Guess what?

Guess what?

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Oh boy! Have we got good news again!!
This little blog of ours did it again!
Even on the International Platform this year, we got GOLD !!!
Very chuffed.
We got Silver for Best Rubber Stamp Range,
which is great,
and I got Silver for Favourite Craft Celebrity,
which is very flattering.
So what can I say?
Thank you.
Thank you for voting if you did,
thank you to the Clarity Crew for making it happen,
thank you for reading this blog every day,
and thank you for supporting Clarity.
Because without you, we wouldn’t have a company!

Time to go put the kettle on,
and reflect on what next…
love and gratitude,

184 thoughts on “Guess what?

  1. Congratulations on well deserved awards and I tell you what whoever it was thought up the stamp storage idea should get a gold medal as well . Brilliant ! So much tidier now. So are my stencils . Need to get the groovi ones next! Addicted to my groovi .well done all of you in the words of that great song " your simply the best" x

  2. Wow that is fantastic new Barb, and all the Clarity Crew. Well done. Made me smile…just what I needed….
    as I am nearly in tears Mum been admitted into hospital again, so worried and yet so many miles away. Just spoken to her and she does sound so frail and poorly.
    But its fantastic that I can say how it is, on this blog, and not be judged etc.
    So once again thanks to the blog, I started my own, gained the friends of Crafting and it goes world wide…

    Crafty hugs Pen x WELL DONE again !!!!!

    1. Morning All, not a good night for me awake all night apart from 1 hour – my head would not stop going round and round….

      Trying to get hold of the hospital this morning but they wont pick up the phone.

      Thank you so much all of my Clarity blogger friends it has given me strength today knowing you are thinking of me and Mum

      One step at a time.


    1. Not tonight, catching up on recorded programmes. Woke up this morning with a blood red eye, so have been freaking the children out all day! I even covered it up with a post it note with an eye drawn on it. Xx

    2. Donna, I had a go with the chromo card this afternoon. The talc trick really works, no sliding at all. Part of my problem is that the stamp I was using has a bit of dip in it so I press too hard. If I press lightly I can fill in any gaps with an alcohol pen. Next time I plan to make a card I will practise first. Thanks for your help.

    3. Hi Donna
      Oh no, the eye doesn't sound good – I'm sure they would have sent you home if you were a child! Like the idea of the post it note eye – what a great idea ( or should that be eyedea!) this teaching lark isn't good for your health is it. Take care of yourself and happy crafting xxxxx

    4. Haaaa haaaaa Diane! Eyedea! That made me laugh, the children were funny. It was an equal mix of horror and concern! One even asked if I was going to get a metal eye as mine was broken. I told him mine was fine to which he replied with a look of sorrow (and a sigh) "I don't think so, you should get a new one". Xx

    5. Aye Aye Captain had that does look a wee bit scary especialy to the wee ones hope it clears soon wish I could turn this nightshift routine round but know you clock in wi yer breaky so morning my wee bloggy friend. xx

    6. Morning Dot, I just need an eye patch then I really will be a pirate captain. Cornflakes with warm milk today, need to find some nutty porridge like Sheila. Enjoy your day. Xx

  3. Congratulations to us you are the best there a lot of us out there that would be struggling out there with out the love support that you and clarity Team do for all of those no for there is a group of us that have amazing group of friends and support network we would have if it was for your passion and drive to see what you have shared thank you Barbara three cheers for you and all clarity team love you guys and gals Joy xxx

  4. Many congrats, it however should have been 3 gold. Always will be in my eyes. You, Dave and the whole team deserve diamond awards, like new clarity club. Xxxxx

  5. Congratulations πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸΎπŸΎ you deserve all the success and all these awards you & Dave and your clarity team for all you do you always go that extra mile and the blog is a life line for me I don't know how I would manage without clarity and my wonderful clarity blog friends I've made been on here a big thank you xxx

    1. Hi Diane cannot have no more acupuncture as was not working got a referral from my dr to pain management at hospital to see if they can do anything but appointment is not while middle of March.mannage to craft a little .
      Hello pam not pain free but mannage a little crafting.hows your pain ?hope you get your physio soon xx

    2. Hi Sheila,my back has been a bit easier today thank you, using the Ibuprofen regularly, hence doing little craft. Never guess though my knee is painful now, must be how I'm walking to compensate for it. One thing after another, can only get better.xx

  6. Congratulations – you really do deserve it! I am relatively new to this blog – but it has quickly become such a help to me. I have had bad news about my husband's health today, so coming on here really helps. I also received my prize today – which is beautiful! Thank you for your generosity Barbara, it really is appreciated so much! xxxxx

    1. Another person needing a hug! Just as well we all have so many to share! My husband is doing well just now – but ask me again tomorrow it might be different – so I can spare hugs for everyone else who needs one! Hope things improve for you both.

