Prick-a-Groovi-Pattern Competition – BLOG CANDY

Prick-a-Groovi-Pattern Competition – BLOG CANDY

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Several people have asked me to go through some examples of the various patterns you can make with a Groovi Grid. 
– or ANY grid for that matter!
If you haven’t ramped up your parching skills and invested in our fabulous Groovi Grids, you oughta think about it. 
I still cannot get over how many patterns you can make out of a couple of acrylic plates with a load of holes drilled in them!
It was my dear friend Dee Paramour who opened my eyes.
She sent in a piece of artwork with loads of different patterns on it, and I had a real Aha!-moment.
You know the sort; when the light goes on, 
and you cotton on to what was glaringly obvious. 
It’s her birthday today.
Altogether, let’s shout all the way to Bognor!
I think that most people who know her and know her work 
will agree that she is one of the most talented, gifted, artists in the Crafting World. 
I feel very, very privileged to have her on the Clarity Design Team, and even more privileged to have her as a friend. 
And check out Maria! Can you believe it’s the same woman ???

Anyway, back to the pricking and embossing…
Buy the pair, get the piercing tools free!
I thought the best thing to do would be to take some close ups of the technique-tags I showed you on the TV last week.
Remember these?
The Tag shape is taken from our Tag Border/Octagon set:
Let’s just take a quick look at each tag and let’s have a little review.
Basically, we just have to decide which grid was used:
Straight Grid or Diagonal Grid?
And was the piece done with the pricking tool from the front,
 or embossed with the No. 2 tool from behind?
I’ll start us off…
Tag 1
Straight Grid
Embossed with No. 2 Tool from behind.
Your turn!
Tag 2

Tag 3

Tag 4

Tag 5

Tag 6

Tag 7

Well done! Wasn’t hard, was it!
Now let’s have a competition.
Come on! You love a challenge!!
It’s a two-parter.
Part 1: write down the answers to the 7 tags above.
(I’ve already given you No. 1!)
Part 2: using the grid which you should have by now, 
(or should be receiving in the next couple of days!)
make 2 more patterns using the plates. 
send them to me in an email photo.
And Dee! You can join in too !!
Then I will gather them all together 
and create a bumper pattern-making blog.
Or book. Or film. 
Sup to you. Pends how menny….
Is there a winner?
I will pick a random winner next Tuesday, and that random winner will receive a £20 Clarity Gift Voucher!

And tomorrow, it’s time to tune in to HOCHANDA 
and watch lovely Maria in action.
  • SKY 663 (24/7)

  • FREEVIEW 39 (6AM-9PM)

  • FREESAT 817 (24/7)
Her shows are at 1pm and 5pm.
She will be combining Stamps and Groovi.
Not to be missed…..
love & hugs,

113 thoughts on “Prick-a-Groovi-Pattern Competition – BLOG CANDY

  1. Ooh I do love a Clarity competition. I think I know the answers so it is just a case of adding a couple of patterns. Every time I see an older picture of Maria I have to look twice to make sure it is the same person!! Lol. I bet she does too. I am happy to say that she has become one of my best and most treasured friends. Have a good day Barb. As if I am first to comment!! Haha xxx

  2. Happy Birthday Dee!

    Happy Birthday t my hubby too. We're just getting ready for daily trip to radiotherapy – you don't get a day off for your birthday and he's dared me to tell anyone that it's his day today whe. We meet the regulars in the waiting room!

    I'm waiting for my plates and tools to arrive but will have a go if I get time!

    I made hubby a cake yesterday and every time I get the icing sugar out I say it's the last time! It seems to get everywhere and it's messier than crafting! Have a good day and I hope your meeting goes well xx

    1. Thank girls! Gilly, I didn't have hot choc today but seem to have had a lot of cake instead! We've had quite a few visitors today.

      Donna, I just about manage to read my book ! I don't think I could cope with everyone wanting to have a go with Groovi at that time of day! Xx

    2. Happy birthday to your husband Jackie, I hope he's had a lovely day even though he's had to have his treatment. Now there's an oportunity, you could run a Groovi class in the waiting room for stressed couples and nurses! Have a lovely evening xxx

    3. Hi Jackie, hope your hubby's radiotherapy went well, wish him a late Happy Birthday & hope you've both had a lovely day & that you have an enjoyable evening. Love Pam xxx

  3. Good morning, Barb! What a great competition as it will create A compendium of Clarity Grooves. I'll try to join in when my grids arrive, meanwhile I can have a go at working out how you made yours. Have a good day. Love and hugs, Jeanette xxxx

  4. I love what you can do with the pricking plates, I can't afford them just yet but as soon as I can they will be in my basket.
    Happy birthday to Dee. Xx
    Hope everyone has a great day today, I'm off to prep for a clarity class. Xx

