Barb’s BLOGGY SALE DAY 1 – Groovi Lilies.

Barb’s BLOGGY SALE DAY 1 – Groovi Lilies.

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
I thought it was time to have a BLOG SALE!
I think the Clarity Crew have just about recovered from Gray Friday….
Every day for the next two weeks, 
I shall do a little artwork as always, 
and offer you the things I am using at a special Bloggy price
as we go along.
Some stamps, some stencil and some Groovi –
in other words, something for everyone!
Monday’s Blog is Flowers and Trees, 
so today I thought I would practice my Groovi shading,
using one of our beautiful Groovi Art Nouveau Borders….
How are you getting on with the shading?
It takes time, doesn’t it?!
Let’s go with the Lilies.
Attach the border to the side of your Starter kit; 
that will hold it in place while you work.
You can see in the first picture, that these borders have 4 panels in the background.
I have decided to just use 2.
So the bottom one and the one above it.
The trick is to just trace out the stalks and flowers which peep out above the second panel, and then close them in, 
using other frame lines. 

Now for the whitework.
I’ve got this huge Ball Tool from Pergamano. The No. 6.
I decided to have a play with it, and I LOVE it!
See how I have just done the parts of the lilies which will catch the light? The larger tool gives a much softer shade, so I found I could go right in the middle of the large lily flowers, and get a really lovely soft white base, without making lines or – heaven forbid – puncturing my creation! 
We have started stocking all the Pergamano tools.
So by and by I think we can learn how they all work…
starting with the No. 6 Jumbo Ball tool !
I bet this one is brilliant with hills and moons, and larger areas.
I guess the larger the tool, 
the less likelihood of puncturing the parchment.
Once I had gently done some whitework with the No. 6 tool on all the lilies and leaves, I went carefully into the centre of that whitework with the largest ball tool from our Starter Kit.
It really lifts it!
I think that practice makes perfect, that’s what I think!
Time to add a little colour.
Before starting, decide which background you are going to use, 
and colour in accordingly.
I found a Colour Burst paper I made last week sitting on the side which will do nicely!
So just need a few matching pencils.

Trim to size.
I decided to make the two pieces exactly the same size,

then use our lovely corner slot punch 
to mount them together on a bright complimentary colour. 

The background works well, don’t you think?

So what’s in the Sale today?
Let me think….
20% discount
20% discount
I don’t want to swamp you or us.
I just want to offer you a couple of borders at a great price.
Each offer will last until midnight the next day.
If you are a Clarity Club Member, your 10% (GOLD) 
or 15% discount (DIAMOND) will apply in addition.
Each day I will do something new.
love & hugs,

115 thoughts on “Barb’s BLOGGY SALE DAY 1 – Groovi Lilies.

  1. Really lovely. The background could have been done specially as it goes so well. Keep promising to treat myself to the corner punch it is so neat. I must remember next time I order to add it on.

  2. Beautiful. Love the Groovi system it's ingenious, but I daren't get into something new just now – t'would be so easy to get hooked and I'm still a novice with Clarity Stamps, Gelli Plate and inky stuff. I can still look though!
    Tonbridge Sue

  3. Oh ho, love these and am a member of all clubs – is this Diamond?? so 35% off?? trying to save my pennies for Ally Pally but, this may be to good to miss!!!!

    PS if anyone can answer my query – how do we prove we are club members at Ally Pally as I know my Mr and me will be spending a fortune on the Clarity stand x

    1. Jackie, we are sending out Club Cards with the March Issues. This is why everything is a little late again, but we think better to sort it out properly before Ally pally . You won’t miss a chapter, but when it arrives in 10 days time, it will have a lovely Member’s Card in it too xx

    2. Not sure why it disappeared! The March design club will be worth the wait as usual! Sorry Jackie misunderstood your discount ……realised it was also Barbara's lovely 20% off too! Xx

    3. Thanks for letting us know Barbara, I know I phoned in January after frantically searching my box for the new membership sticky and was told it was on its way so that's good to hear. Thank you Clarity team 😀Xx

    4. Thanks Barbara, can't wait for the March stuff and card for Ally Pally….you are such a temptress….not only bought the plates on offer and a stencil, then noticed the open day in June so ordered tickets for the Friday……….excited now xx

  4. Two weeks of special deals. Oh I can feel the bank manager tut tutting already.
    So looking forwärd to seeing all your projects.
    M f M

