Barb’s Bloggy Sale – Day 2 Butterfly-Petals…

Barb’s Bloggy Sale – Day 2 Butterfly-Petals…

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
Been waiting for today to roll round for a while now….
A D E L E  T O N I G H T ! ! ! ! ! !
If it’s ok with you, we’ll look at the Groovi Gridwork and the fab patterns you came up with tomorrow.
I want to alternate between Stamps and Groovi on the blog,
so today let’s check out a very versatile set of stamps…
Many of you may remember when we launched the In the Classroom Shows on Create & Craft a few years ago. 
They were a big hit!
This set was one of the kits we developed for that series.
If you’re not sure what I am talking about, I ran a monthly virtual lesson on C&C TV.
The month before a lesson, I showed you what you needed to get,
then at 11am on a Saturday, we had a proper lesson, didn’t we?
Me on my own in front of the camera, and you at home joining in.
It was very popular. 
You sent in your artwork and many of you really got into it. 
I am pretty sure we will do something similar at Hochanda soon….
But this was one of the most popular sets.
I have even kept the little ideas sheet from the show,
 which I used to show you some of the tricks we could come up using the petals …
How to get a perfect flower:
Stamp North – South – East – West – and then in between.
Colour in the background instead of the flowers.
Cor! Remember that? 
Look at the peep sheet above to see the difference!
Funky idea for boys…

Different trees.
The solid petal is great for colouring in.

Ribbon weaves using the dotty petal 
and filling it with the polks dot petal.

Mad Bunting

A fishy

An edge…

It went on and on!
When you buy a set of stamps, 
it is always good to see various uses; 
I think we have only scratched the surface here.
And of course, there’s the lovely butterfly here too.
Using Fusible Film.
This set of 8 unmounted stamps usually retails for £15.99.
Let’s knock 20% off until midnight tomorrow.
If you’re in the Clarity Clubs, your discounts are added on top. 
This is one set of stamps definitely worth having in the stash!
If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out the Claritystamp Gallery, our Design Team creations.
And don’t forget to take advantage of yesterday’s Groovi Sale!
Just go back to yesterday’s blog 
for the Lily and Poppy Borders sale plus project.
Offer ends at midnight tonight.

107 thoughts on “Barb’s Bloggy Sale – Day 2 Butterfly-Petals…

  1. Hi Barbara, I loved those classrooms, it was thanks to your lessons that I really got into stamping, it would be wonderful if Hochanda let you do something similar. Have a great night out 🙂 xxx

  2. I used to love the classrooms. Why they ever stopped them I will never know. Hope you get to do them on Hochanda. Love all your ideas – must go reach them out. Enjoy Adele tonight. Xx

  3. I also used to love the classrooms Barbara and I can remember this lesson well. Thank you for reminding me! I too hope that Hochanda brings them back.
    Your birthday cards were absolutely stunning, thank you for showing them to us. Even bigger thanks for these great offers. xxx

  4. Hello Gilly, Sheila, Brenda, Alison, Pam, Diane, Donna, Dot and all of my lovely blog friends. I hope you are all having a good day…and well cushioned with these great offers. xxx

    1. Hi Morag – it's really great to hear from you, we have been very concerned about you. I expect that it has taken you some time to recover from the lead up to the result of your scan – that's just the way it is. Just be careful, with all of these offers and more to come! Wishing you a safe landing! Love and hugs Gilly xxx

    2. I answered all of your yesterday's pots this morning! Better late than never! Thank you all for your concern. I think it was just a case of coming back down to earth very quickly! But I've been well enough to put an order in this morning…so definitely on the mend haha! Love to you all xxx

    3. Hi Morag
      Lovely to 'see' you, oh that little bump I heard earlier was you falling off the wagon! I'm just about to join you, thought I would check the blog first, just in case! Xxx

  5. Morning sure your really excited about tonight have fun sure it's going to be fantastic loved the classroom shows remember sitting down and crafting along when I could would record so would at later date if not at time would be great to do again. Always loved the butterfly. Off to finish a card cot made just got picture of the new baby girl to place her picture in it to finish it of then can get ink need a play and going to use alphabet stamps to do her name in frame later to as gift so have great night out hugs joy xxxxx

  6. I am sure you will have a wonderful time tonight. Take care and enjoy yourselves, in spite of the increased security after the terrible events in Brussels today. Our hearts must go out to all those affected there, but we cannot stop living our lives, otherwise those evil people will have won. Meanwhile, in a happier vein, this set of stamps was the first time I plucked up courage to send homework in for the classroom, and got three cards shown, which was a real confidence booster. Time to dig them out again, I think. Love, Maggie xxx

  7. Oh Morning again Barbara just caught up with yesterdays blog when up you popped again just when I'd taken off my cushions sorry team clarity bet the boss is in hiding today.

