Bristol was Brilliant!!!!

Bristol was Brilliant!!!!

Thanks for popping in.
Very late. We just got in from the Bristol Show.
What a fantastic day we had!
This was half an hour before the doors opened:

The tutors and exhibitors were already in full flow, shopping!

Why I was worried about being rejected by the trad parchers 
Who planted that worm???
They were nothing short of excited and delighted to have us there, 
and you couldn’t have wished for a warmer welcome 
and a better reception. 

It really was astounding –
at so many levels!
And when I have more time, 
I’ll let you in on a few very, VERY cool developments… 

Have yet to pack for our trip tonight,
and make up the guest bed for the house-sitter.
Scramble scramble scramble!!!!
But it will all be fine. 
Mum is back home too, which is a mighty relief, 
or we wouldn’t be going anywhere!
I don’t think I even told you 
my Mum ended up in hospital on Thursday.
So bit of a run around on Friday.
Mum zoomed to the top of the priority chart 
and packy casey got relegated.

But she’s back and on the mend, so that’s a good thing. 
Do love that woman. 

Back to Bristol.
The place was packed with talent.
This lady, Amanda, I want you to meet.

Her artwork will blow you away.

We couldn’t believe it.
We just stood there speechless.
Amanda has written several books, which are also beautiful, 
and actually show you how to make these wonderful pieces.

I urge you to check her out.
Such an unassuming, gentle woman.
Spoke no English.
But her art transcended language. 

I am so grateful to have been invited to participate at the 
Bristol Parchment Show.
Having seen what goes on, and what is possible;
I have made another decision:
I want to learn more. 
I want to acquire the skills it takes to be a parchment tutor.
The girl’s going back to school !!! 
Pam, it was so lovely to see you too.
Thank your hubby for being such a good sport.
Gotta go….
Checkin out…
Switchin off….
Missin you already….
but it’s time to go sit underneath the Kumu nui.
(Hawaiian for Coconut Tree!)
love & hugs always

73 thoughts on “Bristol was Brilliant!!!!

  1. Wow, what some work there ! Glad it all went well. Sorry to hear about your Mum but glad she's back at home. Panic over, now get away and enjoy your hols, all of you. See you when you get back x x

  2. I just knew you had nothing to worry about Barbara. How could they not love you and your products. As I said yesterday, Groovi complements traditional parchment so beautifully, and they will be so grateful that you are introducing so many new people to the craft.
    I'm pleased that your Mum is now well. So get packed and away. We'll all be here when you return to welcome you home, but in the meantime have a fantastic time. Safe journey to you all. Hugs xxx

  3. Hello all my lovely blog friends. Had a totally sleepless night last night so I'm off to bed now. I've just stayed up to wish Barbara well. See you all tomorrow. Love and hugs xxx

  4. Best wishes to your mum.
    Looks like a successful Bristol trip. Fab work on show!
    Now to the Vacation!
    Take a suitcase with a change of clothes, swimmers and buy everything else there! Only passport, tickets, cards, phone are priorities.
    Enjoy. ;~}

  5. Glad to hear how well it all went at Bristol,but even more that your wonderful Mum is home safe and sound. Now, off you go and enjoy your special holiday. See you next month down at Crowborough and then in July for the Retreat. xxx Maggie

  6. New that would love you as we do. Hope mum is okay we'll get a good sleep then get your suitcase and if you go and have a fantastic break lots of scoobering pictures lots love see you in couple weeks xxx

  7. Big fan of Amanda Yeh. I first made one of her bags way back in 2006. She is such a talent. Very happy that your mum is back home. Sending her hugs xxx
    Have a wonderful trip and will see you when you get back. Love. Emma xxxx

  8. Big fan of Amanda Yeh. I first made one of her bags way back in 2006. She is such a talent. Very happy that your mum is back home. Sending her hugs xxx
    Have a wonderful trip and will see you when you get back. Love. Emma xxxx

  9. Barbara, you must be sailing on cloud nine right now, brilliant news about your Mum and your show. Sorry to hear your Mum has been poorly. I'm so happy for you, and for your mum that she's now on the mend.

