A Groovi Geisha…

A Groovi Geisha…

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Just got in from Ally Pally.
We commute and sleep in our own beds.
Much better – 
and a whole lot less expensive than hotelling it for 8 people!!!
A bit hard on the drivers – but that’ll be Dave in the Van 
and myself in the Pick-up. So what’s new.
WHAT A DAY!!!!!!
Just as I predicted, it was amazeballs!
Groovi was mobbed,
although the Wee Stamps and Word Chains were looking pretty picked through by the end of play today!
Lots of empty hooks,
so while half the crew went back to the unit 
to collect more stock for tomorrow,
I shot home to blog and cook tea.
Thought I would blog the sample I did on the live TV stream today.
I used one of the new Japanese plates.
Easy step by step.
I need your help here though.
I will post the pictures, and I want you to pretend 
to write the instruction for me in your head.

There you go!
Well done!
Easy when you know how, eh?!
If you need a little more input, go to HOCHANDA.com and watch it on Ketchup – I mean Catch up. 
Must dash.
Sushi and chips.
Sausages and chips.
love & hugs

112 thoughts on “A Groovi Geisha…

  1. Fabulous artwork and demo Barbara! You looked in your element on the live show today. I watched on catch up when I got home today!
    Hope the show is going well at Ally Pally and that you are sticking to your word and letting Paul do all the demos!!!
    Love and hugs to you! xxx

  2. Hi Barbara, So glad everything went well today, recharge your batteries now in readiness for tomorrow.
    I missed your show today, seeing this fabulous card, I'm off to watch on catch up.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  3. Hi Barbara, So glad everything went well today, recharge your batteries now in readiness for tomorrow.
    I missed your show today, seeing this fabulous card, I'm off to watch on catch up.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  4. Hi Barbara this was exactly the demo that converted me to oriental crafting!..after years of not 'my thing'. I hope you all get a good nights rest! Wish I could be there tomorrow. Hugs xxx

    1. Hope your crafting and cuppa helps you rest better when you go back to bed hubby band you from spending has he hidden your cushions and credit card hugs xxx

  5. Great show Barbara, loved the demo with the new plates. Get some rest ready for tomorrow, you all did a grand job today. Hope Dave isn't having to do a night shift making new plates! XX

  6. I actually stayed in my hotel room to watch the show live. Well worth it. Beautiful plates and a great demo. I hope you are warmer than I am, wearing my body warmer, snuggled under the duvet and clutching a hot drink, with the heating in my room on full. Hope your neck is doing better than my back (too much crafting today). Good luck with the rest of the show tomorrow. xxx Maggie

    1. Evening Donna no I was good but must admit the plates that's Barbara showcased and just blogged pI'm very tempted .how was your day? I had a friend call to have a catch up so I've just played with a stencil and ink but in bed now resting hugs dear blog friend xxx

    2. Hi Donna – I really enjoyed the show,no need of cushions, as my wish list is long enough already! Need more practice, before more plates! Hugs Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Donna
      Love the show today, the plates work so well for parchment but I have resisted so far. Love the coloured parchment too. Hope you've had a good day xxx

    4. Hi Donna, just got out of bed to get a drink and couldn't resist popping back. I've been 'banned' at the moment from doing anymore crafty spending! haahaa…but it won't last long! xxx

  7. I was watchin' ya! Great demo and I hope you had a fab time meeting & greeting all the Clarity fans.
    Sleep well and enjoy tomorrow too 🙂
    Love to you & Dave, Carole xxx

  8. I was cleaning the bedroom and suddenly remembered you were on so popped in here to the p.c. to watch, hubby thought I was still cleaning, quietly, had him fooled! Lovely demo and new plates too. Hope you have another great day tomorrow and have a good night's rest. x x

  9. I see you're turning Japanese ( I really think so). Just love it. Will have to do catch up. I work nights, so I have to sleep, consequently I missed it. Hey ho. X

  10. I am so delighted to hear you all had a good day. I was unable to attend Ally Pally this year but l was at least able to watch your demo online.

    One card you showed had me totally intrigued…does anyone know how the subtle reflection of the waterhouse was done? It was one of the sample cards shown at the start of the show when the new plates were revealed and before the demo's started?

