Wednesday – Time to change things….

Wednesday – Time to change things….

Hi there!
Mindful Wednesday it is then!
Hope you are feeling well? 

I picked up some virus in London last week and cannot shake it off.

I hate being ill – when you’re up to your arse in crocodiles,
as we are at Clarity at the moment, and you haven’t even got the energy to bat them off. 

But it is what it is. Nothing terminal, just a flu thing.
I know enough to know that I have to stop, slow down
and take it easy for a while.
You can’t keep pushing and pushing, 
and not expect some kind of body rebellion!

(Sshhh. Don’t tell them I went to The Adele Concert last night. It was AMAZING!!!!)

The other thing I said randomly to Dave the other evening was,
“I’m slowing down.”
“Yeah,” he replied, “it’s been a long day.”
“No. I mean I-am-slowing-down.”
I can feel that my body is putting the brakes on. 
Am I comfortable with that?
Mmm….I may as well get comfortable with it, 
because there’s not much we can do about getting older!
I should get GRATEFUL 
that I am actually doing well for a 57 year old!
Don’t drink.
Don’t smoke.
Don’t do drugs.
Eat well. 

Stops patting herself on the back, shuffles from foot to foot uncomfortably…

Exercise? Working on it. Don’t enjoy it. 
And when you’re slowing down, 
the last thing you fancy is physical exertion, right?
And yet.
That is the very thing that will give me the energy I seem to lack these days. Apparently. 

So I have to do physical exercise every day. 

That is the bare bones of it. 

I’ve made my mind up. Every day for a month, 
I am going to have a brisk walk for an hour. 
If after a month, I still feel as lethargic, then we’ll take another look. 

If we are looking at the way we do Life,
then I have to confess that I can’t just keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome. 

If I take an hour off the time I spend faffing about on Facebook
every day, and use that hour to walk through the woods, 
that will be time better spent, I am convinced of it. 
We shall see…..

If Eddie Izzard can run 27 marathons in 27 days at the age of 54, 
I can take a brisk walk through the woods every day for an hour!
And he smokes and drinks !!!!!!

Now onto the Bloggy Sale. 
Talking of getting fit and reducing the waistline, 
how about this set of lovely retro stencils of ours?

I did a cool Youtube with the Gelli Plate using these.

Here’s one I did a while ago too…
And today is our lovely Grace’s Birthday.
How does she stay so slim and fit?
She watches what she eats and must run the length of Manhattan every day chasing round!
Oh and she’s 26, not 57. That helps…..
When I was her age I was as fit as a flee too!
Crikey. I sound just like my Mother !!
Got to go.
Time for a walk….
love & hugs,

138 thoughts on “Wednesday – Time to change things….

  1. Hi Barb, sorry to hear you're not feeling up to par but there is a bug going around where although there's nothing tangible, you feel a bit off colour, queasy and off your food. My family in Ayrshire ( and their extended family) have all had it and it's beginning to show its presence up here.
    Re walking – read an article recently where the best form of exercise is walking, so we, too, are building this into our routine. Off down to the beach in half an hour for our constitutional!
    Take care,
    S. ;~}

    1. How lovely to have a beach close by to go for a walk on. We are in a built up area so have to get in the car to find a pleasant walk. Hope you miss the horrible bugs. xx

  2. Hi Barbara, hope you feel perky again soon, I was told once to take my dog out for a walk everyday, even if I didn't have a dog 🙂 They were right though. Take care and be kind to yourself, have a hug from me xxx

  3. Hello Barbara. Good luck with the walks. Good for the soul too. I have missed out on my walks since getting back from Barcelona last year and I have sorely missed them. (waistline missed them too) hopefully doctor will give me the all clear next Wednesday.
    Sorry to hear that you are unwell. I can imagine it is rather frustrating for you! Oh and less of the 'old'!!!!
    You are now the same age as me physically. But I am still only 30 in my head!!! (need a new body to match it) Take care of yourself and hope you get better soon xxxx

  4. Hope you shake it off soon. I was only thinking the other day should I have the aches and pains I have (only when getting out of the chair and up and down the stairs at times) and just checked the side effects of the tablets I'm on – can cause muscular aches ! LOL !! I'll put up with that then as they do they job they're supposed to do and I rather have the odd ache or two! Was also thinking on way back from walk to the shops which doesn't take an hour – that I should walk for half an hour one way and then back again! Perhaps we should have a challenge on here to do that for April and report back ! When I was at work I'd often spend an hour just walking around the town from shop to shop and mostly on the go just to get out – why I never walked in the park which was 10 mins away I'll never know but I always seemed to have something to pop out for !

    I want to practise with my pricking tools today as they arrived early in the week. I think I'm going to make the tags you did so I'll always have reminder of how to get started with them!

    Love the ladies today, I'll have to get them out too especially as I haven't yet entered this months challenge..

