A Groovi 70’s kinda thing…

A Groovi 70’s kinda thing…

Hi there.
Good of you to pop in.
Got snow?
We had a dusting. 
Not enough to make a snowman,
but sufficient to stay hidden under the featherbed till noon!
Can’t remember the last time I had a Duvet Day!
I feel like a new woman now!!!
Finally dug out the Groovi Piece I started in LA.
You remember, the one from Friday’s blog,
where you guessed which word I had inserted.
Well the word I had used was
Ever the optimist. 
Three grand essentials to happiness in this life:
something to do,
something to love, and
something to hope for.
(Joseph Addison)
I finished it for you today. 
Or was it for me?
I enjoyed the squarework.
And the flowers in the corner remind me of Mary Quant.
Remember the 70’s ?
What an amazing era that was, for the arts.
Music, fashion – we had it all going on.
But I digress. Back to the art.
Took a while, but that’s ok.
The parchment cracked in a couple of places, but that’s ok too.
Left a little space in the top righthand corner.
Just in case…

Added a little interest to some of the flowers 
with the No. 1 stylus on a soft mat.
Bit like Zentangle on parchment.

Progress check.
Very funky! Very 70’s !
And a million miles away from the original plates!
That’s something about Groovi Art with our plates 
which I thoroughly enjoy:
to be able to construct something entirely original by using elements.
Time to initial the piece.
Backwards of course!


And now for the chequer border.
A black Sharpie was opaque and effective.

I love this style of border.
Ever heard of Mary Engelbreit? She was a very popular illustrator in the USA back in the 80’s.
She used it a lot to frame and as a background:
Look her up. Very lovely.
Thin one liners, graduated for perspective – 
it works so well in so many ways!
This little tag took me ages to do, with the perspective floor,
but fun also.

Decided to colour in just one single flower,
to underpin the idea of HOPE 

 All done.
Hope you like the finished piece.
Hope you agree with my choice of word.
Hope you have a lovely Sunday.
Check out this month’s Clarity Challenges on the Challenge Blog.
A regular reason to craft and a specific task is often all it takes to lift us. 
Just click below to go…

love and hugs,

93 thoughts on “A Groovi 70’s kinda thing…

  1. I wish I had stayed under the duvet this morning as it was -7C up here in the Highlands this morning…brrr! Love the checkerboard effect very simple but effective. I've just been on the website ordering yet more stamps – well if I'm to do the calendar challenge I'll need the correct stamps! Mind you, yesterday when I was playing it was a couple of old stamps that came out – the ying and yang cats. Enjoy the rest of your day.

    1. Well there was a phone call – 'can you come into work early', naturally I said yes, more fool me!! I don't work Mondays and won't be answering the phone and I will be trying the chromo card stamping. I'll let you know tomorrow.

  2. Lovely artwork,Hope is the perfect word, very important to have it. Glad you've had chance to recharge your batteries. I'm really loving my Groovi journey, thank you, thank you, thank you xx

  3. Hello Barbara

    A lovely piece of artwork. I didn't guess the right word, but never mind.

    I also was very late getting up. Saw the snow at 3am and decided there was no rush. By the time I did surface most of it had disappeared. Yesssss!


  4. Glad you feel much better that link under the duvet will have done you the power of good. I love what you have done here great border.
    We have snow so I have been getting groovi this afternoon and have been doing whitewood. Stopped to make a cuppa and put the first piece to rest when I looked out of the window..there is more white work going on..

    Enjoy the rest of your day x

  5. Glad you feel much better that link under the duvet will have done you the power of good. I love what you have done here great border.
    We have snow so I have been getting groovi this afternoon and have been doing whitewood. Stopped to make a cuppa and put the first piece to rest when I looked out of the window..there is more white work going on..

    Enjoy the rest of your day x

  6. Hello Barbara

    A lovely piece of artwork. I didn't guess the right word, but never mind.

    I also was very late getting up. Saw the snow at 3am and decided there was no rush. By the time I did surface most of it had disappeared. Yesssss!


