Sending you Sunshine. A Step by Step with Ken Oliver Bursts.

Sending you Sunshine. A Step by Step with Ken Oliver Bursts.

Hello there!
Beautiful day here in the south!
What’s it like where you are?

And you should see our house!
It’s like walking into a florists!!
So many flowers everywhere!
I was certainly spoiled on my birthday yesterday. 

Thank you so very much for all the birthday wishes,
the beautiful birthday cards, the presents and flowers. 
Much too much for one person. 
But I am very grateful xxxx

Monday’s blog is Flowers and Trees, which is perfect.
So I shall send you some sunshine methinks,
 and a bunch of flowers too !

I think I’ll use Ken Oliver’s Bursts!
They will brighten up ANY artwork!
There are 2 different sets on our website:
Here’s a very nice flower set too:
positive and negative stamps. 
The fills sit inside the line art perfectly.
These have been around for a while, 
but I think they are soooo versatile!
 Bouquet Set

We could go in so many directions with the flowers 
and the Powder Bursts.
Here, I have stamped the Lineart onto Watercolour paper using a Black Archival (Permanent ink pad)
You can see how I have painted the flowers with water.
Then when you lightly puff the powder at the bouquet,
it will only catch the watery flowers.
I just moved the colour around with a paintbrush, 
to fill the flowers. 

Or we could try the background first….
available from our website:
Cut a piece down to about 4″ x 3″

Spritz the watercolour paper with water
and then lightly puff the powder at the paper.
Let it move and spread.

You pick which colours !
I went with orange and Phthalo Green.

I sat the paper on its end and lightly spritzed with water again.
Thought I’d let gravity help out…

…and it did.

 If you are impatient like me, 
you can speed dry the artwork with a heat gun.

Once the background is completely dry, 
stamp the lineart flowers into place.

Use a good paintbrush and water to lift colour out of the leaves.
Magic xx
We sell a top spec No. 6 Sable Hair, which is ideal for most work.
It can cope with washes, but can also be twizzled to a very fine point for tiny places.

Use the same paintbrush to add a little interest to the flowers.
Either by moving the colour around from petal to petal with a tiny amount of water, or adding a little zest 
with red or orange powder+water.

Add water to a small amount of green powder to create a watery washy undercoat for the leaves.

While the undercoat is still wet, 
go back in with a more concentrated amount 
on the tip of the paintbrush.
Watch it dart when it hits the wet leaves! 

Stop when you think you’ve done enough.

I flicked water at the work with a big stencil brush.
It gets you that grungy, distressed look very easily.
Let it just air dry.

The water colour paper buckles with all the moisture, 
but a sheet of double-sided adhesive will straighten it out in a jiffy.

I added a little light and shade with some pencils too.

Now for the message and the mounting.

Very very simple greeting card.

Mounted on Kraft Card. 

A bit tatty, a bit distressed.
But oh so addictive!!
Have fun.
Love and Hugs,

89 thoughts on “Sending you Sunshine. A Step by Step with Ken Oliver Bursts.

  1. Glad you had such a good birthday and had time to get together with family. Today's card fits the weather out there perfectly. Thank you for doing such a great step by step. Hope you manage to delegate a few things to allow you to spend more time with Dave and your family. xxxx Maggie

  2. Weather has been lovely here today too (Yorkshire). Love using the color bursts for backgrounds but must try the painting technique as well. So pleased you had a good birthday. If you can't be spoiled then, when can you be?! Mxx

  3. Love your card, and your blog. Glad you had a lovely birthday, and that you got to visit you mum and dad. I think birthdays are as special for the mother as well. Tried to send a message yesterday, but got the password wrong.