    And all I can say about Amanda's amazing work is WOW! 3D parchment, now I think that's right up my street! So I'm already enrolled on your waiting list for when you become a tutor ;-).

    Now off you go, sit under the coconut trees, forget about everything here as much as you can, have fun. And enjoy your swim with the dolphins! I'm grinning ear to ear! Have the bestest holiday ever, all 3 of you. Love Brenda xxxx

    1. Nae worries Donna, you, me, and Dot too 😉 xx
      Are you on the school run Dot? Not too long until the summer holidays. cuddle back xx
      I'll volunteer to do the fire night watch on my own the night!!!

  10. Wow. What amazing art. It is amazing what you can make with parchment.
    I am really pleased that the show went well for you and that you had a good time there.
    I am sure that you will get packed in time to leave for your amazing adventure. I hope that you Mum will continue to recouperate and will be her usual self in next to no time.

  11. Hope you have a fab holiday and totally chill. Watch out for falling coconuts tho, haha!!
    Amanda's work is amazing. Looking forward to hearing your new developments xx
    Glad your mum is OK xx

  12. How beautiful is that work glad all went well for you in Bristol.
    So get the shades and flipflops packed that's all you have to worry about now.
    Glad your Mum's ok.
    Have a great time Hula Hula off yi go…xx

  13. Wow! What awesome 3D work. Amanda is very skilled & talented lady. I'm really pleased that you and Clarity were so well received in Bristol. Have a wonderful time in Hawaii…can't wait to see the photo of you and Dave on paddling the canoe Hawaii 50 style. (Hear that you can have beautiful weddings out there!)
    Safe travels and wishing you many happy days ahead. Love and hugs, Jeanette xxxx

  14. Glad you had such a good show. No doubt they thought you and your Groovi is awesome. Sorry to hear your mom had a visit to the hospital but home. Enjoy that trip Aloha

  15. A lovely way to go off on holiday. Glad your mam is on the mend. Now I know why you said you had lost 12 hours. Have a wonderful wonderful holiday. Much love Jayne

  16. Hi Barbara
    I am over the moon that you were really well received in Bristol and exciting plans are afoot! All the tutors and ladies buying before the sow is a great credit to you all, well done. I'm sorry to hear your mum was rushed to hospital – that must have been yout nightmare day this week! It's good to hear she is home again sending hugs to you both. Now pack your bags and have a wonderful relaxing holiday.
    Love Diane xxx

  17. Hi Barb, so pleased for you that Bristol went well. And wow, those items/pieces of art by Amanda are really incredible, what a talented and gifted lady. Not sure what time you are leaving, but have a safe and wonderful trip, enjoy and relax. Bx

  18. So sorry to hear your mum was unwell but delighted she is on the mend. Amanda's work looks stunning. Pleased that the Bristol show went so well for you. Now just enjoy that holiday, I am humming the theme to Hawaii 5.0 As I write this, have a brilliant time

  19. I'm sorry to hear about your Mum Barbara but glad she is coming back home. The Bristol show was brilliant! Paul very patiently showed me how I can still pattern build with the Groovi corners, amaaaaaaazing!! We took a friend who, after playing at one of your tables, was hooked, so we bought her your starter kit. We came home tired, happy, laden with goodies (mostly Groovi), and full of inspiration. Now get off and enjoy your holiday, you need to recharge your batteries!

  20. Glad it went well. Never had any doubts that your Groovi system would be well received – why wouldn't it? Sorry to hear your lovely Mum has been poorly but glad to hear ahe is nack home and on the mend. What stunnimg 3f parchment work – I'd be happy to achieve srunning results in 2d for now! Lol. Have a fabulous holiday all of you. Xxx

  21. So glad your mum is back home and on the mend!
    I wish I could have made it to Bristol …the artwork looks amazing! I aspire to be so talented!
    Hope you have a fantastic holiday and get to switch off completely! That way you will come back refreshed and raring to go!
    Safe journey as you go. Love and hugs xxxxx

  22. So glad it all went well. Amanda's work is stunning……if only. Nice to have your Mum back home before you leave one less thing to worry about. Have a fantastic time, you all deserve it after the trials and tribulations of these past 12 months. Safe journey.

