Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. Or is it Mate?!!!

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. Or is it Mate?!!!

Hi there!
well, the Big Day has arrived.
The official launch of our
What with Stamps and Stencils, and now the new Groovi, 
there’s a lot to consider!

Here’s a short video, to sum up the Clarity Club Scene now! 
Does that clarify things ?
You should have been there when we were filming it!
In the end, I suggested Jim do it,
because at least he was still able to string a sentence together!
In a nutshell from the top:

Standard Membership

Join one club – either the Stamp Club, Stencil Club or the new Groovi® Club – for 12 months, 
and receive exclusive products, full photo tutorials, a folder to collect your instalments
 and a 10% discount* on your Clarity purchases,
(online, at retail shows, at Barb’s retreats and Open Days!)
Oh! And my monthly newsletter.

Gold Membership, 

Join any two of our clubs, and not only will you receive the above for both of those clubs, 
but there’s also FREE P&P on all orders over £10**
Diamond Membership

Join all THREE Clubs, and enjoy all of the above, plus free P&P on all orders over £10**, 
AND  15% discount* on your Clarity purchases!

If you’re an existing Club member and want to upgrade to Diamond 
but your annual subscription is still current,
please contact us, so that you to pay the CORRECT amount.
Call our team on 
01732 868215 
Let us work it out for you! 
If you are NEW and would like to join, you can do so online


Here’s an important thing:
oh yeah?
We have introduced a monthly payment option,

so you can spread the Annual Club Cost over the whole year 

 £5 for any one club
£10 for any two clubs
£15 for Diamond – All three clubs.
*Discount does not apply to New Design Club membership renewals or Gift Cards   
**Free P&P applies to UK mainland only

For More Information or to JOIN, CLICK HERE.

The phones have been ringing nonstop for days,
with members upgrading to Diamond.
These are very exciting times at Clarity.
You will see from the little video,
how much time, energy (and money) we have invested in 
a fab new A5 format for all the clubs,
lovely new Club folders,
and the First Groovi Chapter.
That Baby Plate Mate® has to be the neatest little piece of kit 
I have seen for a long time!
Anyway, I must press on.
I’m leaving for the Frankfurt Trade Fair now.
Really wish I was in the office helping actually.
But maybe it’s better I’m out of the way.
Love & Hugs,

113 thoughts on “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. Or is it Mate?!!!

  1. Fantastic, love it and very excited at the thought receiving my diamond club items. The monthly contributions are brilliant as they make it very affordable so thank you for that too. Can t wait to see the A5 format.
    Enjoy Frankfurt, X X X X

  2. I am so excited and can't wait for the first instalment of the Groovi. I know you will be swamped by everyone so I will just be patient and wait till it arrives. Your team are wonderful, calculating all the different payments to bring everything into line for each of us, and still being so calm and helpful over the red hot phones. Enjoy your trip to Frankfurt. xx Maggie

  3. Hi Barbara, the Clarity range is amazing, did you ever imagine all those years ago!

    I can't wait for the new Groovi club 🙂

    I hope you both have a good trip and safe journey xxx

  4. Wow this club might actually get me to have a go! I am not into parchment art in any way, shape or form. I am very heavy handed and have failed at every attempt too faffy and fiddly. But may be with this smaller plate in this club I might try for a year and see how it goes! Thanks Barbara x

    1. I'm with Sara on this one . I've got to somewhat master this stamping thing . But it sure does look tempting ,just wish postage to USA and the exchange rate was different . The idea of a mini groovi sounds like fun and not as daunting . Only 10:30 here so a walk is on my schedule . Joy now ladies . Jann

  5. Joined the groovi club this morning,the guy that I spoke to was very friendly and helpful can't fault the customer service one bit
    placed a biggish order for groovi plates, can't wait for all the goodies to arrive.
    I think it's brilliant how you have also do an easy payment scheme this will allow I am sure a lot more people to join the club whether it's just 1 or all of them.
    Well done Barbara and all of the clarity team
    Have a safe flight to Germany

  6. Just opened my new format stamp and stencil club envelope for this month and they look lovely. You and your team should be very proud of your achievements. Since I've been a memeber this is the 3rd change and definately the best, lovely step by step pictures and instructions.
    Have a safe journey to Frankfurt and look forward to your next tv appearance with your new stamps.

