Happy Birthday Jane!

Happy Birthday Jane!

Thanks for popping in.
Late last night, I spent an hour reading all the comments you left on Yesterday’s mindful blog.
It was crystal clear that so many friends in our little 
Clarity Community are struggling.
With their health, physical and mental well-being.
With their partner’s health.
With loss and grief.
With fear of the future.

Hence the Mindful Wednesday Blog,
which has become the most visited blog of the week. 

I do believe it is vital to have a place where you can be with people in the same boat, and like-minded people. 

Even if this blog is a poor substitute for close family and friends,
sometimes those closest to us are the last ones we want to burden!

So here we are, making art together, 
escaping into a world of imagination together,
sharing ideas and achievements.
And pain and sadness, too.
That’s part of the parcel called Life.
If I thought that all you wanted from this One Day at a Time blog 
was ideas for card-making, I think I would direct you to Pinterest and quit now.

Of course that’s the basis, the diversion.
But the core, my friends, the core is much deeper than that. 

And on that note, 
Today is a very special day. 

Remember our Jane Crosby?

Jane Crosby was a remarkable woman 
and a dear friend to many of us.

Craft was a lifeline to Jane, 
and her uplifting, courageous approach to her circumstances
was inspirational.

Jane and I founded this Inspiration Day together, 
to celebrate and shout about the magic of crafting.
To carry the message and the benefits.

Jane never got to see what happened when we launched our mindful Groovi Parchment Art – I think she would have loved it!
So many people are joining the Craft Movement through Groovi!
There’s something magically calming and therapeutic about getting in that groove, isn’t there. 
We have been so crazy busy, 
I feel we have neglected the Mindful website we created,
But then again, we’ve been walking the walk, haven’t we!
Hey! Just a wonderful door waiting to be opened again.

But today is Jane’s Day.
When we visited her in Spain just before she died,
I was amazed to see what a prolific and talented embroiderer 
she was! Really really. 
Here are a few samples of her work….

There may have been some flowers;
we know about the showers.

Noah’s Ark
Birds and branches

Of female arts in usefulness
The needles far exceed the rest.
In ornament there’s no device
Affords adorning half so nice

Let Colour from the needle flow

And with each band your love will grow

My work
Jane Crosby

She and Stephen entrusted me with many wonderful pieces of her artwork, to do with what I will.

Well, this year, to celebrate Jane’s birthday,
four pieces shall be framed, so I shall get that done. 
Then I think we should donate them to a place where people 
would enjoy them.

Suggestions please. 
I have an idea, but I will wait to hear what you say.
In the meantime, enjoy your day!

Share this blog wherever you can.
Spread the word:
Craft for Life

much love and gratitude,


234 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jane!

  1. What a moving and thoughtful blog today! It shows how much you value the people in your life and memories.
    I felt sure you were going to say that Clarity would produce stamps etc. from these beautiful artifacts. if you did maybe part of the purchase price would include a donation,in memory of Jane.
    As for the work itself, in Winchelsea most of our charity efforts go to our local Hospice in Hastings, which does splendid work and sadly suffered a fire last year. So my first thought is for them to be donated for display in a Hospice or similar. Carol

  2. Hi Barbara, as it's World Cancer Day then maybe it could be something to do with that. It's so sad that Jane isn't here to read your blog but maybe she is in spirit. Keep up the good work Barbara, it means a lot to so many people xxx

  3. Thank you for your hope of light today. Hospice in the weald are good . They took my mum in for 3 day's before she died on Thursday last. I think there cheerful to be put there and other places like minded.

    1. So sorry to hear of your loss Alison. So hard losing a parent, you will go through all sorts of emotions over the next few months but I promise you, eventually you start to remember the good times. Hugs xx

    2. So sorry to hear the sad news Alison. I lost my dad last month. Hospices and the like that take care of people in their final days, and their families, are very special.

  4. Thank you for your hope of light today. Hospice in the weald are good . They took my mum in for 3 day's before she died on Thursday last. I think there cheerful to be put there and other places like minded.

  5. I think they would look nice in an artroom, or school. Something to inspire the next generation and show them that cancer is not the end. Embroidery is also a nice craft that should be displayed. I'm sick of cancer!