  23. Really enjoyed Bristol. So nice to have Clarity visit south west 😀 Lovely venue, right on train station, filled with such amazing parchment. Looking forward to next year x

  24. Barbara

    So very very pleased to hear your Mum is on the mend. That is good news.

    Wow all these are amazing must take hours and hours just stunning.

    Enjoy yiur hollibobs xx

  25. Barbara

    So very very pleased to hear your Mum is on the mend. That is good news.

    Wow all these are amazing must take hours and hours just stunning.

    Enjoy yiur hollibobs xx

  26. Hello Barbara

    Glad to know your Mum is out of hospital, which means you can go on holiday.

    Amanda's work is amazing and glad you had such a good time in Bristol.

    Enjoy your time away,

  27. Good morning Barbara, so really pleased you had a lovely day at Bristol yesterday, it was good to see you if only briefly. There was such fantastic work on display and I was in awe of Amanda and her freehand embossing – beautiful. Sorry to hear your mum has been unwell, but really pleased she is on the mend. Have a fantastic holiday .
    Best wishes
    Moya xx

  28. Firstly so pleased your Mum is ok and back home and secondly so very pleased the show went so well, you and your team have revived a dying art so I'm not surprised you were made so welcome, enjoy. Amazing photos as well, stunning parchment work from Amanda, I will indeed check her work out. Right enjoy your holiday xx

  29. Hi Barb. So pleased the parching show went so well. Years ago, I went to a small one here in Essex and the work was amazing – I tried it but found it too difficult…… I can with the help of the fantastic Groovi….. Have a fantastic relaxing holiday and I look forward to the open day and retreat. Love Beryl (Sheppard) xxx

  30. So delighted that the parchers received you so well in Bristol, and even better news that your mum is on the mend – wishing her a full recovery. Now we just need for you to be able to flick that "off switch" on the plane, and leave Worka and Holick behind whilst you are on holidays! Have fun and watch for the falling coconuts, X

  31. Sounds like a good weekend ,, hope your mum soon gets better give her lots of love ,,.
    Enjoy your holiday take care and we'll see you soon ,,,
    Love Annie ,,,xxxxxx

  32. HI Barbara, brilliant result from the Bristol trip, all sounds wonderful, delighted Groovi was so well received and as others have said it has revived the art of parchment for so many. Amanda's artwork is stunning, you were inspired and that has to be a good thing. Glad your Mum is on the mend, scary though it must have been for you all. Just go and enjoy your special holiday we will still be here when you get back! I would say watch out for the falling coconuts! xx

  33. Barbara, diese Reise hat sich gelohnt, wäre schön einige Anleitungen zu bekimmen, das sind ja alles Prachtstücke, ich komme aus dem Staunen nicht heraus
    glg Gertrude

  34. So pleased for you all and what amazing things you saw and people you met. What a note to end on before your exciting trip. So glad your mum is ok too. Have a fantastic time and recharge those batteries X X x

  35. So so glad it all went so well, I would love to have visited but we had a very important family occasion. That lady's work is just amazing, I can understand you wanting to learn more , it is how I feel at the moment. I just want to try and learn everything. So pleased your mum is ok, such a lovely lady. Enjoy your trip, going to be amazing. Postie has just delivered my Clarity order so I know what I will be doing a little later. Oh joy. xx

  36. I'm glad your mum is on the mend, they are a worry at times.
    Well, I've just managed to stop my jaw from hanging open in astonishment at the wonderful parchment art pieces. There is no way I would have the patience to attempt them, but one can only admire them.
    Enjoy your holiday, you all have definitely earned it. Xxx

  37. Blimey, Amanda's work is amazing. So pleased that Bristol went well for you and even more pleased that you mum is ok. Now off you go and enjoy your hols.

