Take three trees….

Take three trees….

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Big treat today!
A trip to London with a very special person…
(more will be revealed tomorrow…)
But before I go to catch a train, 
let us stay a while and get arty.
Thursday’s blog is always blue.
Remember that Daisy canvas I did the other day?
Remember the copy paper I was rolling the brayer off onto 
in between colours?
Wonderful. I love it when I see art in a scrap, don’t you?
So let’s decided which piece we want,
and which stamp we want to use…
Love love love this Three Trees Stamp!
Remember it from the TV Classroom Shows?

It came with all the texture stamps in all the different sizes.
Excellent piece of kit.
 Mount and stamp the trees into the place you fancy 
using a Black Archival ink pad.
You need a permanent ink type when stamping onto acrylic paint.

tear away the outside with a ruler. 

Now. How to create some contrast.
The first thing that springs to mind is colouring pencils, right?

Well, let’s do something different.
Let’s look at the bit we tore away…

I have an idea.
Stick a sheet of A6 double-sided tape to the back.

I want to change the treetops.
So I only need to stamp the treetops into an interesting place 
on the scrap scrap!

Cut the treetops out, and what you have is the easiest paper piecing,
because it’s completely covered with adhesive at the back. 

Peel and stick!

Let’s do the same with the base, the grassland.

Now you can see how this is creating super tone-in-tone contrast.

Let‘s add a little zing here and there with a yellow pencil,

Look what I found!
The other scrap I started when I was making the Daisy canvas!
Never throw anything away, eh?!
No wonder this Artroom chez Barbara looks like it’s been burgled!
Maybe it has.
Maybe he’s still in here and can’t find his way out!!!
Did I ever tell you about the goon who broke into the back of our van in Birmingham years ago? 
We locked him in without realising he was in the back. 
It was parked outside the B&B and we came back from supper in one of the cars. Noticed the van door was ajar at the back, 
so shut it and locked it. He must have had a cardiac!
He had to wait until we all went to sleep, 
then kicked the window OUT so he could escape!
And all that was in the back was card and brayers. 
He must have been gutted. Hahahaha. 
Anyway, moving on.
Spray mount the tree layer to the other scrap. 

See how I’ve lined it up so that the dark blue cuts 
across into the back?

Trim the art back and spray mount it to white stencil card.
Here’s one of my fave stencils, the Dotty Wave.
Let’s brush Butterscotch yellow ink through them with our 
If you’re new to cardmaking, then these are two items 
I highly recommend:
The Brushes and the Dotty Wave Stencil.
They are brilliant for creating lovely backgrounds and fills. 

Interesting what you can do with a painty roller scrap, eh.

Highlights and lowlights with pencils, 
and Bob’s your uncle. xxx
Have a lovely day!
I’m sure I will!
love & hugs,

83 thoughts on “Take three trees….

  1. Hehe I remember the story about the burglar in the van!! Lol. Love this project Barbara – what a fab idea and it turned out just brilliantly too. Have fun in The Smoke – you are such a tease. Xxx

  2. That's lovely what a good idea need to try doing this thinking out of box. Better go have Jonah today wants to watch wheels on bus so exciting being with a 16 month old enjoy your day out x

  3. Hi Barbara
    Oh I like this, I was wondering what you would find in that scrap piece, you see the most amazing things. I like the different textures on the tree tops, could be the start of some blossom. Have a great day out in London, is this a birthday treat with a friend? I'm looking forward to finding out.
    Have fun
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Morning Donna Sheila Dot Brenda Pam Gilly Morag hope you are all ok today and have had some sunshine and time to craft – what more could you ask for! Have a lovely day xxxx

    2. Hi Diana sunshine here rest day for me I think as still suffering from yesterday's hospital appointment day out toms just gone to pick up my new pain tablets percription so don't know how I will be after taking them (side effects) but if it keeps the pain controlled that's all I need to craft sending lots of hugs your way for a good day xxxx

  4. This was the stamp and mask we used as the very first project on my very first workshop with you, Barbara, up at Wollaton. It is good to see it back again in a different guise, and using "mop up sheets", so often the best possible backgrounds for matting and layering and stamping. I go to a local craft class once a week, and people look at me as if I am really strange when I spritz my blending mat and use a piece of card to mop up the remaining ink. I have used lots of them as backing for parchment projects as well. Love this use for paper piecing too. Have a great day in London. xxxx Maggie

