Hawaii Day 1

Hawaii Day 1

Aloha from Hawaii
Day 2 of being without an internet connection – I wonder if I am enjoying it yet?
Here is a shopping list for today’s trip through the gallery:
Emma Williams (an amazing card maker)

This is just pure luxury and oozes elegance

This is one of mine!

I love how you can just take the design, cut it out and mount it quite simply onto some matching card.

Have a closer look at the above image, can you see the hairline cracks?
I have triple heat embossed with clear embossing powder to give the effect of an enamel tile and then when it has gone cold, you gently bend the piece of artwork and cracks appears, which gives it a vintage look. If you end up with too many cracks, just apply the heat and melt it again.
Dee Paramour (another amazing card maker)

Look at how different the design looks when using different colours, I love the colours that Dee has used.

Love and hugs x

Hi everyone, Paul here!

I hope you are all behaving and enjoying the blog posts!
I will keep checking in, but if you need anything, then drop me an email paul@claritystamp.com

See you all tomorrow x

130 thoughts on “Hawaii Day 1

  1. Ah, bless you Paul! Thank you so much for looking after Barbara's blog – it is great to see these beautiful samples that she picked out for us to enjoy. Plus the added bonus of you looking after us all – hugs Gilly x

    1. Gosh first to comment! It just shows that I am resting in bed and looking at things! Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – hope that you are having a good day. Still in bed and feeling the benefit of it – not trying to do anything really. Bonus is, that Neill is behaving too! Big day for us tomorrow – going to the hospital, to see the Consultant regarding Neill's treatment. Fingers crossed that some progress will now be made. Love and hugs to you all and thank you so very much for caring about us both. Hugs Gilly xxx

    2. I'm pleased to see that you're being good and resting Gilly, Neill too! It seems such a long time for the wait for his appointment. But it does become easier when you know exactly what is happening and what you're dealing with. Hubby says to tell him 'Good Luck'. Take care my friend. Love and Hugs xxx

    3. Afternoon gilly pleased your resting and Neil too Hope tomorrow gives you the answers you need sending lots of hugs for now and tomorrow will be thinking of you both xxx

    4. Pleased to know you're resting. Good luck with hospital tomorrow and I hope you hear what you want to hear.

      I've been making some cards today (not Clarity, even though my light came yesterday I haven't used it yet!) as I'm trying to use a kit up. Need to use up some of the stuff I have that's for sure. Having new worktops fitted today plus new sink so I haven't been able to do anything (what a shame!). Going off to the theatre shortly as eating out first and leaving hubby here to sort out the plumbing in of sink with son. It's funny as son was here at 6.30 this morning to make sure water was turned off etc. to get sink out and to hear him advising his Dad what needed to be done was odd as it always used to be the other way around! Going to see That's Entertainment, 40s & 50s music with guest appearance from Jane McDonald. I'll probably nod off as I've been up since 6 ! Hubby has painted shed so that's a good job done too! xxx

    5. Hi agilely,
      Glad to hear that you are both being good and resting. I hope tomorrow goes well and that you can both move forward with some answers. Sending you both lots of love and hugs, Alison xxxx

    6. Thanks to you all – I have passed on your comments to Neill. He says that is very kind of you all. Alison – that agilely is quite interesting. Not feeling too agile at the moment though! Thanks for the explanation of it Brenda, xxx

    7. Hi Gilly, good to hear you are both resting – are you taking it in turns to get a cup of tea? I hope all goes well at the hospital tomorrow, you two could do with some good news. Sending hugs to you both xxx

  2. Thank you Paul for blogging the beautiful samples and looking after us while Barbara's away on this well earned holiday and giving us your e mail for any problems lovley to speak to you today and your help crafting hugs xxx

    1. Afternoon Donna Dorothy Diane pam Brenda gilly morag Julia Alison sue57 pen thinking of you all sending lots of hugs to brighten your day hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. You always brighten my day Sheila. I hope your pain is easing, and that yo are still resting, but maybe managing a little crafting! Love and Hugs xxx

    3. Hi Sheila,
      Been a nice day here – still a cool wind though. Managed to finish off two cards and get them mounted so that was good, and then it was housework! Love and hugs, Alison xx

    4. Hello all my dear blog friends yes I've been good resting i had an appointment at podiatry this afternoon that went very good hugs xxx

    5. Hi Sheila, I am glad to hear you have been resting and that your appointment went well. Take care of yourself, best wishes, Sue

  3. Brilliant designs by the very talented DT. I hope you are well Paul and thank you for sharing Barb's blog posts! I hope she is having a great time.
    Linda xxx

  4. Hello all my lovely blog friends. Haven't had time for any crafting today for doing things for other folk! Enjoy your day. Love and Hugs to you all.

