Mindful Wednesday – 2.30? 2.30? No Tooth Hurty!!!

Mindful Wednesday – 2.30? 2.30? No Tooth Hurty!!!

Hi there!
Good of you to pop in.
Welcome to Mindful Wednesday.
This time last week I was at the dentist having a temporary front crown replaced, because the one which had been fitted previously was entirely the wrong colour. Now call me vain if you like, but I’ve got this one for at least a year while they sort the rest of his wobbly mates out. 
Want the news? THREE TIMES till we got it right.
THREE TIMES. Too dark, too light, too dark….
When it looked like it had died,
 and I was a serious contender for Snaggletooth,
it was time to get back in the chair.
Then it was so bright I could have redirected traffic with a grin.
And drilling out a crown again and again AND again is quite a job.
The reason I’m sharing this with you is because it was all about the colour. The dentist couldn’t see what I could see. 
Well, me and the rest of the world.
Or maybe he could but didn’t want to have to do it all again.
Actually, he’s a really really good dentist and a very nice chap, and he wouldn’t relax until I was entirely happy with the result. 
Added to a very interesting fact I learned from him, 
which made things a lot clearer:
When your teeth dry out, dehydrate, they go much whiter. 
This happens quite quickly. 
However, it takes ages – much longer – for them to rehydrate.
So, you’ve got your mouth open for ages while he’s matching up the colour;
open mouth, no moisture, your teeth dry out, and go white.
So, he matches up the colour of the crown to your dried out teeth, 
which then – when you’ve left the building – 
 go back to the 50 year old gnashers that you’ve come to know and love. Upshot? Wrong colour. 
But it got me thinking.
About colour. What you see. What I see.
Is the green grass I see the same colour green grass you see?
As artists, this is a very pertinent question, don’t you think?
And one which can’t easily be answered. 
How can I ever know which colour you see? 
Unless we were given a chart with a hundred different greens, 
then asked to marry up which green I thought matched the grass and which green YOU thought matched. 
Anyway, the mind boggles.
So I did a little research about colour blindness too. 
Eye doctors use Ishihara plates to screen patients for colour vision problems. Someone with a red-green colour deficiency may not see the red number in this example.
If you are thinking “what red numbers?” 
it may be time to get ’em checked! Although to be honest, a colour blind test only really applies when somebody is considering a profession where accurate colour perception is essential.
Here are some facts about colour blindness:
Colour blindness can occur in men and women, 
but is much more common in men.
The Facebook logo is blue because Mark Zuckerberg suffers from red-green colour blindness
Complete colour blindness, where an individual sees just grey and black, is actually very rare.
Colour blindness can passed on through genetics, but can also be caused by ageing, retina damage or eye diseases.
Colour blind individuals are denied driver’s licenses in Romania and Turkey for fear that they cannot read traffic signals.
During WWII, colour blind individuals were believed to have in advantage because of their inability to see the colour green. This was believed to help them see through camouflage. 
Rabbits, dog and cats can see mostly grey shades. 
Bees and butterflies have superior colour vision and are able to see hues that the human eye cannot perceive.
Individuals that suffer from red green colour blindness may have trouble determining if their meat is cooked enough. 
The inability to see shades of red makes it difficult to tell.

Did you know that there are symbols which help people with colour blindness to identify colour. It can’t show them the colour, but at least they know what others can see.
When we were at the trade Show in Frankfurt a month ago, 
we met some really nice Portuguese guys who own a pencil factory. They specialise in helping colour blind or colour deficient artists to identify colour and be creative despite their disability.
They even gave me a set of pencils, because I was fascinated about the symbols and how logical it made colour identification.
On the back of the pack, you can see how it works…

Hang on, let’s get in closer.
Check out the circles bottom left.
That tells you EXACTLY how to blend colours.
And you don’t even have to speak Portuguese!