  7. Fantastic news! Congrats to you and the fab Clarity team – keeping the cogs turning through thick & thin resulted in well deserved awards for all the dedication and hard work. There's lots of Clarity lovers out there! There is still "HOPE" πŸ™‚ xxx

  8. Congratulations Barbara to you Dave and all your lovely team. Very well deserved, it should have been 3 gold but never mind, there's always next year. Hope you've had a brilliant day you deserve it. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  9. Congratulations Barbara, Dave and all the team. Team effort right across the board and so well deserved. Wishing you even greater success this year, but take time to wallow in the accolades too.

  10. Hi Diane, Brenda and Dot, hope you have had a good Monday and are ok, good news about Barbara's and Clarity Awards today, so very well deserved. I had a little play with my Easter Stamps before tea tonight, thought I'd make a start on the Grandchildrens' cards. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  11. Congratulations to you and the team you really deserve these awards. Especially after the ups and downs of last year it must be very heartening to know how much you're loved. xx

  12. Congratulations Barbara, good news is always welcome to hear, especially when it's a special person receiving a bit of recognition from the world. I know where I'd be right now without you and this blog of yours. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Congratulations to Dave and all at Clarity Towers too. Lots of hugs and love, Brenda xxxx

    Thank you to everyone who left me such lovely messages the other day, made a wee tear in my eye. I've never been able to work out why I matter here, and to all you lovely people. Barbara and her Clarity family here is the first time in my life I feel I belong. Love and hugs Brenda xxx

    1. Brenda you make my day when I see your name. I know you are ok and that naughty sense of humour will suddenly pop out and make us all laugh. Where would we all be without our chief bus trip organiser and Barbara bin sorter! Hope you and Daisy are keeping warm xxxxx

    2. Hi Brenda just love it when I scroll up and doon and see Daisy's wee face then I know your here and your ok.
      Brenda my friend you have a lot of love here from all your blog friends and no one deserves to belong here more than you. Here's yir cuddle come oan hen jine in again.
      Love Dot xx

  13. A big fat congratulations to you, Dave and your brilliant team! I look forward to reading your blog a lovely end to the day, spreads such a lot of warmth and happiness in this (at times ) dark world. Your products are a delight to use and they spread the warmth and happiness , just like the ripples in a pond, to those around us , THANKYOU

  14. Congratulations. That is just awesome news. As a Canadian, I was excited to be able to vote you and Clarity, all the way. Also voted for Groovi as the best new product. Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve for this year. Just know it will be great.

  15. Hi Barbara
    Oh well done to you and Dave and all at Clarity. All your awards are well deserved and I'm really proud of you and what you have achieved. Your blog and products are fantastic and you are such a genuine and lovely person. My wee houses and shops arrived today, they are lovely and I'm looking forward to having a play. Can I also say a huge thank you for the beautiful card with the gift voucher in I ordered for my sister – wow the card is stunning and will inspire her as I've bought the Groovie starter set and the voucher is so she can but some plates. Would you please thank the kind person who makes the cards as they are wonderful. Have a good evening
    Love Diane xxxxx

  16. Fantastic News many Congratulations Barbara Dave and the Clarity team nobody could deserve it more this here blog has meant more to me than gold this last couple of years so thankyou…love Dot..xx

  17. That's blooming awesome Barbara! Way to go Clarity and her awesome team! I also think it's more than deserved too. I am spring cleaning my stamps, stencils, all of that stuff right now and it's funny because some of the stamps, not Clarity, are having to be thrown out after just one or two uses, they won't stick to any block and bit bit they fall apart.
    The Clarity stamps may not stick to the block as well, but that's what a pritt type stick (nothing nasty in, no acid) is for. Some of my Clarity stamps are fifteen years old and still going strong. They are mine and god forbid anyone says maybe you should move them on – not if they want to keep their hands I tell them. They make me smile, I remember when I bought, how often I have used, or not, and then I think must dig that one out again lol!
    Buy Clarity stamps and you have them for life! Karen xx

  18. Morning Barb and all the Clarity crew, a very big CONGRATULATIONS to you all, so well deserved, I am chuffed to bits for you all.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  19. Fantastic news! And yes, absolutely well deserved. Congratulations to everyone at Clarity, and to you, Barbara, for planting and watering the seed that grew into the Clarity tree – look at all the lovely branches it has now! Stamps… stencils… Groovy plates… Gelli plates… all fab! Well done. Kx

  20. Congrats Barbara. Well deserved! Though, it should have been gold for all awards! Thanks to you and all your team for an extremely great job and all the fun, too. up. xx

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