  6. Really beautiful work, and we who endeavour to be creative know just how many hours these artworks represent. Carol has a really great idea for needlework/patchwork/cross stitch-inspired stamps in Jane's memory (that alphabet alone…). As for the location for Jane's pictures, from experience I know that when someone is in a hospice/palliative care ward, you often spend time in their chapels or remembrance areas in contemplation. Or why not in the public areas of a care home/sheltered housing for as many people as possible to enjoy. It's a lovely idea Barbara.

  7. I'm sure you have made Jane's husband so very proud Barbara. I think her work would be beautiful if distributed to Maggies Hospice Centres I believe the web address is maggiescentres.org
    Happy Birthday to Jane – no one is ever truly gone when they are remembered with love.

  8. Very moving words today Barbara. Through you, we who never had the chance to meet Jane feel like we knew her and will forever be in our memory. Your blog is not only for inspiration but mindfulness as well. That is why I keep coming back day after day as through your blog, I get such peace and lots of smiles and chuckles. I so enjoy it although I don't always comment. I am always so excited to see the new posting each day. As I live in Canada, I cannot suggest where these works of art should be placed but sounds like you have some wonderful suggestions from your loyal following.

  9. Jane was such a beautiful lady with such great talent and this is a fitting tribute to her. Lovely embroidery and what a wonderful keepsake. Carole xxx

  10. Afternoon Barb, wow these are truly amazing embroidery creations, I have done a lot of cross stitch in the past and so I can appreciate how much work and effort has gone into these, what fantastic keepsakes. Jane was so proud of you and what you have done, she is still there looking over you, I bet she has a little groovi plate up there and is groovying away as we speak and chuckling. Her husband is probably the proudest man I know at the moment to see all these on the blog. Now you ask what to do with them, well if you donated one to a worthy cause to raise money would be one suggestion, another would be to have one prominently and permanently displayed on your exhibition stands, perhaps you could have one displayed when you are Hochanda for all to see, and finally one displayed in the shop.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

    1. Having one on display at shows would be a good idea, perhaps with the facility to donate loose change to a charity in Jane's memory. I know from doing something similar in the past, two or three days worth of loose change can mount up into a serious amount of cash. Otherwise, donation to hospices sounds good. Also, the idea of stamps would really appeal to me, and even more Groovi plates. That has given me an idea I want to try out.

      You are so right that when we are suffering, we do not always want to burden our families and close friends. The friendship and understanding I received from you and all my Clarity friends was a real life saver for me, and still gives me so much support.

      It is so obvious from reading your blog that, yes, we love the step by steps, but it means so much more. It is a meeting of friends, who may never meet in person, but still support each other, and help and encourage each other to keep going.

      Long may this fellowship continue. xxxx Maggie

    2. A beautiful blog today in memory of a beautiful person. I didn't know Jane but it seems she left a footprint in this crafting world and her work is to be cherished. It would be great if they are displayed somewhere to inspire the rest of us to appreciate how fortunate most of us are. Crafting saved me when I lost my husband to cancer aged only 63 and this lovely crafting community keeps me going even after 8 years….thank you to all of you xx

  11. First of all I would like to say a very big thank you to the members of this blog – including yourself Barbara – obviously! I consider myself very fortunate to have found you all – I am a relatively new member, but it has quickly become a lifeline and an escape for me. Yesterday, I was astonished at how it has also become a self-help group for ME and Prostate Cancer – a very big thank you to all of you lovely people.
    Finally, in respect of today's blog – what a very talented and courageous lady, and how wonderful that Jane has left that behind for so many people to admire and enjoy. I just think that her work should be seen by as many people as possible. Some people will just admire it, but others will get inspiration to try to produce something similar – which has to be a good thing. Big crafty hugs to everyone xxx

  12. Barbara a lovley way to remember Jane her needle work is so beautiful thank you for sharing.
    I use to embroidered I have done many rowendean also and its so odd as they have just come onto hochanda .
    Thank you for this wonderful blog how it helps me through each day xxx

    1. Aah Sheila – just read a comment lower down, sorry that you are having a melt down day! Stay strong, don't try to do too much – go and put the kettle on and have a virtual cup of tea with me, only wish I could bring the cakes! Love Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Sheila sending you a big hug, I'm sorry to hear today isn't a good day, wish I could do something to help but hopefully lovely comments will help. Xxxxx

