Monday’s Blog is Flowers and a London Plane…

Monday’s Blog is Flowers and a London Plane…

Hi there.
Good of you to drop in.
I do hope the rain has stopped up north, 
and that the flood water is subsiding.
Today, trees being the Blog topic on Mondays,
I thought I would share Dave’s Christmas present to me with you.
There we were, all seated around the tree on Christmas Eve;
Grace was handing out gifts to people from underneath the tree,
which is all very civilised and just how we like it.
Dave whispered to me,
“Your present’s in the garden”
Lawn Mower?
Bench for when we are older?
But no.
You will already be familiar with Grace and Mark, 
my two statues who sit by the back door and keep me company
while the kids are out of town.
Well imagine my delight when this beauty joined the party!
She is a wonderful wooden sculpture,
carved out of a London Plane.
So I googled London Plane, because I had never heard of it.
London Plane.
The London plane is excellent for urban life.
It copes well with heat and cold, wet and dry, 
and pollutants in the city soil don’t phase it.
Its shiny leaves are washed clean by the rain, 
and its bark flakes off to expose new bark underneath.
It was widely planted in London in the 18th and 19th centuries. 
The tallest London Plane has achieved 48.5 metres in height.
Dave picked her up on the side of the road. 
Oh yeah?
Well, not quite.
There was a Brighton artist selling his art on the side of the road,
so Dave stopped to investigate. 
Fell in love with this beauty and brought her home 
to live in our garden.
She stands about 3ft tall and weighs a ton, 
so there’s no worries there!
We were playing I spy with my little eye this morning…
Can you see who I see?
But what a thoughtful, perfect gift.
She can keep the other two company and stop them bickering 
while I’m at work!
Anyway, have a lovely day.
Wherever you are, I hope the sun is shining…
Bank Holiday Monday?
It’s TV-Prep-and-Magazine-Projects-Day here! 
Mark is heading off to London to Hyde Park with his mates today; 
Grace and I are heading into Lewes when she surfaces.
Dave has gone into work to sort out the warehouse while there’s nobody there. It looks as though it has been burgled!
(Probably has – we just can’t see the woods for the trees in there!)
And Paul and I have been being very creative up over the garage since 6.30 this morning,
having a good old chinwag and getting in the groove.
Love and Peace,

110 thoughts on “Monday’s Blog is Flowers and a London Plane…

  1. Stunning present I didn't know what London wood was either thank you for taking time out to tell us about it have a lovley day out with grace after your prep work with Paul happy warehouse work to Dave lots of crafting hugs xxx

    1. Hello you two thank you for your lovley comments on my blog challenge card it's means so much, manage a little crafting today but then had to go to bed to sleep but pleased managed some xxx

    2. Bless you all my dear blog friends how you keep me going each day don't know what I would do without my daily blog fix
      A special thank you to sazzle for always entering my clarity blog challenge card especially this month with Christmas preparations xxx

    3. Hi Sheila I'm playing catch up! Been to mother in laws, they don't like keeping the wifi on all the time so I've been without the internet since Christmas Eve! Haven't seen the news either so Barbara's flood blog was quite a shock too. I hope you are being kind to yourself and resting in between crafting. I must go and look at the challenge blog to see your artwork. Lots of love xxxxx

  2. Oh Barb! Your pressie is fab! All you need now is a 'Dave' then you have the family covered!
    I hope you have a brilliant crafty session with Paul ….wish I was there too although today it is my family day over at my brothers house!
    Love and hugs to you all! xxx

  3. That is absolutely gorgeous Barbara. I love plane trees and their quirky looking "fruits". If the man Dave bought it from is who I think it is – he has some beautiful creations!

    1. Hi Mags, He is a Chainsaw Sculptor, from Brighton, and he was parked in a lay by on the way to Lewes, simple really , I stopped because , if I were he, I would hope that someone would stop for me ! I And I know what skill is required to produce these pieces. A true Artisan….

  4. Morning, What a beautiful present you have been given, something from wood is so tactile …. gorgeous.

    A quite day here, coming to terms that my son DID not come down to visit us this Christmas… the girls were disappointing too. But powerless ….

    Glad I have my partner Den and the girls, grand children who made my Christmas.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  5. Hello Barb, what a lovely present to get, beautiful carving. Lovely to hear that you and Paul are having a crafty morning. Hope Dave does not work too hard. Take care. Bx

  6. What a fabulous thoughtful pressie. No wonder you love him. As Jane said you just need a Dave now to complete the family. Have a fab day getting groovi with Paul. Xxxx

  7. I was going to say the same as the others, just need a Dave now (and a Romeo of course!) and you have the full set! Lovely pressie!