  7. Hi Barb,
    The baby plate mate looks fab as do the baby plates, can't wait for mine to arrive! I received my January envelope this morning and really like the new format and it didn't arrive creased! One question – do we get the new binders or do we have to buy them separately? Also a big thank you to team Clarity. I ordered a couple of Groovi plates by phone yesterday and asked if possible could they be sent out quickly, if not it didn't matter. as it was my own stupid fault for nor ordering before! Imagine my surprise when they arrived this morning with my envelope too – it was like Christmas! So, thank you very much for that. Have a great time in Germany and hope the trade fair goes well. Love Alison xxx

    1. Alison I was wondering about the folders too. Thank you for asking – I didn't want to look too greedy! Do you think they might come with the Groovi things next week? I'm very excited 🙂 xxxx

  8. Hi Barbara, rang this morning and joined the Groovi club, the lady who answered the phone was so lovely and she put me through to Paul, yes it was very early this morning and he helped me out and did all that was necessary, you have got a star there but then you knew that. Am I missing something or did I see 'Baby Groovi mate' what is that, is it for the smaller plates that we are going to be getting each month!!!. Anyway looking forward to getting all my goodies. Have a great time in Germany, safe flight and enjoy.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  9. Oh Barbara I have just received my January envelope wow wow wow love the stamp stencil new format news letter Paul church was right it was worth waiting for I won't say what they are as I love the surprise of mine each month oh I'm so excited waiting for my diamond club parcel to arrive just watch the video it's looks fantastic and been able to join now and get a credit back as mine didn't run out while June so didn't miss the launch was fantastic been able to pay in full too so I don't have to think of it till next January is brilliant too one happy crafter a big thank you to the clarity team for all there hard work
    Safe journey Barbara & Dave big crafting hugs xxx

    1. Afternoon Donna how's your eye now ?
      Afternoon Dorothy are you feeling any better ?
      Afternoon Diane are you crafting today how's your daughter doing at university?
      Afternoon pam how is your back pain today ?
      Afternoon Brenda do come say hi xxx
      Big crafting hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. Hello my lovely Sheila – how are you today – oh my goodness it's hard to keep the new stamp and stencil quiet isn't it, they are lovely. I'm playing catch up at the moment, went out last night so missed commenting on the blog but I did read it, I'm playing with a Groovi butterfly today. Thank you for asking about Emma, she's having a lovely time still, working very hard and did well in her first exams. Sending hugs to you and Tom xxxx

    3. Hi Sheila, back just the same, haven't heard about the physio yet, Doctor said it would be a while. Thanks for asking. Hope you are feeling a bit better with your cyst and your painful hands.

      Hi Diane, good news that your daughter did well in her first exams. Looking forward to getting my envelope too. Hope you are well. Love and hugs yo you both. xxx

    4. Dorothy don't you put yourself down been so poorly your just as important as I am I'm so pleased you have joined us as a diamond sending a get well hug xxx

  10. I just received my Clarity Club stencil and stamp, love the new format and the designs, I can't wait for the groovy set to arrive, diamonds are definitely a girls best friend xx

  11. I've received my envelope this morning but haven't opened yet am saving it for a cuppa and a muffin ! I joined the Diamond Club this week and am amazed to see the baby plate mate – I didn't know what we were getting but this is so sweet! Also 15% off is another lovely bonus. Thanks to all the team for working on this.

    Have a great time in Frankfurt!

    p.s. couldn't tell that it took a while to make the video and was chuckling to myself after hearing your story about it! x x x

  12. Oh dear how am I going to wait until the end of next month? I'm normally very patient but the New club has me excited! Good thing my new craft room will be larger than my current one. Safe travelling. F x

  13. Waiting patiently (not!) for my envelope. Part of the excitement is not knowing in advance which topic the stamp, stencils and now Groovi will pertain to. The other exciting bit is looking at what you have created with them, Barbara.
    Safe trip! ;~}

    1. Got mine this morning Shelagh. Lovely as usual. Now just waiting for my call back to join Diamond club. Has to be done. I agree great having a surprise each month, sometimes makes me think a little harder what I might use them for. xx

    2. That's why I never say what is in the club envelope when it arrives as it's so lovley to have a crafting surprise each month now with the groovi we will be very spoilt xxx

  14. Afternoon, Posty has been with my stamp and stencil love the format. So looking forward to the Groovie club too – all signed up and ready to go.