Each pencil has symbols on it to help the artist understand and identify.
Isn’t that brilliant?
There you have it. 
Seeing the world through another person’s eyes for a moment. 
Different colours, perceptions, reactions, impressions, triggers 
– the list goes on.
We all see things differently, and at so many different levels. 
Not just colour. 
If you do know a person who struggles with colour but wants to colour in, then these pencils and their box may present a solution. 
I hope that was of interest to you. 
Amazing how I can ramble from a visit to the dentist to a pencil factory in Portugal….
Love & hugs,

106 thoughts on “Mindful Wednesday – 2.30? 2.30? No Tooth Hurty!!!

  1. Such an interesting post Barb. Our unique brain perception is everything. I spend time teaching pain management and pain is also totally unique to every single person. It's what makes us human isn't it. I'm glad the dental work is finished for now. …the dentist is never my favourite place to visit. A great mindfulness post. Smiling back 😉 xx

  2. Hi Barbara, Just got back from the dentist myself, thank goodness no treatment this time just a clean and polish. A very interesting read about colour blindness and would love to have a colour with these pencils, interesting! Enjoy your Wednesday!
    Linda xxx

  3. Colour is very important to me so I am glad that my colour perception is good I think and the pens are a really great idea for people who suffer with forms of colour blindness too as it would probably be impossible without something like that. It is interesting how certain colours can really change your mood too. I hope you can manage to get a good match for your tooth Barbara as sitting in the dentist's chair is something you don't want to do too often! x

  4. I have been watching the series about the brain with David Eaglemann (think that's his name). One of the episodes was about perception and reality and touched on colour perception, something I have often wondered about too. Many years ago there was a book called The Colour Trumpet about a boy who blew colours not sounds. The patterns were like those you have just shown and I used to use it with my class of 5 and 6 year olds to check for colour blindness as well as for fun.
    Have you ever wondered about "now" – because our brain takes milliseconds to process messages what we see, smell or hear now is actually in the past. Fascinating eh?

  5. What an interesting post Barbara, and yes colour is SO important. My daughter has dyslexia and one day when I was browsing the internet I read about colorimeter testing!. I checked and found an Optician in Darlington that had the machine. When she was tested, she looked into the machine where there was a written passage of words that made no sense..so that her brain wasn't able to second guess what was coming next. Then combinations of different coloured lenses were placed in front of the text. I was watching her and all of a sudden she sat upright and hey presto the words were staying still!. It was amazing to watch! The lenses had to be specially made somewhere down South! The test and lenses were very expensive, but were worth every penny as it opened up a whole new world for her!
    I'm so pleased that you've now got your teeth as you want them. I don't think it's being vain. Everyone has the right to be comfortable in their own skin! xxx

    1. Know the opticians as I went there too. The specialist penny that I saw explained that some dyslexic people also have Myres-Irlen thats why the colour testing works on them keeping the words in their right place. I know the feeling your daughter experienced when it all slots into place, my son also has Myres-Irlen and the difference it made with him when he was tested was astounding x all the best to your daughter, you + the family xx

  6. That is fascinating Barbara. I think it highlights that sometimes we just don't realise how lucky we are to have good eyesight hearing and general health because we tend to take it for granted unless it goes awry. Thanks for keeping us entertained and educated. Xxx

  7. Hi, Barbara……such a diversity of subject today! I know about the colour-blindness and the problems it can cause….both my Dad and my son had to overcome the difficulties it presented. But I didn't know about the teeth!!! Who did??? 🙂 Which reminds me….my check-up is overdue….. 🙁 I know there is work to be done…..
    I feel the pain already…
    Have a good day, all…. !! xxx

  8. Fabulous idea, my FIL only discovered he was colour blind through trying to paint at school and his teacher asked why the grass was brown. Such a shame for him because he really wanted to be able to watercolour paint, even though we labelled all his paints it was just too difficult for him, and things didn't look "quite right"

  9. Hello my wonderful Blog friends. I hope you are all well and able to have a good day. I'm just in the middle of making a special Groovi Card for a friend who's just had a loss, so I want it to be just right! I'll be back later. Hugs to you all. xxx

    1. Hello Morag. Sorry to hear of your friends loss, the groovi card will be lovely for you to do and will be just right to suit the occasion xx

  10. Interesting about the colours…….meanwhile at the dentists…I've been having treatment for over a year now as I went into hospital to have two teeth removed (I had one growing in my gum that should have come down some 40 years ago!!) and as it was causing probs out the others had to come.

