A day off before The Paperworld opens its doors…

A day off before The Paperworld opens its doors…

Hi there!
Greetings from Frankfurt!
Friday’s blog a private peek.

We’re here for the Paperworld/Creative World Trade Show
which begins tomorrow.
Today was our day off, so we set out to explore Frankfurt. 
A metropolis by any other name; 
just like London – a real melting pot of all nationalities.
Plenty of dodgy looking characters hanging round the Hauptbahnhof (Main train station),
and a open-air urinal I decided NOT to blog about. 
(gasps in disbelief).

The name of the hotel opposite ours made us chuckle,
especially with the cop car parked outside!

But moving on swiftly,
the sun was shining lovely and warm on the skin, 
and we headed for the Stadtmitte (town centre),
in search of …..
Aha!! Schlußverkauf !!! 

It had completely slipped my mind!
Or bad, if you’re Dave!

 How much does a pound of feathers weigh?
Ask Dave!

Not quite what he had in mind when I suggested 
we have a Duvet Day!
But listen! Nobody makes featherbeds like the Germans!
Except the Russians maybe.
(And I only say that because John Lewis’s exclusive duvet range involves Siberian goose down…)
I can’t resist a bargain though, and these were oh so reasonable.
Mum if you’re reading, we’re ALL set for the next few years!!
When I told Dave what we paid last time at John Lewis 
he nearly had a thromby.
In fact, he was quite happy to drag this little (large) lot through the centre of Frankfurt!
I know, long-suffering of England….

That’s it. Break’s over.
Back to work.
Everybody needs a good pillow;
it’s the secret to a good sleep.

love and hugs,

121 thoughts on “A day off before The Paperworld opens its doors…

  1. Cool, or warm under the duvet………..glad you are having a good time over there and that some places are worse than London (once an Eastender here!). Mr and me decided to join your club today (did it all online and was painless) and being greedy have become Diamond members, whoopee!! Can't wait for our first parcel, so excited as huge fans of Groovi and hopefully now stamps and stencils as only have a couple of these …take care out there and have fun xxx

  2. Aawww poor Dave… However he will be thankful that you made the purchase and that he struggled with them around Frankfurt when he's snuggled up in the new duvet!
    Hope the show goes well! Xxxx

  3. Aawww poor Dave… However he will be thankful that you made the purchase and that he struggled with them around Frankfurt when he's snuggled up in the new duvet!
    Hope the show goes well! Xxxx

  4. Bless him, little duck!! Lol.
    Glad you found a nice bargain (or two or three!).
    Hope the show goes fabulously well. What am I saying – course it will.

  5. Poor Dave lol still a good sale is a good sale especially if you know what you're buying is gonna be worth it. Glad you've enjoyed your day off. Have a lovely evening and good luck for the show xx

  6. Poor Dave lol still a good sale is a good sale especially if you know what you're buying is gonna be worth it. Glad you've enjoyed your day off. Have a lovely evening and good luck for the show xx

  7. Lol you do make me chuckle,lovely PIC of Dave. Hope you've got a large case ,or did you drive over ..upgraded to diamond club today very easy and organised.. Have a great fair…

  8. Hi Barb,
    Well Dave doesn't seem too bothered to be carrying all that around Frankfurt. Sure looks like you got yourselves dome bargains. Hope you have a lovely evening before the show and also that the show itself goes well – no reason to think that it shouldn't. Lots of love, Alison xx

  9. Thank you for your blog – it made me laugh for the first time today. I have been to work!!! Also for the outcome of my op in December. I did not expect the news I received from the consultant and came out shell-shocked. Sorry for my downloading on your blog but felt had to get it out of my system. I then went to work and day dreamed through a trial court. Solution – get on with life – it could be worse, it could be better. Get out enjoy myself with my lovely husband. Do the things that have been put off. Craft, craft, craft the Barbara way. Stamp, groovi etc etc. No point in brooding and feeling sorry for myself. I did a good job today and helped so many distressed people – that made me feel good. Now looking ahead to Clarity programmes, retreats etc.
    Apologies once again but I am sure others out there – all the lovely people who follow the blog will forgive me.
    Anne (Reading)

    1. Oh Anne – I'm sorry to hear you've had bad news. Sounds like living in the moment and looking for the positives have got you through today, and will stand you in good stead in the days to come. Happy crafting! Susan x

    2. Oh Anne sending you a big hug, it sounds like you need it. Sorry to hear you've had bad news. Look after yourself and have a crafty weekend xxxx

    3. Anne so sorry to hear you've had bad news after all you've been through recently. Feel free to download any time, we are all here for you. Love and hugs, Alison xxxx

