Tick Tock

Tick Tock

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
It’s a lovely day outside.
I was sitting here, drinking my first cuppa of the day,
 and enjoying the sun shining on the trees outside.
Sometimes it’s just so relaxing to do nothing!
Anway, the wall to the left of me is covered ceiling to floor with books and mags.
The largest one jutting out is my pride and joy.
Well, since Friday’s blog is a private peek,
let’s get it out and have a closer look then!
It’s a wonderful book.
It shows you how the artists took an idea from a sketch right through to an animated piece.
Walt Disney was an real visionary, wasn’t he.
I read up a little about him.
Just a regular, working class kid.
Loved to draw.
Worked hard, got ripped off a fair few times too.
Did you know he was the original voice of Mickey Mouse?
I didn’t know that.
From modest beginnings in Missouri…
To one of the most iconic cultural phenomenons 
of the 20th Century
Here he is pitching his seven dwarves!
He received 7 Emmy Awards and 22 Academy Awards !
More Oscars than anyone.
But let’s take a look inside this big old treasure of mine…
Here’s Mickey cleaning the clock.
Or trying to!
Meanwhile, inside the clock, 
Donald Duck isn’t having much luck either..

This must have taken hours to conceptualise and sketch!
Yet the actual scene in the film was probably over within 15 seconds.
That thought blows me away.
 Now watch the pictures come to life:
Our scene comes about 4 minutes in….

I wish I knew what Donald is actually saying to the coil when it is winding him up!!!
Ah well, back on the shelf goes the lovely book.
And back to the drawing board goes Barbie.
Must get set for TV on Sunday and Monday.
Sunday 2pm + 5pm, and then 
Launch at 8pm for the Monday 1-Day Special.
So Monday: 9am 12noon. 4pm and 7pm.
I’d had better get a wriggle on!
Tick Tock!!!!
love & hugs,

90 thoughts on “Tick Tock

  1. Morning Barb. I love love love Disney the art work is amazing and so clever and that mixed with cgi these days blows my mind. So if you could turn your arty hand to some inspired stamps/groovi it would be fab xx

    1. Barbara appoligies again for asking as I know your extra busy can we use rabbits in this months clarity blog challenge or is it just ladies or girls ? Xxx

    2. Hi Sheila, I'm not sure Barbara sets the challenges, isn't there another person in charge of them. Have you tried emailing the person you send your entries to, I'm sure they'll be able to answer your question for you 🙂 xx

  2. I just re-watched the film Saving Mr Banks, and it was just as funny and tragic the second time around – lovely to get a glimpse into the Disney world again today. Good luck with the prep and have a safe journey. Susan x

  3. Brilliant to see the development of the pictures. Sitting enjoying a cup of tea before getting ready for work. I wish I could go to the SECC instead and see Emma demo the Groovi plates.
    Hope everyone has a good day. xx

  4. Good morning from a snowy Yorkshire. What a lovely book and story. I treasure all books and sometimes just buy them for the beautiful covers no matter what the contents. The older the book the better. As I"m snowed in today, it's a perfect time to play with all my goodies from Clarity including the club gifts. Stay safe and warm wherever you live.

  5. Morning Barbara, I love Disney, in the days before video was invented (!) we always looked forward to watching the Wonderful World of Disney which was on tv every bank holiday, and it also brings back happy memories of Mum taking us to the pictures to watch every Disney film that came out.

    Hope all goes well and you have a stressfree time preparing for your shows, I saw the new plates on Hochanda, they're amazing 🙂 xxx

    1. Loved watching that Julie, you always hoped the would play your favourite bits and not the sad bits or princes kissing princesses – yuck!! Haha xxx

  6. Disney is fantastic so many amazing films love watching them. Going to be busy weekend end again for you save trip down looking forward to your shows better get back Nanny duty today one busy boy Jonah xxx

  7. It's years since I watched any Disney cartoons, thank you so much for sharing – it was such a nice start to my day. Let's hope everyone has some humour in their day today.

  8. Love the old Disney animation. Amazing stuff. Beautiful book too, what a treasure.
    Don't work too hard, and enjoy your shows. Happy Mothers Day for Sunday, I will be watching and hoping my son might treat me. Xx
    Amanda. Xx

  9. What a fantastic book! I have just realised that Donald Duck is probably wholly responsible for my machinations with innanimate objects. Unless gremlins really do exist! LOL

    We have snow up here although it's going all mushy at the moment.