  5. Thank you for the step by step instructions so I can have a go at something similar

    Your design is gorgeous – love how you have mixed the background with the groovi lilies

    Thanks for the offers, although my bank balance might not think so soon

  6. Beautiful love the lilies . Got a big delivery today which was my Mother's Day gifts from my girls so looking forward to playing. Need to learn not to be so heavy handed though x

    1. Barbara is right Isobel. I have recently acquired one it makes a BIG difference. . Also if you feel you are being too heavy hold your tool higher up the shafts x

  7. Beautiful work Barbara I have been practicing my white work and think one of these large tools me hot help. Great deal today but payday isn't till Thursday, hope there's a good deal on then. Xx
    Have a great week and don't work too hard. Xx

  8. I love that big tool. I learned that it was usually good to go in with the largest that would fit, so that and my shaders get a lot of use. Did you tell the elves about this latest sale? Thank you for adding my card to the many beautiful ones on yesterday's blog. Off now to finish a very important commissioned piece of parchment, phone off the hook and soft music to relax me for the final push. Looking forward to whatever appears in this new sale. xxx Maggie

  9. I have a lovely Clarity box waiting to be opened after the positive delivered it this morning, with pricking tool and plates plus more baby plates …. I'm leaving it as long as I can as I know I'm going to enjoy opening it! I have these border plates but will definitely look to get the jumbo ball tool.

    This is a lovely card with great colours. Xx

    Was shown up by the cat today. Took him for annual injection and she asked if he hunted, I said not a lot nowadays he was a bit slow and our Sally is the hunter in the family. He went out when we got home and just to say 'up yours' I suppose, he came in with a mouse in his mouths and dropped it in front of me. Mikey is so laid back though he let hubby pick the mouse up so he was rescued…. Only to be caught another day I expect!

  10. Hi Barbara, beautiful artwork, my kind of thing, thanks for sharing.
    And thank you for your bloggy sale, you are a very generous lady.

    I've just learned that some good can come of always being at the coo's tail!!!! My want/need list from the past 6 or so months of products that I still hadn't got round to ordering anything. The lilies plate is on it. So ordered that and a set of festive stencils, goodness knows how many months since that was shown on telly! Maybe some more of your offers will be on my list too, or maybe I'll just need them anyway!!!! I've got a feeling I may be needing to change my name to Zebedee for the next 2 weeks with all the bouncing on and off the wagon!!!! 😉

    Thanks again Barbara. Hope your working week started off well
    love Brenda xx

    1. Hello Brenda, or should I say Zebedee! I've put the cushions down so go on have a little spend! Lovely to see you, hope you are ok. Has Spring come to your neck of the woods yet? Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    2. Thank you everyone.
      Nice to be back
      Yes it feels a little milder here Diane, not needed so much heating, even been some sun the last few days. My CFS has started settling down a wee bit for now. It's social services that's the huge problem just now. And today sending emails no working, server problems it seems.
      Donna, with the amount you fall off the wagon I'm surprised there's anything left in the Clarity store that you don't yet have!!!!! 😉 Maybe we can pitch a tent on the ground, build a wee camp fire and have a sing song while we're waiting for the next day's offer?!!!!! If you're still talking to me after what I've just said to you!!!!!!!

    3. Oh there is still plenty don't worry! I will bring the sticks for the camp fire, I have been watching Bear Grylls so I can survive at the bottom of the wagon! You can bring the sausages and we will sing nice and loud to keep everyone else entertained. Xx

    4. Evening Brenda lovley to hear you CFS is settling down pity social services cannot get there act together see you both at the camp fire tea and biscuits all round lots of hugs dear blog friends thank you Brenda yesterday for your kind words your so thoughtful when your going through so much yourself xxx

    5. Lovely that you're back with us Brenda, so glad your CFS is settling down. Think I'll be needing to borrow the cushions this week again. Take care Brenda. Love and hugs Pam xxx

    6. veggie sausages it'll be then Donna, quorn cocktail ones are my favourites. Us singing – keep everyone awake more like, throwing their cushions at us to shut us up!!! Sheila it's corn crackers for you, naughty girl, you're not allowed biscuits!!! xx
      Thanks pam xx

  11. You are tempting use I to am trying to save for ally palley Katie is so excited she cannot wait to come see you again she doesn't stop talking about it . Love what you have done today very Spring like bright colours xxx

