A Brilliant Party Game to try….

A Brilliant Party Game to try….

Hi there!
How’s it going?
Everybody happy?
We had such a great Christmas here.
Good food, good company, much laughter and hilarity!
I think the Peg and Cracker game will go down in history as the funniest family moment ever.
This was where the expression The Best Things in Life are Free took on a whole new dimension….
Everybody had a clothes peg in their mouth. 
The object of the exercise was to pass a dry cream cracker from one person to the next using the pegs. 
Try it. You have no idea how hard it is till you do. 
I had to pass to my Dad. 
I wet myself laughing. Properly. 
In the meantime, Grace peed herself watching. 
Then cousin Ben had a meltdown trying to take the cracker 
from my Mum. 
So in between dashing to the loo with our legs crossed,
we had to pass 3 crackers round the table and back again. 
It was funniest best hour ever.
9 pegs and a few cream crackers.
Today, having taken my parents back to their home after a nice Boxing Day Breakfast,
it’s time to stop for a few hours, kick back and watch the box.
The Clarity Club Member’s Half Price Sale has been switched on,
so feel free to check out the bargains
I hope we don’t have a repeat of what happened on our Gray Friday Sale, when the website crashed !!
I’m sure it will be fine….
Ho Ho Ho!!!!
love and peace. 


68 thoughts on “A Brilliant Party Game to try….

  1. Sounds like a fun game! I'd probably wet myself too! Today is a chill out day here just watching telly . Tomorrow I'm going to have a play with my new groovi plate x

  2. Sounds like you all had a fabulous time. What a daft but totally fun game to try – I can just imagine you all now!! Lol
    Off to have a gander at the sale – I must try and be good! hahahahahahahahaha.
    Enjoy your chillaxing day.

  3. So pleased to hear about your fun day – isn't it amazing how the simplest things are the best! I think that you start to realise that more and more, as you get older. It filled me with horror at the thought of people queuing outside department stores today – for the sales. I said to my husband – I just couldn't be bothered with doing that on Boxing Day. Mind you …… I think that I might just have to make an exception for the Clarity Sale!?!? Well, it doesn't involve going out does it?!? xxxx

  4. After our party lunch we had an idea to do pass the parcel the reason for this was to teach my five year old great grandson who is autistic to try to learn the rules
    Every party he goes to at school when he gets the parcel he thinks it's his and sobs when it's got to be past on.so all the family sat in a circle with him and the parcel started its rounds it my daughter had put so many layers of paper on the parcel it took ages to undo. I think he got the message because he was shouting only one sheet and pass it on brill!!!!!! No more tears xxxxx

    1. What a lovely way to teach him, I too have an autistic son it just takes them a bit longer to learn, family are great for this,mine is now 17 and still learning it keeps life interesting.

  5. Glad you had such fun. As I have neither the means nor inclination to visit the shop sales I have ordered some goodies from Clarity. Well a girls got to get her kicks or is that fix where she can.
    Happy New Year love M F M

  6. Hello Barbara so much fun you have had this Christmas pleased your parents are home safely
    I have been over to the clarity members club sale well would be rude not too I've placed my order too enjoy your chill out time xxx

    1. Hello Donna
      Hello Dorothy
      Hello Diane
      Hello pam
      Hello Brenda
      Hope you have all got your cushions ready I've used mine already just a small bounce xxx
      Big crafting Christmas hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. Evening Sheila, hope you left some goodies for me over at the sale! I bet you are were there at the front of the cue loading up your trolley. Well, that squeak will be my trolley catching you up (I always manage to get a squeaky one!) I will help you pack your bags and you can help me with mine. XX

  7. That sounds like fun – might give it a go another year. So pleased that you have some time to chill out with your family. I'm sitting watching a recording of White Christmas as I've never seen it before – need to try to recover from my cold before my guests arrive tomorrow, so just relaxing. Might head over to the online sale as part of my treatment! Susan x

  8. That sounds like you really celebrated Christmas in the right way, with lots of family fun. I am not sure I would have lasted long before beating my way to the head of the queue for the loo. Had a good day yesterday with family and friends, children of widely differing ages providing us with entertainment. We are having second Christmas (not second breakfast) in a couple of days with all of us together, so that is something to look forward to. I am not going near the shops, unless it is one of the local farm shops, but I could be tempted into the Clarity shop. If your generosity causes a backlog of orders, I am sure we can all be patient. Meanwhile, the TV is so uninspiring, I shall dig out a happy film to watch or even one of our classic box sets, while I finish wrapping the last few pressies (that includes washing a bag of pebbles and getting them dry tonight). Have a good evening. Love Maggie xxx

  9. Love the 'Pass the Cracker' game! Reminds me of one I 'experienced' at a wedding in the 70's when long dresses were 'de rigueur!' The challenge was teams of boy, girl, boy, girl etc to pass not only the orange under the chin but a French loaf between the knees at the same time with hands clasped behind back. Just as well it was the pre video camera time as some of the contortions could have easily been misconstrued!
    Taking a break from Sympathy and Thank You cards to pop the gammon into the oven and prep the veggies. XxS;~}

  10. Hello Barbara

    That sounds like a really fun game. I have family get-together number 2 tomorrow, with a third one on January 2nd. We are not a big family, just the same ones meeting each time. Lol.


  11. Evening….oh how I wish I knew about this game earlier today I am sure my family would have had a great laugh playing it.