    During this op they had knocked out my bridge at the front (knocked these teeth out in a fall 50 odd years ago) – nothing but trouble since. Now had to have a denture fitted as they only splinted the bridge back in place..colour match not perfect but, as near as damn it…so I do know about colour in the toothy sense. Just wish I could get the hang of colour in the crafty sense and which shades go together…..xx

  11. I have Myres-Irlen which affects people differently, due to the shade of glasses I have to wear I have to be careful of colours I pick + match as my glasses change some of the colours lets just say clash not match would be the results x

  12. In your dentists defence making a temporary crown in the surgery to a shade that everyone is happy with is so difficult especially when the patient has to live with it for more than a couple of weeks. Lab constructed permanent crowns are made using totally different materials and of course the technician has much longer to work on it. (Professional hat on , I was a dental nurse for many years!)
    Everyone has a different perception of colour though – very interesting.
    Really enjoy your mindful Wednesdays.

    1. Hi Sheila! How did you get on at the hospital today? I have been in bed resting again today, so that I can hopefully go out to play again tomorrow! I ordered my Groovi Starter Kit last night, so I am looking forward to start playing with that soon. Thanks for all your helpful messages, and how kind of you to make that offer. Whereabouts do you live? Sending special hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Hello Sheila, I hope your visit to the pain clinic went well and you are not too exhausted now. It's been a lovely sunny day again but a bit of a chilly breeze. I've been watching Maria, I think I might be finding my Clarity cushions!! Xx

    3. Hi Sheila, hope all went well at the pain clinic. The sun has come back today but chilly. Hope the clinic has given you some good advice and that it will help you control the pain. Thinking of you and sending a hug, love Pam xxx

    4. Hello my dear blog friends I'm in bed shattered after hospital I watched Marie shows when I got home she is so talented no didn't need my cushions was been good 😇
      Hospital has given me some more pain tablets to see they help and writing to my dr to refer me to a rheumatoid specialist to see if the can do anything for the pains in my hand bones wrist elbows so can only wait and see again and hope the new pain tablets help if they do I can slowly reduce the strong drugs I'm on with what I'm on you would think I would be pain free thank you for thinking of me it helps me through each day .
      So pleased you have ordered your groovi gilly you will need lots of cushions as it is addictive the clarity Groovi but you can go at your own pace and pick up and put down as you wish did you have a look at the buddy board as the groovi starter kit fits it perfectly but see how you get on first in bed with the groovi .i live just on the outskirts of hull near Beverly long way from Cornwall
      Sending lots of hugs to you all xxx

    5. Hi Sheila – not surprised that you are shattered after going to the hospital. I hope that the rheumatoid specialist will be able to help you with that horrendous pain. Also hope that the new tablets will be of help! I did have a look at the buddy board, but as you say I will see how I get on to start with. Thank you so much for your help and support – what a shame that we live so far apart- but, never say never! Caring hugs Gilly xxx

  13. Hello Barbara

    What an interesting blog. Thank you very much, and how wonderful of those Portuguese fellows to go to that extent to help people enjoy colouring.

    Looking forward to the NEC tomorrow. Hope to see you there.


  14. Every days a school day ..love your blog today very interesting. I've got the opticians on Friday prob need new glasses again ..great end to week off work lo! Still off to lunch with my daughter in law soon ,going to the Henry in Hever…lovely food so I've been told ..

  15. Really interesting blog, can't believe how much we learn from you apart from all the crafty stuff. We shall all be checking out that smile next time you are on Hochanda.

  16. This reminds me of a journey in the car with my grandson a few years ago and looking at all the different shades of green. We turned it into a game naming all the different colours ….pea green ,leaf green, lettuce etc; it passed a few good miles away !