    1. Hi Morag,
      Hope you are well. Do you fancy a coffee and cake next week sometime or are you not up to it. Give me a text to let me know . Love and hugs Alison xxx

    2. Evening morag I've not crafted today as been to podiatry this afternoon and been so fatigued so that's my CFS symptoms my pain is still quite bad in my wrist it's very swollen and very tender so just a rest day ,your so thoughtful saying I brighten your day you make my days special too big hugs dear blog friend xxx

    3. Hi Morag, I have had a chance to craft today. Fortunately I am going through a phase where I'm not doing to much for other people but I know that won't last.

    4. Hi Morag I rushed around doing the housework this morning so I could play this afternoon. I've finished my boy with birds card, just need to remember to post it now 😀. Hope you have a better nights sleep tonight xxx

    5. No crafting for me either. We had four friends to lunch and we all sat in the conservatory until 5.00 which was lovely, then it was clearing up, watering the garden and a neighbour's garden. Lovely dat though xx

    6. Hi Morag, housework for you, ironing for me today, hospital visiting this afternoon. Only a little crafting this evening before watching Marcella. Take care love Pam xx

  5. Hi Paul, Yay, you came to say hi :-). Yes we're enjoying the blog posts, not so sure about the behaving bit though!!!! Hope you've got some of your Mindfulness words to add to Barbara's tomorrow. I saved you some flapjacks last night!!! Thanks for posting Barbara's blog, the stamp isn't my style, but I'm still getting lots of ideas from them, and still think they all look very beautiful. I really like what Emma has done and the way Barbara has coloured in the lady. And what a great idea Dee's background is, I would never have thought of doing that. Thank you. Love Brenda xx

    Hi everyone

    1. Thanks Morag. Yeah I guess it's the flipside of what I was saying a couple of weeks ago, just hadn't connected it together. And with what I've had to go through in my life, and each day, I guess really struggling with one small part of that isn't too bad going. thanks for that xx

      I'm ok Alison, thanks. I'm sorting out my button boxes at present, into colours and tying together those that match. A rather large job, but it means I may be able to start using now!!! Did a wee bit picot cutting last night, and the break from practising seems to have worked magic as my head has properly got it now :-). I was even pleased with my effort, and that's no mean feat!!! I've now got all the scissor scratches on another finger, clearly still not got the scissors too far through the holes issue sorted! Glad you managed to craft today xx

    2. Hi Brenda – the more that I read about you, the more that I can see what a very clever and courageous lady you are! You manage to analyse how things are done and if I have read things right – how you can adapt them to be done more easily. Please correct me if I have got this wrong.
      I also have a large collection of buttons (some inherited from my Mum) and I LOVE all types of buttons. My daughter used to spend hours playing with Mum's button tin, when Mum looked after her and she wanted to know what item of clothing each button had come off. Many happy hours and memories for her and she still loves buttons! I would love to try one of your banana flapjacks – when I can manage to stay awake late enough one night – if that would be ok. Hugs Gilly xx

    3. How about 41 candles Donna!!! Happy birthday, hope you enjoy your ice cream. And hope you've not eaten any dinner so you've plenty room for lots of ice creams 😉 xx

      Thanks Gilly

    4. p.s. how soon can you get here Donna, I've had more than enough button sorting, there has been loads to go through and it's taken days! xx

    5. Evening my dear blog friend thank you for your thoughtfulness about my fingers and wrist pain thinking of me when you have such a struggle with each day ,how is your finger today lovley that you managed to picot and enjoying it so much .
      You have brought back some lovley memories for me I use to sort my gran's buttons when I was little oh that was a very long time ago thank you Brenda heartfelt hugs xxx

    6. Hello Brenda
      Oh that's brought back memories for me too, my grans button box was lovely and kept me amused for hours when I was little, I've got both mums and grans safe – couldn't use any of the buttons, they hold such lovely memories! Daft I know. Now I haven't tried this cutting lark yet, hopefully hubby has ordered the pricking tools and scissors for my birthday. Have you thought about using a thimble on your finger that you put behind to save it from being cut? I don't know if it would work but it's what sprung to mind as I was reading what you said. Sending hugs – do we need a fire extinguisher for Donnas flap jack? 🙂 xxx

