat with us, share with us your words of wisdom?

    Love the design team samples. I especially like what Emma has done, making it look like it's an old drawing/page from a book. I think it goes very well with the style of the stamp. I've got one of those fuchsia stamps, thanks for the idea Emma and Barbara.

    I hope Barbara, Dave and Steve are not sat near anyone annoying! That must be a worst nightmare, especially for such a long plane journey. Hope you're managing to get some sleep so you can get off the plane raring to go. Safe journey

    love Brenda xx
    Hi everyone

    1. Hi Brenda. I missed out on the Banana Flapjacks, cos I slept all night through. Keep a couple for me please!!! I hope you're okay. Love and hugs xxx

    2. Ah, is that why the clouds have suddenly disappeared! Hope they can stay a looooong time if they've brought the sun with them!!! Anything Scottish you want me and Dot to throw your Mum's way for you?!!! πŸ˜‰ Nae one was up last night so still got the flapjacks in the fridge for us all tonight!!! I had a lonely night on fire duty!!!! xx

    3. Evening Brenda love the comment of Paul been surrogate mummy ☺️ How's your poor finger healing well I hope I had an early night last night and tonight too so save me a small piece of flapjack for when I can come to the camp fire night xxx

    4. Evening Brenda get the flapjacks oot I'll make the tea mines normal typhoo whats yours again is it the dear stuff!! we can always get Donna's Mum and step Dad round for a jig here's yir cuddle…xx

    5. Hi Sheila, hmmm finger not looking pretty! I could have made a better job of steri-stripping it myself. But hopefully with it being the finger tip it will heal better than it would somewhere else, just have to wait and see. Feels numb to touch in one part, so may not get all feeling back again either :-(. Thanks for asking, and caring. But it's right at the nail end, so it could be worse. if it doesn't come back I'll still be able to feel with the main part of my finger tip, that what matters most eh.

      Sorry to hear you've got pain again. Since it's just your hands it sounds more like you've done too much. My dodgy finger knuckle (wee bit arthritic from an accident years ago) is like that, it's fine until I've been doing something that has put a lot of pressure on it, then it gets sore. Resting it for a bit sorts it out. It's the pressure on bent joints that seems to be the culprit. It's about working out how to put the least pressure on your affected joints and learning how much you can do before it gets sore, and stopping there. I change crafts, so I'm still crafting but not doing the bits that can hurt my knuckle for too long. You'll work it out and find a balance that works good for you, it'll just take time. You've got Tom to help with the bits that cause the worst pressure too, that should help a lot. For you it's maybe about learning to hold things down with your palm or arm instead of your fingers, and limiting the amount you do where you have to press things/tools down. grips for tools should help too, fat grips, as that limits how much you need to bend your joints. You've got to keep them moving though, but do that when not putting pressure on the joints, like make set exercise times flexing all your joints. hope their feeling less painful and swollen tomorrow xx

      Aye, got to show them a ceilidh, proper dancing, nothing better than a ceilidh eh. Chamomile for me, I can bring my own. I can't have caffeine. Cuddle back xx

      Sheila I put very little sugar in my banana flapjacks so I'm sure you could be allowed a bit xx

    6. Hello Brenda, the banana flapjack sound lovely. Do look after your poorly finger, it sounds sore. I hope it heals soon . Sending hugs for you and Daisy xxxxxx

    7. Hi Brenda, hope your finger will heal soon so you can get back to your craft. Hmmm flapjacks sound good, haven't made any for ages, did make some lasagnes to put in the freezer over the weekend. Makes for a few easy meals with some salad or garlic bread when I don't feel like cooking dinner. Take care Brenda lovely to see you here, miss you when we don't see you here. Love and hugs Pam xx

    8. It's all warm and cosy at the campfire here. Tetley teabags for me, but I've got some nice green tea with lemon that you might like Brenda
      That's excellent advice you've given to Sheila, it'll be useful for many others too.
      I'm singing away but my lone voice sounds more like a parrot than a songthrush,so I could with a bit of help!! Love and Hugs xxx

    9. Thanks Diane, Pam and Morag :-). I was still awake at that time too Morag, was that what I was hearing while lying in bed, I thought it was the local cats fighting in the garden again!!!!!! Only kidding ;-). I've never tried green tea before. It's my own recipe, with loads of banana in it and moist flapjacks, not the hard rubbish the shops sell!!!

      If I'm being honest my finger looks like Frankenstein's monster at present! Struggling with it big because of Asperger's problems that I have at the worst end of the scale. I keep trying to tell myself it's nothing much, it could have been so much worse, and many people have far worse accidents and manage fine. I feel guilty on top because I'm struggling so much with it. xx

    10. Hi Brenda. We can never compare our problems with others as it's all relative. Some will experience what they see as catastrophes, and others will take the same experience and cope with it fine. So never feel guilty with struggling with anything. I know fine well you'll know all this in theory, my friend. But I thought there would be no harm in reminding you! Big Hugs xxx

  3. Hello all my lovely bloggy friends. Got a clarity package with my sale items today. Lots of lovely new stamps to play with. Hope everyone is well today. Xx

    1. Hi Donna, I hope you're going to USE all of your new stamps haha! I have to admit to also having unused stamps. Mind I do have the fuchsia stamps too…and I've used them once! Are you impressed!! Love and Hugs xxx

