Clarity Brush Offer

Clarity Brush Offer

Hi there!
Good of you to drop in.

Got a lot on today, so thought it would be acceptable to look back a year, and see what we were up to on 3rd March 2015….
When I was a teenager, I had a five year diary.
You know the sort.
Last year’s entry was above this year’s space to fill, so you could read daily what had been doing on the year before. 
And the year before.
And the year before !!!
It had a little padlock on it, and I remember! 
My pesky younger brother was always trying to break into it!
But I always kept the key in my money belt. 
Blimey! Remember them? Kept the skirt hiked up!

Anyway, let’s go back to last March…Aha!! A Special offer.
Good grief! You Tube Tuesday!! 
How did we ever find time for that every week too ????

Stop the train!!

YouTube Tuesday it is, so today I thought we would take a look at how to get the most out of our lovely Stencil brushes.

I have only used ink here, 
but they work beautifully with paints, too.
And don’t forget: they are washable. 
Warm soapy water for ink and acrylic paint.

Items Used:
If you already have a set of 4 stencil brushes,
you have probably worked out that you could do with 
another set of 4 !
So how about a little offer….
How about £16.99 instead of £19.99?
Sounds good to me!

(Offer ends Midnight 8th March)

Yes, let’s run that offer again….

love and hugs,

77 thoughts on “Clarity Brush Offer

  1. Evening Barbara wow I'm first to blog I've got four sets of brushes but a lovley offer never goes a miss I got my jigsaw pieces today and I crafted with them right away fantastic very impressed and thank you to all those as clarity towers because I didn't wait long to get my order how professional they are .happy crafting to all on the blog xxx

    1. Evening Donna Diane Dorothy pam Brenda gilly morag had a lovley crafting afternoon using my jigsaw pieces and ink and brushes and alphabet so cool in bed now resting hope you have all had a good day thinking of you all lots of hugs comming your way hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. Hi Sheila! Sounds like you have had another lovely crafting time today, so pleased for you! I haven't done a lot today, my arms wouldn't co-operate, so I took things easy! Lots of hugs from Gilly x

    3. Hi Sheila. It's good to rest when you need to and not wait till you're exhausted.
      I haven't managed to get any crafting in today, hopefully tomorrow. Take care xx

    4. Hi Sheila
      I've been baking cakes all day again today for Julian's office so not had time to finish my groovi play from yesterday. I found some Derwent pencils I bought years ago at the pencil museum and found they work a treat on parchment. Those jigsaw pieces sound fun, good to hear you enjoyed playing with them. Xxxx

  2. A girl can never have to many Clarity Stencil Brushes. They have revolutionised my colour brushing and after much use are still as good as new.
    Hugs from Chris X

  3. Oh my goodness Barbara you do know how to dangle the carrot … I'm going to have to get some of that..already got two sets of brushes but like you say often you can never have too many, also they look good with different colour heads sat in a jar on my desk. 🙂 X

    1. Hello Donna oh yes you need a third set don't forget your clarity cushions have you seen the jigsaw pieces the fantastic with inks and stamps masks great value too how's school been ? Any crafting xxx

    2. I am tempted with the puzzles, thought I could make some for the class but was wondering how robust they are? Do you think they would be OK or are they just decorative? Xx

    3. They are really good I think they would be fine for the class if I had your address I could send you one to try before you buy a set but I think they would be OK xx

  4. Evening Brenda, Sheila, Diane, Pam, Dot and Morag. Are you all stocked up for the snow due at the weekend? I'm just deciding what costume to wear for world book day……choice between Harry Potter or my caveman outfit (don't ask!) for Stig of the Dump????? Xx

    1. Harry Potter definitely. My friend and I were lucky enough to go to the Harry Potter Studios back in January. It was FAB-U-LOUS!!! We had to keep reminding ourselves that it wasn't real haha!

    2. Hang on Morag, what do you mean not real…………..

      I have been there too, loved it and want to go back when they have the great hall and Hogwarts decorated for Christmas. XX

    3. Hi Donna
      Haha I'd love to know why you've got a cave man outfit – love Sig of the dump, such a great book. Harry Potter though, fabulous. I went as Mr bump one year, used loo roll as bandages over my blue t shirt! The things we do! Have fun tomorrow – and make sure the cushions are down for Sunday. The jigsaws sound excellent for school. Xxx

  5. Remember it well so far I have three sets but always space for special if using for paint I too loved the YouTube Tuesday but your so busy know just love hearing from you and all lovely tips and offers xxx

  6. Really enjoyed the tutorial, I haven't seen it before, as I only joined the Clarity Blog family a few months ago. Those brushes look really good, it may have to be done!! Hugs Gilly x

  7. Hi Barb,
    I remember this really well. I love the stencil brushes – in fact I have 3 sets but might even order another set at this price. Thank you for the offer again. I don't blame you for using last year's blog either with everything you've got going on at the moment. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  8. I had almost forgot you used to do You Tube Tuesday? What a commitment eh? Did I ever tell you about the diary I picked up when I was sorting my wardrobe out? The last entry was ~I will try to write in here more often, you watch my next entry will be about five years time"??? My next entry was OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, its five years since I last wrote in this diary, to the Month!!!! Its True!Sam