    Hope you feel better, glad you all enjoyed last night's concert as well, take care x x x

  5. Hello Barbara. Good luck with the walks. Good for the soul too. I have missed out on my walks since getting back from Barcelona last year and I have sorely missed them. (waistline missed them too) hopefully doctor will give me the all clear next Wednesday.
    Sorry to hear that you are unwell. I can imagine it is rather frustrating for you! Oh and less of the 'old'!!!!
    You are now the same age as me physically. But I am still only 30 in my head!!! (need a new body to match it) Take care of yourself and hope you get better soon xxxx

  6. Good morning Barbara – I enjoy your Mindful Wednesday posts. I guess everyone's different, but brisk walking is the greatest invigorator! I noticed a big difference after I took up daily walking (about 9 years ago). It's so enjoyable and helps with Mindfulness too especially in beautiful and peaceful surroundings. Definitely worth ditching Facebook for!
    Happy Birthday to Grace.
    Tonbridge Sue – very tempted by the stencils!

  7. If only we was young again it's hard the head says we are 27 but body says other wise. Never mind bit cold here today as was lovely yesterday enjoy your walk xxx

  8. Afternoon Barbara if you look at what you do each day or month your life is very busy you never stop to rest don't be hard on yourself just feel good that you can still do all these things you still love doing ,say happy birthday to grace .have a lovley walk crafting hugs xxx

    1. Afternoon Donna Dorothy Diane Brenda pam morag gilly Alison thinking of you all .lots of hugs xxx
      Brenda I do hope you your having a better day your boiler gets sorted properly this time and social services get into gear to help you life is difficult enough for you without all this hassle .hugs for you and daisy xxx
      Hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. Hello Donna been to Drs today she has sorted my new pain meds going up as pain mannagment said I put up my dose tomorrow and in a week put the dose up again till I get to the dose pain mannagment want me on to then start to come of my other pain meds I'm still managing to craft a little each day which is so rewarding in itself .
      Are you looking forward to your holidays so you can craft did you do a jigsaw ? Hugs xxx

    3. Soooo looking forward to my holiday. Lots on the crafty list including a jigsaw which I didn't start the other day. Glad you are getting your doses sorted for your medication, that will help. XX

    4. Hi Sheila – really pleased that your visit to the dr's went well and that you have been able to craft a little each day. Brilliant! Caring hugs coming your way, Gilly xxx

    5. Hello Sheila, take it easy while your pain meds are being adjusted. Carry on with your bit of crafting each day, which is great therapy for you. Sending a big hug. xx

    6. Evening Sheila, glad you are managing to do a bit of crafting each day. Hope it goes well for you changing your medication, it may make you feel tired as you adapt to it, so try to rest as well. Love and hugs Pam xxx

    7. Thank you Sheila, I'm a bit calmer today. Boiler behaving for now, but I guess that's not a good thing as there's definitely something wrong with it, so it'll make it harder for them working out what. The guy that stepped in to help me the last time is going to phone them on Friday. A temporary social worker is coming tomorrow, which is very very scary, I've not had to do having someone new by myself before. My night-time telly – went through all the channels and nothing, I had a bad night. I'm going to check Amazon to see if they do box sets of the Walton's/Little House! I've got my lord of the Rings/The Hobbit DVD's and Lost box sets. I don't like putting the DVD recorder on all night though, it doesn't like being on for hours and hours! Glad to hear your new medication is still helping, I've got my fingers crossed for you xx

    8. Evening ma wee Sheila saying a wee prayer the wee pain management works its magic.
      Amy's wee Easter parade was the day gave her extra chickens so she wouldn't pull them off the bonnet worked till she come home bonnet chicken free now but hey ho another memory in the book that keeps me going..hugs Dot..xx

    9. Hello Sheila it's good to hear you are managing to craft each day, that's a good improvement. I hope your doctor can help you get the dosage right too. It's been lovely and sunny here today, I caught up with a friend for coffee, 4 hours of chat later we went home! Xxx

  9. Going for a brisk walk is a great idea, swimming too if you can fit that in , low impact easier on the joints or how about a bike ride, that's fun. Enjoy x p's. Happy birthday Grace x

  10. Afternoon Barb, I know exactly where you are coming from. Maybe we could all join you in your daily walk. I set myself that as a New Years resolution…and it fell by the wayside once I started getting stressed about Mum. I must begin to get positive and do the Time for Change.

    Glad you were able to make the concert last night photos look great.

    Crafty hugs and think I will start now… walk here I come

    Thanks for being you.