  10. Morning Barbara your off to an early start today needs must I suppose. Disney is never far away when I'm on Granny duties all my grandkids love it animation must have taken for ever back then.
    I have a lovely china Dumbo that my Granny gave me the quote on the bottom is just right for you this weekend.
    Don't just fly Sore [Dumbo]
    take care..Dot

    1. Hello Dot – oh I love predictive text it drives us all mad and makes us say weird things. I'm picking up revised contact lenses on Monday with the reading bit of the varifocal slightly stronger – I've had lots of text from Emma telling me to re read my messages to her lately because I haven't been able to see the mistakes I've made! It's made her laugh though. Hope your not snowed in – keep warm and snug xxx

  11. Morning Barbara, Send me some of your sunshine !!!! It has been snowing here alllllllll morning !! yuck.
    I had to laugh at this video, I was 'with' Daffy when he was teetering on the edges, I wish you could have 'heard' me hahaha. It was so funny. It must have taken absolutely ages to draw every single minute movement for a small cartoon, as you say Walt was a definite 'visionary'. Thank you for brightening up my day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  12. Hi Barb,
    I'm pleased you've got a lovely day because it's horrible here in Durham, sleety rain!
    I really love today's blog and it's fascinating to see how the finished animation is arrived at. A very good friend of mine was an art teacher and he ran an animation club for the kids at school. I couldn't believe how much time and effort went into producing about 30 seconds worth of film, so I am always in awe of people like Disney and the people that did Wallace and Grommitt. I used to love (& still do) Dumbo and Bambi and I thought Fantasia was so clever. Thanks for the memories, love and hugs Alison xxx

  13. Oh Barbara Disney is timeless just like clarity can be watched over and over again enjoy getting ready for the show so looking forward to both days you amaze me always crafting hugs xxx

    1. Hi Sheila! I took your crafting hugs with me today, and it was so nice to think of how you care! Good outcome with hb's consultant, and some very positive news – which is good. Got lots of options to think about, and by no means out of the woods yet, but much better than we feared! Lots of grateful hugs winging their way to you, Gilly xx

    2. Thanks Sheila – from us both! Funnily enough, we are already doing just what you suggest, and we are having lots of laughs and fun times together! When that 'C' word is mentioned – it makes you value life so much more, which can only be a good thing! Also the specialist commented that we had a much stronger mental attitude, than we had at the last appointment. Barbara's Mindful Wednesdays can take a lot of the credit for that! xxx

    3. Gilly that's such good news, big hug for you and your husband – onwards and upwards! Xx
      Sheila good to hear you've been crafting today, I didn't get back from my lunch out until 4 and had to stop at the supermarket on the way home (missed the snow shower – it was sunny when I left home at 12!) so haven't had time to play today. I'm taking my sisters birthday groovi starter kit down tomorrow so will take my collection of plates and we can play together – someone else who will need some cushions!!! Sending hugs xxx

    4. Diane Enjoy your grooving tomorrow with your sister for her birthday birthday wishes .
      Gilly this blog helps so much on a daily basis xxx

    5. Gilly, I'm so pleased that you both got some good news today. A positive attitude and a sense of humour is half the battle! I totally agree about the wonderful feeling of support from this lovely group. xx

  14. How they made those films was amazing. I'm also in awe of the Aardman animations – different techniques but both so impressive. So looking forward to the shows. Safe travelling there and back, Barbara. Mxx

    (Lots of snow has fallen here in South Yorkshire this morning but none of it has settled.)

  15. Well it's s been a mixed bag of weather today, sun followed by sleet followed by sun again and so on! I watched that bit with Donald Duck and it's true it is over within about twenty seconds and so much work with all the different pictures that have to be drawn in order to get there, fantastic! Thanks for showing us your special book Barbara. x

  16. Hello Barb,
    Enjoyed this so much, thank you. The drawings reminded me of you (not that you look like a mouse or a duck) in that they were juggling so many things at once. Good luck for Sunday and Monday, I'll be watching.
    Maureen xxx

  17. A really lovely blog today Barbara. I, like so many others, will never get too old for Disney.
    Only two more sleeps til Groovi Grids..I can't wait. I said yesterday that I would be leaving the brilliant brush offer in order to get the grids and a couple of other plates that I NEED!!. But by 2am had decided I'd be an absolute fool not to take advantage and ADD them to my order. HeeHee! See, sleepless nights really can come in handy!

  18. Hello Donna, Dorothy, Diane, Pam, Gilly and Brenda. I'm still not up to crafting today, but I'm designing some lovely stuff in my head!! At least it will be if I can transfer my thoughts to card haha.
    I hope you are all well xx

    1. Hi Morag – oh that was you falling off the waggon in the early hours! I wondered what the noise was 🙂 yes make notes on your idea and do little sketches otherwise you will end up faffing ( technical term of course!) like I do. Xxx

  19. Hi Barbara
    I had forgotten how clever the Micky Mouse cartoons are. So funny and not dark and frightening like some of today's animations are. I loved Fantasia.
    I have to get the Groovi grids and lots of other goodies too. Looking forward to Sunday and Monday.
    Hugs from Chris X

  20. The people that draw the cartoons must have so much patience. I really admire them. Looking forward to the shows and I hope your journey goes well as at the moment in the Staffordshire Moorlands we are white over with ice and snow warnings out. The grand children enjoyed their day off school though.

