Hello there!
Monday after Ally pally.
I feel like I’ve been through a wash cycle and hung out to dry. 
What a weekend.
The vibe was so special and, 
dare I say it –
more like the good old days.
So here is a short but sweet little tree demo for days like today,
when you can barely string a sentence together.
Ink up one of the little trees from the Wee Trees set in
Fern green Archival and tap it into the grey Watering Can Archival too.
Stamp the tree onto a small piece of white Theuva Card, 
then flip the card and without re-inking,
stamp the shadow into place below,
just making sure that the base of the tree touches the shadow too.
Tear a piece of  copy paper, and lay it over the trees.
Brush blue ink into the background.

Cover up the trees with a Post-It,
leaving a little frame around the outside.
Replace the torn mask.
Brush the blue into the frame.
Lift the torn mask 
and brush a little more blue around the base.

Remove the Post-It and 
use a blue Promarker with a fine nib to outline the inside picture.
Run the same Promarker around the outside edge 
without the fine nib.

Serenity was written using our  new Word Chain Alphabet on Tracing Paper or parchment.
Which Ink Pad?
The same as we used for the trees: 
Archival Watering Can and Fern Green. 

Very easy and quick.
Works with most treestamps.
 – Serenity – 
Great word.
much love,

102 thoughts on “Serenitree…..

  1. Hello Barbara. A perfect choice for your demo today. I'm on a buying ban for the moment so definitely couldn't get the alphabet…yet! But Shhhhhh! I've just sneaked in a tiny order for your 'Reflect & Rejoice' stamp as I thought it may just fit the bill!….for now haha! Hugs xxx

  2. Hi everyone!

    Just lovely ! I've ordered the alphabet – as if I need another ! But it is funky and different and there is just so much an alphabet can give you. I can imagine you do feel washed out after a busy weekend. I hope you can relax off a bit this week.

    Had hubby's follow up appointments come through today for after he finishes treatment (next Monday is last day!) and Sod's law the Hune one is on the Clarity open day – I was soon on the phone changing it to the week after !! I just knew it would happen.

    1. Yes Donna really enjoyed the show, did comment last night when we got back. Shattered today after all the walking round. Spent a lot but expected to and had fun putting it all away this morning. Have to curb spending for a while now to save up for the open days. Live Pan xxx
      Hope you've had a good Monday.

    2. Yes back to work today. Thought I would get my pricking plates out tonight and have a play. Pricking is easy with the grids, so I got brave and embossed a pattern, easy with the grids. Then I got even braver and got out my scissors…………in, down, twist and snip…………..hmmmmm, looked like some small creature had attacked my parchment! No pretty picot edges on my things for a while! πŸ™ Oh well try again tomorrow. XX

    3. Wow Donna you are brave not got that far as know my hands and wrists won't take the pain bet it will look fantastic when you do your next parchment have fun tomorrow xxx

    4. Hi Donna you are brave, I'm putting the grids and scissors on my birthday list, I will need to pluck up courage but practise makes perfect! I hope the first day back was a good one – did they like the jigsaws? Xx

  3. This is lovely. I love using the Watering Can ink pad too as it is so much softer than my usual black. Ordered the alphabet just after 8pm last Sunday and now awaiting a text from DPD to say it's on its way; bet it arrives when I don't have time to play! ;~}

    1. Evening Shelagh I like the watering can ink pad it's as you say softer than the black image enjoy the alphabet its on my wish list happy crafting hugs xxx

  4. Some thing nice simple relaxing crafting but beautiful to do help unwind from a busy weekend was great we really enjoyed our day out Katie is still buzzing from it. Was a really good fun atmosphere get some you Time hugs joy xxx

  5. I'm glad the weekend was a success for you. I didn't go this year as I saw Paul last weekend and have a groovi workshop with him Saturday. Really looking forward to it and hoping to buy some coloured parchment if they are selling it.
    Love n hugs
    Trudy xx

  6. Hi Barbara
    You must be exhausted after the fantastic Ally Pally
    Loved seeing all the team and of course your lovely self
    I'm of to get in the groove
    Hugs Theresa X

  7. Barbara you did it again!!! It's beautiful! And your blog has inspired me to get my stamps and inks out tonight! I have time to play! Yay!
    Glad you survived the weekend….How's the neck? Did you manage a whole weekend at a show without demoing…apart from the live Hochanda show of course!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  8. Hi Barbara, hope you are managing to rest a little and that you will feel more refreshed tomorrow. I feel whacked out today as does Pete, of coarse he has a reason as he did all the driving, I just spent the money ha ha. Great clear cut demo, one I should be able to manage, thank you. Love Pam xx

    1. Pam it's good to hear you both had a lovely time and spent lots. Have a restful week if you can and have time to play with your goodies xx

  9. Lovely, peaceful card. Not surprised you feel washed out. However you were great, as was all the Clarity team. Have a good week and maybe – mindful of your holiday to come. I have lovely pictures in my little mind of yesterday.
    Love Anne (Reading)p.s. Debbie and Gill doing well and some den building with hammer and nails.