  38. What a wonderful show it was, spent a half hour watching Amanda showing us how to do some flowers free hand, absolutely amazing Barbara. Wonderful seeing you yesterday, you were so busy but you still managed a word with us, grateful for that and a mention on here from you had me filling up. Wonderful lady, your Dave too is so sociable, even shook hands with Steve, what can I say all your team are amazing, and dear Heather & Hubby brilliant. So glad your lovely Mum is on the mend, that must have been a worry for you. Go away now and have a fantastic holiday you all deserve it so much. Had a call at the show to hear our Son did the Gloucester half marathon in 1 hour 58 mins, he was well chuffed as it was his first one. Love and hugs Pam xx

  39. Hi to all my blog friends, did look on here before I went to bed last night but Barbara hadn't been on, tried to have an earlier night as not been sleeping and hubby thought I looked shattered. Anyway fantastic show as you've now heard, had a lovely day. Just read all your comments. Have a good day everyone, love Pam xx

  40. Hi to all my blog friends, did look on here before I went to bed last night but Barbara hadn't been on, tried to have an earlier night as not been sleeping and hubby thought I looked shattered. Anyway fantastic show as you've now heard, had a lovely day. Just read all your comments. Have a good day everyone, love Pam xx

    1. Hi Pam, Your day sounded fabulous. What a thrill for you to have been there. It must have been wonderful seeing everything at close quarters. I hope you managed to catch up on some sleep. Hugs xxx

  41. Hello Barbara, so lovely to meet and chat with you yesterday, Bristol is a very friendly show, and your Groovi products are helping new people to love parchment, I enjoyed the workshop you did, enjoy your holiday, you deserve it, glad your mum is on the mend xxx

  42. Morning Barbara and all crafters in Clarity land…………… I so wished I could have got to Bristol to that show…………I have been on Amanda's web site what truly fabulous creations she makes, she also has lots of free patterns on there too. I so wished I could make them like here.

    I am still plodding along with my surprise freehand parchment creation, I did a bit wrong so am adjusting it………I will get there.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  43. Morning Barbara and clarity towers wow so many stunning designs from Amanda thank you for sharing her talent .fablous that you had a fantastic day and felt so welcomed and so you should be you have got so many of us non parchers into a wonderful new craft . Have a fantastic break away with Dave & Steve wil wait for all your holiday snaps when you get back .
    Sending get well hugs for your mum glad she is back Homefront hospital before you went away xxx

  44. Morning Donna Dorothy Diane pam Brenda gilly morag Julia Alison pen Chris sue57 and all my blog family of friends thinking of you all hugs and smiles to all on the blog xxx
    I didn't get to blog last night as I had done too much groovi -ing with my light tray and my l wrist swelled up and the pain in the bones was back it's still very painful today so a rest day from crafting it might be the steroid injection wearing off I do hope not or doing far to much crafting with my groovi think its the latter .hugs xxx

    1. Ooooo I've just got a clarity parcel in the post wow it's the beautiful alphabet set thank you clarity towers for all your hard work xxx

    2. It sounds like you've been a bit too enthusiastic with your light tray Sheila. I'm sure that will be the reason for the pain. At least I very much hope so. so rest day today for you. My alphabet came last week, but I haven't had a chance to play yet. Take care dear friend. Hugs xxx

  45. First show like that I've been to (too far away from all the others) and I was like a child in a sweetie shop. Walked too much for my poor back, spent too much for my poor bank balance. Don't care. Happy day! Met some lovely people (Pam. Pat… hello!) Everything was so inspiring. And yes, I now want to do a parchment course as well!

    Barbara – why don't you have one of your Clarity days down in this neck of the woods? It's beautiful! Bristol or Bath would be fab. Go on… think about it! 🙂 By the time you have one, I should just about be able to spend money again.

  46. Hi Barb,
    Sorry I'm so late! Also really sorry to hear that your mum has been in hospital and I hope that she's ok now. The show really seems to have gone well for you and Amanda's work is simply stunning. I hope that you Dave and Steve have a fabulous holiday and really chill out. We will be here when you get back, but for now, just forget we exist!! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  47. Glad the show went well and what fabulous delicate and pretty work and what patience to do it too. So glad your Mum is OK and know you will be having a fabulous time. x

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