  12. Hi Barb,
    I absolutely love these two border plates and the matching plates. I think that they are so elegant which was why I chose the poppies for your card. I like the idea of the big ball tool as well, so that will have to be another purchase. I do also like the shader tools which I see you now stock as well. Really want to say thank you for the upcoming offers, can't wait to see what they are. Hugs, Alison xxx

  13. Hi Barbara
    Oh I love this, what a gorgeous card, the background looks so bright until you put the soft parchment over it and then it just looks fabulous. I must get one of these large ball tools, I think it could be the way to go with the shading. Thank you for the blog offer, I've been looking at these lilies for a little while and trying to resist, must pop my order in Tomorrow – I hope you've bought a stack of biscuits and hot cross buns for the Clarity gang to keep them going as the orders flood in!!!
    Have a lovely evening.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Donna, Sheila, Pam, Dot, Gilly and Morag hope you are all ok and have had a good day. Have you all got your cushions ready for the next two weeks girls?! Xxx

    2. Hi Diane, yes think I'll have to get some of my own cushions, can't keep borrowing Donna's. Looking forward to getting my parcel from Clarity. Hope you're well, love and hugs,Pam xxx

  14. Beautiful art work. Fantastic love sales.

    It's been another stressfull day with family but have been out in the garden relaxing although I have been digging up weeds. Thank goodness it's good weather to get outside is so theaputic for me and a bonus I have been crafting too. Double bonus.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

    1. Hi Pen – sorry to hear that you have had another stressful day, but it's great that you have been able to lose yourself in your gardening and crafting too! Take care and keep looking after you! Hugs Gilly xx

  15. Barbara, you are a rascal. I received a big parcel of goodies this morning but now I want more. The colour bursts as a background are great for parchment as they are so vibrant.

  16. How lovely both these boarders are and what you have done is lovely, I agree that the back ground goes really well with it. Will look forward to seeing what's on offer each day. Alas I have both the boarders so I'll save my money till tomorrow maybe?
    Thanks again for this step by step Barbara xx

  17. Ohhhhhhhhh, Barbara !!! This is absolutely gorgeous, your white work is beautiful, and the backdrop of the colour burst really 'marries' beautifully. I love this.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  18. Ohhhhhhhhh, Barbara !!! This is absolutely gorgeous, your white work is beautiful, and the backdrop of the colour burst really 'marries' beautifully. I love this.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

    1. Donna,
      If you ring Clarity ,they will sort it out for you. I've bought things as single plates when they've been originally sold in pairs. Hugs Alison xx

  19. Hi Sheila, Morag, Pam and Dot – hope that you are all well and have had a good day! I was missing yesterday, having to rest and get some energy back. I have managed to go out for a short time today and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine again. Hugs from Gilly xxx

  20. Hi Barb and all blog friends. I hope the world is good with all. Lovely piece of artwork Barb. I am happy today as I have been able to craft today with my poorly hand that is on the mend. Back in the saddle as they say and it feels good. Much love Jayne

  21. Evening Barbara looking forward to the 2 week sale days I'm sure I will need my cushionsoh dear clarity towers will be needing there Easter break love the art work today xxx

    1. Hi Sheila, I've just read your post from yesterday. I was so pleased that you had been well enough for a little crafting. Don't overdo it though my friend xx

  22. The lilies are just gorgeous Barbara with the beautiful shading and that bright colour burst piece to back it really makes it 'pop'. Thanks for the offer. x

  23. Do love the lilies, look brilliant with the white work you've done on them, like the colour burst background too. Been finding the brighter backgrounds work well with parchment. Gosh all these offers you are so generous. Must get the lilies, think I have poppies already. I was saving for Ally Pally but needs must. Trouble is just like dieting I have no willpower. A big thank you anyway. Love Pam

  24. Have both border plates but how clever to choose the coloured pencils to match a background. I'd probably have chosen the pencils first then scrabble around to find something that matches. Duh! ;~}

  25. Hi Barb, these border plates are lovely, and your piece of art is gorgeous. Love the colours of your background piece. And such a fabulous offer. Looking forward to what else you bring us too. Take care. Bx

  26. Morning Barbara this is beautiful like Shelagh wouldn't have thought to pick background and then match the colouring on the groovi so thanks for the wee tip.
    Cushions are used sorry team clarity but its the boss's fault bet she's in hiding the day lol…Love Dot..xx

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