  7. sooo pleased you got this finished, and it's lovely!
    Did Paul do his Friday draw? I must have missed it!
    Are you going to be going to any shows around the country this year, or is it all TV?
    Love as always


  8. Sometimes we just need to pull the plug or stay under the duvet – without feeling guilty!

    Love the way you have taken inspiration from so many different places and used the original plates in a fun, new way. Thanks for sharing and wonderful to see the visual references for your creativity.

  9. Great blog today again. I so love reading this every day and the inspiration is wonderful . I'm addicted to my groovi , always wanted to try parchment and this just makes it so easy and so enjoyable. I'm in my own groovi bubble when I start xx

  10. Love the idea of colouring the single flower to go with the word. Certainly plenty of ideas on this masterpiece. Like the signature in the corner too. We still have quite a lot of snow here in the Staffordshire Moorlands but not hard enough to build a snowman.

    1. Afternoon Sheila, how are you today? I'm in the craft room doing some doodling, very relaxing. Do you have any of the white stuff yet? We had a few tiny flakes drifting down but nothing settled thankfully. Xx

    2. Hi Donna enjoy crafting no snow here but white stuff yesterday in the craft room shaving foam and inks they turned out not bad for first attempt so I've had most of a bed day today hopefully craft tomorrow glad you haven't had snow either xxx

    3. Hi Sheila no snow here today but goodness it was chilly as we went for a brisk walk along Bournemouth prom this morning after Julian's work Christmas do last night! Hope you have a pain free day tomorrow xx.

    4. You've caught me out Donna need to get ahead oh how I wish for a pain free day I've got my appointment for hospital pain management middle of March oh well onwards and upwards xxx

  11. Sounds like a wonderful Sunday – resting and crafting

    I think hope is a perfect word. You had hope in your soul when you set off for CHA. You had hope in your heart when the doors opened and 'the suits' were walking in but then 'the suits' quickly took it away. Instead of fighting this you went into the groovie mode, some mindfulness and some crating …… then HOPE returned big style and zoomed back in as your groovi crafting people attracted lots of people

    I love your design, the single flower coloured in matches the text perfectly.

  12. Lovely finished piece. I reckon you had earned that snuggle down under the duvet this morning. My challenge pieces are in progress, will get on with them this afternoon. Enjoy rest of your relaxing day. xx

  13. Looks great and another idea for a border. Glad you're feeling better. I've just been busy sorting out stuff from the freezer in the garage which has stopped working – good job I went to take something out today ! Rescued most of it. I think I'll give up with an extra freezer now. Also having a tidy up upstairs so I can have a clear head to do think about the challenges. If I ever get it finished that is ! x x

  14. Ooh I like that. Clever border and love the signature too. I didn't guess the right word either but hey ho I think Hope is just perfect. My flower project is done just need to post it to the challenge blog and am just starting my calendar piece – hope I get it finished in time. Glad you feel better for your lazy start to the day – does us all good from time to time. xxx

  15. Afternoon, I really love the finished art. The border sets it off a treat. I am zentangling this afternoon after reading Jo's blog the other day! Have a great restful Sunday. Xx

  16. The perfect word! We must remain optimistic or be beaten before we start. Easier said than done at times, but it is part of a PMA. Meanwhile, enjoy your duvet day. I was going crafting but gave that idea up in the snow this morning. I do not fancy falling over on icy ground and there is lots crafting to be done at home – PMA again. Have a great day. xxx Maggie

  17. Afternoon, just back from a 2 mile walk and thought best check in and see whats happening. Glad you are having a good day relaxing and crafting. Think the 70's idea is just great….works so well.

    Busy making my "say it with flowers" ….