  4. Nice weather in Stoke today too. Pity I was in the office though. Missed most of it. Glad you had a nice day yesterday and I love today's project too. I have not tried the Colour bursts yet – not sure my bank balance can take it right now. Lol xxx

  5. So lovely and cheerful. Been to the dreaded dentist. By gosh did that hurt my pocket. Came home and thought I would "groovi" or "parch" Well traced a Clarity Egg stamp. Put it in the octagon frame and then used the leaf groovi plate. Do I prick and cut – jury is out. Think a bit of white work first. Bit dodgy in places but pleased with myself. Think it must be the medication in the injection – I just threw caution to the wind. Maybe try wacky baccy next! Plenty of it outside my place of work! Happy week to all the bloggers out there.
    Love Anne (Reading)

    1. Oh Anne that made me laugh! I like the idea of the Easter egg stamp with groovi, I might borrow that one. Hope you are not too sore after the dentist xx

  6. Aah,sounds like you have had lovely birthday Barbara. Well deserved!! Love this card, it is so vibrant and cheerful. The Colorbursts (along with the Groovi starter kit) are on my wishlist but I have a few month's wait until my birthday.Maybe I ought to start dropping hints now and gradually wear my family down ha ha.xx

  7. Aah,sounds like you have had lovely birthday Barbara. Well deserved!! Love this card, it is so vibrant and cheerful. The Colorbursts (along with the Groovi starter kit) are on my wishlist but I have a few month's wait until my birthday.Maybe I ought to start dropping hints now and gradually wear my family down ha ha.xx

  8. Weather beautiful here in the Staffordshire Moorlands too. The Color Bursts look really easy and fun to use. I think I would have to start with the backgrounds first though.

    1. Hey Lynne – remember you persuaded me to buy them at the Open Day last year….I can vouch for how great they are! Enjoy using them……little by little is my tip – don't squeeze too hard! 🙂 xxx

  9. So pleased you had a good day and received so many lovely flowers. Thank you for the step by step I look forward to them each week. Not got any colour bursts yet but on my list to buy.

  10. Very gorgeous. Love the way you can colour with the powders in different ways and they are so vibrant. Great that you had such a lovely day yesterday – you deserved it and it's nice to be spoiled now and again.
    Tonbridge Sue

  11. Hello Barbara! It's been a bright and sunny day here in Stockport but cold! It makes everything that much better when it's sunny! And the lighter evenings mean I get to see some daylight!
    What a wonderful card! That bouquet stamp is so cheery isn't it! And the bursts really make a fabbie background! I love using them.
    Glad you had a lovely birthday… You deserve it. And if you can't be spoilt on your birthday when can you be!? Enjoy your cards and flowers.
    Love and hugs xxxx

  12. It was good to hear that you had such a lovely Birthday Barbara. You absolutely deserve it.
    A beautiful sunny card, one that I will definitely be giving a go! xx

  13. Good evening Gilly, Sheila, Brenda, Donna, Dorothy, Pam, Diane and Alison.
    Lovely day today, isn't it so good to see the sun shining! I hope you are all having a good day. Looking forward to meeting up with you tomorrow Alison. xxx

    1. Hi Morag – glorious day here in Cornwall too. Another day in bed for me, but feeling heaps better for it. Enjoy your time (and cake!) with Alison tomorrow! Hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Morag, yes another lovely sunny day here too, hope you're ok and have had an enjoyable day. My day was good and made it even better by putting in an order. Enjoy tomorrow with Alison. Love and hugs Pam xx

  14. A lovely sunny card for a lovely sunny day. A bonus of retirement is being able to enjoy the weather. I am tackling the garden this week. It is at the stage where I look at what I have done and how long it took me, then what there is left to do and wonder if I will get to all the weeds before the growing plants grow too much, or never quite manage to get it all cleared.
    We have a friend who says he just does what he can when he can and views life as a big jigsaw with every day being one more piece in it. Methinks that is a good outlook!
    Glad you enjoyed your birthday, may many more follow xx

  15. Glad you had a great day yesterday. I love my powders so was dismayed when I thought they wouldn't be available, but a slight change of name and hey presto the best powders are back. Yay!! Xx

    1. Hi Donna
      It's been a lovely day here too. Hope you are ok, we've just had a lovely weekend with Emma, even had a sunny day at the beach yesterday! Xxx