  13. A wonderful blog tribute today. It has lifted me up! I needed lifting as am having a very down day today. Jane's positivity is so uplifting! I can't think of specifics, but the embroidery should be somewhere to inspire people and give them some 'happy'. xxx

    1. Lovely video, sad but also makes you sit up and think , encouraging too to make the most of every day, I love crafting and especially the new Groovi system x

  14. Very touching blog today Barbara, but also very inspirational seeing the video of Jane and her wonderful embroidery. My suggestion would be to donate it to a hospital to put on the walls of the corridors for all to see, maybe an oncology hospital. We have a new hospital in Bristol and they have art pictures on the walls all through the corridors, so lovely to see when you're passing by. Love Pam xx

  15. A very moving tribute to Jane, who I did not know but feel a bond with. I am a fairly new member and also enjoy the blog with fellow crafters. What I like most about crafters is the sharing, if someone finds a new technique or an easier way to achieve an effect nine out of ten will share the knowledge so we can all enjoy it. As my five year old granddaughter Daisy said to me last night, "Nana when you're a crafter like me, you and Grace (7) you always share".

  16. Your dear friend was such an inspiration Barbara. Her video has touched me very deeply. As, I am sure, it will have touched so many.
    I have only been participating on this wonderful blog for a matter of months, but have read it avidly for more than a year. It brightens every day, and uplifts me to a place where I feel safe.
    Thank you xx

  17. Something we have learnt life is so very precious we need to share with outlived ones enjoy life Jane was such an inspiration to us all , crafting is such a realise from life's troubles you completely disappear in creating. Thank you for encouraging us to do more been on a downer pain from knees not being out as much as would like missing sandie I decided to make myself go craft then found my self in top 5 in the challenge yesterday what a boost to my confidence so onward and up wards happy birthday Jane and love hugs to her family a hard day for them xxx

  18. Beautiful needlework but I really don't know where it should be displayed. I like the idea for the stamps though I can imagine how intricate they would be. By the way this blog is brilliant in so many ways. Long may it continue. F x

  19. Jane was obviously a lovely and a very talented lady. These beautiful pieces of embroidery will be a lasting legacy for the person and her gift. As for donating her work my immediate thought was Burrswood Hospital. A place for Mindfulness if ever there was one.
    Tonbridge Sue

  20. What beautiful beautiful hand work. She was a very talented lady. You know I think her work would be wonderful displayed in a hospice day room where patients and visitors could drink in the beauty of it . Beautiful. X

  21. Hi Barbara, These embroidery panels are stunning, Jane was a very talented girlie. She will be watching whatever you decide to do with her 'creations', and would love your 'dedication to her' on your Blog today. I would be inclined to donate or show these creations in somewhere that would have been 'specific to her', and somewhere where her Family could view them for 'reflection'.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  22. Hi Barbara, These embroidery panels are stunning, Jane was a very talented girlie. She will be watching whatever you decide to do with her 'creations', and would love your 'dedication to her' on your Blog today. I would be inclined to donate or show these creations in somewhere that would have been 'specific to her', and somewhere where her Family could view them for 'reflection'.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  23. Such a very moving blog today, I lost a very dear friend of over 45 years on Fiday from that dreaded disease cancer. I wonder if one of your local hospices might like to have one of Janes

  24. A wonderful, very thought-provoking blog today, a great tribute to Jane. It did make me cry again, but it was good to be reminded. Jane' work is beautiful and would transfer wonderfully to stamps and especially to the Groovi, and in those formats would give lots of ways to raise money for charities in her name, by buying those stamps and Groovi plates, but also by selling the work we could do with them. Thank you for today, Barbara. xxxx Maggie

  25. What beautiful needlework Jane has produced. These take time and patience to complete.There are many places where these could be appreciated, as before mentioned, hospices are wonderful places,that give comfort to the suffering,both patient and relatives. Also women refuges, children's wards, or even raffling them off to individuals who would treasure them, and the proceeds given to a charity / charities. How do Janes family feel about it,and do they have any preferences? Whatever you choose, I'm sure it's the right thing, and Jane would be happy with that..xx

  26. You were very lucky to have know Jane. I can imagine people walking along a corridor in a home/hospice and stopping to admire the work. What's with today? I decided to have a go at the calendar challenge, I have a great piece of background but I'm having trouble trying to work out how I'll get some perspective and dimension into it. The monsters in my head are tell me I can't do it and I'm just wasting my time.