  17. Wow a really interesting blog today Barb. Just needed time to chill out and do nothing apart from read. I suppose I have a disability and that is Dyslexia, but now I consider it has "made me" into the person I am – a person who enjoys using her hands and mind to make things.

    Thank goodness for the computer now – as it checks my spelling – but sometimes I still get it wrong but that is life.

    Was up early this morning, could not sleep, head going round and round with worry about Mum again and the problems with the family.

    But today I am just pottering along and enjoying the journey of life.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

    ps Best get on and Watch the Hochanda – guess who is on ????

    1. Oh Pen, I totally understand how difficult it is, I was very much the same as you – with my Mum. Eventually I had to just let nature take it's course, as she just wouldn't listen. I went through many emotions (just like you are, I'm sure) but in the end I had to come to the same conclusion, that Barbara has just commented. You will get there in time – meanwhile just take whichever option you can to cope with it, ie craft, walking in the garden looking at the signs of Spring or whatever suits you the most. Thinking of you, and sending caring crafting hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. Barbara and Gilly are so right Pen. It has taken me a time to accept that with my elderly father I can only do as much as I can and as much to help as he will let me. While there may be more you want to do there is a limit to what you can do. Try to take comfort in knowing you are doing as much as possible for you in your circumstances. I hope things are resolved soon xxx

    3. So sorry that you aren't sleeping because of your worry over your Mum. Many years ago my Mum had Motor Neurone Disease and couldn't do a lot, I was working full time then as our Daughter was at Uni and our son still at school. Dad used to bring Mum up twice a week for a cooked evening meal and my Sister cooked for them another two nights, it got them out of the house, I'd have Dad bring the washing and ironing up for me to do. My niece used to get their shopping. We knew they must be struggling at home to get the housework done, so my sis and I suggested that we'd go up there to vacuum through and do anything else they needed doing once a week at the weekend. When we got there they just wanted us to sit and chat as they had rushed to get everything before we got there. The moral of this is " You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink". They were too proud to have us do anything else and wouldn't have had anyone else coming in either. Hope everything works out for you. Love and hugs Pam xxx

    4. Bless you all Dear Hearts, many thanks for all your words of support, it means so much to me that you have taken time to write your words.

      Crafty hugs and a big thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know I am not alone.

      Pen x

  18. This is really interesting especially the colour pencils. I have slight colour blindness and have found the distress ink colour wheel chart and the identification system on the copic pens really helpful. I just have to follow the rules now.

  19. Like yourself Barbara, I have given thought to how individuals perceive colour. Obviously the type of light is crucial as this alone can distort colour. The other subject concerning colour that has fascinated me, is the use of colour as a therapy, and how colours enhance mood and the senses. I have always felt sorry for those whose colour perception is not as acute, or limited,as I personally derive great pleasure from the delicious colours we can see. X

  20. My husband was always intrigued to know whether the colours he saw were the same colours that other peoples saw.

    When I was working I had a boss that was colour blind, and I didn't realise it until I prepared a wall chart for him and my other boss, and used green and red dots and strips – they both looked the same to him (a muddy brown from what I understood), so I had to redo the chart with reds and blues! Am always very aware now of keeping reds and greens apart if possible.

  21. Very interesting indeed. Just had a big argument with my husband over the colour "aqua" he says its blue, I say its green. All started over my mother of the groom outfit. What have the last two days been like. Trolling around for an outfit for hours and hours, not much fun. then trying to book my retreat,- sorry not so easy, then the accommodation – gone to lunch. Given up now and off to watch Maria and de-stress.
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

  22. Very interesting read today, I did not know much about colour blindness nor to be very honest have I given it much thought. I will be more aware now. I do hope you get your teeth sorted soon, like you I have a wonderful dentist but still do not enjoy visiting him. xx