    Love love love this blog, thank you so much Barb (and all the team) for your never-ending help, love, and support.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  15. OMG, how long am I going to be able to resist groovi. I always prefer to work with smaller card and now I have watched your bit of video I see that the plates for the club will be baby plates and you were holding a 'tit' plate which I love as the stamp. Might just have to upgrade to diamond after all.

    1. Ok Sheila I'm convinced, I'm going to phone in the morning. I used to parch years ago so I've just been under my bed and dug out my box of pergamano stuff. Blimey I'd forgotten how much stuff I had – a huge tool kit, inks, paints dorso colours, mat, grids, stencils. I can't remember what to do with most of it but I can relearn. I'm all excited now.

  16. Such exciting times Barbara! Nobody deserves the success like you do, with all of your hard work over the years. I'm so pleased everything is going so great. I've never been able to join the clubs before as I couldn't afford the initial layout, so thank you so much for doing it 'on the monthly'!
    Hope you enjoy your trip, I'm sure everyone at HQ has got it covered. Xx

  17. My club stamp and stencil have just arrived – fabulous love them both and cant wait for the Groovi baby plate – really excited as will be easier to carry around

  18. Hi Barbara
    My envelope arrived too and oh my goodness I am so excited. I won't say any more except they are beautiful. A huge thank you to everyone at Clarity. You have made the payments for the club so easy too. Now I would never have guessed you struggled making that video, it's just tight. Safe journey today and make sure you have dome fun whilst you are out there, you and Dave work so hard. By the way, like your buddy idea, will leave it a bit until I ring as I'm sure the phones are red hot at the moment!
    Take care
    Love Diane xxxx

    1. Hi Donna hope you've had better weather today xxxxx
      Hi Dot hope your cough is getting better and you've become a diamond xxxx
      Hi Pam have you got some physio sorted yet? Xxxxxx
      Hi Brenda sending hugs to you and Daisy xxxx
      Sheila forgot to say good news your cyst is benign , it's good it can be treated with antibiotics xxxx

  19. Like the look of the new little Groovi mate. Going to be great receiving my envelope each month. Hope all goes well at Frankfurt show. Such a lot for you to think about at the moment. Video explains a lot so thank-you. xx

  20. Well,if all,you wonderful ladies keep sharing your excitement I may have to join more that one club .,going on vacation in a few days so that will keep me from buying — for now .,haha. Joy now jan

  21. Got the latest stencil and stamp this morning, they are can. Love the new format. Excitedly looking forward to the first Groovi envelope.

    Have a safe journey

  22. All go for you Barbara with everything taking off. Have a safe journey to Frankfurt and don't worry it will go swimmingly. Can't wait yo see the baby groovy plate and mate and to get my envelope, so exciting. Love Pam xx

    1. Hi Donna, finished a birthday card for a Friends hubby at the weekend and started on a groovy one today for my Auntie. So mojo coming back I hope. My grandson had a go with my groovy yesterday, he really enjoyed it, I'm up with them at the moment. How about you, glad yo hear your eye is back to normal.

    2. Glad to hear your mojo is returning, I hate it when mine decides to leave me! I have some cards to make for a friend as she likes to have a few in her card box ready for birthdays. Have a nice family time. Xx

  23. Perfick . The video explains it all , well done. Got my stencil last week love it and the new booklet format. I've upgraded to Diamond membership, so excited and the fact I can pay monthly is absolutely fantastic, such a massive help, Thank you thank you xx

  24. Hope you arrived safe and sound in Germany. Upgraded to Diamond this morning made so easy by the lovely lady I spoke too. Your Clarity team are so friendly, professional and a pleasure to talk too. Also received my gold envelope at lunchtime loving the new format and especially the stencil this month. Looking forward to starting my Diamond journey with everyone. Thank you xx

  25. Hello Barbara

    OMG! I didn't think it possible but you have bettered perfection. A mini Groovi Plate Mate! Can't wait for mine to arrive.

    As I have already paid for my gold membership until July 2017 I paid, yesterday, for 12 months Groovi club and will sort it out next January.

    Enjoy your time in Frankfurt.