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  18. Fantastic bit of art. I'm having a groovi afternoon I'm busy doing my say it with flowers. Was trying to finish line work as had to pop out said to pop just couple minutes wanting to jerk in flow lost it for Minuite last bit did on wrong side turned over to see if could reverse that one bit straight through parchment oh well start again only plus WA pleased with design I had worked out so start again keep in zone us Joy xx

  19. Lovely! Need to look more at the individual flowers on those 2 plates. The fact that it's cracked a bit struck a chord with me as I was attempting your challenge of only using the starter kit, and cracked it when I was trying some whitework. I was too impatient and didn't let it "rest", but you're "it's ok" made me feel much better about it!

  20. I do like the chequered border – reminds me of a hat I wore to a wedding a couple of years ago and no it wasn't a police one!
    Started a bit of grooving last night around mid-night, I'm such an owl. Needs a lot more done to it before presentable though and don't know where exactly it's going.
    As for Mary Quant, once owned a pair of Mary Quant shoes, bought for my school 2nd year Christmas dance to go with a madly expensive dress and all purchased with money realised from our two weeks holiday in October which were spent 'tattie-picking!' ;~}

    1. Another tattie picker here, at least when I was a lot younger. It was back breaking work even for a 15 year old. One summer holiday was spent berry picking, I was 17 and we earned enough each day to go to the pubs at nights. Fond memories.

  21. Sounds like you've had a lovely day. I must admit you can't go far wrong with a duvet/PJ day once in while to really chill out and re-charge the batteries. I love this piece of art work, just wish I had more money to spend on the plates as they all contain really lovely elements that I need.xxxxx

  22. Yet another fantastic piece of artwork! I too, love the 70's effect – black and white is so striking. So pleased that I got the word right – I am making it 'my word' for the year and it struck me that you would be hopeful too! Great that you listened to your body today too, it must have needed some TLC – you have worked so hard and achieved so much for some time now Barbara! xxx

  23. Good Afternoon Barbara. I also had a duvet morning, it's lovely staying snuggled up!
    Love the artwork and found this quote for hope on Wikipedia which I think is lovely….Hope is an optimistic attitude of mind based on an expectation of positive outcomes related to events and circumstances in one's life or the world at large. I think this sums you up absolutely!
    “Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all.”– Emily Dickinson (1830 – 1886)
    Enjoy the rest of your day, no doubt you are busy again, looking forward to what comes next especially the clubs with payments spread over the year, brilliant!! xx

  24. Good you took it easy this morning Barb as you obviously needed the rest. I love your chequerboard effect and just that one coloured flower and the perspective of the floor on the tag is wonderful and love the yellow with the black. x

  25. Hi Barb,
    Hope is entirely the right word. Love this finished piece of artwork, the chequered border is really stunning and the single coloured flower is very symbolic. Well I've done a piece for the Groovi starter challenge which I'll send off tomorrow wether it's good enough is a different matter! Pleased you had a lovely lie in today to refresh those batteries.
    Love Alison xx

  26. Can't beat a duvet morning, good you've had a rest today to recharge. Love the finished card today, the red flower, word HOPE in red and chequered frame in black and white set it off perfectly. Nice idea leaving a blank for your signature too. Have a relaxed evening Barbara. Love Pam xx

    1. More or less the same, been using Ibuprofen gel, but doesn't make a lot of difference. I can cope in the day, it's better moving about. It's the night's that are the worse, dread going to bed. Then can't wait to get up. Thank you all for asking. No snow just drizzly rain. Do feel for you Sheila having to wait until March for your pain management. Bet I'll be waiting for my Physio too. I love Abba they really cheer me up Donna, loved Mama Mia too even sung along at the cinema, saw it 5 times and have it on DVD, it's one of my feel good films, enjoy a bit of zentangling too. Do you live down south then Diane? Xxx

  27. Lovely Sunday drove through Limpsfield chart snow on the trees so pretty .then mayhem kids grandkids and dogs over for Sunday lunch. Great day .storage system and wee houses arrived yesterday so can start to sort out stamps and play tomorrow .have a good evening

  28. Beautiful piece of work and HOPE is a wonderful word and, like MINDFULNESS, is something we all need to stay sane. Not heard of Mary Engelbreit I will look her up. Thank you.
    Tonbridge Sue

  29. Hi Barbara
    I am sure that a "lie in" as my Nan used to call it has done you the world of good. I love how well the chequered border frames the artwork. Groovi is so versatile. Lots to look forward to in 2016.
    Hugs from Chris X

  30. The word was perfect , and the card too,,, when I was at work I always liked the idea of having a Duvet Day lol,,,, I have been in my fleecy PJ's all day ,,,,lol,,,.