    7. I bet families nowadays don't have button boxes, in this throwaway society eh! Happy to help if I can Sheila. I know yours is a different type of arthritis but hopefully what I've learned over the years for helping mine can help you with yours too. Finger looked a bit worse when I got up today, hopefully it'll start getting better now, tomorrow will be a week since I did it. There must have been not enough pressure put on it with the steri-strips and blood has collected round all the edges and gone black through the cut skin and under the nail, like a black ring! That's why it's looking like Frankenstein's monster!!!! I think the skin is a wee bit less numb today though. I keep a wee strip of micropore over it for protection, makes it less sore if something touches it, but mostly so I'm not looking at it all the time worrying my finger is going to die!!! I hope you have less pain tomorrow so you can craft. xx

    8. Thanks Diane. I hadn't thought about a thimble, and I think I have a couple in my sewing box. I'll definitely give it a try. I don't know what happened to my gran's button box. We used to play tiddly winks with them 🙂 It's not daft to not use the buttons, it's like keeping memories stored in things round you to remind you. Aye, good thinking, a big fire extinguisher!!! xx

    9. I agree about not wanting to use Mum's buttons, however I did use 3 of them last year when I made a wrist corsage for my daughter, when she got married in Las Vegas. I used a blue button for the middle flower, and 2 ivory with sparkly bits for the other 2 flowers. She loved it, and I used some lace from 1 of my Mum's old dresses as a base to stitch the die cut fabric flowers to. I attached it to an expanding ivory bead bracelet. Sorry for getting a little carried away here Brenda! xx

    10. Hi Brenda, hope your poorly finger heals up soon, it should do as its a week since it was injured. Paul mentioned some people find using a thimble helps them with the picot cutting when he was demonstrating on Sunday at the show. Love Pam xx

    11. Hi Brenda, hope your poorly finger heals up soon, it should do as its a week since it was injured. Paul mentioned some people find using a thimble helps them with the picot cutting when he was demonstrating on Sunday at the show. Love Pam xx

    12. I admire you persistence Brenda, and glad you have managed the picot. I just got my tools and plates and am going to give it a try soon xx

    13. Thanks Pam and Chris 🙂
      I've just looked out my thimbles, found 2, and they cover the bit that gets mangled with the scissors :-). Since we're being nostalgic about our childhood button memories, one wee thimble is mine from when I was wee, and the other bigger one must be my granny's, all wrapped in clingfilm, so it must be silver. Hope it doesn't mark the parchment. Do you know that trick, when you've polished anything proper silver, if you're not using it wrap it in clingfilm and it stops it tarnishing again. it does work xx

    14. Hi Brenda I've got a thimble that was my gran's and a needle case that is round and made of wood with decoration over it she use to take in sewing after her husband died as no social security then she made my underskirts my sister wouldn't wear hers as they was too frumpy so I got both I loved mine she even taught me to use the treadle singer sewing machine she was a wonderful gran you have brought back some lovley memories thank you Brenda I will say night and take my memories with me hugs xxx

    15. Our gran's sound alike. Although it was my mother who made my clothes. But my granny was the expert. My first sewing machine was a treadle machine. A neighbour gave it to me. I made my first own outfit when I was 13 for a school disco. I really liked that outfit. I'm intending getting back to serious dressmaking again in the very near future. But first I've got curtains and jammie bottoms to make. Good to share memories with you Sheila. Night night, I'll see you later today xx

  6. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for stepping in while Barb is away. You might have your hands full looking after us mind you!! Hope you're having a good day when th the boss away, love Alison xx

    1. Hi to all my lovely blog friends,
      Sorry I never got round to posting a comment yesterday but we went down to the RSPB reserve near Goole, didn't get back till about 4 pm and then went out to friends of ours and it was after 11 pm before we got back, by which time I was shattered, Had a good day though. Hope you all ok and that the weather has been kind to you today. Some more Clarity goodies arrived today – yeah! Even better, Dave was out at the cricket when the postman came so I could smuggle them in!! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xx

    2. Hi Alison. It would be lovely to meet up with you again next week. The more I go out the easier it will become. Sounded like a lovely day yesterday. I hope today is just as good. Love and Hugs xxx

  7. Love these stamps and don't own them yet. Great samples again today. Hi Paul hope you are coping in the office without Barbara, I bet you will manage everything with great success. Xx

  8. These are absolutely gorgeous . More stamps to add to my wish list . I'm waiting for my sale items to arrive across the pond . I went crazy with that sale . I think I may have a problem haha .just don't tell my husband haha . Love that guy .

