Gelli Plate houses….

Gelli Plate houses….

Hello you!
Thanks for popping in.
Good job you’re not sitting on the sofa with me though;
Oh my! 
Today’s the day both jet lag and the post-exhibition lurgy caught up with me.
Trouble was I HAD to design and write up the new Groovi Club!
Time is on the move, it’s already mid month and we lost the first half of January to TV and the CHA!
So, my dear faithful friend Paul Church pitched up at 9am 
and we got right in the groove.
9 hours later, very happy with the results; 
and I am sure you will be too, if you are joining said club. 
I have heard a few murmurings about the lateness this month,
but trust me please:
1. you will never miss an instalment, even if it is late, 
2. when you get the latest stamp and stencil instalments, 
you will be impressed.
3.  when you receive the first chapter of the new club, 
The thing is, we have built a whole new website in house to accommodate it,
primarily so that customers can spread their payments over the year, rather than have to pay a lump sum subscription. 
and until the new website is up and running next week,
with all the bells and whistles,
 and we know it works perfectly, 
we ain’t launchin’ nothin’!
Added to the fact that we were over 5,000 miles away!
No chance!!
I count myself very lucky that the Clarity Team can hold the fort while Dave and I swan around,
but launching what promises to be the biggest sensation of the season is way beyond the call of duty !!!
I was going to finish the Project from yesterday,
but to be frank, I’m just about Groovied out today.
So let’s move that one to mañana
and look at a Gelli Print using a Mega Stencil, 
which I did on telly last time…
8″ x 8″ folded white card.
Lay the Mega Stencil down on the  Best ever Craft Mat.
Spread the Paynes Grey acrylic paint gently over the stencil with a brayer.

Place the stencil paint side down onto the Gelli Plate,
cover with a sheet of copy paper, gently rub the back,
lift stencil and the paint will have transferred to the plate. 

Place the white card on the plate, 
rub the back and pull your first print.

The Gelli Plate is on a Mega Mount, so it’s easy to see through it.
That’s why lining up the back of the card is a piece of cake. 

There’s another stencil which comes with the street stencil.
Looks like a lava lamp.
Clean the black off the mat with a damp cloth,
Use Azo Gold and Phthalo Blue to load the stencil in the same way.

Clean the Gelli plate and press the second stencil onto the plate,
to transfer the paint again.

The thing is that both stencils are exactly the same width,
so it’s really easy to line up the colour and

add it to the street.
Isn’t that cool?!

So when you fold the card back, this is the front.

Add a little colour and shade with pencils,

The Spectrum Noirs work beautifully on Golden Open Paint. 

Lights on in the windows?
Or lights off?
You choose…

That’ll do for today.
I am getting really fidgety, which means I have to STOP!!!!!
What title would you give this card?
Pray do tell!
love & hugs,

81 thoughts on “Gelli Plate houses….

  1. I think 'Welcome'… says it all. Really pleased you're back safely and getting back in the groove, so to speak, with Paul's help. I'm really excited to be joining the Diamond club and can't wait to see what it brings. xx

  2. How about 'round the houses'? No pressure but loving the Hochanda 'takeover' & hoping there will be a Clarity takeover! Imagine 2 days of Barbara, Paul & the design team, I'm drooling at the thought! Xx

  3. I would call it 'streets ahead'. Perhaps you'll be joining me tonight with a wee glass of something (brandy and lemonade for me) and a reasonably early night.

    I wonder if any of my blog friends would be able to help me? I was using chromo card today for the first time. The stencilling went great but I fluffed it up when I used my stamps as I ended up sliding around the card. Any tips for getting a crisp image or should I just lay off the brandy and lemonade?

    1. If I'm stamping on a slippery surface, I lay the stamp on gently, leave it for a moment so that the ink can grip into the card, then apply pressure gradually. It also helps to use Archival ink.

    2. I would talc the surface, use Archival ink and press lighter than I would on gelli card.. The talc can be buffed off after to return to the high shine of chromo card. Fingers crossed all the suggestions work. Xx

    3. Thanks girls. I've got a couple of sheets of wasted card which I've kept to practise on so that will be tomorrow's task. I was definitely pressing too hard. I'll try talcing, laying and gently pressing.

  4. When I was in primary school we used to sing a hymn in morning assembly "When lamps are lighted in the town, the boats sail out to sea…" this is what your card reminded me of !!

  5. Hi Barb,
    I think I would call it O Little Town. Love it! Great to have you back safe and sound. Really looking forward to being a member of the Diamond Club, but I don't mind waiting for you to sort it out – the best things come to those that wait!! Love Alison xxx

  6. Hello Barbara

    Swanning around! Swanning around? I can't imagine that is what you have been doing across the pond. You and Dave over there and the team back in Clarity towers have all been working your socks off.

    However long it takes it will be worth waiting for.