    4. Dear blog friend sending the biggest hug you can manage to catch take each day with baby steps and do share here as your with blog friends lots of love Sheila xxx

    5. So sorry Anne that you've not had good news, sending you positive jibes and a big hug to help you through, keep up with your positivity and your crafting so you live in the moment, we're all here for you if you need to download. Love Pam xx

    6. Just catching up and saw your post. So sorry you have had bad news, not a good start to the new year. I hope the doctor can help you in some way and that your craft will help through the darker moments. xx

  10. Seems like Dave drew the line at "borrowing" the shopping trolley like you and your mum did! I love my feather pillows – so cool and comfy. Enjoy your day off before the show tomorrow, and it's nice to see some blue sky somewhere – it's blowing a hoolie up here! Susan x

  11. Oh Barb – too funny! Having lived in Germany for many years I sure love their super-snuggly duvets – it's the huge square flat pillows I don't really 'get'. And I bet you're staying in the out of town commercial area with lots of hotels that I remember so well. Look out of the window – is there an Ibis nearby?


    Di xx

  12. I'm pleased that you are having a good time. Enjoy the show. My stamp club arrived today, and I love, love, love it. Trying to wait patiently now for the Stencil and Groovi, but oh dear, it's not easy lol! x

  13. Took you advice Barbra, phoned and spoke to Paul this morning so I am now a fully signed up diamond! Can't wait for my club envelope, and we really can say Groovi baby! Xx

    1. Hi Donna – weather has been wet and a bit blowy here but nothing like up north. Hope you have been ok where you are. It's Friday, have you done your happy dance yet? Xxxxx

    2. Happy dance done, windy and rainy but nothing awful. Only a couple of days left to get your challenge cards in Diane…………just think of all the lovely new crafting Clarity goodies you can lovingly stroke if you win! 😉 XX

    3. Evening Donna glad you got my wake up call this morning and great news you got the lovely Paul to make you Diamond.
      I'm surfing the members sale whoa what bargains bet you've got your order in already …xx

    4. Evening Donna, had the same,weather as you. Hope you've had,a good day. Glad you've got a twinkle in your eye and that you've succumbed to being a diamond member of the CCA. Love and hug. Been doing a bit more groovy today. Pam xx

    5. Morning Dot, yep order in nice and early. Although that usually means I do two as I look again and see other stamps that I can't resist! Xx
      Morning Pam, hope the groovi was good, I did a bit of inky gelli work. Xx

  14. Hi Barbara
    I have never been to Germany but my hubby has and he was very taken with the pillows. I asked him why he hadn't bought any if he liked them so much. Oh I never thought was the reply. Dave looks so much better and very happy too. Have a lovely evening and sock it to em at the show.
    Hugs from Chrid X

  15. Wonderful, needed more than a feather pillow here last night though, so stormy. I remember that being a favourite question in exams when I was a child, which weighs heavier a pound of feathers or a pound of stones. I am sure Dave did not really mind you buying up half of Frankfurt, got to spend to save. xx

  16. Hi Barbara
    Glad you arrive safely and managed a day off before the crazy day ahead.Can't beat a little retail therapy especially when theres a sale,not sure if poor Dave thought so though having to carry all that.
    Dave looks really well after the turmoil last year.
    Have a great show.

  17. Great photo of Dave, he looks so well…good job feathers are light…are you taking orders for pillows? ,,,Enjoy your evening both and hope you have a brilliant time tomorrow…hugs. X X

  18. I can't have feather pillows or duvet because of hay fever but a good pillow is essential for good sleep and protecting your poor neck. I will settle for the fact that I have now had nearly two weeks of good sleep – has to be due to the new eating plan. Enjoy those purchases. Good thing you were driving. xxx Maggie

    1. Pam, I am doing the Jason Vale 28 Day juicing challenge. If you want to find out more, have a look on YouTube at his 28 Day Super Juice Me documentary. After the 28 days, you then start replacing juices with either one or two "normal" meal, but still keeping to light healthy food. If you choose to have something different, you can. If you want to know more, private message me on Facebook or email me. xx Maggie

  19. Oh Barbara you do have some tales to tell don't you!!! Open air urinals – takes me back to your tale of the pool at the hotel you stayed with your Mum that time!!
    Love your stories – you need to note them all down for your book xx
    Hope the show goes well
    Much love

    Kim xx

  20. Hi Barbara, a feather duvet sounds really cosy, bet your mum can't wait for you to get home with them. I've had an allergy to feathers since I was wee, but I've got John Lewis' best manmade filled ones which are cosier than the normal manmade ones were. Harder to stuff in the washing machine though!!! And Daisy snuggles against me on top of the quilt so her heat radiates through a bit too 🙂 Don't know how feather pillows work, doesn't your head just sink right through all the feathers to the bottom?