    2. Evening Donna oh yes I've got stamps that I haven't used but they dont need feeding and don't go off happy crafting with your new crafting goodies I got my alphabet today wow the are stunning hugs xxx

    3. Hi Donna, you aren't the only one that hasn't used all her stamps, think there must be quite a few of us guilty of that, not enough hours in the day. Used even less of my stencils and now of course groovy plates. Glad you got your parcel, they have been getting them out really quickly, Paul reckoned mine would be here by the end of the week, I ordered late on the Monday. No hurry anyway, plenty I can use. Couldn't resist the alphabet stamps. Got my light wave on Sunday at the show, haven't unpacked it yet. Hope you had a good day today. Love and hugs. Pam xx

    4. Phew, glad I'm not alone in not using all my stamps yet. I look on them as an investment! My craft room isn't that big but it is well organised so I can fit more in πŸ˜‰. More time to play would be great. Xx

  4. I am sure Paul will not forget to post the blog. If, by any strange happening he did forget, we would remind him. Beautiful artwork, and it is lovely to see a piece by the lovely Emma among those stunning pieces from the design team. Meanwhile, off you go and just have a wonderful time away from all the stresses of life. xxx Maggie

  5. Paul hasn't forgot to post! Hi everyone, lovely artwork today, I do love fuschia, hardy, trailing and bush, they're such good value and so pretty! I've still got bushes from cuttings I took from my Nan's garden, years and years ago. Other people have had cuttings from those.

    I digress, busy today clearing the kitchen for new worktops tomorrow. I think I'll just have to be cardmaking while that's being done and …… my light pad arrived today woo hoo!

    It's been a lovely sunny day here. Hope Barbara, Dave & Steve have a wonderful time! x x x

  6. Thank you Paul for posting the blog. You're a star!! I love the artwork. It may just inspire me to get my fuschia stamps out of hiding. I hope Barbara and Co are having a nice restful flight. Hugs xxx

    1. Hi there Morag, had a good day mostly visiting, left our coats at my Daughters last week. So glad it hasn't been too cold. Collected them from her in-laws as they went up on babysitting duty after us. Then visited a friend whose hubby has just had a knee operation. Finished off my canvas for the calendar challenge and did a little groovy tonight. Hence late tonight. Hope you are feeling a little better at least. Love and hugs Pam xx

    2. I've been awake since just after one, so I've been watching 7 brides for 7 brothers. I just love that film…..even though I can see the false backgrounds all the time haha! Xxx

    1. Hi Girls, been a bright day today but a bit chilly now. Rain tomorrow which is god as we haven't had rain for a wee while and I got hubby to put 'feed and weed' on the grass and it needs moisture to work. Hoping to receive my sale parcel tomorrow.

  7. Welcome Paul again to Barbara's blog looking forward to hearing from you withBarbaras pictures let hope they all have a well earnt break lots sunshine and scooper diving hope flight was good and they arrive safely. Enjoy your fun onhere vernext couple weeks xxx

  8. Hooray, Barbara's on her well deserved hols and I hope the three of them have a wonderful time. Paul's sorted the blog so we can have our daily chat. What more could we want. I wonder if Paul will behave himself while in charge or will he slip in a competition or two???

  9. Hi Barbara and Paul, Great piccies, these samples by your DT are beautiful.
    Well done, Paul.
    I hope your travel is going well, Barbara, and you arrive safely. Enjoy your well-earned rest.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  10. Hi Barbara and Paul, Great piccies, these samples by your DT are beautiful.
    Well done, Paul.
    I hope your travel is going well, Barbara, and you arrive safely. Enjoy your well-earned rest.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  11. Thanks Paul for taking the time to do the blog and giving Barbara a good rest…. great DT samples girls always love to see what the DT team comes up with always differant always fantastic artwork looking forwsrd to seeing more.
    Safe travelling all….xxx
    Safe travelling to you all

    1. Hahaha Dot, I've just said to Brenda that my singing's like a squawky parrot….so yes, there is one around!! Hope you've had a good day Love and Hugs xxx

    2. Hello Dot
      I hope you are ok, I was so tired last night I fell asleep typing! I've just checked back and it all makes sense so that's ok! Sending hugs xxx

  12. Hi Barbara and Paul, I expect you've landed by now Barbara, have a brilliant holiday and make some beautiful memories. Will miss you but it's great to know you'll be away enjoying yourselves. Did enjoy the show yesterday, especially seeing you and all the team. Will look forward to all your news when you return. It was lovely seeing and talking with you yesterday Paul. Thank you for taking over Barbara's blog while they are all away. Love the Fushcias have them but ashamed to say haven't got around to using them yet. Great to be reminded with the team's beautiful cards. Love Pam xx

    1. Hi Pam
      How lucky were you to see that lovely parchment in the flesh, amazing isn't it. Dare we ask if you had your cushions with you? I'm sure they were used!! Xx

  13. Hi Barbara and Paul
    I hope you have all landed safely and your adventure has now begun – happy holidays xxx
    Paul thank you for looking after the blog whilst Barbara is away. The artwork today is amazing, it's lovely to see it close up rather than a quick flash on the telly. You are all very talented.
    Love Diane xxx

    Hello to all my lovely blog friends, I fell asleep typing last night so playing catch up. Sending hugs all round xxxx

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