  21. Hi Barbara,
    Love the Disney drawings and your book looks so interesting. I was particularly drawn to this post as my daughter is off to Disneyland Paris next month to work as one of the characters, we don't know which one yet ut I know she will have a wonderful time out there as part of the Disney world.
    Thanks for your blog and all of the fabulous inspiration that you share with us.

  22. Hi Barbara, I liked Fantasia best I think, thought it very clever, and liked the music too. You never see that one on the telly. In the early days didn't it take a few years just to make one full length animation? You and Mr Disney have a lot in common – very innovative, with a passion, and hard work and determination, and sacrifice. I won't say where you and Mr Disney differ, I don't want to end up in Disney jail!!!!

    My plan C worked, so now I can watch Hochanda in bed any time I want, and record your shows without having to do anything other than press the buttons on the remote. Hopefully it's just a temporary fix and miracles of miracles I'll get the help and support I need and the workmen stuff can start again.

    Take care, love Brenda xx

    1. Evening Brenda, I think the dancing mushrooms are my favourite from Fantasia. Also love Mickey in the Sorcerer's Apprentice. Hope you feel a bit more settled today. Xx

    2. Hi Brenda
      Good to hear you have got the TVs set up ready for Sunday and Monday. You will be able to keep warm and snug at the same time too – what a bonus. Hope you and Daisy are ok xxx

    3. See told yi clever friend you work it out and and then yir sorted.. would like to share with you Amy's latest wee statement 'Boys are Yuck' the school has told us to say to her 'use your word's' as you know she is not verbal so I hang on to everything she say's it means so much you will understand I know…xx

    4. Thank you everyone 🙂 xx

      feeling really ill so struggling to be up today, but determined I have to keep going enough to look after Daisy and me, got to, or they'll put me in the hospital, over my dead body! So I'm curled up in my beanbag and been(winding myself up)searching for knitting patterns! I'm making up my own designs of baby/toddler stuff and I know what I want to do for my next one, but with no model I need to find patterns just for basic numbers of stitches for sizing/shaping. And me being awkward what I want to do doesn't seem to be run of the mill!!! So one bad headache later, I think I've solved my dilemma, hopefully. If I take bits and pieces from several patterns to convert bits of other patterns I should be able to work out what I need! Sounds complicated and is, but I know I can work it out 🙂 So now I need something to take to bed, that takes no energy or thought and I can do with blurry eyes, to calm me down!

      Dot, your Amy's no daft, boy's are yuck, well the workman kind anyway!!! She sounds like she's really coming on now. Sounds like you've found the right school for her. Yes I know how much it means to you, like miracles every step forward she takes xx

    5. Brenda you help me tell the world that Autism and Asperger's is and how life is a struggle and what it means to you and to the future for my wee Amy and for that I thank you..xx

  23. Thank you Barbara – for this look inside your book and a chance to enjoy the Disney Scene again! Brilliant, it's so wonderful how it stands the test of time, as I know that your work will too! Looking forward to seeing you on tv, and do take care on your journey, as the weather at the moment is somewhat challenging! Hugs Gilly x

  24. Gosh that is a busy TV schedule, hope all goes well. I love your beautiful Disney book. I gave my daughter a gorgeous Disney book when she was young, she lent it someone and never saw it again. Why is it that people do not return things they borrow, there is a tendency to forget you have loaned something til you go to use it. Glad you had some sun today been very cold here but we have escaped the snow so far. xx

  25. Had a day at the craft fair in Glasgow and was so pleased to meet Emma there demonstrating Clarity groovi. She was so helpful and did Clarity proud. Made my day I can tell you. Bought a few things to add to my collection.

  26. It has been cold all day here but no snow until I poked my nose out an hour ago. Definitely a crafting day today. I am playing now with bought papers and stamps to see what goes together, just a bit of fun instead of throwing them out. I am trying to calm my nerves before you show us all those goodies at the weekend. Take care out there on the roads and have fun with all your friends at Hochanda. xx Maggie

  27. Oh my goodness I'm having a crisis. I've just looked at hochanda, wow, just as well I'm doing lots of overtime at work.
    I love Fantasia, years ago I have the video – remember them? I now have the DVD which goes on every now and then, I get lost in the movement and the colour.

  28. Luuuurve Disney & enjoyed watching the little film clip, takes me way back! He was such a clever, artistic man.
    Looking forward to your Groovi shows on Sunday.
    Safe journey xxx

  29. Hi Barbara
    What a beautiful book, we all love Disney and were so lucky to go to Florida last year, especially as we stayed in the Art of Annimation hotel – fabulous. What a brilliant clip, as you say, such a huge amount of work for such a tiny section but so fantastic. Thank you for sharing this beautiful book with us – you are never too old for Disney (says me sat here in my tigger top next to my hubby in a grumpy t shirt!). Safe journey to HOCHANDA.
    Love Diane xxx

  30. Hi Barb, thank you for sharing that lovely book. I love disney movies and cartoons. Hope all the prep goes well. Looking forward to the shows. Bx

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