  9. Barbara, I do have quite a lot of brushes, they are just brilliant. I sit next to other people using different brushes and watch them struggle to get soft blends, while the Clarity brushes do it so easily. I am saving my pennies (and pounds) for the tv shows on Sunday and Monday. Having seen pictures of some of those goodies, I think I need a lot of cushions to collapse on. Wow! Fabulous! I am not sure how Clarity Towers is going to cope. Take care outside, everyone, as the forecast is for lots of ice etc. xxx Maggie

  10. Hello to all my lovely new blog friends. I hope you're all having a good day, and keeping warm and cosy. Dorothy, yes I do have a good Scots name. Born and brought up in Edinburgh til I lost parents when I was 11. Was brought down to Durham by my grandparents. But each time I go back to Edinburgh it still feels like I'm going home.
    I'm still patiently waiting to see a bit of snow..but still nothing!
    Hugs to you all. xx

    1. Hi Morag! Hope that you have had a good day, even though you couldn't do any crafting – me neither today! Hope that you are keeping warm too – we have had more strong winds again, but it's not too bad at the moment! Hugs Gilly x

    2. Hi Morag sorry to here about your parents but lovely to hear you feel at home up here were a friendly sort us scots even if I say it myself and nobody can love yi better than yir Granny and this here blog is a lovely place to be to.XX

  11. Hi Barbara, nae worries, glad to see you've set aside at least one thing today. Not so glad to hear that you're busier than ever though! Youtube reminders always welcome.

    I'm tempted by your brushes offer but not got any list sorted out yet, and don't like to order just one thing at a time as that adds to your business costs with me being diamond and free p&p.

    Didn't take long for the next weird big problem to surface! Social services! Social worker went off work 4 weeks ago, haven't had anything from them since and no proper contact with social worker since 12th jan, pretty much abandoned and totally neglected since last November. That social services. Well today I got a letter from them saying they haven't got my financial assessment form, if I don't send it in by next week I'll be charged the full £9.80 an hour! For a start I have to be self funding which they know, and charged for what? I've got nowt from any service, nowt from them, and nowt in the pipeline! And, there's no support service out there that would cost only £9.80 an hour, they all cost far more! So, obviously I'm freaking out, upset, and totally not understanding. And getting iller as a result. I don't know what's going on with social services or with me. How can someone who's trapped in here in total isolation still be subjected to so much stuff going wrong by the outside world! It's all got way too much for me now.

    love Brenda xx

    1. Sounds like someone needs to give these people a kick up the proverbial! I think they have a cheek charging you for doing nothing for so long! I'm so sorry you have had a horrid day. Sending love and hugs. Xx

    2. Brenda I'm so sorry to hear you have been so upset by these people, that'd really awful to receive a letter like this but what's more shocking is your lack of contact. Sending you a gentle hug, I hope it helps you knowing we are all here for you xxxx

    3. Donna a social worker is free for everyone apparently. So what on earth are they intending charging me for! Breathing the air I breathe! There's nothing else left! thanks for your wishes xx

    4. My friend I really feel bad that you are having to deal with all this on your own. You are a brave and clever woman Brenda remember that but please try and contact them so that you can get someone to help sort this out ..Here's yir cuddle love Dot..xx

    5. Brenda, sorry to hear that you've had this from social services. Sometimes i think they do more harm than good. I really do hope you can get this sorted quickly. Love and hugs, Alison xxxx

    6. Thank you Alison xx
      Dot, that's not something I'm able to do, right now I've not got the mental strength to do anything. Even if I did it wouldn't make any difference as someone did phone the relevant person last week to voice their concerns about me being left like this and nothing came off it, at all! xx

  12. I love my brushes, clean up so easily. I could probably do with another set but think I might have to wait a little longer, car broke down last week and came home with a big bill. I used to have a five year diary, I would start off so well keeping my entries but have to admit did not keep it up. Wish I had as I am trying to write up my past as a keepsake for my kids one of these days. xx

  13. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely look back at you tube Tuesday – where has that year gone?!! What a brilliant offer, I've just text my friend to tell her but she'd already seen it. I must dig out my aperture stencils again and have a play, the poppy seed looks beautiful.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  14. Hi Barbara thanks for the brushes offer its on the list waiting to see what you come up with on this weeks shows then it will be out with the cushions. Bet the team are saying OH NO she's put another offer on the blog…xx

  15. Great tutorial, Barbara. I don't remember seeing this before and I do love this stencil. I use my brushes all the time. I have a few others but these give the best result and I like the coverage of the bigger ones. Carol

  16. I remember this tutorial with the brushes and would love them but am trying to be good at present. I am so busy on Sunday will probably have to watch on catchup though I should be able to see you live on Monday and definitely looking forward to it Barbara. x

  17. These brushes are little short of miraculous! Used them for the stencilled exhibits on this month's Clarity Challenge DT then using only my designated 'red' brush was able to colour over stencils with the residual ink on another seven cards – no ink wasted!!! (And there is still a very pale pink left.) Therefore, on the accounting side – one set of brushes = four ink pads – aaaand the inks run out but the brushes last forever. No-brainer! My order for my third set will be placed forthwith!
    Not only that, I've made a decent attempt with my pricking and snipping tonight. Two examples of pretty picot. ;~}

  18. Hi barb, love it, great artwork and a great offer, but have placed an order a couple of days ago 🙁 Hey Ho, will wait for a while, although I do now have 12. Take care. Bx

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