No blog today.. .

No blog today.. .

Hi Hi!
Thanks for popping in.
Just got back from Ally Pally.
Had a brilliant day, catching up with good friends and just generally swanning about
while the good Clarity crew carried the show.
I cannot muster up a project this late.
Remember Herman’s Hermits?

No milk today?

Sing along if you dare!!!!
Just changed the words a little for you….
No blog today
My mojo’s gone away.
My feet are killing me 
I need a cuppa tea
Sorry there’s no art
I don’t know where to start
you’ll have to pardon me – 
I’ve got no energy.
Tomorrow’s blog will be full of flowers and trees
but for tonight I’ll retire, if you please.
Nite nite .
Love Barb

78 thoughts on “No blog today.. .

  1. No blog today,
    Our Barb has had a day
    That sapped her energy,
    Her eyes can barely see

    She ain't done any art
    I'm gonna fall apart
    And throw a hissy fit
    Might make a Groovi bit


  2. Dear Barbara,
    You get your tea
    You need it more than we
    You've worked all weekend long
    We're grateful for your song

    Get your eyes shut tight
    And settle for the night
    Because you'll surely see
    We'll wait most patiently

    For your flowers and your tree.

    Love and Hugs xx

    1. Great Morag, think our Barb has competition. Hope you've had a good day. I've had a brilliant time at the show we've only just got home. Well have made a cuppa.Live Pam xx

  3. No problem Barbs
    You've worked so very hard
    We can wait a day
    You only have to say

    Tomorrows flowers and trees
    Will be more than enough to please
    We love you anyway
    To wait another day

  4. Haha! You still managed to blog even when you can't lol! Great alternative version for Herman. Glad Ally Pally has been a positive, if exhausting experience for you and that you had time to chat and mingle. Now rest up and feet up. Love and hugs, Jeanette xxxx

  5. Love that song , so remember that song when it came out showing my years lol,,,, lovely seeing you today and was nice to have a little chat with you,,, yes me now going to bed as it's very tiring spending money ,,,.xx

  6. There once was a lady in Kent
    Whose mojo had suffered a dent.
    She'd worked night and day
    To allow others to play
    Now it's time for bed, so she went.

    Awful I know… and I couldn't fit words into the tune either!!

    Night, night. Mxx

  7. I fully understand – and I was just shopping!
    Big, big thank you to Bubbly Barbara, Delightful Dave, Patient (very) Paul, and all the lovely, caring, happy Clarity Crew at Ally Pally. You all made the end of my birthday week truly special. I hope my small offering was just about good enough. I saw a similar groovi on your display – it really did tell me get a lot, lot better. However given with all my love to a lovely Barbara. I am so happy that I know you and all of Clarity.
    Much love
    Anne (Reading) and not quite a QC! by a long acrylic chalk.

  8. Ha ha,"No blog today" – love it 😊 Great to see you yesterday!Glad you had a great time at the Ally Pally and that business was so good too. You really have a fantastic team! Good to see Dave back, too. Yes, it was fun again at the Ally Pally but exhausting too, and guess I spent too much money again 😉 Have a good rest. Godnight. Hugs xx

  9. Hi Barbara, loved seeing you and Dave again today and all your lovely team, great to put faces to the voices on the phones. Oh how I loved Herman's Hermits in the 60's, been singing along with you. We met a couple after who we'd met last year at Ally Pally and had a meal with them before setting off home, so all in all its been a brilliant day. Sweet

  10. Love to all my blog friends hope you've enjoyed your Sunday, & hi to Joy and Katy (hope I've spelt your name correctly) it was lovely to meet you today. Love Pam. Xx

    1. Night to all my blog friends and also to all on the blog
      Thinking of you sue lots of hugs comming your way xxx
      Night Brenda hugs for you and daisy thinking of you xxx

  11. I beg to differ, your rhyme was your project, just a different form to the usual projects, but equally as creative! Enjoyed watching you from Ally Pally just a pity your sound quality wasn't as good as the presenters though, but still enjoyed the demo you did as I love all things Groovi. Love my club plate for April too, the daisies will be used many times I'm sure. Hope you get a good rest, sleep well x

  12. This is quite ok,
    We'll wait another day,
    By then refreshed you'll be,
    Those trees and flowers we'll see.

    I think that's all I can manage Barbara but glad that you were able go chat and let your great Clarity team keep things going on the ground. x

  13. That's going to be my ear worm for the next 24 hours! Good job I quite like the song. And the new lyrics from you all!

    Glad you've had a good weekend Barbara, wonder what's next – not a rest, surely!?!

  14. As soon as I read no blog today the music came into my head and I knew what was coming next!

    Great verses everyone! Too tired to think as I've stayed up watching the golf and I know I won't want to get up at 6 a.m. But I've won a few pennies so I wonder what I'll be spending them on ….. Exciting and great for English golf after 20 years!

  15. Hi Barbara
    Hopefully by now you are tucked up in bed and fast asleep. It's good to hear you had a good day, just take it easy all of you this week and recharge those batteries! Love this song, it's now in my head :).
    Night night sleep tight
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Joy I just have to ask, was that your lovely Katie who won the ink pad holder on the first live show this morning? She had a huge smile on her face and was so pleased to have won- I expect seeing Barbara and winning a prize has really made her day xx

  16. Glad you had a good time Barbara, and a successful show. hope you get a good sleep and have a day or too off now to recharge. Love Brenda xx
    Night night to you too Diane xx

  17. I am so jealous of everyone that was able to go to Ally Pally and hob knob with you Barbara. Just blows my mind to see all those things hanging on the racks and not be able to shop too. Feeling very left out here 🙁 I sure wish we had more availability with your products here in the USA. Are there any plans to be on C&C here again? Where can we buy your products here and get the newer things as they are available?

  18. Brilliant "none blog" Barbara – love it. Herman's Hermits was the first LP I ever bought with my own money and this was one of my favourite tracks. Thanks for stirring that memory – now it is gonna be in my head all day long. Lol. Hope you had a good night's sleep – you were brill on the tv. Xx

  19. Hello Barb, the absence of artwork, resulted in many people singing along no doubt. Love it, Herman's Hermits always a favourite. Hope you had a restful night. Take care. Bx

  20. As soon as I read the blog heading THAT tune popped into my head (before I'd even scrolled down to Herman's Hermits). We used to sing "No milk today the cow has run away…" Of course I had to have a little sing-along with your lyrics. It'll be in my head all day now! Glad you enjoyed your Ally Pally Experience – no wonder you were cream-crackered.
    Tonbridge Sue

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