    Already got this wee stamp set but will keep the cushions at hand for to see whats coming up in the bloggy sales.
    Enjoy Adele tonight I think she's fab to.Love Dot.xx

    1. Morning again Girls just caught up with yesterdays and had to get the cushions on so that's how I'm early see you at the campfire..hugs to all and another cuddle fir oor Brenda glad yir back my friend…xx

    2. Hello Dot
      I like a sale don't you, it's exciting to see what's going to pop up each day isn't it! I think there are going to be a few post people getting stalked over the next few days as we wait for our Clarity parcels xxx

    3. Kumbaya…reminds me of being a guide in the dim and distant past. Not forgetting Ging Gang Goolie!!! I'd forgotten about that one haha.xx

    4. Hi Dot, thought I didn't see you on last night. Hope you've had a good day today. Loved the classroom shows and recorded a lot of them, be nice if Hochanda will have Barbara do them again. Take care, love Pam xxx

    5. Or or a bit off Golden girls….
      Thankyou for being my friend
      Off the wagon and back agsin
      Our hearts are true were pals and confidants
      and if we threw a party
      invited all the CCA we knew
      the biggest gift would be from me
      and the groovi attached would say
      Thankyou for being my friend.

      Ok all sung oot noo….xxI

    6. There was no much ging gang goolie where I come from
      how about – nobody likes me, everbody hates me I think I'll go and eat worms…
      Or – I'm picking up a baby bumble bee…
      or – there was gravy, gravy enough to sink the navy in the store, in the store….
      If it's Scottish you're after Donna, me and Dot will keep you up all night, how about oh ye cannae fling pieces frae a 20 storey flat…. Or – oh ye cannae shove yer granny off the bus… or 3 craws sat upon a wa….. or ali ballie, ali ballie bee sitting oan yer mammies knee…. or – if it wasnae fir yer willies where wud ye be…. c'mon dot help me oot

    7. Morning Brenda think youv got nearly them awe a can remember but if ony mare comes back ti mi al let yi ken hope yi managed ti get a wee sleep and found something on tge telly ti wined doon wi…xx
      You see Donna knew oor Brenda wud start the Scottish interlude yi can google them maybes if you want to join in Morning…….xx

  8. You do tempt us so! I used to really enjoy the classroom shows too, nearly as good as watching you close up in real life. I hope you have a BRILLIANT time tonight xx

  9. Afternoon Barbara I've got this set so can put my cushions away for today I use to love the classroom lessons so will be good to see them back on hochanda xxx

    1. Hi Sheila can I borrow your cushions to add to my pile please 😀. Hope you are ok today and are managing to craft. it's a lovely sunny day here today and I'm watching the antics of the little birds on the feeder, they are distracting me from groovi but their antics are quite funny xx

    2. Your quite welcome to use my wool cushions they say baaaaaa well done when you land 😊 I've mannage to craft today so well pleased resting now xxx

    3. Hi Sheila, placed my order as I haven't got these ones. Lovely sunny day here. Hope ewe are feeling better today and don't have any more craft things to moooove back into your new craft room! Xx

  10. Hi Barb,
    I remember you doing this on C and C. Used to love the classroom. Great set of stamps which I'm lucky enough to own. Great offer though. Hope you have a fabulous time at the Adele concert – I'm so envious. Hugs Alison xxxx

  11. Hi Barbara, I too used to love your Classrooms on C & C, great news that they will be coming to Hochanda! I love this set of stamps, but can't stamp whilst being in bed, so I will just wait for my Groovi Set to arrive for now. Have a wonderful time this evening! Hugs Gilly x

  12. Hi Donna, Diane, Pam, Brenda and Pen and everyone on the blog. Hope that you are all having a good day – have any of you got the sunshine today, because it's on the missing list here! I am being a very good girl again, not sure what's got into me – it's another rest day in bed today for me. Hugs Gilly xxx

    1. Afternoon Gillyflower, What a good girl you are… Just about to cook a chicken for tea using Solar power as the Sun is shining here today.

      No more news yet on the home front …shhhh …no news is good news.

      Love the blog today. Must get these stamps out again and have got many ideas from this blog. Thanks Barb. Enjoy your evening.

      Crafty hugs Pen x

    2. Hello Gilly
      We've got the sunshine here too, two loads of washing on the line so all is good. You are being good resting again today, chiropractor has just mentioned the rest word to me so I will try and be good this afternoon! Xx

    3. Hi Gilly, no sunshine here. Been having a play with Gelli plate. What a mess I have. Good job I can shut the door on it!!
      You are doing great with your resting. You really are going to love the Groove. I can't wait for you to be able to have a play. Hugs xxx

  13. Ooh Barbara I do love a bargain, well don't we all. I remember fondly " in the classroom ", and I bought this set of stamps then. It reminds me
    to dust them off and have a play. I do hope that Hochanda runs with this idea again, it was fun. X

  14. I'm another who used to love the in the classroom events at C & C, although I don't think I saw this one, so some more stamps to consider. Enjoy your concert tonight. Adele isn't really my cup of tea but I bet she's amazing live.