  23. Hi Barbara – sorry to hear about your 'Dentist Trials' and I never knew about teeth 'drying out' – let alone about changing in colour when that happens.
    Regarding colour blindness – I do know quite a lot about that however – as my husband is colour blind, which has worsened as he has got older. He first found out about it when he was in his late teens – when he tried to join the Navy, and train to be an engineer. He passed everything except for his eyesight – and they told him that he was colour blind. It has been very interesting for me, as he will often ask me what colour something is, and often he will be surprised at my answer and say what colour it looks to him. This has made me look at colours much more deeply, as when I look again (after he has told me his perception of the colour) I can see why he would think that, and I can then see that my quick answer of colour is too simplistic, and I can see that it is leaning towards a mixture of the colour that he has stated. He can see shades of colour really well, and can pick out which colours and shades of colours go well together. He can store a colour in his head, and can match it up when we are out, whereas I always have to carry the item with me to match up. Mind you, he will still argue over colours, and sometimes I will enlist the help of shop assistants and ask them to say the colour – he doesn't argue with them!!
    All of his brothers are colour blind, but his sister is not. One brother has only ever seen life as shades of grey and black – imagine how awful that would be? Another case of counting our blessings I think! He has always understood that his Mother was the carrier, but females don't suffer from it!? Sorry for rambling on, thank you for yet another very interesting blog.

  24. Hi Donna, Alison, Diane, Pam and Dot (already replied to Sheila and Morag) and all the other clarity blog friends, who have made me so welcome here. Just to let you all know, I ordered the Groovi Starter Kit last night, and I am really looking forward to having a play with this! Thank you to all you, for your kind and helpful comments, they have been a big help to me. Today I have had another half-day in bed resting, so that I will (hopefully) have enough energy to go out and play tomorrow! Many hugs to you all, Gilly xxx
    Thank you Barbara for bringing the Groovi System to us all, and I hope that it will be both restful and therapeutic for me xxx

    1. I'm so pleased it's ordered Gilly, you really won't regret it. Thank you for the additional insight to colour blindness. I totally agree that it would be awful to have to see the world in only shades of grey, (not you Barbara!!!!). although I suspect he will still recognise beauty!
      I hope your rest is doing the trick for tomorrow. xxx

    2. Hi Gilly. How exciting, I bet you can't wait for it to arrive now! You will really enjoy using it, my sister got hers recently and is already addicted! Xxx

    3. Hi Gilly it definitely will be relaxing and therapeutic for you, as long as you take it easy and don't rush it, it's meant to slow you down (it'll take as long as it takes), I'm sure you'll enjoy it. You won't regret getting in the groove, only your purse might. Ha ha. Hope it arrives soon for you. Love and hugs Pam xxx

    4. Thank you all for your lovely comments! I am so looking forward to receiving my Groovi Kit – and will really try hard to pace myself. I watched Maria today – isn't she lovely and so talented too! I loved the flowers and the vases – but I won't try to run before I can walk. That way my bank account won't suffer too much! Gilly xxx

    5. Thank you Barbara – I am looking forward to it, not sure how long it will be before I will be able to send in a card to you though! Still that will be my challenge.
      Thank you Donna, I'm sure that I will – it comes VERY highly recommended by you all! Gilly xxx

    6. Glad to hear you've joined the Groovi Gang Gilly, you wont regret it I'm sure. Maria did some lovely demos today, so much so I've just got my Easter stuff out as I want to get a card done for a couple we see at the hospital each day and he finishes his treatment on Tues ! I'm glad you are getting some rest, keep it up x x

  25. Hi Barb,
    Fascinating blog today. Those pencils are a fantastic idea. When I was teaching I used to give my dyslexic kids coloured overlays to help them to read – they chose the colour that helped them the most and they worked really well. I would hate not to be able to have colour in my life.
    Watched Maria's show earlier – those new baby plates are lovely but I just can't afford them at the moment after your last shows and me ordering my polychromos too. Are you going to do folders for the baby plates? Morag and I were discussing this yesterday.
    Morag sorry to hear about your friend's loss, I'm sure the card will be lovely and that she'll be very grateful.
    Love and hugs to all, Alison xx