    Pen x

  11. I think you were in my head. I am suffering with some flue/cold bug and dreading a very busy day with the MOJ tomorrow. Simply cannot take the day off before a bank holiday!
    Also haven't got the energy I had some years ago. I saw a 90year old Author run up 2 flights of stairs – made me tired watching her.
    Trying to get back to swimming – ugh and dancing. Hope you and everyone out there has a healthy Easter. Just going back under the covers and praying tomorrow will be okay.
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

  12. Sorry to hear your unwell Barbara ….I know the feeling yesterday my Dr put me on steroids as I have been unwell for sometime…. I feel bloody marvellous today…!
    So if you need time to heal listen to your body….if not go on steroids 🙂
    I've just started the Groovi journey so it's probably my fault for the extra orders.
    There's only one "Barbara Gray" and we all love and cherish you and want you well…. learn to delegate..!
    Lots of luv
    Rach 🙂

  13. Hi Barbara I love the way you do your blog, you share your craft but more than that you share your life with us.
    Sorry you are not to well at the moment though, and I know exactly what you mean about age slowing you down I will be 61 in July I'm overweight and defo do not do enough excercise
    Giving us groovi does nothing for my excercise regime but it does give me lots of mindfulness
    " does thinking about excercise count " Lol. I don't think so
    Enjoy your walks and get well soon . Hugs. T xx

  14. Get well soon Barb. Great idea re the walking…..exercise genuinely makes you less not more tired. You will feel the benefit.Yes in our 50s we're not as fast as in our 20s but hey life experience is great isn't it! Happy birthday to your dear girlie, mine was 30 on Sunday. xx

  15. Oh no I hope you get well soon. I have to say that I agree with you about slowing down, I am 56 this year and can feel myself slowing down too. My hubby used to call me TAZ as I was always here there and everywhere couldn't sit still. I too have started to do some gentle toning exercises and must admit it is helping. So good luck with taking that hour just for you walking in the woods. It might also inspire you too!
    Linda xxx

  16. Sorry to hear you are under the weather Barbara. I just don't think we ever had a cold enough snap in the weather to get rid of all the horrid bugs. I'm pretty low at the moment, visits to the GP, tests, results, referral to hospital, more tests, results, bit of good news, then tragedy – my stepson died suddenly – he was only 41 – next 4 days went by in a blur of surreality (is that even a word?) then hit by a stomach cramping bug, not eating and feeling wretched! Hey ho, on the upside I am still breathing. Walking is something I used to love doing and I am gonna follow your example once I am over this bug and get out there in the fresh air. Hope you feel better soon lovely, and so glad you enjoyed the concert. Big hugs. xxx

    1. Oh, bless you Dawn – I don't think there are any words to cover this – so all I can do is follow Morag's example and send you lots of caring hugs. I hope that you will get over your stomach bug very soon, so that you will be able to get out walking! Gilly xxx

  17. Sorry you have a bit of flu at the moment Barbara and the best way to get rid of it is to be a bit kinder to yourself for a few days to give your body the chance to heal itself. Glad you enjoyed the Adele concert last night. Walking is great exercise and the trouble is that life and involvement in lots of things means spending far too much time in front of the computer instead, but you are right keeping fit requires time and effort unfortunately. Don't overstress yourself with the walking until you are feeling better! Happy Birthday to Grace too. x

  18. Hope you recover very soon Barb, no fun feeling unwell. I took 18 months and plenty of research when I lost my husband to heart disease at the age of 60, I was 58 then and needed a reason to get up and find a reason that was healthy for me and move forward. It came in the shape of a golden retriever. Bryn, my dear puppy was named …. my initials backwards with " N" on the end for Nana !!!. When I survived a heart atrack this year, I am convinced my dog walking daily had played a big part in my body getting through it.
    Naturally my suggestion to you is get a dog to enjoy, take a puppy to work, everyone will love and spoil it and even babysit when you're busy…get well soon, yes, time for change, you love dogs don't you, be great if you did xxx

  19. I am feeling so frustrated. I am a sole carer for my mother who has dementia. In January the psychiatrist "signed her off". Apparently there is nothing more they can do. I was told that if I needed help at any time I should contact the GP – not the mental health team. Just spoken to GP – mum is telling me to get out of the house. She is pacing the room banging on the windows and trying to open the doors which I have locked. She says she thinks I am going to murder her. GP advises me to go round and look at suitable care homes! Yesterday when I was upstairs she dialled 999 and asked the police to come. I can't leave her alone for a minute – that is the second time she has rung 999. I am at my wits end.

    1. Hi, I've found these for you. If they can't help directly, they'll be able to tell you what help you and your mum are entitled to and where to get that help
      National Dementia Helpline – 0300 222 1122
      In the meantime please phone somewhere like the Samaritans if you need to, they're non judgemental and will listen to you
      hope that helps
      best wishes xx

    2. Brenda, thank you so much for taking the trouble to look into this for me. I had not heard of the helpline. That certainly sounds like they might be the people to talk to, especially with the Bank Holidays coming up – I was worrying about who I could call out of hours. Thank you again. Best wishes, Sue

    3. Hello sue my thoughts go out to you my partners dad had dementure at 90 it's was a very stressful time as his mum was saying she could cope but she couldn't in the end he got very violent as he was going back to the war years as he fought in the 2nd world war he ended up in a home now he is at peace and his mum is too it does take Ist toll it's a terrible illness as you see the person you know change please get help now don't cope alone sending hugs xxx

    4. Thank you Sheila. It means a great deal to hear from such caring people. I don't feel so alone now and know that many many people are going through the same miserable time as me. I do appreciate the kind thoughts. Best wishes, Sue