  15. Hi Barbara
    I love the way you see different things in stamps, the surf boards are great fun – who would have thought! I used to be busy on your classroom Saturday's so missed them but would love it if hochanda would take that on board. Have a wonderful time at the Adele concert tonight, I'm really envious but if anyone deserves a night out and some great singing, you do. Have fun.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Donna, only a couple more days to go, have you got an inset day this week? Most of the schools around here seem to. Hope you are ok xxx
      Hi Pam have you been crafting today? Hope you are ok xxx
      Hi Brenda have you got your order in yet? Hope you've had a good day today xxx

    2. Hi Diane, hope you've had a good day. Haven't crafted today, still got this wedding card to finish, been to Bath this afternoon looking for a warmer outfit for the wedding but didn't find anything that suited so whacked now, back is really sore. Resting tonight. Take care, LOVE Pam xxx

  16. Missed this classroom 🙁 only found them quite late on. Did catch up on a few while they were available online. Can't wait for their return on Hochanda as I learnt so much from them. Placed my order. Xx

  17. Afternoon Brenda, Sheila, Diane, Pam, Dot, Morag and Gilly. Happy sunny Tuesday to you all. I have decided to keep my cushions strapped on, just so you don't think I've been eating all the Easter eggs!

    1. Can I please share your cushion too Donna, I ordered these stamps some blank mask sheets. I've never found the skill of ordering just one item yet. Oh dear!! xxx

  18. I love these stamps and as I've mislaid the butterfly in my tidy (not!!!) craft room, I bought another set a few weeks ago.
    Have a lovely time at the concert and I do hope any added security does not affect you too much. It's such a changing world we live in. ;~}

  19. I love your stamp offer as the petals with all those different patterns are very versatile and the butterfly is very pretty. Enjoy the Adele concert tonight, I'm sure she will be amazing. x

  20. Wow Adele concert, hope you have a wonderful time. I've got these petal stamps but somehow not the butterfly stamp but I have a butterfly stamp of yours without the long tail. Hope you manage to start the classrooms again with Hochanda, but love any shows you do. Love Pam xxx

    1. Pam I haven't got the butterfly I think I got the petals in the members sale on there own but carnt be sure maybe you did the same hope your back feels better soon rest up hugs xxx

  21. Hi Brenda, Gilly, Alison, Pen and all on the blog. Glad you're still being good Gilly and resting up. Hope you've all had a good and sunny day. Take care, Love Pam xxx

  22. I have these so attractive stamps and am grateful for the ideas here for different ways to use them. I like the similar stencil too. I hope you enjoyed the concert. Carol

  23. Barbara, you are a wicked temptress! Just had a busy day with an unexpected deadline for work, logged on here after 11pm to catch up on the last couple of blogs – and have had to go and make a quick purchase of yesterday and today's offers. Spending the money I've just earned! At least the lily plate was on my wish list, so not a completely random thing to do. Sure there will be more unmissables coming up, will have to see what other things I shall have to put in, to make the most of the postage!

    I didn't see the classrooms, it was before I discovered C&C and Clarity, so really hope you do get to do something like that on Hochanda.

    Hope you've had a wonderful evening!

  24. Hi Barbara, hope you had a great time at the concert. Thanks for todays bloggy sale, not succumbed yet, today's been a really horrible day so head not there. First I got wakened in the morning by another of the good for nothing motely crew that call themselves social services, freaked me out, wound me up, went round in circles, and then told me she'll phone me tomorrow! Next, the boiler is playing up again, this time it wouldn't turn itself off after I'd run hot water, over 20 minutes I waited, I had to switch it off at the electric switch. Then it started doing the original problem that ended up with the last total fiasco from the boiler care company. There's clearly something faulty in it. So goodness knows what they are going to put me through this time. They've not been phoned yet, I'm hoping the guy that stepped in to help me last time will help again. And now I went to bed thinking I'd watch my Waltons and Little House night-time viewing and do a bit of Mindfulness cross stitch, to try to calm me down, only to find 'no service'. Got the laptop out to see if I could find info on google – they've taken the channel off freeview, unless I move to Manchester! I needed that during the night more than ever these days. How am I going to calm down and get some sleep each night now. BBC news channel is hardly calming down Tv! And needless to say my CFS has taken a huge nosedive! That's been my day! But not as bad as for those caught up in today's bombings, poor souls. Sorry for the aaaaagh, I'm just no coping any more, too much for too long, endless, and no end in sight. At least I got a few days of feeling a wee bit less ill before this next onslaught. xx

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