    1. Go for it Julia, remember it is only a piece of card and I am sure you can do it. I am no artist but love entering the challenges just to stretch myself. Look forward to seeing your entry. xx

    2. Thanks girls, I sent my monsters off to do the ironing so that afterwards I could get on with the challenge…and yes, I've got something…and no, I'm no artist, haha.

  27. Hi Barb. Like everyone else I've been trying to think of a super duper place to show Jane's fantastic samplers. They are really lovely and the red flowers are so clever, they just 'pop out'. Magical. I tried to think of all the really special places, hospices, hospitals and so on. Eventually I thought where would I most enjoy seeing them and an idea sprung to mind. I should like to see them as the very first item I see as I walk into a room. The pleasure of the samplers catching my eye, leading my thoughts away to a peaceful calm place of beauty. that for me would be magical.

  28. I only joined Jane's journey towards the end and I could tell she was a very courageous and clever and creative lady. These pieces are really beautiful and perhaps thinking of her illness display in a hospice situation would be good or perhaps as others have suggested displaying and collecting money for one or more charities in Jane's name would be good too. x

  29. A moving blog today. I think Jane's pieces of art should go behind your desk where you blog then they would be admired by all and in remembrance of your friend Jane.
    Love from bonnie Scotland.x

  30. Hi Barb,
    A very moving and thought provoking blog today. I did not have the pleasure to meet Jane but she was an inspiration to us all through her blog and also a very brave lady. Her needlework samples are beautiful and must have taken her hours to complete, but I also feel that she would have got tremendous pleasure when they were completed. I think the idea of Groovi plates especially would be lovely with proceeds going to a cancer charity. As for the needlework, I think a hospice would be a good idea or possibly a chemotherapy room. They would certainly brighten whichever room they were in. I know from experience that hospices do such good work and are dependent upon donations. I'm sure Jane will be looking down on us all and be so proud of what you are doing in her name. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  31. Hi all, I have been "lurking" here for a long time but never posted as you all seem to know each other!! A few pists have recently moved me a lot and I just wanted to say, although I am lucky not to have mental health issues for some time now I have been there, and I just wanted to send love and hugs to anyone who needs them. I wish I had had someone like Barbara as a role model when I was growing up, 'nuff said for now 🙂 xx

    1. Hell Coral
      Like you, I read for a long while before contributing. I have never seen an unpleasant or negative comment and really feel the support that comes through from Barbara and all her followers. The first time you comment is the hardest and you are past that hurdle now. Will look out for more posts from you xx

    2. Hi Coral, I have only met a couple of these lovely people in real life but love to catch up with everyone on here while seeing all Barbara's lovely work. Nice to have you join us.
      Jane's work is beautiful. Perhaps a care home or hospice would like to share the work. I know my elderly aunt used to do embroidery tapestry and cross stitch, making other crafts. When she could no longer see to actually craft herself she used to delight in enjoying other people's pieces and could share her joy of craft in that way

    3. Hi Coral, I'm fairly new here but I'm with like minded people and immediately felt part of the crowd. Come on in, shut the door, join in with the laughs, some of the serious stuff…and of course some crafting.

    4. HI Coral never met them don't know them from Adam but love them all to bits lurked here for a long time although loved everything Barbara did I'm a bit wary putting myself out there so to speak but hey best thing I ever did hope to see you again…Dot.xx

  32. Hi all, I have been "lurking" here for a long time but never posted as you all seem to know each other!! A few pists have recently moved me a lot and I just wanted to say, although I am lucky not to have mental health issues for some time now I have been there, and I just wanted to send love and hugs to anyone who needs them. I wish I had had someone like Barbara as a role model when I was growing up, 'nuff said for now 🙂 xx

    1. I'm new too Coral after being a 'lurker'. Many of the posts bring me to tears, and make me focus on what I have rather than what I haven't got. Well done for having the strength to rise above your past issues. x

  33. Jane was such an inspirational lady and her embroidery is beautiful. Getting it framed is a lovely idea. She will then be able to brighten even more people's days. x

  34. What beautiful pieces of work. I love this blog not just for the beautiful creative inspiration but also for the beautiful words that you write. I love the idea that you will share Jane's wonderful work and I am sure wherever you decide to place them they will be appreciated. X

  35. Good afternoon,

    My thoughts and love go out to you All today and always. It is a wonderful place to find so many people who can share how they are, good, bad or just how it is.