    1. Aye Janice, join the club, there's a lot of us here with the same problem, we call ourselves the CCA – Clarity Crafter's Anonymous/Addicts!!!! Our cure rate is zero though!!!! Those with husbands will help you out with all the ways they've learned to sneak their parcels past them!!! xx

    2. Thank you all,for your wonderful,comments. My packag arrived today my hubby helped me open it .,I just told him how much I saved on the sale and typical man said "'well if you hadn't bought anything you would have said more . I smiled and acted like a kid with Christmas presents and after 46 married years he went outside to work in the yard .,lol xoxo joy now

    1. I was just going to ask if it was your birthday. I noticed your request for a candle on your flapjack. Soooo….Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Donna, happy birthday to you…tra la la! I hope you've had a great day. See you at the campfire for your birthday party. Love and Hugs xxx

    2. Hi Donna happy birthday, hope you've had a lovely day and have eaten lots of ice cream. The sale was well timed, did you get lots of Clarity goodies for your birthday? Sending big hugs xxx

  9. Hi Paul (and Barb). What a fabulous Blog post Paul, love the pictures. Be careful, you will be having all the ladies calling you soon :-). Take care. Bx

  10. Thanks Paul, lovely cards today, love this stamp it's good to be reminded that I have it and haven t used it for ages! Thanks for keeping the blog going, it's so important to all of us X X X X

  11. Hiya Paul! While Barbara's away you get to play!!! Work I mean. Thanks for keeping Barbara's blog running. It's great to get to see the samples! Hugs! Xxx

  12. Hiya Paul! While Barbara's away you get to play!!! Work I mean. Thanks for keeping Barbara's blog running. It's great to get to see the samples! Hugs! Xxx

  13. Beautiful artwork and one of the first stamp sets I ever owned! I fell in love with it as I have a lovely mirrored version in my lounge which my husband bought for my 21st birthday many moons ago – I even named my daughter Sarah!

  14. Hi Paul , enjoying this lovely stamp some time we never look at a stamp and think no this is not for me, but looking at the D /T designs make you think again. Good of you for looking after us while Barbara is away I am sure us ladies appreciate that. Keep up the good work. Lynn x x 😎

  15. Beautiful samples and I love the floral stamping through the silhouette mask – never would have thought of doing that. Hi Paul – hope all is calm at Clarity Towers, and that you manage to get in a pub lunch with the team whilst the boss is away!!! Susan x

  16. Hi Barbara and Paul
    Wow what beautiful artwork again, the stamps are beautiful and not one I know so it's good to see them bring showcased. Love the different ways one stamp can be used. Thank you for keeping the blog going Paul, hope you are ok and having some fun as well as working hard.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends, hope everyone is ok. It sounds like the orders from the sale are coming through thick and fast, my sister sent me a text yesterday very excited because her parcel had arrived. Sending hugs all round xxx

    2. Hi Diane, looking forward to getting mine. Finished my canvas yesterday, dont find them as easy as Barbara make a them look though. I suppose they will get easier the more you do. Hope you've had a good day, haven't had the rain yet that we were forecasted for. Love Pam xx

  17. Fab cards from these beautiful stamps….oh dear more additions to my wishlist. Ah well I could be doing much worse things than crafting – lol!

  18. Hi Paul, thank you for posting Barbara's blog. Lovely designs for the stamp, its one I haven't got as yet. Hope all is going well at work. Had my discount from the sale items credited back on my card today. So Janine has sorted it out now. A big thank you to her.xx

  19. Received a happy post from clarity today. Thankfully hubbie was out when the postie arrived! I am looking forward to trying out my new groovi plates soon. I have now realised that I should have ordered more things that I "really" need!!
    Hope everyone is having a good time enjoying all the sale goodies now they are arriving.

  20. Well Paul, with all these comments you're going to end up with a larger fan base than Barb! Keep up the good work, no mice playing whilst the cats away!! X

    1. Dot, it's more likely to be your broadband/router that's the problem. There should be a light on your router to indicate if your internet connection to the router is fine or not. Even if it says it is, try switching off the router at the socket, waiting 10 seconds, and then switching it back on again. That reboots your router. If that doesn't work, try connecting your laptop to the router using the cable, as that will bypass any wifi issues. It's just like the phone line, problems can happen from time to time. Often they right themselves, sometimes it's a fault. Even if your phone is working fine, it doesn't mean your broadband line is also fine as they come down 2 separate cables, and broadband is a lot more sensitive than the phone, that's why they are temperamental at times. If you hear a crackle on your phone, you can still talk and hear the other person, but something similar on the broadband line would drop the internet connection. I think your broadband provider can test your router remotely, from their end. But I'd wait and see, you don't want to be landed with a bill for a call out from either if they don't find anything wrong. My broadband can be like this at times, it was far worse with my last provider though. Hope this helps, and hasn't confused you! xx

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