    5. Hello Sue, my heart goes out to you. I worked on a Dementia Assessment Unit for a while, so I can understand a little of what you are going through. Unlike you, I was lucky enough to be able to go home at the end of each shift.
      That is great advice from Brenda. Hugs xx

    6. Hello Sue – my cousin's Mum had dementia, and she had to find a good care home for her Mum. By that time, she didn't really know who my cousin was – which was awful. However, she found the best possible care home and initially visited her Mum every day, and always tried to help to look after her herself, whilst she was with her. It wasn't always possible, but obviously the staff were there to cope. Some time down the line, the care home staff persuaded her not to visit her Mum every day – and eventually she did have days when she didn't visit. She felt guilty about it, but knew that it was the only possible thing to do. It is shameful how you and your Mum have been treated by the mental health team. I expect that it's all down to cost. Take care and seek out some help, you really can't do this on your own. Hugs Gilly x

    7. Hi Morag and Gilly. Thank you both for your messages. Mum doesn't really know who I am most of the time. It was funny at first. She would ask who I was. I'd say "Sue, your daughter" and she'd say "oh, I didn't know I had another daughter" she thought there were 3 Sues all claiming to be her daughter! She seemed to like having a larger family! Now she confuses me with her mother, her father, my father (all no longer with us). Mostly now she thinks I am a boy who has somehow got into her house – which is why she calls the police. I am so grateful for the support I have received from you all. It has really helped to let off a bit of steam. Best wishes, Sue

    8. Dear Sue my heart goes out to you my stepfather had dementia and it was a very difficult decision for mum to find a home for him once she could not carry on with caring for him.

      Now I am finding it difficult on a daily basis trying to cope with mum, long distance, after her stroke,. Her memory is "shot" but can remember certain things. My sister is not helping the situation and today has been very stressful.

      So my thoughts are with you today Sue and tomorrow together WE can be strong.

      Crafty hugs Pen x

    9. Oh Pen, I am sorry you have had a bad day too. It must be so difficult trying to deal with your mum at a distance. It is awful that your sister isn't helping. I am fortunate in that I have a brother who is very supportive. He lives about an hour away but is still working. He has a round trip to work of over 200 miles and does what he can to help me, but doesn't have to deal with mum 24/7.

      Thank you Pam for your thoughts.

      Best wishes to you both, love Sue

    10. Seeing someone you love gradually disappearing to dementia is terrible. My mother would not even acknowledge me towards the end although if the doctor came, she would rouse and talk to him quite vividly. My mother-in-law reverted to her childhood and kept trying to get out of the house to run back to her childhood home where her Mum and Dad would be waiting for tea. All very distressing, and both of them had to go into a care home in the end for their own safety. Never feel guilty about letting off steam to us. You need to do it for your own sanity. xx Maggie

    11. Hi Maggie and Diane. Thank you for your messages. It is a terrible illness isn't it? Mum keeps wanting "to go home". She doesn't recognise the house she has lived in for 35 years as hers. Usually it is the house she lived in as a child that she thinks of as her home. Her sister still lived in that house until she died just a few weeks ago. That house will now have to be sold. I am dreading mum's reaction to that. I think her sister's death has really upset her and is probably why she has deteriorated. Best wishes, Sue

    12. That s what happened with my mother-in-law. She had lived in her house for over 60 years and never wanted to leave it, but in the last few years, all she wanted was to get out of it to go home, to her childhood home with her parents. Unless she was watched 24 hours a day, she could go walkabout which was too dangerous, which is when we had to find her a place in a safe care home. Very distressing for everyone and very stressful. I don't think my husband ever fully recovered his own health after that. Make sure you go for every bit of help you can get and look after yourselves and your own health. xx Maggie

  20. Oh dear Sue, this is terrible for you and you need help from the NHS. Has Dr. Spoken about an assessment for your Mum, this would then be a clear way forward for the help your mum also needs. My heart goes out to you. My mum has dementia at 94 years old which has got much worse this year. But your Mum sounds to be far more advanced with this terrible disease. There but for the grace of God walk all of us xx

    1. Hello. Thank you for your reply and for understanding. No, the GP hasn't mentioned an assessment but I have just spoken to someone at Dementia Advisers and she mentioned it. Mum is 87 and has had this terrible condition for about 3 years. She has Lewy Body dementia – the main problem is she sees people and animals who aren't there. It has got so that she doesn't recognise me most of the time. I am so sorry to hear your mum is also suffering. It really is a horrible disease.