  26. I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it
    I'm about to lose control and I think I like it
    Aye Dot's now a Diamond member
    Ra ra ra ra
    Ra ra ra ra
    Wee happy dance over now looking forward my parcels coming
    Thankyou Barbara and have a safe trip….xx Love Diamond Dot..xx

    1. Aww Dot, you're too kind. I'm just waiting on Paul emailing me and then I'll be diamond too 🙂 Glad you're on the mend. Batten down the hatches, it's about to get very wild, rain and winds up to 80 miles an hour for us on oor side 🙁

      Hi everyone, thank you for all your wee messages. I haven't felt many falling off the wagon thuds, are you saving yourselves for the new Groovi club, or are you just getting sneaky about it so I won't send you all to the naughty corner!!!!

      Good luck Barbara with your Frankfurt trade show. Remember to have some chill time for you both too please 😉

      love Brenda xx

    2. Well Brenda ma day jist gets better seeing you here that's great your going diamond to give you something extra to look forward to each month. Aye I've battened down the hatches its battering off the windies as a type.
      You keep cosy now and take care ..xx

  27. Oooh I can't wait! Got my stamp and stencil last week, they're great. I know I joined the new club ages ago now,but think I might have to double check tomorrow with the office!love it all!Wx

  28. My 'Diamonds' are on their way….will be stalking the postie until they arrive – lol! Loving the monthly payment option, makes it so affordable. Thanks to all the Clarity crew, you're the best!!!

  29. I received my January pack today and I love the new format and hopefully it should stop the postman bending it every month (grrrrrrrr) I've only just started with the Groovi system and I love it, I've upgraded to the Diamond membership thanks to my phone call from Paul this morning, I can't wait for it to arrive! Thanks Barbara and the whole Clarity Team xx

  30. You would never know that video had caused you grief – ever the professional! Hope you have a great show and that your diamond launch goes really well. Received my gold envelope today and just love both stamp and stencil – it's like a little gift to myself every month.

  31. Had a really tough day today, we finally finished our case and I was released from jury service. Altogether it was a very distressing and disturbing case involving 2 children who are too young to be involved in what they were involved in. I found it more than tough and I think it is going to take awhile to come to terms with it. The bright side on today was coming home to find my monthly NDC newsletter and your details about the new Groovi club. Can't wait for this to turn up, it looks great, so exciting. The new format of newsletters looks wonderful and your note a welcome one to read rather than the disturbing documents I have spent the last week and a bit reading. So thank you, it finishes my day on a much higher note than it started. Much hugs Karen xxx

    1. Sounds like you've had a tough one to deal with Karen. I know how you feel, I was in charge of child protection at school and some of the things were horrendous. The worst thing was I couldn't talk to anyone about it so it just was on my mind all of the time. Still at least you've finished now and can relax knowing that you won't be called up again! Love Alison xxx

    2. Oh dear Karen hope you can loose yourself into the wonderful world of crafting and eventually the jury case leaves you sending a big warm hug xxx

    3. Karen, it will get easier. My husband is on jury duty next week for the third time in his life. Previously he had a child abuse case which he found particularly tough as our two girls were a similar age. At least you have crafting as a way of relaxing.

    4. So sorry you 've had an awful time, I've been called twice Karen, luckily I didn't have a bad case. I was on one that wasn't going to be pleasant but it was cancelled much to my relief.xx

  32. Hi Barbara
    It's all just brilliant. I have just rec'd my January stamp and stencil and now a baby Groovi and new folders are on the way too. You will be fabulous in Germany and thank you ast always for the friendship and inspiration.
    Hugs from Chris X

  33. Fab little video – can't see what you were worried about myself lol. Fabulous NDC for January – love the new fornat too. Looking forward to those gorgeous baby plates and baby plate mate – how cute are they?? Have a brilliant show in Frankfurt and safe journeys there and back. Xxxx

  34. Hi Barbara, This news is fantastic, especially appealing is the monthly payments, which will make things much easier. Thank you for the opportunity. No wonder the phones have been ringing off the hooks.
    Your video was great, Barbara, I don't know why you were worried.
    Safe journey to Frankfurt.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  35. Fab promo video Barbara, and I agree with others about how professional it all is!
    I had an email today to say my Diamond parcel has been dispatched woohoo, I am really excited about having been able to join the club by installments and the baby mate plate looks brilliant, thank you and the team so much for all the work that has gone into the launch.
    Enjoy Frankfurt and I am certain it will be wonderful for you. big hug (it may seem a liberty but I wish to send you joy) xx

  36. Oooooooh, I can't wait to receive my baby groovi plate mate and baby groovi plate. The new format of leaflets is fantastic (I've received my stamp and stencil already) – much easier to store and the step by step pictures are even better than before if that is possible. Viel Glueck bei der Frankfurter Messe!