    A beautiful, moving blog today which has given me plenty to reflex on, so thank you Barbara.

    An up date about my Mum is that she is now home, with a live in carer (for now) after her mini stroke. She is still trying to do too much and is going down hill…. but I know that I am powerless over this and just pray that she will just slow down.

    Love reading everyone's comments – will leave it for now.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

    1. Hi Pen,
      Pleased to hear that your Mum is in her own home – it will mean a lot to her. I know my Mam wanted desperately to be back home but unfortunately that never happened for her. Love and hugs to you both, Alison xxxx.

    2. Hi Pen – good news that your Mum is home, it's so hard to watch her doing too much. I went through similar problems with my Mum and tried so very hard to convince her that what she was doing was wrong – but eventually had to just let her be. Sending you hugs, Gilly xxx

    3. Hi Gilly lost my Dad just before Christmas but have a strong Mum but hav'nt seen her for couple off weeks because I've no been well but off tomorrow to cuddle her to bit's sounds like a strong woman just like mine…Dot

  36. What a thoughtful and empathetic blog today Barbara. My husband is seriously ill and slowly deteriorating. It is so hard watching him fade when he had been such an intelligent and active person. I do find comfort in your words Barbara. Jane's embroidery is such an inspiration. Thank you xx

    1. Sounds as though you need a hug too – sorry to hear about your husband. This is a wonderful place to come for some escape and comfort – the artwork is fantastic too! Gilly xxx

  37. Wonderful pieces of needlework, many hours have gone into creating them so great that you want to preserve them. I think like a lot of other readers maybe a hospice or somewhere linked to cancer would be an ideal place. I know when we have to visit Burton Hospital for husband's appointments there are some brilliant pieces of applique work on display there, made by students I think. I love gazing at them, just fantastic. Thoughtful blog today, Jane seemed like a lovely lady. xx

  38. So sorry I didn't realise why today was so special for you. Jane has left a lasting legacy on many levels. Is there a hospital or clinic that treated her, or a charity that she would have wanted to support? Were there one or two other close friends who would like to remember her by nominating a place for one or two?
    I am sure you will find a wealth of suggestions on this page.
    Chris xx

  39. Hi Barbara
    I can't believe where the time has gone,I can remember reading Janes blog as if it was only yesterday.She was a very talented lady and I'm sure wherever you place Janes beautiful pieces of art Jane and her family will be pleased.
    A very touching blog.
    My thought go to everyone who's lost someone dear to them.

  40. I come everyday, to have a chat, to give and receive support, to share a laugh, to share a tear and to get fantastic inspiration for crafty adventures. I love that you have created a loving supportive community where people feel able to share good news, share the bad news and share worries, without the fear of other people passing judgement. I feel blessed to have people who I have never met become friends through the blog. I'm sure Jane would have enjoyed seeing her art on display, maybe in a local hospice. Thank you Barbara XX

    1. Here here Donna, the blog has become much more than its individual members and has created a strong, supportive and like minded community, Jane has done some lovely work and will continue to inspire us all. Thank you X

    1. Hi Donna laptop back noo from homework grandson I couldn't see or work the phone without a magnify glass need to get ti Specsavers a bit emotional reading the night but glad I'm here…Dot.xx

  41. I have so much to be grateful for and returning home from being given a second chance last week with a serious heart attack, seconds to cling on to life at A & E, surgeon and staff called from home to perform immediate life saving surgery immediately. While nature has protected me from realising the enormity of this, I. E. Denial, my children suffered the reality of it all. Believe me, when the chips were down, they were there 100 % for me. So while I sit here today with my calming grooving system, to rest me for the next weeks and go gently and repair, then return to good health, I can reflect on how all of us cope in each different circumstance. We're all different but have so much in common. Today's blog is so special to me personally Barb, I remember this from last year and Janes story, and couldn't have imagined then how close I would be to an unimagined ending to my life. So, 6 days on from my heart attack, and 8 days on from my precious dogs neutering for fear he had cancer, I find myself so lucky to have a second chance at life. To cherish every moment with those we love and with what is important to us. To enjoy each day, and for me it's my children, my dogs and my crafting. We all have so much in common in this lovely community here on your blog Barb, but are strangers and friends at the same time. God bless you all xx Yvonne

    1. Wow, Yvonne what a traumatic start to February for you and your family. Glad you have got through it and are now on the mend. Lots of tea and rest mixed in with some crafting is what you need. Xx

    2. What a sobering experience, but you seem to be doing exactly the right thing now! Do you think the NHS would start prescribing groovi to get people to take it easy when they need to recover!