    2. Hi Donna, had a good day thank you, nice and sunny and thanks for lending me the cushions, put an order in last minute today. Had to resist some of the items I needed, the list was long enough, so saving up for Ally Pally now. Hope you've had,a good day too. Love and hugs, Pam xx

    1. Hi Sheila, hope that you have had a good day, with plenty of sunshine! I have had another day in bed, but now really feeling the benefit, I am aiming to go out tomorrow, fingers crossed.
      I need to ask you – is it possible to do your Groovi whilst in bed? I really do want to have a go at it, but I need to be able to do a little bit when I have these days in bed. I have been thinking that would also be better than trying to get out my die-cutting machine etc, on my 'in between days' as I don't have a craft room. Many hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      Yes it is possible to use Groovi in bed . Actually it's very relaxing. Just have a go and see how you get on, it's easy to do little bits at a time . Have fun, Hugs Alison xx

    3. Gilly have you got a lap tray? They are fab and quite cheap in a certain Swedish store 😀. I can't think of the name of the other board you can get with the bands that go round it, that always looks useful.
      Hi Sheila weather has been fab here today too. Just had a weekend with Emma and stocked her up with cuddles and food! Did shed a tear as we left her again though but that's what mums do! Hope you are ok xxx

    4. Hi Sheila hope you've had a good day and been pacing yourself and having rest in between crafting. Did an order today just managed it before they finished for the day. Poor Ann had to put the computer on again. The staff are so lovely. Love and hugs Pam xx

    5. Hi gilly yes I use my groovi in bed I have a buddy board I use it all the time in bed as it has bands that keep everything in place I bought it when it first came out mine came with a bag and paper ect don't know how much they are now but would recommend for bed or anywhere in home as I'm more often in bed don't be getting out your die cutting machine for bed that would be so difficult I have an e bosser as I cannot turn handles no more e bosser is far too big and heavy for bed which die cutter do you have ?

    6. Hi Alison and Diane – thanks for your replies, actually I have got a lap tray – so it sounds as though I just might have to take the leap and get into the Groovi! Hugs Gilly xxx

    7. Hi Sheila – thanks for your reply, I wasn't intending to try to use the die-cutting machine in bed – but I meant that even on days when I am feeling a lot better, it's difficult to get the machine, the dies and card all out – as I don't have a craft room, I can't just leave it out indefinitely – too much energy needed! My machine is a Sizzix Big Shot by the way.
      I am thinking that it might be a good idea to join you all in the Groovi 'Bug' and just concentrate on that for a while – what do you think Sheila? Hugs Gilly xxx

    8. Hi gilly are you a member in any of the clubs ? If your not I would go for the groovi starter kit see how you get on with it before you order more plates I got the pencil covers so that helps with the grip of the groovi tools it's good as you can do a little or as much as you can mannage even if it's only a very little you can re start on any day you want does that help xxx

    9. Hi Sheila – no I'm not a member of any of the clubs yet – I had been thinking that getting the groovi starter kit, and it sounds so good that I would be able to do it in small amounts and keep going back to it. I like the idea of just being able to get just a small amount of things out each time. It would appear that it is easy to take up from where you left off. So yes, you have helped me Sheila, thank you – hugs Gilly xxx

  16. A belated happy birthday Barbara and glad to hear you had a lovely day.
    Spring has sprung here too. A glorious day and warm too. Hoping to take advantage of the good weather and roll out our caravan and head off to the Borders for a few days. x

  17. It has been a lovely day here in North Yorkshire with a feeling of spring in the air. Only a few days left till the spring equinox. Lovely bright card Barb. I have been Gelli plating with fairy stamps again today. Have to make a card for my partners birthday next Sunday though which is always a difficult one to come up with a good idea for. Will have to get it done though this week. Haven't used my Ken Oliver powders yet though so I think I might have a go with them and see what creativity gives me! I bet your house smells lovely with all the flowers. Glad you have had a good birthday with your family. Much love Jayne

  18. A lovely card and so great to see the Color Bursts again – I'll have to place my order for the other set as I only have the Brights 🙂 xxx

  19. Evening just love color burst paints. I was very lucky to win Ken Oliver,s blog hop. Fantastic art work Barb.

    Been working on the Calander challenge today recovering from too much gardening yesterday. Been another beautiful day here.