    2. Sue, I understand completely because I went through the same thing with my Dad. I became so ill, I nearly had a breakdown. We had built an extension to enable Dad to live with us, I had no idea how difficult it would be. He had Left Body's and Parkinsons. He too hallucinate, accused me of trying to poison him, told people I put fleas in his bed and itching powder in his clothes. He wouldn't let me sleep. Was always shouting for me I couldn't move. I became so exhausted and depressed. We had carers in twice a day, to wash and dress/undress him, and he became very aggressive with them. In the end I had to admit defeat and put him in a home, for his sake and mine, and also my family. He disrupted life for everyone. You need help now. Contact social services, adult care. They will help. If you need to talk, I am here. You are no help to your mum if you are ill xx hugs xx

    3. Hello Loraine. I think you are right – it is time to think about a home. I really hoped to avoid this but I don't think I can cope much longer. The person I spoke to this afternoon at Dementia Advisors said she would get me a contact at social services. I feel so let down by the NHS. I was advised by mum's CPN (before he abandoned us) to attend a carers' course. He said they would give advice on how to deal with the hallucinations and delusions. After 10 weeks on the course and no mention of hallucinations etc I raised the issue. The psychiatrist's reply was "there is nothing you can do. You just have to put up with it". I am usually quite shy and had hardly said anything in the preceding weeks. It was like a kick in the teeth. Our homework that week was – "put into effect the coping techniques we have discussed". OK – so the advice to me was just put up with it. Easier said than done!

    4. Hi again Sue, Lorraine is so right and sadly the decision that we put off, ie moving mum into care, comes too quickly upon us and we in turn punish ourselves with the guilt of needing to make a decision. You love your Mum and so it's time to do what is best for her and best for you. It's a very difficult road to be on, but we do what is best for the people we love even when they don't agree with moving. Good luck it's perhaps time for you to be very brave and help both of you. hugsxxxx

    5. Yes I think you are right. I never thought it would come to this. I have always been close to mum and lived nearby. I know she will hate it in a home, she won't go to a day centre even though I took her to one last year and she seemed to like it.,she then refused to go again. I didn't expect her to deteriorate so quickly. Thankfully she has now agreed to take her medication today and having had a sleep is in a better mood at the moment. Long may it last! Best wishes, Sue

  21. Barbara I will be 57 in August and if it is any consolation I have been slowing down for months! It's all part of growing up (not old!). I have been growing up all my life and always will be, I refuse to grow old, my inner child is far too active still to let me!! Enjoy the walking, my walking, alas, is restricted these days. Although I am not growing old unfortunately the malformed heart I was allocated at birth is so anything with a hill is more than a challenge it is just plain impossible! Still canal paths and old railway lines are still ok just need to find one outside the front door rather than up the hill!!

    1. Happy birthday to your daughter Grace. Sorry you are not feeling well, rest is the best cure. I am trying to finish a few cards, a break from flowers, I have lilies everywhere trying to open them ready for doing them in church for the weekend. Some have had to go in a cold bedroom to slow down a bit. Happy Easter to you all at clarity.

    1. Here's another song Donna, if you've visited up north in the summer it should bring back fond memories for you –
      The midges, the midges, I'm no gonnae kid ye's,
      The midges is really the limit,
      Wi teeth like pirhanas, they drive ye bananas,
      If ye let them get under yer simmit!

      Is that Scottish enough?!!!!! 😉 xx

    2. My granddad would suddenly, randomly, burst into song, with a wee cheeky smile and glint in his eye singing
      Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey
      or sometimes – Daisy, daisy, give me your answer do
      !!! xx

    3. Oh aye, very Scottish well done! I missed the midges when we went to Loch Ness for a family holiday years ago. Have seen programmes with them swarming near the water so can't say I missed that experience! XX

    4. Hi Donna, nearly there for the Easrer hols – have you got to wear Easter bonnets tomorrow? Brenda you've got me with the Mairzy dotes song, that ones been sung to me when I was little. I love the Scottish accent, i can understand it most of the time. The Aberdeen taxi drivers we've met love to chat and their use of Doryc is fantastic. Xx

  22. Hope you feel better soon and happy birthday to Grace. I am fortunate enough to live by the beach, well a five minute walk gets me there. A couple of years ago I religiously went out for an hours walk 3 times a week. It was great exercise, great therapy and I slept well but like everything that is good for you I got out of the swing it. I do walk to and back from work, 20 mins each way, but walking along a main road is not the same as the sea air.

  23. Firstly Happy Birthday to your lovely Grace. Hope she is having a good day. I hope you are soon feeling better, I have been lucky and missed the horrible bugs so far. You are so right our bodies slow down of their own accord as we get older, I wake each morning with along list of jobs to do in my head. When I was young I used to race through everything, not any more, the head is willing but the body says HELP. Like you I lead a healthy lifestyle and have no major problems, for that I am grateful. So envious that you got to see ADELE, she is amazing. xx

  24. thank you for taking the time when you are not feeling 100% to write your latest edition of your blog. After reading it I decided that if you could do it so could I so I have been for a walk this afternoon. Even though it was to the opticians I came back the long way through the local park & I feel much better for doing it. 1 down 30 more to go !!
    Glad you managed to get to the Adele concert, though I suspect you would have gone come what may.

  25. Hi Barbara, glad to hear you really enjoyed your concert, despite feeling so poorly. I do hope it starts to lift very soon. Thank you for today's bloggy offer. Not on my need list, do I need them, don't I need them, still undecided about yesterday's too, hmmm big decision to make this evening!!!