  10. Hi Sheila, Dorothy, Gilly, Alison, Pen, Diane, Sue 57 and definitely not forgetting our Brenda. I hope you've all had a good day. It's been canny here today. It's great when school, or I should say college now!! is open again! Big hugs to you all and everyone else on this wonderful blog. xxx

  11. Hi Sheila, Diane, Brenda, Dot, Morag, Alison, Pen and Sue57, hope you had a good weekend and that you nanaged to do some crafting. Have you had a good day today? Wet and miserable here most of the day. Had super day at the show yesterday, lovely seeing Barbara, Dave and the team. Tired today, but taking it easy only put all my goodies away and making the meals. Love Pam xxx

  12. Brilliant, always like a nice straight forward card, they always look smart. Glad Ally Pally was so good, restores the faith. Well done to you all for the hard work needed. xx

  13. Hi Barbara, just read yesterday's post and love the song and your new version. I too grew up with Herman Hermits so it brought back good memories!
    The other poets were so inventive too, I am not able to rhyme like that so really admire those that can and they made me smile such a good thing.
    I love this sample really simple but so effective. I re watched the catchup show as I had had trouble streaming it live but really enjoyed watching you in your element. Enjoy the rest of your evening, before you start again tomorrow!! xx

  14. Hi Barb. Very spring like and it felt like spring here today. You need to recharge those batteries after the weekend. I have been stamping with my silver birch stamp today and am quite pleased with my creation so now I am settling down to watch a bit of mindless TV. Much love Jayne

  15. Hi Barbara
    I expect you will need a day or so to recover from the weekend. You did brilliantly. I am saving for the alphabet set. I used up my craft budget getting the Garden Birds and Oriental Groovi plates. I am gutted because the electricity bill has to take preference!!! How sad am I?

    1. Evening Donna Dorothy Diana Brenda gilly morag pam sue57 and all my dear blog friends thinking of you all hugs to all on the blog happy crafting xxx

  16. I tried to do this after seeing it and you demo on tv . Thanks so much for the written tutorial it helps a lot . Just don't know how you do so many things , oh the glory of your youth . You're younger than me , just a child to my 69 years , but I'm active and healthy so I'm not counting .love and joy — Janice almost forgot , I tried the shaving cream technique for the first time , love it ,so much fun

  17. Hi to all my crafting friends. Beautiful CAS card Barb.

    Been bit of a worry these last few days. Mum had been insistent she was not going to have a carer and try by herself in a month's time. However that has now changed …. good news.

    I have an appointment tomorrow to check on a lump om my hairline. Saw Dr on Wednesday and appointment on Tuesday. Bit worried but that will be will be as Dr was talking about skin C but not to worry.

    X x

    1. Glad you don't have to we worry so much about Mum and can focus on you. The C word is always scary but I know quite a few people who have had skin cancer successfully removed and no sinister after effects. Hope this is the case for you if it is cancer. Hugs xx

  18. Glad you had a good time over the last couple of days, but it does take its toll. At the weekend I got my acrylic paints and five birds stamp out and had a go at the calendar challenge. I had a brilliant time and I am so pleased with the result that I might even frame it. Today I received my jigsaws and started doing the masking challenge. What a mess I'm making, I can't see the table any more…what fun.

  19. Hi Barbara – simple, but oh SO effective! Hope that you feel better soon, xxx
    Hi to all my blog friends – please excuse me for not mentioning everyone by name tonight. Not feeling so well – had a dr's appointment today, bit of a struggle to get there and exhausted now, so it's an early night for me! Hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  20. This is beautiful Barbara and really is serene and elegant! Hope you get your oomph back soon but pleased that Ally Pally was so enjoyable and a success too. x

  21. Hi Barbara
    This looks gorgeous, love the your tree stamps, they work beautifully on their own or as a crowd. I hope your day has been peaceful and you've had a chance to recover.
    Love Diane xxx

  22. Hi Barbara, love this card, my kind of thing. Thank you for sharing. it would make good Christmas cards too. And a good idea for my large stash of patterned papers that I can never think of how best to use! Glad the show went so well for you and you had a good time. Hope you've had a proper rest day today, and that you feel better tomorrow. Love Brenda xx

    I too saw Katie win the ink pad holder, that made me feel good. I also saw the wee video with Barbara and Katie waving away on the back of the buggy, looked like great fun πŸ™‚

    night Donna, Morag, Sheila, Pam xx

    Hi Diane, are you looking to be upgraded from owlet to fully fledged owl status? hugs back xx

    Oh Pen, I can't believe something else huge has just been added into the mix for you. What a time of it you are having. Thinking about you and hoping your lump is benign. take care xx

    Dot must still be cleaning!!! xx

  23. What a lovely card. Got the trees (and so much more – have to sit on my hands for a while now, too)and will have a play later 😊 Hope you get some rest after the busy weekend xx

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