  7. I don't know how you keep up Barbara it certainly sounds like you never stop . I am so looking forward to the groovi club and already have my name down to join but am happy to wait until you are happy to push go. Thanks to Paul for letting us know there is a delay on the club this month I had suspected but always good to know it's not lost in the post. 🙂

  8. I'm looking forward to getting all 3 club mailings dropping through the letterbox when you are ready – no rush

    what a pain to get the lurgy at the same time as jetlag at the same time as soooooo much to do

    I love your artwork – I thought of 'January Night' s the pattern of the paint in the 'sky' looks like snow and it is wnowing outside my window right now

  9. Barbara. I have booked idea where you get all your energy from. This is fantastic looking forward to the grooving club and this month's stamp and stencil… BUT FOR GOD'S SAKE HAVE A BLOODY REST TOMORROW xxxx

  10. Barbara. I have booked idea where you get all your energy from. This is fantastic looking forward to the grooving club and this month's stamp and stencil… BUT FOR GOD'S SAKE HAVE A BLOODY REST TOMORROW xxxx

  11. Lovely stencil it reminds me of a cornish village, look forward to The diamond club being up and running, you answered my question! I have no doubt that we will be blown away, very exciting ………. X xx

  12. I would call it All around the town – cos it goes all around the card. Sorry the lurgy has caught up with you – I hope you feel better soon. Sir Paul-alot to the rescue. Can't wait for the email to sign up for the new club – will ho nicely with the other two. Don't mind waiting when it is domething worth waiting for!! #excited

  13. Around the houses? Can't wait for new Diamond Club but good things take time and we'll still be here when it's ready. Can't imagine you'd ever launch something until you're happy with it and that's why we buy what you produce. So treat yourself to a day off, it and us will still be there and you'll feel better for it. Much hugs Karen xxx

  14. Really looking forward to the new Groovi club and the wait for this months club stuff well if it's as good as they say it will definitely be worth the wait. Think I would call this Anywhere you like town!

  15. These stencils are both fantastic with the gelli plate Barbara and the Spectrum Noir pencils are great for colouring. I think I would call it 'my kind of town' as it definitely looks like a place I would like to live in. Hope the lurgy soon goes and have a restful day tomorrow. x

  16. The ideas I came up with have already been aired so I'll have to settle for my first thought –
    See-houses, a play on the name of the village in Northumberland.
    You know the saying, Barb, Time and Tide etc so take it easy tomorrow, please! ;~}

    1. Hi Shelagh, love Seahouses. In fact just love the whole of the Northumberlad coast and as for Craster kippers – well gorgeous! Spend many a day at Bamburgh, Amble, Beadnell, Alnmouth or Seahouses just beautiful xxx

  17. (Home is where you can be you )
    I manage to craft today with the shaving foam was a bit messy but liked the Finnished stash .
    Please Barbara try to have a day of rest with Dave .
    our clarity club will arrive when it arrives it isn't going to go off or run out of date it will always be there to use I'm thinking over the diamond club as my other gold club doesn't run out till June so don't know how it will work do I join in June and miss January to June so still thinking it through

    1. Evening Donna did you manage to craft
      Evening Diane thank you for toms birthday wishes
      Evening Dorothy hope your not too giggle with all that celebrating with your daughter
      Evening pam lots of hugs to help with the pain
      Evening Brenda lots of hugs to help you through the tough days
      Hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. In the newsletter Barbara said those people with subscription still left on the Gold membership will get credited if they want to sign up for Diamond. They were going to work it out for you so you did not miss out on new Groovi club. Give the office a ring and get your name down and they will call you to sort it out. My club membership does not run out until May so I have my name on the list as I don't want to miss 15% discount or new Groovi Club. I am sure they will sort out for you. Karen xxx

  18. Judging by you and Dave recently I would call it 'burning the midnight oul'. All those Clarity people working late. Can't wait to join the club! Hope your lurgy goes quickly and you have a good rest. Xx

  19. Loved this stencil on the telly, and good to have something that fits the bigger gelli plate.

    I can't think of a better name than people have already said, maybe Warm Welcome, as the yellow windows do look so warm and welcoming!

    Had a session this afternoon making cling film and salt backgrounds, after checking out some old Clarity youtubes. Lots of fun, hubby's fish tanks were covered in cards as they're nice and warm for drying things. Although too warm for the salt ones, I discovered. Even the baby wipe I was cleaning the brayer with looks good, trying to think how I might use it!