    I know only too well – the mind willing but the body says no! My bet is that your daily walks will help give you more energy, and help you feel better in your head as well as your body. I don't enjoy exercises, outdoors stuff was my thing. But I really want to keep my body as fit and healthy as it can be. So I devised an exercise that does the least damage, causes the least pain to my CFS problems. I have to do it late at night, because if I do it during the day that's my body done for the rest of the day. Now when my CFS is too bad and I can't do it I'm so desperate to be able to again because I remember how much it helps me. Hopefully your daily walk in the woods will get like that. If you can make yourself keep it up until you really feel the difference that will help you to stick at it on the days when you feel you really don't want to. Good luck

    Happy birthday to Grace

    Wednesday is my veggie box delivery day. He's a lovely guy, farmer. Today he told me that he's going away for a few days in 2 weeks and wanted to give me warning that next week he's chaperoning the guy who is going to do the delivery's the week he's away. He said he wanted to warn me so I wouldn't get a fright when I open my door the next 2 weeks. I don't know what if anything Nicola explained to him last summer when we set this up for me, but that's very intuitive and thoughtful of him, isn't it. That's something to go on the positive/good side of the scales today eh 🙂

    love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda – pleased to hear that you have some positives today, you certainly need it after yesterday's problems. Totally understand about having to avoid anything that will make the CFS worse. One thing that I tried was Headspace, which you can do for free for 10 days. My Occupational Therapist recommended this type of thing to me – it is Mindfulness Guided Relaxation. The idea being to empty your mind – which really does make you feel better. Ideally you should do this twice a day. You don't have a lot to lose and it may just help, as it did for me. Take care, hugs Gilly xx

    2. Hello Brenda, how thoughtful of your veggie man. there really is some good, caring people around. I hope it helped to give you the lift you needed today. You can get some good CD's for Guided Relaxation too. Good advice from Gilly.

    3. Yes Morag, it did give me a lift today xx
      Thanks Gilly. I can't do relaxation stuff, it always had the opposite effect on me! I was tried with a number of different ones when I got CFS 23 years ago. They reckon it's because of my Asperger's. But thanks for the suggestion xx

    4. Evening ma wee friend glad you soond mare positive the night makes me feel good too… anyway googled that Amazon site [Hi listen ti me awe techy an that] and they dae have they complete box sets fir the Waltons and Hoose on the Prarie a wee bit pricey but if it calms yi then that's awe that matters here's yir cuddle take care hen…xx

    5. Thanks Dot. I can add it to my brother's present list, he can buy me a series at a time instead of the whole lot. he likes lists, and likes to get me different things, and always struggling to think of things to put on it (he's no too keen on giving me Clarity vouchers, must think I've got more than enough!!!!) Well done on your techy bit, you'll soon be ready for me teaching you how to record Barbara's shows then. Once I get through this wee bit, that's on the next list of things I need to do. How are you doing? cuddle back xxx

      Following on from a conversation on yesterday's blog, didn't you all know that it's not etiquette to only order one crafty product!!! 😉

    6. Aye yir not wrang there only wanted the Lily border plates the other day but got a wee bit side tracked and felt guilty about oor free postage so had ti add a few wee bits ti ma basket haaaa haaa jist ordering one thing naw disnae work..xx work…xx

    7. AAh! so now I know that I'm just showing good manners when I order more than one thing at a time…I'll have to do it more often! hahaha! xxx

    8. Hello Brenda
      What a lovely veggie man you've got, he understands completely. It's good to know he's looking after you and the lovely chap whose going to phone about your boiler too. Now all you need is for social services person to completely understand your situation and be able to help – I've got my fingers crossed for you. Sending you hugs xxx

    9. Aye Morag, and husbands/partners can't complain about you just being polite can they!!!! xx

      Thanks Diane. I've got to work up the strength and courage to let her in the door first! And then to let my guard down enough to be honest about how much I'm struggling! xx

    10. Hi Brenda just try to remember,dear, that you will be the one inviting whoever into YOUR home! So you will be the one in charge. Whoever it is won't be in a position to politely ask you to leave, but you will be able to ask that at any time you feel that you've had enough. Perhaps it might be worth considering writing a list of all you need them to know, so you can hand it over if you feel overwhelmed at any time. Sending you positive thoughts xxx

    11. I've just been checking out you tube. They do the full episodes of Little House. Have you any way of connecting your pc to your tv…with a hdmi lead? Just a thought xxx

  26. Hi Barbara – sorry to hear that you are not feeling too well at the moment. Pleased that you enjoyed Adele, no surprise there! Happy Birthday to Grace!
    Don't feel too bad about your body slowing down – the most important thing is that you have heard it, and even better you are taking steps to do something about it! I didn't listen to mine (and I was only 46 at the time) – and I continued to push my body beyond it's limits, which is why I have suffered from CFS/ME for many years now. You have started to delegate some of your tv shows – which can only be good. Hope that your daily walks go well and that you start to feel better very soon. Take care, hugs Gilly x