    Lovely ….. sale fantastic.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  12. I was going to say afternoon and then realised it is gone 7 O'clock! Where does the time go? This game sounds like fun, will be tempting my family into a game of Cluedo later. Glad you had a lovely Christmas you deserve some quality family time. XX

    1. Hi Dot there are some instructions for the punch further down.xxx

      Hi Donna, Sheila, Diane and Brenda & Dot, hope you've had a lovely time, sending you love and hugs. Haven't ordered clarity sale items as yet until we are at home. The temptation is so great though. Ha ha.xxx

  13. Sounds like you have been having a fun time Barbara with the family, that' what it's all about. The nearest I get to this particular game is another one with a cream cracker that our family used to play which involves eating a cream cracker and blowing up a balloon as fast as you can. Now we all know that cream crackers are extremely difficult to eat in a hurry, and my uncle didn't like them at all, so he crammed it all into his mouth and then blew the balloon up with a mouthful of cracker and immediately the game was finished it he spat the whole lot out and threw it into an open fire. We were all laughing so much and so was he that he didn't realise he had thrown his false teeth into the fire too! It was a minute or so before he realised and someone managed using a poker to find and retrieve them from the ashes in not too good a state as you can imagine. Needless to say it was a rather expensive party game as he had to have a whole new set of teeth. I was only in my teens but it is one of those occasions I shall never forget and it still makes me laugh thinking about it, although not so funny for poor uncle ..lol. x

  14. Hi Barbara our version of that game was to have two teams. Each leader started with an orange under their chin and the aim was to pass it on to each team mate ( no hands!) depositing it under the next person's chin. If it was dropped it had to go back to the beginning! Much hilarity and many happy memories of family Christmasses in the past. Xx

  15. Oh it does sound like you had a great day. So very well deserved. We've spent most of the day driving,hopelessly lost while trying to find an emergency vet's for my daughter's much loved dog.(I'm the driver) So I think some retail therapy at Clarity may be just the thing to help me wind down now.
    That game brought some very happy memories back for me too, but ours was also played with the orange under the chin. x

    1. Oh thank you for your kind words ladies. Ruby is now having a course of strong antibiotics and other treatments, so hopefully is now on the mend.

  16. What a fun game with the peg and crackers, must remember that one. Oooooooo I'd forgotten about the January sale, wonderful, must finish sorting my stash so I don't end up doubling up on my stencils lol xx

  17. Great fun was had by all!! Lovely surprise to find the sale started today. I had it in my head that it run just through January. Will look properly tomorrow. Sadly, we got caught in the closure on the M62 this morning: a sink hole after heavy rain apparently. What should have been a two hour journey taking our daughter back to Liverpool took the best part of five hours 🙁 Luckily, it was fine on the way home but seven hours of motorway driving is not my idea of fun!! Will chill out tomorrow instead. Mxx

  18. Hi Barbara sound's like fun will give this a go at our New Years day steak pie finner st Granny Dot's thankfully I've a few rest day's till then as I'm shattered been at my son's today with my other 2 grandchildren I'm now an expert with a Nerf gun Annie Oakley eat yir heart out.
    They were so chuffed for me that I was lucky on the blog and impressed I'm friend's with a star hope you don't mind me saying that you are my friend but I feel I know you better than people I've known for years…take cwre .. Dot.xx

    1. Hi Brenda how's yi the night meant to tell yi we got Amy a jukebox fi Santa oh boy wis she dancing great change in her since the School change and being more verbal with communication she even went up to wee Ian yesterday morning and shouted get up for Santa I wont give up on the best care for her as long as I live wish I could fight your corner to….take csre..here's yir cuddle..xx

    2. Wee Amy has a fabulous grandma the care you give her now is the best and with what you write you love her and she loves you and that is so special for you both hugs xxx

  19. Barbara, you are naughty…I've just spent my Christmas money on stamps and stencils! We were playing 'who am I', with post-it notes stuck to our foreheads. My oldest daughter always says she's not playing but we persuade her to play and she always guesses her's first. Much fun at no cost. My youngest daughter turns 15 tomorrow and we have family coming so we might get the crackers and pegs out.

  20. The peg and crackers sounds like an awesome fun game! I am glad you had such a fabulous day! I will check out the sale – I still have my Limerick winning voucher to spend! Am trying to hang on to it to see what new stuff appears in the new year! xxxxxxx

  21. Hi Barb,
    Well it certainly seems as though you had great fun! Pleased you had such a great day. Have looked at the sale and see that my favourite Santa and corners, Merry Christmas sentiments are amongst the goodies on offer in the sale – yeah! I'll have a closer look tomorrow. Love Alison xxx

  22. Sounds a game to try! Now do I need anything in the sale ……

    Had some lovely pressies today from nephew and niece – theatre tickets and a spa day at a golf club while hubby plays golf! Him and brother in law play golf and me and my sister get the spa day!

  23. Don't know if this will help Dot, but I'll try. Punch your first corner on left side at top. Slip your parchment into the corner. You'll then see that you have an overlap that looks like it's layered. You then trim your card to the same overlapping measurement on the right side, then holding your parchment away punch the corner. Turn your card and do the same on each side. Use scrap card until you get the hang of it. Not particularly good at explaining.xx

  24. Sounds like you had a great time and you deserve it. That game sounds so much fun. Will be ordering from you soon, how can we resist your wonderful products. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.xxx

  25. Sounds fabulous and oh so perfect too! We had a lovely quiet Christmas Day and family on Boxing Day. I still miss them so much but it was lovely to see them and we fed them well too (really the OH did that lol!). Love the sound of the game will have to try that if we ever have a big all the family get together at Christmas Karen xx

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