  20. Love this artwork. The only words that spring to mind are 'livin' in the city'. I must be having a Stevie Wonder moment! Sounds like you are so busy, don't forget to take time to relax! xxx

  21. Hi Barbara, my you are a busy bee. The card is gorgeous, I'd call it 'all around the houses'. Hope your lurgy will go quickly so too the jetlag. For goodness sake please give yourself a break and get some rest or you won't be able to finish anything. As I keep saying to my Daughter if you keep burning the candle at both ends something's got to give, and we don't want it to be you. We can wait until you're sorted for our Design Club envelopes, our excitement will build up and it'll seem like Christmas Morning all over again. We know it'll be well worth waiting for. Love & hugs Pam xxx

  22. The house around the corner as the artwork is on both sides. Hope you get a good night's rest and feel better in the morning. I never mind waiting for something good and haven't had time to use last month's club presents yet so no rush!

  23. The house around the corner as the artwork is on both sides. Hope you get a good night's rest and feel better in the morning. I never mind waiting for something good and haven't had time to use last month's club presents yet so no rush!

  24. Hi Donna, Sheila, Diane, Brenda and Dot, hope you've all had a great Saturday and managed to do some craft. First time in a while since I've felt like doing any, but had a go tonight with my new Thank you stamp. So hopefully I'm getting my mojo back. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  25. Time for you to rest methinks. Wonderful scene so probably just simply call it Street Scene. Looking forward to new club, have put my name down and it takes as long as it takes. Better to get it right first time. xx

  26. You must be shattered for me had been low since before Christmas still find it hard Sandie so loved it. Should have gone on our clarity retreat but was sick and unwell Friday family meal today didn't go bang went right down low bob came home was rock bottom haven't been able to craft miss her so much need to pick my self up so received my stencils Friday so I will make myself do this card think should be welcome to our awesome home sorry I down loaded love joy xxx

    1. Joy get your craft stuff out, you never know what will happen! Before I came across Barbara's blog I never put crafting and mindfulness together. Mindfulness is about being not doing, ie. not thinking about the past or our problems or the future just being in the moment. I lost myself for 3 or 4 hours today just crafting and I only produced one card and fluffed up a few others but it didn't matter as I was under no pressure to do anything. I hope tomorrow is a better day. x

  27. Oh my goodness, sounds like you are a very busy bee. Don't be working too hard and make yourself ill! Sounds very exciting too though.
    Maybe you ought to call it Graystown, somewhere you can go and chill out xx

  28. It looks like the new estate behind us! My first thought was Mousehole like Lorraine above! Can't wait to hear about the Groovi Club, I've put my name down already, hope he hasn't lost his list ! Nothing better than the Clarity envelope on the doormat. Hope you feel better tomorrow x x

  29. This happens to be one of my favourite stencil sets, 'right up my street'. Jet lag asides , we are planning to have tomorrow afternoon off'! Re: 'Swanning about', the only swanning Barb and I did
    was on the way to the airport we had a few hours in Hollywood …..Hollywood be precise , and have to say it's pretty mediocre and fairly tacky. ( in my opinion ) . Is it lovely to be back home ! x

    1. Hi Dave I love this stencil set saw Barbara showcase it on t v loved it then too
      You deserve a well earned rest it's lovley to have you home crafting hugs xxx

    2. Hi Dave so glad you've both decided to have an afternoon off, you both need some rest, you must feel as though you're on a merry-go-round with all you've done lately.xx

  30. All around town, I thought, as a well as a few other sayings that other peeps mentioned before me.looking forward, as is everyone else, to joining the diamond club on the never never. I have been out of the stamp and stencil club for a few months, ( having been a member for years), and I not only miss the excitement of seeing what you have sent me, but I miss the monthly letter. Will have to see what the terms are. I hope I can run to it. Xx

  31. Rest rest rest. You have done so much this year so far. The Diamond club ius exciting but I know we can live with the anticipation a bit longer til you are properly ready. I think "our house in the middle of our street"

  32. Hello Barb, I loved this demo on the tele. Am still deciding about the upgrade to Diamond, but must say the ability to pay monthly is very tempting. Mmmm will take another look today, seen as it snowed. It is a good day for crafting. Take care all. Bx

  33. Morning Barb, Just love this art work and I am learning the importance of knowing when to stop "working" on my work. Failed on a couple of things just recently as I continue to make it "right". Learning curve and can always use some part of a failed artwork for something else.

    I think I would call the card – Peace at the Twilight Time

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  34. I did the original gelly plate houses tutorial yesterday. It worked perfectly. I really enjoyed doing it and was very chuffed with the result. It's going to make a quirky new home card for a young couple.

  35. Fab artwork, really looks effective, Home is where the heart is springs to mind.
    I know patience is not one of my virtues but I do appreciate that the new system takes time to set up and I'm just very grateful that you are settin up the new system to allow us to pay monthly, much easier for me so I'm on the list and I shall patiently wait the new club to start, im very much looking forward to being a diamond member. I have been keeping busy having a good sort out of my craft room, I can finally see the floor and I can actually find what I need yay xx

  36. Thank you for keeping us informed about the delays in this months club, it makes it so much easier to wait when we know why there's a delay and approximately how long it's going to be. Really looking forward to being a diamond club member

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