  27. Hi Morag, Alison, Diane, Pam and Dot – hope that you are all well today! I went with my hubby this morning to see a lovely Doctor, to find out about the radiotherapy route as one option of treatment. He was lovely – but lots to take in, and then weigh it up against the other types of treatment open to him. Bit wiped out this afternoon, so a rest was in order – followed by an early night I think! Hugs Gilly xxxx

    1. Radiotherapy was certainly successful for my hubby Gilly. He has just said that he would definitely recommend it. Apart from a little tiredness he didn't really have any side effects from it. He had 34 sessions, which, once the half way point was reached, flew past. The worst thing was the 50 mile round trip each day, but it was better than ambulance that would have taken all day….this is just to give your hubby a bit more info, at the end of the day it has to be what you both feel is right! Thinking of you both xxx

    2. Hi Morag – a big thank you to you and your hubby, from us both. It is nice to hear from someone who has been through it – our journey would be just a few miles more than yours, so I can totally understand what you say about that. Thanks again xxx

    3. Evening Gilly, hard isn't it to make these decisions, hope you manage to make a decision soon as the longer it takes the more you keep worrying, probably why you feel washed out. Thinking of you both, take care. Love Pam xxx

    4. Hello Gilly
      It's good to get all the information you need to make a decision, I hope your hubby can start his treatment soon. Are there any friends who can help with the driving to the hospital? My dad helped out on a rota for a friend of his for his daily treatment several years ago. I meant the man had different conversations and company during the week to pass the time, everyone understood the situation and his wife had a couple of days off each week to recharge her batteries. Sending hugs to you both. Xx

    5. Thanks to all of you – it really does help a lot! I will have to have a think about what you say Diane, it sounds a good idea. Still more things to check out first. Love to you all xxx

    6. Hi Gilly, My hubby is just over half way through the 39 sessions now, so far little side effects, a few more wees during the day! It's like a little club with us all in the mornings…. He is lucky in that he hasn't had to have hormone treatment so far. Also we are only 20 mins from the hospital, even in the morning traffic. xx

    7. Hi again Gilly. I am so sorry to hear your husband is not well. I do hope his treatment goes well. I am thinking of you both. Best wishes, Sue

    8. Hi Jackie – it's good to hear how well your husband is doing, I think that my hubby would need to have the hormone treatment – he has to have an MRI scan yet & also speak to someone about brachytherapy b4 making up his mind xx

  28. Oh no, not you too! So many friends are feeling rough, with the dreaded lurgy! I do hope you feel better soon. An hour a day with a walk sounds good, I' don't know about fitting an hour in though. I have been doing 7 minutes a day fitness for 74 days now and only missed a couple! I'm trying to make it a habit and hopefully will sneak in more minutes when I can! Sounds ridiculous but I'm doing it. Good luck!wxx

    1. I am trying to get out and about a bit more each day to walk a little further. When I go shopping, I try to park a little further away each time. I am hoping that by the time I come down to the Open Days I can take advantage of the swimming pool at the hotel, and walk around the grounds. Hope you soon feel much better and that you and Dave can take a few days off together. Try the Scillies where there is loads of walking around the beautiful islands. Love Maggie xxx

  29. Happy Birthday to young Grace – oh to be that young again….& of course, know what I know now!!!!
    I try to walk most days at lunchtime, but it sometimes gets so busy, trying to grab an hour can be difficult, then I end up trying to play catch-up with work when it's home time! It's difficult to get that life-work balance just right isn't it? We can only but keep trying….
    Enjoy the fresh air to gather your thoughts & clear your head.
    I hope you feel much better soon 🙂
    Take care xxx

  30. Yes I whole heartedly agree with you. I had also made up my mind that I needed to do a brisk walk everyday too. It is supposed to reduce the risk of my ailments so I must do it. Just have to start doing it that's all. I know that crafting is a sedentary occupation and that is no good for the body but I hate exercise as I don't see any product at the end of it. I know there is in that your body is better for it but its not the same as a piece of artwork is it cause its not tangible in the same way. I have an increasing waist line though and I do feel physically weaker than when I was working. So I am looking at you as my motivator. If you can do it so can I. Tomorrow is the day. Hope it doesn't rain! Much love Jayne

  31. Well —– I you think you are lethargic with all the busy schedule you have ,then I must be dead . Oh by the way Barbara , you're a very young 57 !!!!! . I'm 69 ! It's now nap time , oh yes and we just celebrate our 46th anniversary . A long time ago a shared bottle of wine made me very romantic ( if you get my meaning ) , now it puts me to sleep . Well , you have to smile and laugh and then say that I have many blessings and I'm still in the upright position . Feel better , joy now jan

  32. I do so love your Mindful Wednesdays, always something new to think about. This one being no exception. You're totally right about slowing down but, Barbara, you're still a youngster!!! An hours walk a day is a great idea for you. It will take you away from work, along with so many other benefits, and give you time to just relax and be inspired by wherever you are walking.
    Happy Birthday to Grace. Hugs xx