  31. Good evening Barbara…I stayed under my duvet till 2pm!!! Still in PJ's
    Gosh Mary Quant! I remember one of my sisters all dressed up in her gear!
    As you know I love your Groovi Plates and love them even more as they are so versatile…not just for cards….and the designs are so adaptable. Hope you win the award for best new product!! Enjoy the rest of your day. Love Emma xx

  32. Love this border too, so stylish and timeless too. Glad your parchment cracked a bit, I ve just completed my first groovi card and was devastated when it cracked so you ve given me HOPE.
    Groovi is really stunning, I ve loved using it today for the first time properly. So relaxing I absolutely love it. Can now play with all my Christmas pressies. Thanks so much X X X

  33. Lovely, hope it is. Hope this week turns out OK. Jury service starts on Wednesday and quite dreading it. Still I plan on taking Groovi with me to keep me calm in the down time. Glad you have taken a little time for yourself. Enjoy should also be your word for this week. Hugs Karen xxx.

  34. Hi Barbara
    Oh I guessed the word wrong but I think Hope fits perfectly. This artwork is beautiful, love the way you have coloured the boarder. The tag is beautiful too. It's good to hear your duvet day has helped you unwind and relax, nothing better on a chilly snowy day. Mary Quant, now that takes me back – my dad's architecture office was in a shared building when I was little and the girls from the typing pool in the offices below used to come to dad's floor to use the kitchen. I used to think they were wonderful with their bright short dresses and boots and drinking PLJ – I was going to be like that when I was older! Needless to say I never did achieve that!
    Enjoy your evening
    Love Diane xxxxx

  35. How lovely is that piece of parchment work, I can only aspire to that. We had a covering of snow enough for the grandchildren to have some fun. Glad to hear you're feeling better. Xx

  36. I love the finished piece, especially the single coloured flower and the border. It reminds me of the backing sheets that come with Clarity unmounted stamps. We had no snow on our bit of the South Coast. I don't like the stuff but we do need some low temperatures to kill the rampant bugs.

  37. One word for your Groovi art today Barbara FAB had a duvet day
    myself today a bit of party lag as everybody decided to continue
    the party at Mums.
    My Daughter loved her 40th Groovi card so I must be getting a wee
    bit better at it and your right the thing is not to rush it.
    Re the 70's had a dress like that and the white pvc boots not Mary
    Quant originals more C&A copies but thought I was the bees knees but then the babies started arriving and Mary didn't do maternity wear sadly enough you didn't proudly show of your bump not like they do
    take care glad your back in the swing…Dot.xx

    1. Evening/Morning girls said I would be a bit late wasn't kidding there was I but recovered now the thing is you see
      Champers and Pina Colada's don't mix just in case your ever tempted.
      And if ever I mention celebrations again remind me to forget to buy party poppers oh the mess.
      Brenda late cuddle the day but here it is…xx

  38. Hello Barb, this is superb artwork, and love the pics too. Glad you chose the word Hope, it is something we all have. Great to hear you had such a great duvet day/lay in too. Take care. Bx

  39. Love the artwork Barbara – like the seventies feel with the flowers. I also love the Mary Engelbreit picture as I have a jack russell called SPOT. He has a bit round spot on his back! I am still trying to resist the Groovi plates but you keep tempting me. I can't justify them until I have used all the new stamps I have bought. It is just the weather to hibernate in a craft rate with lots of bright coloured goodies. I took my mother out for lunch yesterday at a lovely little market town near by to us on the North York Moors. The landscape looked like one of Breugel's painting The Hunters in the snow. Just magical with atmosphere. Much love Jayne

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