  42. Hi Barbara, I'm sorry to say that as I have only been reading your fab blog (EVERY DAY!) for less than 6 months I am not familiar with Jane's work, but she sounds like a very inspirational lady. Her work looks like that of a mindful perfectionist. I am writing this from hospital where I was admitted on Sunday with what turned out to be pancreatitis, brought on by stones in my gallbladder. I wouldn't wish the pain on my worst enemy. However, as I lye in my bed I am reminded of being with my parents who died 17 and 23 years ago, barely a day goes by without thinking of them and all the good times. Those that say that time is a healer are right, although you (or rather me) don,t think that for a long time.

    This, and yesterday's blogs have been very inspirational in that it makes us see there is point to the little time on this planet we have and we should make the most of it, not just for ourselves but for those we leave.
    John xx

    1. Oh I do sympathise John – I've been in A&E myself today with gall stone pain but am home now with a Clarity parcel to cheer me up. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    2. Thanks ladies. Pain has subsided and have been told I can have something to eat tonight, the first food for over 4 days. Just hope I can do it in a sensible way. 🙂

    3. Good luck John, you seem very positive, this will help you through your uncomfortable ordeal, and in no time, you'll probably be ordering some craft from clarity as another way to move forward. All the best with hopefully a pain free future xx

    4. John wishing you well and I hope the pain becomes more manageable soon. That food is going to taste wonderful! I hope you have some crafting to hand to keep you occupied x

    5. Hi John. I have a friend who is going through the same as you. I sympathise with you as I can see how much he is suffering. I hope you soon feel better

    6. Quick update. Last nights soup was not 3 stars but it was consumed any and I managed to hang onto it. Porridge, bread and jam this morning went down as well. Should know soon if I can get home soon. Fingers crossed. xx

  43. I'm remembering my close friend Kathy today, on world cancer day as she would have been coming up to 54 this month. Remembering Jane too who I got to know through her blog and thank you for sharing some of her wonderful embroidery pieces. How lovely that you will have them framed to preserve them – I would say to auction them to raise funds for a charity – that way someone who loves them will buy them and cherish them, and the money will go towards finding a cure for a terrible disease. Susan x

  44. Being a newcomer to this blog I didn't know, Jane, but your tribute to her and seeing her creations has touched me as if I had. Thank you, Barbara for sharing.

  45. Just wanted to say to Alison Newby that I hope everything went as well as can be expected with your visit to the vet to say goodbye to your much loved dog. Was thinking of you today. Sending hugs. Xx

    1. I've had you in my thoughts today Alison as well, been looking through the comments to see if you were here, and spotted Donna's comment. Great minds think alike. Sending hugs to you alongside Donna's.xxx

  46. Beautiful words and artwork from a very talented lady. Maybe a hospice would appreciate one of the pieces in their waiting area.
    Your blog put me right back in my place. I haven't had the best of days – after a near miss punch from a Youth (girl)!! and listening to her foul language, but its over and rather than concentrate on that and my health problem, I am going to concentrate on watching re-runs of all the Clarity people and drift into your world.
    Your blog means so much to me and has brought me so many lovely things.
    Thanks to you and all the bloggers out there.
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

    1. Hi Anne I was called many times in my job as a retail manager to be a witness for shoplifting never got as far as the court as the wee sh*ts pleaded guilty at the last minute but was intimidated a lot by them to the point I was a bit scared if I'm honest some of them were lovely kids growing up God help them and their families.
      Wouldn't have your job for a million and to keep going like you do Strong Woman Anne keep it going…xx Dot

    2. Hi Anne, I used to work for HMCTS. I know just what you are putting up with. So glad I managed to escape! Couldn't take the stress any longer. Best wishes, sue