    Hope you all have another stellar day at the show tomorrow

  11. That is beautiful Barbara managed to watch you on catch up thank goodness for that great show lot's of happy fan's and another plate goes on the list.
    Enjoy your sausage and chips nothing like your own bed sleep well..xx

  12. Evening Barbara wow wow wow fantastic show loved every minute fabulous to see you live at ally pally beautiful groovi plates the water house card with the reflection was absolutely stunning enjoy your night at home and have a great ally pally tomorrow crafting hugs xxx

    1. Evening Sheila saw you were coming down this way decorating going well just left them to it they even cleaned up to well sort off just finished the rest hope your being good and not doing to much..love Dot..xx

    2. Hello Sheila the show was good today wasn't it, lovely demo and some good tips too, what more could you want ( besides a front seat!!). Hope you are ok xx

  13. so glad it was a good day for you. i was happy to see Dave looking so well today and so pleased that he was back at the till. he is a reassuring presence. happy to have had a little chat too. tried to say bye before i left but you weren't in there, hugs xx

  14. Hi Barbara – it was a truly fantastic show! You appeared to be in your element, even though you did say how nervous you were! The new plates are beautiful, and stunning samples. Loved your demo! So pleased that you did so well with the Groovi sales etc, enjoy your sausage and chips! Wishing you another great day tomorrow. Take care of yourself, drive safely, hugs Gilly xxx

    1. Hi Alison, Diane, Pam, Brenda, Pen, Sue57, Julia and Chris M – hope that you all managed to watch the show today! I hope that your weather has been kinder than ours here – we have had wintry showers of rain, hail, sleet and snow today and it's freezing! I have managed to do a little crafting – practised colouring my Groovi work today. Mixed results, but it's fun trying things out. Hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly I managed to watch the show, we had rain at the time so couldn't get on with the gardening. We've had a mixed day weather wise too but sunshine and showers and a really cold wind. Managed to get some gardening done in the end and hope to get some more done tomorrow. Hope you are ok xxx

    3. Hello! Only managed five minutes of the show today so will catch it later. Barbara says the same about colouring as white work light pressure and build up gradually.

    4. Hello Gilly. I'm downstairs while the kettles on. I've had to get back out of bed as couldn't settle. I'm going to do a little crafting. I hope you're going to get a good night. Hugs xxx

  15. Hi Barbara & ladies, caught the show and a wonderful demo the new plates are a must have. The coloured parchment looks so good somethingame else to add to the list. Have a good night all .hugs xx Lynn

  16. Was out all day put soon as got home watched your show brilliant. Hope you have a good night sleep see you in morning will be in early to see you have one very excited Katie she spent last night with her sister Hannah. Drove them made with going to see Barbara Gray all evening and today till she came him of to bed so see you tomorrow xxx

  17. Hi Barb. Love the japanese theme I think it suits parchment. Missed the show cause it didn't blimming record for some reason so I will have to view of catch up. Pleased that it is all going well. Sleep tight. Much love Jayne

  18. Hi Barbara
    Loved the show today, what beautiful plates and artwork. I'm so glad you had sell outs again. Good to hear business is brisk, hope you're not working through the night to restock. Enjoy your evening with friends and your sausage and chips. Drive carefully
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Pam have a lovely day at the show tomorrow, take those cushions with you 😀Xx
      Hi Brenda and Alison – hope you are both ok and have had a lovely day xxxx

  19. Hi Barbara
    The show was brilliant and I ordered my plates from Clarity. I loved the demo and the beautiful artwork you created. Parchment and Oriental are a perfect combination so thank you for creating the plates. My Diamond parcel is here and the daisy baby plate is just what is needed for Spring projects. Lovely stamp and stencil too.
    Enjoy your supper and have a good nights sleep ready for tomorrow.
    Hugs from Chris X

  20. Fab show and some amazing samples – loved the reflection one and the one with just the hills and white work, as it looked really 3D. I've had a lovely afternoon organising my stamps into my new storage folders – half way there and I can see some of the surface of my desk now! Enjoy the day tomorrow, Susan x

  21. glad to hear you are stocking up tonight. See you tomorrow – hurray. Watched you on rewind as I was out after work for my birthday meal with the family. Lovely birthday week and not over yet until I have been to Ally Pally – got a surprise for you! but not a green blob on my nose. I expect you are tucked up in bed by now. Lots of love to my friendly bloggers out there – so good to have some "virtual" friends.
    Anne (Reading)xx

  22. Glad it went well. Will watch you on catch up. My order came today which was great. Sadly I just had time to stroke it all before we had to set off to visit the family but I look forward to playing when we get back.

  23. Hi Barbara
    Great show and another sell out.loved the new plates and thought the carp plate is fantastic for male cards,my brother's a pisces and this would be brilliant a must have.
    Enjoy tomorrow.