  5. enjoyed working it out, sadly cant enter as I haven't been able to purchase yet, but will be doing come next pay day! Ive treat myself to the storage bundle though so eagerly awaiting delivery as my plates are all over the place. What is the best way of cleaning them anybody, Barbara? as mine have got a bit sticky. x

    1. Hi. I have found mine get sticky if I leave tape on them overnight. Got hubby on the case and he used methylated spirits and some soft rag. Tells me it evaporates quickly and is quite mild. My plates have come up a treat x

  6. Gosh Barbara you were an early bird today. Happy Birthday Dee xxx. Haven't ordered the pricking plates as I have 2 of the pergamano ones still unused from years ago so want to see how I get on with those first. Have a good day. Live Pam xxx

  7. Hi Donna, Sheila, Diane, Dot, Brenda, Gilly, Morag and Alison hope you are all ok. Have a lovely day, hope the sun comes out for you all. Haven't got any here as yet. Love Pam xxx

    1. Hi Pam – we have had glorious sunshine here in Cornwall, again today, and we went out for a drive to enjoy it and had some lunch. Back in bed resting again now, but I have really enjoyed the day, hoping that you are feeling ok today, hugs Gilly xx

    2. Hello Pam, sunny down south today but cloud came down in the afternoon. Been making my uncles birthday card, used my finches stamp – I think he will like that. Hope you have managed some crafting today and your back isn't too painful xx

    3. Glad some of you have had the sun, stayed cloudy here all day. My back has been getting a bit easier of late but as soon as I pick up on the exercises again it makes it worse. Thank you for thinking of me. Had a go at the colour bursts today, came out a bit dark, obviously a bit heavy handed with the colours, have to have another go. It's good that our little crafty clan is growing, good to have you Morag, Gilly and Alison on board. All the best Sheila with your pain clinic tomorrow. Glad your hubby took you out for a break Gilly, I expect you feel a lot better for the change of scene, Hope you've all had a good day. Lots of love Pam xxx

    4. Ah, thanks Pam – it has been a good day and it's so lovely to be part of this little crafty clan – thanks to you all for making me so welcome here! Hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  8. Morning Barbara, wow I like this compo, not much good at them but I have done my answers, probably wrong but it is nice trying them out. So looking forward to Maria on Hochanda tomorrow, I want to know how she did the peiercing round the half circle so evenly, is this something that comes with practice or is there another method, not too long to wait to find out.

    Happy Birthday Dee – oh and have you got your blog link please

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

    1. No – it's worse! – the new bathroom is going in this week next door to it and stuff has been thrown in the doorway! Case of too much stuff but over the year I use most of it so madness to get rid! Bet you're all organised in yours. ;~}

    2. I'm getting there slowly doing the desk draws out now so nearly Finnished got far too much but as you say it's no good throwing it away will use it eventually ☺️Hope bathroom gets done with no problems xxx

  9. Good Morning Barbara and Happy Birthday Dee!!
    I know how the tags were done but like others having ordered the pricking grids yet due to finances! I really can't decide what to get next. I used to work in an embroidery room pricking the patterns for the embroiderers to sew. It was a firm in Exeter called Wippell Mowbray and they embroidered church vestments and altar cloths. I loved the job as I was only 18 at the time but loved watching the embroiderers do such intricate work. I would never have guessed I would come back to this sort of pricking thanks to Barbara!! Have a great day xx

  10. Wow what great timing Barbara. My plates arrived yesterday and I was just thinking "what do I do now?- I need to work out some patterns!"

  11. Happy birthday Dee
    ive put Marie on record so don't miss her demonstrating .
    happy Tuesday Barbara, I'm waiting for some groovi baby plates to arrive not that I haven't got plenty to craft with xxx

    1. Hello Donna Dorothy Diane Brenda gilly morag Allison happy Tuesday to my dear blog friends enjoy your tea and cake morag &alison
      Are you still pondering over the groovi gilly hope your still resting in bed lots of hugs dear blog friend I would lend you mine to try out but your so far away
      Hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. Hello Sheila, it was lovely to meet up with Alison. Isn't it a shame that we don't all live near enough to do the same!!How lovely would that be.
      I hope you are having a good day and able to do a little crafting xx

    3. Afternoon Sheila, you can never have plenty to craft with 😉 I'm waiting for my baby plates too, houses and wrens are coming my way along with the pricking plates! Hope you are resting. Xx

    4. Hi Sheila – we have been out for a ride today, and had lunch. I really enjoyed it, I am now back in bed – I could tell when I'd had enough! I have decided to take your advice and order the Groovi Starter Kit – does this mean that I will be able to borrow those Clarity Cushions of yours? Lots of grateful hugs, Gilly xxx