  47. I followed brave Jane's blog and was inspired by her strength and artistic talent. She never gave in and was a wonderful inspiration in times of adversity. God bless her and all who are facing distressing times and difficult times.
    A big hug from Chris X

  48. Barbara you made me cry with the video of Jane. What a lovely photo of you and Jane together for you to cherish. It has made me wonder what on earth would happen to all my crafty stuff when I go. I do hope that it would be donated to somewhere that it would bring people pleasure being able to use it to create together. So I am going to make sure that everyone important to me knows my wishes and that I would like it to be donated to a hospice day centre as I know of one in our area and they do some fantastic work. Thank-you for sharing this with us all. Much love – Jayne

  49. Well.. would I be the one possessing these treasures, I would auction them off and donate the proceeds to a Hospice.

    These embroideries are amazing, something I was never able to create. I can only paint on silk to make my pictures, or canvas for that matter.

  50. Goodness so much to read today, I'm going to come back when I'm in bed.

    What lovely work Jane did.

    I did read about putting the work in a hospice in the few posts I had chance to read. I remember seeing different artwork in Sobel House in Oxford, the one my friend's husband was in. Some of it was for sale and I bought a lovely piece of painted glass that hung in the corridor outside his room as a memory of him.

    Seeing this work makes me want to pick up my needle, I have a couple of things on the go – time I got them finished!

    Thank you for today's blog in memory of Jane on her birthday x x

  51. Hi Barbara it must have been very emotional for you to write this lovely tribute to your friend Jane and to look and touch her beautiful work you really are a very thoughtful person I was in tears watching Jane speak wish she had more time to finish her beautiful journal.
    I am so glad I found this lovely place you and all these caring people sometimes I wait a bit late to come in because that's when I'm at my loneliest so I will echo Maggie C and say Long may this fellowship continue better go I'm welling up again but thank you all of you.
    Love Dot xx

    1. Brenda jump in again my friend would cheer me up and make my day Did the wee heating guy come and fix the boiler or was it wan o they hav ti get bits job..hope no hen two pairs o jammies hot water bottle and wee Daisy on top sorted and aye my warm cuddle yir sorted…xx

  52. What a beautiful tribute to Jane, …she was such a talented lady and it is great that her work is still inspiring people ..I think it will be great to get some of her wonderful work framed and a great place to hang it would be in a Radiotherapy hospital. A place were patients can appreciate it and it will give them hope . As a past radiographer I know the difference that acts like this can make….hugs…xxxx

  53. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely blog today, I found Janes blog when you told us about her and followed her journey with laughter and tears to the end. What a talented needle woman she was, such beautiful work. I like the idea of donating her work to a hospice or place where it will be appreciated and like the thought of stamps and groovi plates with donations to charity. I wonder if the hotel where Jane had her last tea party with her friends to say goodbye would display a piece in her memory. I'm sure you have a wonderful idea and we will all say ah yes when you tell us. Sending you a hug today, I know it's an emotional day and you are so busy.
    Lots of love
    Diane xxxx

  54. What stunning work flowed from Jane's needle <3 I too enjoy cross-stitch but never quite got the hang of hardanger work. I
    f the four pieces are individually framed why not donate to two or more places especially one that Jane enjoyed as a place of relaxation that recharged her batteries. I would say day centre, hospice perhaps a waiting area in a craft place xx

  55. I follow this blog every day, but very rarely comment. However, the video has really made me emotional. Jane certainly seemed a wonderful, talented lady. Her embroidery is beautiful, and such a lovely thought to have her work framed and put out there for others to enjoy. Lynn

  56. Happy birthday Jane. Barbara whatever your decision her talent will be recognised & good things will follow. Is it my imagination or has your blog reached new depths over the past 2 days? So much pain & sadness shared anonymously in many cases but responded to by like minded caring people…& I think to myself, what a wonderful world crafting is. Thinking of all those suffering today but especially Alison & her visit to the vet. Love & hugs to all xx

  57. Barbara
    This blog gives us hands to hold and when life gets to much our fellow crafters carry us through. We can open our hearts and find the strength to carry on
    Thank you

  58. I don't comment very often as I'm sometimes a few days behind, having read most of the comments through blurry eyes today, I feel lucky that I only have the lurgy.
    So many of you need hugs but I'm sure there are enough to go around, you are all so generous. I'll add mine to the pot.
    Barbara been reflecting over Jane's artwork as I've read the comments and although a hospice etc would be lovely, I think you should keep if not all, most of the artwork to display at events you attend then you can explain why they are so important to you and what Jane meant to you and to many others, it keeps her and her work alive. Big hugs to all who would like one. Kay xx