  5. Helo Barb,
    Oh, you make things that turn out brilliantly look so easy. This is great.
    Have a lovely day in London and I'm looking forward to hearing all about it tomorrow!!
    Maureen xxx

  6. Beautiful stamp set your so insperational with your scraps have a lovley day out looking forward to what your going to tell us tomorrow crafting hugs xxx

    1. Hi Sheila – I hope that your day resting has helped you to get over yesterday, and fingers crossed, that the new tablets work well for you, with no side effects. Hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, I hope any side effects from your new pain relief settles soon, and that you are able to craft in comfort. thinking of you xx

    3. Evening my lovley blog friends I've started my new pain tablets today see what tomorrow brings thank you for thinking of me xx
      Morag glad your husband got some good news I do hope your MRI results are good news too will be thinking of you sending hugs to take with you xxx

  7. Hi Barb,
    Really do like this one. As Maureen says you always make everything look so easy. Hope you have a fabulous day in London – are you going to the Goring again? I'm intrigued to know who you're meeting and looking forward to hearing about it tomorrow.

    My polychromos arrived today and all I want to do is stroke them – is that weird?! Also I had a lovely parcel from Clarity with all my goodies from the last shows – all fabulous and can't wait to play.
    Love and hugs to all, Alison xxxx

    1. Hello – what's weird is that I wrote the same thing here a few days ago when mine arrived! My sister in law loves papers and says she always wants two of each – one to use and one to stroke. I don't think we could fund two sets of crayons though xx

  8. My goodies arrived today too, and some Distress inks and paints. Now I just need some energy to have a play. I hadn't heard the story of the burglar in the van before, how funny. He got more than he bargained for, ha ha xx

  9. This is such good timing – I decided last night to try using a scrap piece from cleaning my blending mat in a card- I've been making and keeping them for a little while but hadn't done anything with them. But I didn't know how to mount it to keep it flat and give it some strength – now I know, spray mount on stencil card. It's currently sitting being flattened – we always use my husband's doctoral thesis, it's the heaviest book in the house. As he says, at least it's found some use!

    Your paper piecing it lovely, and of course matches beautifully. You're so full of good ideas!

    Hope you have a lovely day in London, look forward to hearing about it tomorrow.

  10. I don't know how you look at splodges on paper then see and create such lovely pieces! I have this set and will have a go at something similar next time the weather is not nice enough to garden.
    Hope you enjoyed London – mystery and intrigue – we will all HAVE to look at tomorrow's blog, A orivate peek at what I wonder!

  11. Ooooo Clarity goodies when I got home! I can now play with my pricking grids, baby houses, baby wrens and puzzles! Hmmmmm now all I need is a baby plate storage folder……… Xx

    1. Hi donna, I got a lovely Clarity package too..and my new magnifier so that I will actually be able to use the new pricking plates!! Have fun playing with yours xxx

  12. Hope you had a lovely day think I remember you saying you were going somewhere with an old teacher, anyway hope you enjoyed your day out. I must say you do come up with some great art out of scrappy bits.
    Take care…Dot..xx

  13. Very inventive and innovative piece of art work. Hope you had a lovely day with that special person. I too have had "special" customers, rather like your van thief. It does make me wonder where their brain cells are. Let us plead not guilty to a crime, get the trial date and then damn themselves by saying. "I won't do it again, cos I wasn't very good, cos I got caught"!!! What is worse is the fact that the judiciary did not bat an eyelid – my body language said it all.
    I'm off to try and use my bird brain with the groovi.- Much better occupation.
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)x

  14. I love this piece of art Barbara – the stamp set is really good too! I hope that you have had a 'fun day' in London and I really look forward to hearing all about it tomorrow! Hugs Gilly xx