    Rather stressful with more family / mum/ carer / etc problems today but crafting kept me focused.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

    1. Evening Pen – sorry to hear that there are problems again with your Mum's care – sounds like you did the best thing today, to lose yourself in crafting! Hugs Gilly x

    2. Must be a worry for you not living near your Mum, things aren't so easy on the phone. Glad you could craft to take your mind off it, hope things improve quickly. Love and hugs,Pam xx

  20. Hi Barb,
    This is gorgeous. I've looked at the Colour Bursts a few times but it looks like I'm going to have to get them – just have to wait a bit.
    Been a glorious day today – we went for a lovely walk around Derwent Reservoir and Edmundbyers. Saw 4 Red Kites and 3 Buzzards so Dave was well pleased.
    Pleased you had a great birthday. Love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  21. Hi Barbara, We had frost this morning, but the afternoon turned out really nicely and we had sunshine which I love.
    So glad you had a fabulous Birthday.
    I love your tutorial today, I must give this a try.
    Enjoy your evening.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  22. Hi Barbara, We had frost this morning, but the afternoon turned out really nicely and we had sunshine which I love.
    So glad you had a fabulous Birthday.
    I love your tutorial today, I must give this a try.
    Enjoy your evening.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  23. Glad you had a great day yesterday, that's what I call making memories. It has been a beautiful day here up in the Highlands – 14C with not a cloud in the sky. I spent a wee while sitting on the back door step with the cat just enjoying the sunshine then tidied up the front garden, it's lovely to see all the new buds coming through. Lovely card with the 'bursts', very fitting for today.

  24. So glad to hear that you were totally spoiled yesterday – I can't think of anyone who deserves it more! Love today's artwork, and it came through just how much you enjoyed doing it! Hugs Gilly x

  25. Oh god I so want these. Note to self,must get these soon. If only I didn't need everything I see. If only I had one hobby!!! Sorry I meant to say the colour bursts that I need. Love the art work. Fabulous as always. I was soo disappointed that the promised display with your good self and Ken Oliver failed to materialise due to squabbles over… Well maybe I won't go into that… Hopefully in the future that maybe sorted out. Sorry, I'm rambling. In a nutshell…love the work. Need the paint. Look forward to seeing both you and Ken I'm the future on Hochanda. I think that's it. !! Glad you had a good day on your birthday. Xx

  26. Super day of sunshine here too near Bristol. Lovely colourful card today Barbara just right for all this sunshine. Haven't managed a go with the colorbursts yet but on my list to do as I do have one set.
    So pleased that you had a great birthday with lots of cards and flowers, you so deserve it. Put a nice big order in today have to wait now till Ally Pally. Love Pam xx

  27. Hi Barbara
    Good to hear you had a fantastic birthday – enjoy your flowers, they always cheer a place up don't they. It's lovely to see the Ken Oliver powders out and about again, they look amazing with this stamp – such a great piece of artwork. It's been a beautiful sunny day here too and I've just had some lovely news from an old friend- she's proposed to her partner of several years on 29th Feb and after thinking she was joking he said yes! She always said she'd never get married but decided 51 was the right age to take the plunge! Must make them a card tomorrow!
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  28. Evening Dot, Brenda, Gilly and Alison hope you are ok and have had,a good day. Glad to see you've been resting Gilly and that it's paying off. Have a lovely time tomorrow with Morag, Alison. Hope you've all enjoyed the sun. Love and hugs to all,Pam xx

  29. The Ken Oliver Bursts are fantastic Barbara and the colours are so rich and vibrant and your bunch of flowers sits on top so prettily. So glad you had a lovely day yesterday with the family and you deserve to be spoilt. x

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