  33. Hello Barb,
    Happy Birthday to gorgeous Grace, she's a chip off the old block that's for sure.
    I'm sorry that you are feeling under the weather, but don't get too despondent, look at your mother, how she manages to get about, and I'm well past my 3 score years and 10 and only feel like a 25 year old. I have to admit that I get a hell of a shock when I look in the mirror!!!!
    I can't do physical exercise like the gym or swimming, but we try to have a walk every day. Sometimes it's 3 miles, sometimes it's only 1/2 mile, but it just keeps us mobile!!!
    Chin up, when you shake this bug off you'll feel more positive and manage to fasten your trainers up in 1 minute!!! – both of them ha ha
    Maureen xxx

  34. Evening Barbara, sorry to hear you aren't feeling too well. Hope you're soon back to normal. Sending Grace Birthday Wishes. Glad you enjoyed your concert, how could you not. Hope you enjoyed your walk I'm sure it does you good to have a walk each day but I must admit I don't always manage to fit one in. If I go to our local Mall shopping I consider I've had my walk for the day if I walk the length of both floors. Oh! thats with a coffee in between ha!ha! Love Pam xxx

    1. Hi Diane, Brenda, Dot, Morag and Pen, hope I've not forgotten anyone, dud some messages up further. Hope you've all had a good day, sending good wishes to you all and everyone on the blog. Love Pam xxx

  35. Evening Barbara, So glad you had a good time with 'Adele', bet it was amazing.
    So sorry to hear you are not shaking off the virus, there are lots about at present, let's hope you start to feel better real soon !!
    I do an hour on my treadmill every day Monday to Friday inclusive, and I'm 69, I have problems with my breathing and it 'makes' me breathe deeply, I certainly feel better when I'm finished, specifically because 'it's over' hahaha, I manage to catch up on my recordings whilst doing it too. Good Luck with your hourly walks.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  36. You have my sympathies Barb – I'm 3 weeks into my flu/lurgy today, and now on antibiotics and steroid drops as it's caused an ear infection. However, I am counting my blessings in the light of all the troubles in the world. Wishing your beautiful daughter a very happy birthday, and hoping that your plan to walk a bit more will soon show benefits. Susan x

  37. i need to incorporate that change too. i guess age is something that definitely slows us down and stress and being super busy and chasing crocodiles and all that have a much bigger impact to my mind.
    happy birthday Grace, hugs xx

  38. I have changed my diet totally which has made me feel so much better, but now I do need to increase my exercise too. In fact, I might even put this tablet down and go for a quick walk right now to get some fresh air before bed. Hope you soon feel better. xxx Maggie

  39. Hi Barbara
    Sorry to hear you are suffering from the lurgy , there are some nasty bugs about at the moment. I'm glad it didn't stop you from enjoying the Adele concert – hope you had a good sing along!
    The walking sounds like a good idea, I started going round the block but stopped when it was miserable and wet, it's so easy to get out of the habit isn't it. We did say last night we should have an evening stroll now the evenings are getting lighter, you feel so much better for it. Happy birthday to Grace, hope she's had a lovely day. Look after yourself.
    Love Diane xxx

  40. I was 67 a couple of days ago and my children bought me a Fitbit, so every day I get included in the challenges they do with their friends, I am lulling them into a false sense of security by struggling to hit the 10000 steps mark, I only need to be top dog once and I can tease them for evermore about being "Grannied", a word made up by my daughter when I beat her on a Wii skiing game.

  41. Hello Barb, first wishing Grace a belated Happy Birthday. Hope you had a lovely day. Barb, we all know what we should do, but don't always have the time or motivation, good for you deciding it must be done. Hope you get rid of the bug soon. Take care. Bx

  42. Liebe Barbara, ich liebe Ihren Humor, auch wenn ich alles nur mit dem Google-Übersetzer lesen muss. Sie arbeiten und leben so viel, wie es drei Leute zusammen nicht schaffen würden. Sie lassen uns teilhaben an Ihrem Leben und sind ein wunderbarer Mensch. Nehmen Sie sich viel Zeit zum Entspannen, damit Sie noch viele schöne Jahre genießen können mit Ihrer Familie und uns mit Ihrer Einzigartigkeit noch lange erhalten bleiben. Ich freue mich immer, wenn ich Ihre Beiträge lese und Sie in einem Video sehe.
    Meinen herzlichen Glückwunsch auch nachträglich an Ihre süße und wunderschöne Tochter. Man sieht auch, von wem sie das hat.
    Die herzlichsten Grüße

  43. Hi Barb,
    Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling too well, but pleased you enjoyed the concert. I think walking is a good idea. I've set myself a target of walking to the next village and back everyday- about 3 miles. I'm just concerned that my knee won't be up to it, but I can only try. I certainly need to do something! I've got one of the original titbits and really got into trying to get my goals, but then I found that if I was in the car, it was counting that as steps and stairs climbed so felt like I was cheating. I've been toying with the idea of getting one of the new versions as I think they do motivate you to do something. Hope Grace had a good birthday – belated wishes Grace. Xxx

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