  15. Hi Morag, Pam and Brenda – I hope that you are all well, and that you have enjoyed some sunshine today. It's been good to be able to go out with my hubby for another drive today, to enjoy the beautiful scenery with the added bonus of the sunshine! Hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi Gilly. Your drive out sounds lovely! We had a drive out too for hubby's appointment. Everything fine up til now, so we can relax for another 6 months thank goodness. I just need some ok news tomorrow when I get my MRI results, then I'll be back into proper crafting mode. Hugs xxx

    2. Hi Morag – glad that all went well for your hubby's appointment. Wishing you luck for tomorrow when you get your results – I will be thinking of you! Special hugs Gilly xxx

  16. Enjoy your special trip. Love this technique – I've done it a few times inspired by Sam Crowe and her gelliplate, and the finished cards are always so fab! Now I can use roller scraps too!!! Susan x

  17. Wish I could see things in scraps like you do Barbara. Love this, I have the set have used the trees a few times but never the little stamps can't remember how you used them, have to see if I have any of the recordings from the classroom. I think I remember you using them with Leonie. Hope you had a brilliant time in London today, look forward to hearing about it tomorrow. You weren't visiting The Queen were you? Love and hugs Pam xxx

  18. Hi Barbara
    Absolutley love it and all from a scrap piece of paper,amazing.
    You mean to tell me that the bloke in the back of the van never made you a card to say sorry,bloody cheek:~)

  19. Hi Donna, Sheila, Diane, Brenda, Dot, Morag, Gilly and Alison, late again, hope you've all had a good day. Glad to hear that some of you have had your clarity parcels and Alison your polychromos, very exciting. After watching Marie on catch up tonight wish I'd ordered even more plates. That's good that you've been resting Sheila and really hope your new prescription will help with your pain without any side effects. Glad you're still resting Gilly bet your drive was lovely in the sunshine. Cornwall is so beautiful. Been to a cousins funeral today, very sad, but a beautiful service. Why is it though we only tend to meet up with all our cousins under such sad circumstances? We used to see each other a lot when we were children. Wish you all a good and sunny day for tomorrow. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  20. I am intrigued who you were going up to London with today!! Not had a good day today I'm afraid. My dog was attacked whilst I had it out walking and you know they say don't get involved in a dog fight. Well those words just don't count when you see someone you love being attacked. I figured if I could pick him up into the air out of harms way – but first to get the other dog off him. How do you do that when the jaws are locked into your dog. Well you let them bite you instead. The adrenalin must have kicked in cause I felt nothing at the time. My furry friend was airlifted to safety but he had had to visit the vets with a few bites that the vet says are only superficial thank goodness. So I now have one really badly bitten left hand. I remember you saying a few weeks back about trying to do things with one hand. Thankfully it is my left hand and I am right handed but the right is also slightly bitten so at the moment they are swollen and things are a bit difficult. So no crafting today and probably not for a while yet and my bigger brayer arrived today as well and I couldn't even open the package!! Much love Jayne

    1. Oh Jayne so pleased your dog has not been so badly hurt due to you intervening your poor hands hope they heal soon don't forget to get a tetanus jab as you don't know what the other dog has why some dog owners couldn't be more aware of there animals so they don't attack others hugs to help you heal xxx

    2. Oh dear. That saying is so true but you are right there is no way I could stand back and let my dog get attacked in front of me. Its like the people who jump into the sea to rescue their dogs, some people just don't understand why a dog owner would do that. I hope your dog is healed soon and the experience hasn't upset him too much, I also hope your hands improve soon. Sending a hug for you both. Xx

  21. I do so like this stamp and find it very useful, especially for male cards, and the texture stamps come in handy for all sorts of uses. But I've yet to come up with anything as creative as this lovely artwork, especially the paper piecing elements.
    I hope you had a good day with your special person. Carol

  22. MOrning, fab art work. I never throw anything away – think I need a bigger art crafting area now boxes everywhere. And when I need that – just so piece of paper – can I find it NO but always find something else that I forgot I had….:)

    Well onwards and up. About to phone Mum and see how she is today. Not good yesterday with worry again, powerless over people places and things. I am finding this "piggy in the middle" very difficult, trying to keep the peace.

    Have a great day and look forward to your post today.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  23. This is such a fabulously clever way of using up scraps Barbara and have a lovely day in London and look forward to hearing all about it. x

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