    5. Hi Donna I've got the one wren one tree baby plates and inset plate I've been resting after a little craft clear out are you crafting tonight xxx
      Hi gilly oh yes you will need your clarity cushions to soften your fall your very welcome to use mine as fully inflated for my next fall ☺️ Pleased you had a nice run out and are resting in bed hugs xxx

    6. Evening Sheila glad your nearly there with your crafty sorting out you might even know where stuff is for a wee while, mine never usually stays in the same box for long
      Hugs .. Dot.x

    7. Hi Dorothy how was your happy meal with your lovley grandchildren ? My clarity is all in its folders and clarity felt bags always need them first hugs xxxx
      Hi gilly go tomorrow afternoon to pain management at hospital see what they can do now thank you for asking hugs xxx

    8. Hi Sheila , good to hear your craft room has nearly been sorted – I must do some sorting – spent half an hour looking for my heat gun today, gave up and then found it later in the usual place!! Don't you love that. Hope all goes well at the pain clinic tomorrow xxx

  12. What a great competition. Soon as my grids arrive I'll have a play. I actually do have some metal grids from years ago. But they are in my parchment craft box on the highest shelf in my craft room, and I need hubby to get it down. So I will wait patiently for my Groovi Grids.
    Happy Birthday to Dee
    Looking forward to seeing Maria tomorrow xx

  13. What a great competition. Soon as my grids arrive I'll have a play. I actually do have some metal grids from years ago. But they are in my parchment craft box on the highest shelf in my craft room, and I need hubby to get it down. So I will wait patiently for my Groovi Grids.
    Happy Birthday to Dee
    Looking forward to seeing Maria tomorrow xx

  14. I'm hoping my plates will arrive before I go away to celebrate Peter's 60th in Prague on Friday, so that I can join in 🙂
    Looking forward to "having a go" at everything Groovi xxx

  15. Happy birthday Dee.
    Polychromos have just arrived so I've just had time to stroke them so far! Sadly it means I can't afford the new Groovi items just yet or I would have had a go at the competition, good luck to everyone who enters and I am looking forward to seeing the patterns xx

  16. Happy Birthday to Dee!

    I ordered my pierced plates at the weekend, so waiting patiently – if they arrive in time I'll see what patterns I can come up with. Or if they don't will still have fun playing with them! Love the dotty patterns, I've been doing them with the dotty line from the border, so this will be much easier!

  17. Happy Birthday Dee.
    Another great competition Barbara. I'm just waiting for my new magnifier to arrive then I'll certainly have a go at this one. Really looking forward to Maria's shows tomorrow. But hubby says he's not!!!???!! Hahaha! xxx

    1. Hi Morag – I would imagine that you have had a great day, I was thinking about you both meeting up and 'eating cake'! Mind you craft and cake are a perfect mix. Hubby and I went out for a drive to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and had fish and chips for lunch – so that's my next favourite to cake!! Hugs Gilly xx

  18. Hi Barb,
    Happy birthday Dee – have a great day xx
    Great competition today although I'll have to wait for my piercing squares to come. Will try to think of some patterns while I'm waiting.
    Had a great meet up with Morag – cakes were fabulous and not at all fattening!!!
    Love and hugs to all, Alison xxx

  19. Hello Gilly, Donna, Dorothy, Sheila, Brenda, Pam, Diane and Alison.
    I've just had the loveliest afternoon with Alison in Durham Chocolate Mousse Cake mmmhhh!!scrumptious!!!! and I did think of you all with most of the bites, in between talking nineteen to the dozen. I'll leave it to Alison to tell you what her choice was!
    What a lovely lady, I'm so happy that this wonderful blog gave us the opportunity to meet up. So 'Thank you' Barbara for making it possible.
    Hugs to you all xx

    1. Oooo Morag and Alison I'm so pleased you both had a lovely afternoon eating cake! I think its lovely you have met up. So, did you carry a Clarity folder, or had you made a banner? Xx

    2. Hi Morag – just noticed this post of yours, I put a reply to the above comment. I like the sound of both of your choices!! It's really good that you both live close enough to meet up! Hugs to you both Gilly xx

    3. Really pleased you got to meet up wonderful what this blog does to help us clarity crafters I know it makes everyday special for me thanks Barbara for making this possible xxx

  20. Afternoon Barbara, great video and Maria sure looks different. Got my Groovi pricking plates and not had time to play yet. Thanks for the different patterns too.
    Linda xxx