    1. Hi Alimecca. I am in the same position as you. I can't think who mentioned Newcastle Arts Centre but my polychromos arrived yesterday and are brilliant! I've coloured a sample of each one on to parchment and numbered them as I didn't know where to start with colours.
      Like you I have used coloured overlays for some kids. A problem arose when a parent asked for the smart board background to be coloured – their child was then the only one who could read it – technology doesn't always have an answer!
      Enjoy colouring.
      Chris x

    2. Hi Chris & Morag,
      It was me who said about Newcastle Art Centre. I've ordered mine from there & they should be here tomorrow or Friday – can't wait. Brilliant idea to to do the parchment sampling too, I think I'll be copying that one so thanks for that xxxx

    3. I thought it was you – I was too lazy to go back through the blogs!. I had been trawling the web looking for them. I may get to Newcastle in the summer it's not too far from Bedale and I will definitely have a look in there xx

    4. Hi Alison, haven't got the polychromos are they better than the Spectrum Noirs? I've done a small sample of these colours numbered them and put it through the laminator. Hope you've had sunshine and have had a good day. Lovely that you and Morag live near enough to meet up, glad you both enjoyed it. Love and hugs Pam xxx

    5. I have all of the spectrum noir pencils and am so annoyed that at least 20 of them have broken leads plus you can't just replace 1 pencil. I tried the Faber castell pencils and was very impressed with them do I thought I would splash out on them. Love Alison xx

    6. I have been using Polychromos since the 90's. They are super. I cannot get a good price for resale from anywhere, so I am happy to send you to good sources. The Newcastle Art Centre sounds good too. Xx

    7. I'm finding the spectrum noir are difficult to sharpen and just break off. I enjoy using them so and will no doubt move on in time, I seem to be surrounded with pencils and pens …… let alone stamps, stencils, groovi plates….. LOL

    8. I thought it was just me with the leads breaking on sharpening, such a shame as they are lovely pencils. Will have to save up for the others. Xx

  26. Hi Barbara

    What another fantastic blog, we learn something new every day from you.

    Our teeth are some important to us but I did not know about them drying out.

    Fantastic that the guys in Portugal thought about colour blindness when producing their pencils.

  27. What an interesting read Barbara. I was at the dentist yesterday having lost a crown awhile back. Now need new crown, renew a filling which has cracked and have a gum shield to wear at night. The bill is rather hefty – Ouch. I don't suppose so much effort will be put into a clour match but then it is a back tooth. Have to wait until May for the work to be done. How good are the Portuguese to help those with colour blindness manage their problem. xx

  28. Hi Barbara
    Well you learn something new every day! I didn't know teeth dried out and changed colour, that's interesting. The colourblindness colouring pencils are facinating too, what an interesting concept. We often have discussions about colour, my husband always insisted there was a blue telly tubby – to me he was purple! We used to use smelly colouring pens with visually impaired children so they would match the colour to the smell, some could see some colours but it was heartbreaking sometimes to be asked what does a certain colour look like. Mind you a favourite trick was a child saying 'smell this' then putting a coloured blob on your nose! I've been watching Maria, love the new sets of flower plates.
    Enjoy your evening
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Donna, hi Dot, hi Pam , hi Brenda
      Hope you are all ok and have had a good day. Weather has been sunny again here today, it really makes you feel good doesn't it. Maria had some lovely flower plates on today, oh dear, where are my cushions! Sending hugs xxx

    2. Hi Diane, lovely sunny day here today, met a friend for coffee. The sun makes you feel good like you say. Missed Maria forgot to ask hubby to record it, not technical enough to do it myself, but at least you can get it back now on catchup so I'll be ok. Hope you are well and that you've had a good day, glad you've got some cushions. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  29. A very informative blog today…teeth, colour blindness and pencils. Lots of new facts that I didn't know. Think it's fantastic that the pencils are available. Equipment like this can make all the difference. It's like left handed rulers. I always try to make sure my left handed children have left-handed rulers with the numbers starting at the opposite end. It makes such a huge difference when measuring and drawing lines accurately. My dad was left handed, my son is left-handed and I was born left-handed but made to write right-handed. Have you ever used a lefthanded ruler, Barb? Hope your new teeth match now that you've got home. Love and hugs, Jeanette xxxx