  59. I don't comment very often as I'm sometimes a few days behind, having read most of the comments through blurry eyes today, I feel lucky that I only have the lurgy.
    So many of you need hugs but I'm sure there are enough to go around, you are all so generous. I'll add mine to the pot.
    Barbara been reflecting over Jane's artwork as I've read the comments and although a hospice etc would be lovely, I think you should keep if not all, most of the artwork to display at events you attend then you can explain why they are so important to you and what Jane meant to you and to many others, it keeps her and her work alive. Big hugs to all who would like one. Kay xx

  60. A lovely tribute to Jane, Barbara. Her needlework is gorgeous. I think it would be great to donate the works to a place where people who need comfort or strength or courage could see them. Have you considered making some stamps in a similar style – by which we could all remember Jane? Hugs xx

  61. Hi Barbara

    I only came to know Jane's story towards the end through you. She was a very brave and talented lady. My thoughts go to all her friends and family today. Her needlework is beautiful and I think it would be lovely to have some displayed in a hospice or cancer unit of a hospital.
    Gayle x

  62. Hi Barbara , been thinking about this all evening. What lovely cross stitch… Crafting that I love but sadly struggle to do as my eye sight changes.
    So many people turn to craft for comfort, enjoyment and a way of fulfilling their ambitions and I include myself in that.
    I think you should have these and display them on the workshops in the summer, at Ally Pally etc etc, and when not there proudly displayed at Clarity Towers as a daily reminder and tribute.

    Much much love

    Kim xx

  63. Gosh so many comments, so many stories, much inspiration and support for all the brave souls commenting for the first time and of course all our regular pals. What better testament to another inspirational lady and a lasting legacy. Will go back and re-read these tomorrow but a giant hug for all those people struggling at the minute, you've come to the right place as you can see by all the comments made. Sleep well, know you are not alone and Jane look at what you started on this your birthday, I'll bet you're have a little chuckle of delight. Night night much love to all Karen xxx

  64. Wow! Amazing reading about Jane again. It is a amazing how she lives on with us as we marvel at her talent. We need to remember that when we are creating our projects that we are investing in the future memories of those we share those projects.
    Everyone's comments tonight are really moving. I have just realised that I have read your blog every day and commented on many. We have become a true community, supporting each other when required. I am honoured to be part of it.
    With regards to Jane's embroidery; it is truly beautiful. If you decide to part with some of it, perhaps a piece to a hospice one each of our four home nations so that people from the length and breadth of Britain can share in seeing Jane's amazing talent.
    Thankyou for the time you have invested in this blog and in keeping us all inspired and mindful of ourselves and others. xx

  65. I had the pleasure of being with Barbara when we visited Jane , she was indeed a remarkable woman…Our thoughts are with Steven and the rest of the family…I agree with Jo that some of these beautiful pieces should be displayed in a treatment room or suite. They are like Jane….
    Inspirational…or even motivational, in that ,creativity gives us a place to lose ourselves when times are tough, whatever your craft or creative outlet is, Its blimming marvellous…Craft for Life….

  66. Hello Barb, this brought tears to my eyes. I followed Jane's blog, she was a true inspiration and these gorgeous pieces of embroidery are proof of that. Perhaps some pieces to be displayed in a hospice. Take care all. Bx

  67. What amazing needle craft Barbara and a wonderful blessing to entrust them to you.
    Jane was an inspirational lady, who will keep on inspiring , especially as you have shared her story with us all.
    I am sure you will hit on the right place to donate some of her embroidery work , you were close to her and will just know.
    Take care,

  68. Amazing embroidery , really quite stunning .
    And what a wonderful gift to you of her other work.
    I am sure you will hit on the right place to give some of Janes work to …..she chose you for a reason,

  69. Good evening Barbara. I'm trying to keep busy and keep my mind off events of today so thought I'd catch up on your blog…boy have I had a good cry.
    Jane was a very talented lady and I'm sure that whatever you decide to do with her embroidery it will bring pleasure to many many people!
    I'm off now to read today's blog! Xxxx

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