    I'm not a diamond member yet, I've needed to email Paul back about a couple of bits that I'm not understanding, so I better wait in case I end up making a mess of it all. I hate having Asperger's and even more so now I have no one to ask what stuff means or to sort anything out for me. I just make everything a big mess. Once I've got the answers/extra words I need I'll be able to join all you Diamonders. I'm at the coo's tail as usual, but it will only be one issue I miss out on, a few days ago I thought I'd have to miss out on the whole thing.

    Glad you managed to have a day off. Hope the show goes the best it possibly can for you.

    Love Brenda xx

    1. Evening Brenda, glad the wind hasn't blown you away, hope the roof tiles survived Gertrude! I am in the craft room at the moment avoiding the football that is on the TV. Might get my gelli out! Ooo er………. 🙂 XX

    2. Bit concerned about the roof as there were not right noises during the night, but no way of knowing until someone is here to look. And at some points it sounded like the wind was whistling through the inside of the house, never had that before either. I even got up to check round the house to see how it had got in! needless to say I got practically no sleep! Waiting for the snow blizzard that's heading this way now! I played with some shaving foam and food colouring today, still at the experimenting stage. So I've now got a wee stash of card to see what I can come up with. One bit I can see a really cool landscape, total fluke, and wasn't able to reproduce, so hoping I can do something I can keep with that piece. I'll save it until I've had enough practise. Wasn't until I'd finished when I thought I should have used copy paper instead of card for playing though, ah well hopefully I'll remember the next time! I've found a jigsaw website with hundreds of free ones so I'm doing some of them to try calm me down. Got to do them with fewer pieces though as they get too wee for seeing on the screen if I make them have more! I used to like jigsaws when I was a kid. I see the shapes as well as the pictures so can do them quite quickly. I don't really need the picture on the pieces to do them, plain sky is my favourite bit because it's only the shapes that you use. Enjoy your gelli play xx

    3. Sounds like you have been having fun, I like the smell……… OK not going there again! I like the 'technique' (quick save, wipes brow!) and the fact you can't predict the results. Keep playing! XX

    4. Hi Brenda I hope your roof is ok – I'm sure it was just such high winds making all the noise. Just cuddle up to Daisy. Take care if it does snow, we don't want you falling over. Oh Donna – I think you were going to day you like the smell of shaving foam – I'm with you on that one but can I confess to liking the smell of a new jigsaw. We get one out at Christmas – lovely xxxx

    5. Hi Brenda it was a bit scary last night kept me up to aye a know what you mean sounded like it had got in my roof tae hope auld Gertrude calms down soon.
      Not had a go with shaving foam yet as not got the inks but might get some food colouring now I know they work.
      Here's yir cuddle…xx
      P.S. try and phone Clarity there really nice Brenda …xx

    6. Evening Brenda I had to ring clarity today as didn't understand a e mail I had got and had a couple of questions Anne was so caring and understanding so helpful everyone I've spoken to on the phone are so helpful give it a go when you feel up to talking you will be able to back issue so you won't miss out on the launch
      Lots of hugs comming your way keep warm and safe xxx

    7. Forgot to say with me forgetting things I write down what I want to ask that helps me a lot would it help you to do that as I know you struggle with phones like I do xxx

    8. Aw you're all so lovely, thank you everyone.
      Thank you Alison, I'll definitely keep your offer in mind! I think there's been a wee mistake and my gold club doesn't have as much credit as Paul thinks it does, so I can't do anything, or work out properly what I do and don't understand until I find out the outcome of this bit.
      love Brenda xx

    9. Aye jist like Sheila I write doon what I'm gonnie say and then it's a wee bit easier for me I dinae do phones guid either hen but promise you they do know who we are and are so lovely jist like oor Barbara…xx

    10. Hi Brenda, lovely to see you on here. I get tongue tied on the phone and then forget the questions I needed to ask so I always make a list. I have to ring Clarity too as I've had an email and can't understand why. Hope you don't get the snow but if you do take care. Love and hugs Pam.xx

    11. Brenda, don't use copy paper for purchasing foam playing. Use the good card. Each one will find a use somewhere along the line, as a backing card if nothing else. The ones you do on copy paper will always be the best colour mix and shape and you will be so cross with yourself. Just have fun with just playing. As others have said, when you ring Clarity, have everything written down and don't be worried. All the people at Clarity have endless patience and just want to be sure you get what you want and need. They are the most friendly and helpful people, just like Barbara. If you have any questions, just ask them or the rest of us. We are all friends and part of the greater Clarity family. Take care in these winds. xx Maggie