  30. Hi Barbara goodness your brave sitting in that dentist chair for so long same thing happened to my daughter came home quite happy with her new front tooth fixed I didn't have the heart to tell her it wasn't a match to her other teeth, but the next she did see the difference herself now fixed and matches perfect.
    Really enjoyed Maria's shows today she is lovely to listen to and explains everything so well you would think she had been on telly for years love the new baby plates and well done Maria..xx

  31. Hi Barbara, really interesting blog today, really makes you think. Hope you've had a good day, are you still cleaning plates in their 100's or are they slowing down a bit. I doubt that they are with all the new ones coming out. Can't believe after my order yesterday that there are still so many on my list. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  32. Hi Donna, Dot, Brenda and anyone I've forgotten, hope you are all ok and that you have had the lovely sunshine like I have. Hope you've had a good day and have a lovely evening. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  33. Hi Barbara, I can empathise with you on your dentists visits. I am back at the dentist next Monday, I went last Monday also, and I've had implants done front top middle and two crowns taken off next to each, I've been in agony since having the implants put in, a couple of months later (last week) I had to have the 4 temporaries taken off and abutments and screws put onto the implants and then they decided that one of my own posts (that was to house a crown) had fractured, then they put back the temporaries, next Monday I haveto have the temporaries taken back off again, impressions done, and a metal rod put into my own post (the fractured one), then the temporaries put back on again, then I have to wait until my permanent four are ready, and then I will have the same problem as yourself hahaha with the colour.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  34. Hi Barb. I find the individual perception of colour so fascinating. When I had my interview to go to Leicester Polytechnic for Textile Design in 1983 ( who had forgotten that any art and design subjects were considered lesser subjects to study and so you could only get a degree at a Poly in the good old days!! How very dare they.) Well part of the interview process was a colour blind test like the one you illustrate. I felt that this was so discriminating because a fellow student at art college was colour blind and he produced some great work just because of the different way he perceived colour. I know it has its place with regards to safety with some professions but I hope that this kind of discrimination no longer goes on in creative settings. It is food for thought though how each of us sees things in our own unique way. Aren't we such marvellous creations when you start to think how complex a being we are. Much love Jayne

  35. I had no idea that teeth change colour. I love colour and have no problem putting colours together or so I think. I have often wondered if we see colours the same. I do think that men and women see colours differently judging by the number of arguments my husband and I have had!

  36. I definitely think colour is a personal thing as my family and I have had many a 'discussion' about the colour of something. Looking for new paint is always fun when you look at all the different shades of the same colour, especially the white selection. They all look like white to me! XX

  37. I've always wondered whether we see the same colours! Those images took me back to school time today, looking at the numbers in the colours! With regard to the teeth just go in and ask for titanium buff !

  38. Hello Barb, this is a very informative blog, teeth, colour deficiency and pencils. Only women can see 20 different shades of cream, men just see cream. The weekend is in sniffing distance. Have a great day. Bx

  39. You're so right about colour perception. I've always been fascinated by the change in colours Monet used as his cataracts got worse. It's really striking if you see pictures of his before & after cataracts hanging side by side. Hope your tooth gets sorted soon!

  40. Such an interesting read today, and my sympathies on your dental marathon. I had a friend at college who's dad was colour blind, and I always remember her rushing to the window when he arrived in a bright purple suit, and saying to everyone "he really thinks it's brown – don't say anything!" I'll try to catch up back on the blog tomorrow – have been flat out with flu for just over a week now, and need another early night today. Ruined my holiday to Rome, but it was nice to see blue sky and a balcony from my sick bed, and I seem to have lost 1/2 a stone in the process, Susan x

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