  21. Afternoon, I ordered mine and can't wait to play when they arrive. In fact I have a project that I did at the weekend lined up waiting for a bit of pricking. Looking forward to Maria's shows tomorrow. Xx

    1. Hi Donna – I have had a lovely day, went out for a drive with hubby and had some of Cornwall's finest fish and chips for lunch. Back in bed resting now, but about to order the Groovi Starter Kit, so then I will truly belong here!! Waiting to borrow the cushions from Sheila! Hugs Gilly xx

    2. Evening Donna lots of Groovi time coming up in your Easter break. Have been helping make an Easter bonnet for Amy for school her wee face is a picture she's looking at me as if to say chickens on a hat Gran really!!!..xx

    3. Ah Gilly, knew you couldn't resist for long 🙂 Have fun when it arrives.
      I love the idea of chickens on a hat, you could use the Clarity ones, stamp, cut and colour them and Amy's one would be the best in show! Xx

    4. Hello Donna, stamping and colouring today, I've had a lovely play – funny how my groovi plates and clarity stamps are right at the front of the room! Have a lovely evening xx

  22. Oh my goodness, just check out our Maria! Corblimystuffaduck! She looks amazing! I need more hours in the day, I have my plates and I'm not afraid to use them! Maybe I can pinch some time this evening to have a play? (Oh heck, the washing can wait!) xxxx Lots of love xxx

  23. Happy Birthday Dee! Hi Barbara, love the video and also seeing those wonderful patterns again. I have written down the answers, just to see how many I get right!?
    After seeking advice here on the blog last night, about the possibilities of using the Groovi System whilst in bed, I have made the decision to order the Groovi Starter Kit, so that I can get into the Groovi with all of these lovely people. So my challenge will be to make a card and send it in to you – not sure just how long or how many pieces of parchment paper this will take! Will probably order another pack of the parchment paper at the same time – I just might need it. Hugs Gilly xx

    1. Oh gilly you will only need one pack you will be amazed at your first attempt just get the punch as it gives it that Finnished touch .cut your backing paper to the size you want on your card then punch the four corners and then cut your parchment to the size of the punch backing paper as you might need to trim the parchment as it may stretch a little Tom does this for me as his hands are more steady than mine and his vision is better as I wear bifocals and have a cataract .dont know if this helps or sounds more confusing ☺️🙃

    2. Hi Dot – thank you so much!! Hugs Gilly xx
      Ah Sheila – am I being a bit too negative here!? I have already bought the punch, as I have got some Vellum paper and that is just as hard to mount on to card, and I think that I understand what you mean! Hugs Gilly xxx

    3. Happy Birthday Dee.
      I am waiting for my grids and tools. I am hoping it will be in time for me to take part. I know the Clarity elves are very busy with the production. I just love Groovin'
      X from Chris

  24. Evening Barbara loved the wee clip of you and the girls and Paul having a wee laugh looks like a fun lot as well as crafty.
    I cant believe how many lovely patterns can come from the plates groovi just keeps growing.
    Happy Birthday Dee. xx

    1. Dorothy how lovley Amy will look with your Easter bonnet you have made her you will be so proud of her bet she looks lovley Easter hugs for Amy xxx

  25. Hi Barbara
    I enjoyed that little test, it's amazing what you can do with a few dots isn't it! I haven't ordered the plates yet, hoping I might get asked if I want a couple for Easter! I've started my sister on the slippery groovi slope, she's spent her gift voucher and more on lovely plates!! She was very impressed with the lovely helpful lady on the phone who had only just started but seemed to know the products so well.
    Happy birthday Dee – have a lovely evening
    Love Diane xxx

  26. Happy birthday Dee, hope you have a great one.

    Oooooo lovely a blog candy so jetting to get my teeth into, and it does make ones brain work. Certainly needed as I get older.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  27. Hi Barbara, Happy Birthday Dee, I hope your day has been wonderful.
    A great post today, loving your catch-up showcasing the mew grids, a fabulos aide-memoire.
    Looking forward to Maria's shows tomorrow.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  28. Happy birthday Dee. I'm waiting for the grids to arrive but I do have a couple of the metal ones from years ago so I'll need to get my thinking cap on. Little challenges like this do stretch my imagination.

  29. Wishing Dee a happy birthday and Maria is completely transformed! The grids are a great idea to fill in areas quickly and prettily on a card but as can be seen from the tags they can be used for pattern building too. For the moment I haven't done any Grooving Barbara but I love looking at the fabulous pieces of work achieved with it and I am sure I will give it a go in the future. x

  30. Wow! a lovely prize, Barbara, I'm still trying to get to grips with things but will persevere. Mr Arthur Ritis is not very friendly this time of the year. Love the tags, so delicate and gorgeous. x

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