  24. It was a brilliant day, Barbara is so natural in front of the camera, lovely to watch. You can just about see me and my hubby when the cameras pan round, I'm munching on my sandwich at the beginning then being beaten up by hubby at the end, lol!Wx

  25. The geisha is beautiful and I love the cherry blossom and the beautiful scene you have made here. I am going to watch your hour on catch up. Have a good day tomorrow. x

  26. Loved the show today watched on laptop. So glad it all went so well. The demo was brilliant as is the step by step today. Hope your neck wasnt too painful. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, early start so must try to sleep. Try being the operative word.xxx

  27. Hi, Donna, Sheila, Diane, Brenda, Dot, Gilly, Morag, Alison, Pen and Sue57 and any of you that I've missed. Hope you've all had a good day. Sorry I've not commented haven't even had time to read them. Catch up tomorrow night if we get home early enough. Started my list for the,show then been most of the evening hunting for my design club goodies. No luck so far. Must have put them somewhere. Had to leave it now as early start for Ally Pally tomorrow.Love to all you bloggers. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  28. Hi, Donna, Sheila, Diane, Brenda, Dot, Gilly, Morag, Alison, Pen and Sue57 and any of you that I've missed. Hope you've all had a good day. Sorry I've not commented haven't even had time to read them. Catch up tomorrow night if we get home early enough. Started my list for the,show then been most of the evening hunting for my design club goodies. No luck so far. Must have put them somewhere. Had to leave it now as early start for Ally Pally tomorrow.Love to all you bloggers. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  29. Hi Donna, Sheila, Diane, Brenda, Morag, Alison, Gilly, Pen and Sue57 hope you've had a good day. Just lost my comment so trying again. Sorry not had time to read the comments. Will try and catch up tomorrow if home in time. Been all evening doing my list for tomorrow and hunting for my design club goodies, that I've put somewhere but not able to find them as yet. Off early in the morning so must get to bed. Love to you all and all you bloggers. Love Pam xxx

  30. Hi Barb, so pleased to hear that the Ally Pally is going so well. I will have to watch the show on catch up, as I forgot to set record and was out and about. Lovely Japanese themed artwork, beautifully done and coloured. Enjoy today too and drive safely. Bx

  31. Morning Barb, oh it was so wonderful to see you all at Ally Pally yesterday and for the helpful advice you gave me too, will be there in June for the open day and hopefully soon may have news of groovi workshops coming up in the Kent area.

    You might remember me, I was in the mobility scooter and my friend Theresa Goodwin was with me, she had travelled all the way down from Yorkshire, and she had made a groovi card for me it was fantastic, and we showed you it, you said it was amazing and it is, I am going into hospital on Friday for an operation and the card was wishing me well and a speedy recovery, wasn't that a wonderful thing to do, I will post a picture on facebook later.

    Was lovely to see Paul through the crowds demoing, he is amazing, top notch.

    Watched the show on catch up this morning (as we had to leave early) and it was brilliant, I love the spontaneity of your live shows, wonderful.

    I was pig sick because I had forgotten to get the carp plates, so will have to order them on line, blow it.

    Anyway have another wonderful day, and try tonight and tomorrow to have some quality 'me and Dave' time and have a rest.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  32. Stunning Barbara i watched last night on my record player Hubby was home so couldn't before cause i get lots of grumbling from him ,lovely to com back to own bed each night ,im afraid when we start our flower shows end of month will be sleeping on plant trolleys on floor but we have the old caravan mattresses though but it so low down… xx

  33. So pleased that you're happy with the way the show is going – it must make all the preparation work worth it. Loved the live show yesterday and thought your demos were great.
    Congratulations to the Hochanda team – I think they're doing a fab job on the live broadcasts. Hope today is good as well.
    Ruth x

  34. Saw you yesterday at Ally Pally it was a packed house so had to stand and watch some of the show but will record it to night as I see it listed in the times available to Hochanda at midnight on. Spent most of my pocket money on groovi products I think I have become addicted had a little chat with Dave at checkout. Keep crafting. Patricia Xx

  35. Oh, I didn't see this one yesterday……….mind your stand did look like it had taken a bashing when we got there………missed your show (recorded though) but, did get to see you do a little demonstrating on the stand. Had a fab time and spent loads between Mr and me…see you again in June at demo day and have a fab holiday in between times xx

  36. Loved Ally Pally, I took a list and managed to get everything, love the coloured parchment. I met my two london based daughters who feel Barbara is part of our family! They always ask how you are as you appear in my conversations a lot apparently!
    My daughter managed to bag 2 seats for the 1 pm show ……. brilliant! We did feature a few times on TV!Loved both demos. Clarity really stands out from the crowd if I might say so. We all loved it x x x

  37. This is gorgeous , once I get the hang of stamping and get halfway good at it , I may one day try groovi . Right now I have a wish list a mile long of stamps I just must have , oh where or where is my Santa , I promise I'll be good this year Lol Hahahah

  38. May be a fluke but I am watching Phill Martin live from Ally Pally on channel 8 on my TV (I don't have Sky or anything posh) just 'council house telly' as my hubby calls it!

  39. Hi Barbara.
    I loved watching you make this work of art at the Ally Pally
    Your stall was so busy but everyone was so helpful and had time for the customers well when they were not restocking the shelves as it was all going so quickly.
    And I spent to much but I will love playing with my new groovi goodies

    I hope you all have a brilliant day today and have a safe journey home.
    Hugs to all
    Theresa x

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