  37. Hi Barbara ,
    It's the 28th of Jan and I feel like it's Christmas Day with the best present ever
    Thank you Thank you Thank you for brining us the Groovi System and the ability to be able to Parch it's something I have always admired and now thanks to you I can achieve stunning works yes I'm hooked and am proud to say I'm only a handful plates away from having purchased the entire groovi collection so when you brought us the groovi club all my Christmases have arrived I joined today and am so looking forward to being a member looking forward to your tuition and learning new groovi things so looking forward to the future of groovi and all the new things you have planned once again thank you to you and all at Clarity for giving me the opportunity to fulfil my hobby and being a member of Clarity with all my best wishes hugs Shahab xxx

  38. Hi Barbara,
    The video was great. How wonderful that the Groovi system has now got its own club. I have wanted to join in the clubs before now, but have found it too expensive to make one large payment – spreading the cost is just my cup of tea! I'm in – diamonds are a girl's best friend. There is also a groovi mini plate?! Oh,wow, I can't wait to receive mine. Keep up the good work. Lynn x

  39. Hi Barbara,
    The video was great. How wonderful that the Groovi system has now got its own club. I have wanted to join in the clubs before now, but have found it too expensive to make one large payment – spreading the cost is just my cup of tea! I'm in – diamonds are a girl's best friend. There is also a groovi mini plate?! Oh,wow, I can't wait to receive mine. Keep up the good work. Lynn x

  40. Hmmmmm dilemma is do I phone up or am I on a waiting list to be contacted? The newsletter sort of read that if you were going to be called you would have been by now???? I don't want to phone and be a nuisance! Got my NDC envelope and the stamp and stencil are great as usual, loving the new size and A5 format. XX

    1. Yoooooo hoooooo are yi up yet get the kettle on tea bag in the cup phone number and bank card ready and catch Paul before he gets his kettle on he's an early bird me thinks see you later when your a diamond not that you aren't already……morning….Dot..xx

    2. Woo hoo! I can sparkle with the rest of you! Thank you Paul, XX
      Dot I couldn't decide if to phone before or after breakfast, went for before! Too excited to wait, although my tummy made the loudest gurgle in protest half way through! Xx

  41. Brilliant video explaining what is happening. It is exciting! I can hardly wait for my groovi club to arrive. I am getting really I to it.
    Today I was playing with the gelli plate and stencils and enjoying the results.

  42. Brilliant video explaining what is happening. It is exciting! I can hardly wait for my groovi club to arrive. I am getting really I to it.
    Today I was playing with the gelli plate and stencils and enjoying the results.

  43. wow wow wow, so exciting, this is fantastic, I cannot wait to get my new groovi baby!!!!! whooo hoooo. Thank you very much for this new club, its such a great idea, and a fantastic offer. xxx lots of love Claire

  44. Hi Barbara
    I'm so glad I upgraded yesterday and sppoke to the lovely Anne who sorted the whole thing out for me.Can't wait to get my hands on the baby groovi kit.
    Ha ve a great show in Frankfurt.

  45. Love the new stamp and stencil info format and love this months stamp and stencil. Just waiting for the new Groovi club to be sorted! Video is fab.

  46. Barbara I been meaning to say thank you for making a baby groovi as I think it will be better for me to use with the pains in my hands fingers wrists and elbows and I'm sure it will be helpful to other clarity addicts too thank you xxx

  47. Morning – was unable to view the video yesterday for some reason – computer said no. So just watched it and I am so looking forward to the Diamond club. Fantastic.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  48. I think your video is really good Barbara, OK I know I didn't see the making of but I can imagine??? End result is great though, explains everything nicely. Just waiting on our Paulipoos to phone up and take my money off me!!!

  49. Hi Barb, a brilliant video, and I am definitely going to upgrade, but have just returned from working away, so it will have to be next week. Hope your trip goes well. Take care. Bx

  50. Ohhh, your clubs are so very tempting!! I wish there was incentive for those of us in the US of A. Perhaps someday you could work this through a vendor or distributor, otherwise the shipping and exchange rate each month would do me in, I am afraid. I am trying my best to justify it, but I cannot at this time. So sad for me.

  51. Thank you so so much for the monthly options. This means I can have new stamps and stencils to play with every month, the outlay at once was just a stretch too far for me so this is perfect! Thank you again! xx

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