  21. Hi Barbara
    I love a good bargain! Your mum will be really pleased, what a treat for Dave carrying that lot! I wonder if he knew about your plan before he left! Enjoy your evening and good luck for the show tomorrow
    Love Diane xxxx

    1. Hi Diane and Dot, hope you're both ok. Glad to hear you're feeling better Dot, hope your cough has calmed down too. Hope you don't get the snow, the wind and rain is bad enough. Take care, love and hugs Pam xx

  22. Nothing like a cosy bargain nice to see you getting a wee day off before you get back to the busy day ahead I'm sure our German friends will love all things Clarity.
    By the way talking off bargains a big shout out to Ann at Clarity Towers who helped me get in to the members sale today thanks Ann she's a wee star..xx

    1. Evening Dorothy glad your feeling so well to join us CCA diamonds and well enough to shop in the members sale more get well hugs to get you back to full health xxx

  23. Thank you so much for the kind people out there who replied to my tale of woe! Again so sorry to down-load like that – I do not know what came over me. It is a wonderful blog. Not just for the tips, and artwork but for the friendship which permeates out of it.
    Great to see lovely Dave with the duvets. Have a wonderful time.
    Love Anne (Reading)

  24. Never had a feather pillow or duvet as was alway allergic asma tic as child not even carpet lot more controlled know but never risk it. The look fab Dave is fantastic and u girls like a bargain enjoy your exploring xxx

  25. I did wonder how on earth you were going to get your goodies home but I see you drove. Had I know that I would have giving you a list! I am very very excited as I became a diamond member today. I justified the cost by reminding myself that I don't smoke, I don't go to the pub or even drink very much. I have two vices – chocolate and Clarity!!!

    1. Thanks girls, can't wait. I'm on holiday this week coming and the weather is meant to be pants so I think I'll dig out my old parchment books and magazines and reacquaint myself.

  26. Aww you made me laugh. But I have to agree a sale is a sale and that one looks like it was not to be missed Well Done Dave your a star
    Enjoy the rest of your stay xx

  27. Wow Barbara you know how to shop you and Dave deserve some retail therapy have a great weekend selling clarity and safe journey home with all your shopping goodies
    We bought a Hypnos mattress and Hypnos pillows wow they are so comfortable and give a good bounce back when I fall of the CCA wagon lots of hugs xxx

    1. Hi Sheila, coping Sheila but not good. Did a bit more Groovi today as up my Daughters and the children at school so took Groovi with me, certainly helps pass the time and you get absorbed in it. What's this about a Hypnos bed, are they good? Hope you are managing to cope with your pain, a case of having to isn't it? Love and hugs Pam xx

    2. Hi pam it's not good been in pain I feel it for you glad your able to groovi it's helps to loose yourself in craft . we only got the mattress and pillows mattress topper and mattress protector I would recommend them all because we stayed in premier inn when we had the water leeks last year they use the Hypnos mattress we order ours over the Internet the company we used was fantastic and the delivery company was brilliant too so helpful we got 2pillows free with the mattress but I upgraded them to the best ones no regrets at all when the bed needs changing I will go back to same company xxx

  28. Well you'll be snug and warm when you get home, don't blame you for getting them in Germany when the sales are on. Open air urinals, ugh, hope you shut your eyes or looked the other way ha!ha. Enjoy your time there and get home safely. Love Pam xx

  29. Creativeworld Frankfurt today, the real reason for our visit.. Shopping for feathers was not on my list ! It's just as well that we drove here , there masses of it !!!!!! xx

  30. Hi Barbara, Great piccies, although the mind boggles at the open air urinal !!! ooooeeeerrrrrr !! hahaha. Sounds like great bargains were 'had by you', well done Dave.
    Enjoy your show.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  31. Hi Barbara, Great piccies, although the mind boggles at the open air urinal !!! ooooeeeerrrrrr !! hahaha. Sounds like great bargains were 'had by you', well done Dave.
    Enjoy your show.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  32. Morning Barb and Dave, Hope you had a good nights sleep – got me thinking maybe I need a new pillow have had the same one for years!!!

    Lovely and sunny here today so fingers crossed I get out for a walk today.

    And of course a little crafting.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  33. So glad you have had time for a bit of retail therapy Barbara and it's good to see that Dave is now feeling so fit again that he can carry it all – no trouble, and you'll both be getting a good night's sleep on those new pillows when you get home. I hope the show goes well. x

  34. So many wonderful comment , your audience and friends are growing awesome .
    Never been to Frankfurt . Perhaps one day .
    Our news here in America about the situation in Germany and Merkle doesn't sound good at all .
    Be safe and most of all remember JOY .xo.

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