    My husband's favourite present was a bale of hay for rescued horses and a bag of carrots for some donkeys!

    Have a lovely day and how nice to have Paul joining the team!

    We've got son, DIL and two grandchildren today, after a break yesterday!


    Have a lovely

  8. What a beautiful piece of art. I love craved wood, it's a real weakness of mine. How amazing to find this at the side of the road!

    I am with my mother and brother right now, as we peaceful wait for my dad to slip out of this world. I am missing my hubby and little girl, but know they are fine together and this is where I need to be. I have brought books and my Groovi set to quietly occupy me as we wait.

    1. Thank you for all your thoughts and comments. Being the stubborn thing he is, he's rallied a little today, although we'd been told for months that he would go down very quickly once he got to the point that he couldn't have his meds. So we don't know what the next few days hold, but glad we're all here together. The cottage hospital he's in have been fabulous in looking after him, and us as well. Thank god they didn't close it! My dad was, fittingly, heavily involved in the campaign to keep it open!

    2. Ah bless him – I went through a similar situation with my Mum a couple of years ago. It was a bit like being on a roller-coaster. One moment you prepare yourself as it looks as though, 'this is it' – but then the situation changes again. It's a very difficult time for you – but you will be able to take strength from each other. Thinking of you all, God bless! xxx

  9. She is absolutely lovely ! I hope she keeps the other two in line! Very interesting about the London plane never heard of it before. My eldest granddaughter is on the train to London at this minute… It's her first time away from home on her own, she's meeting up with her boyfriend at the other end so not alone in London! But I digress with my ramblings…….. Have a lovely day

  10. What a beautiful present. It looks a lot like you. Enjoy your time with Grace this afternoon and tell Dave not to work too hard, the trouble is that when you feel better the tendency is to do too much. Looking forward to your Sunday TV show. Got my card in my hand already !!!

  11. That is a great addition to the Gray sculpture trail! I love the plane trees in London, the bark always has such super patterns. Hope you get lots of prep done in between tea and chats. Can't wait to see what you have in the pipe line. Xx

    1. Evening my friend what you up to the night me I'm just chilling on my own and enjoying taking time to get the hoose sorted for 2016. Sometimes just love this wee time to myself if you know what I mean I'm now more happy just to get on with it this yeat than I have been the last 3 years if you know what I mean.
      But glad I can be here to…take

    2. A quiet evening tonight, unless my sister pops over so will probably get my Groovi out and sit quietly finishing off the bird plate I started yesterday. I know what you mean about having time to yourself, but like you said it's good to be here too. Have you managed any crafting? XX

    3. Oh Aye
      It has to be the goovi firr me God only knows where I've put my other crafty stuff. . still looking fir that wee parcael that wisnae in the Bridget Jones's wee drawer
      but will come it across some day …Xx

    4. That's why its Groovi for me too! All organised into their folders and the folders into one bag. Not much of my craft stuff I can carry in one bag! Hmmmmm, not in the knicker drawer? Well I would check the freezer…………..not that I have ever put a pack of candles in the freezer and then found them months later! Its just something I've heard about…….. 😉 xx

    5. Hi Donna, hope you've enjoyed your day doing your groovy. Had a super few days, all together with our children and grandchildren today, not been home very long, just unpacked and had a cuppa. Hoping to do some craft tomorrow night. Car due MOT and a few jobs to get done on it, so will see our Son again tomorrow as he's the mechanic. Going into town to kill a bit of time while he's working on it. Love and hugs to you, Pam xx

    6. Hi Pam, had a play with my Groovi. Was thinking about digging out a pricking mat I got years ago, just hope I have the tool still as I think my pokey tool will be too thick. Glad you had a lovely time, good luck with your MOT. Xx

    7. Hi Donna , just got home today, had 4 days of eating, chatting and playing board games with the odd walk between showers so it's nice to be home. I've put my Groovi plates into my new storage and had a little play with some of the new ones Sanra bought. Hope you are enjoying some quiet relaxing time with some craft xxxxx

  12. Beautiful present Barbara. I am a Londoner so the plane is a common tree for me. I love the bark and the fruits. My husband was an amateur woodcarver and I have kept the pieces he done but nothing on that scale at all, but still very precious.

    Enjoy the day.
    Hazel c uk

  13. What a thoughtful man you have there – it's lovely and will just get better with time as it weathers. Hope you have a good day with Grace nothing like a bit of Mother/Daughter bonding time shopping. Xxxxx

  14. What a fabulous gift. I presume it's a 'Barbara', and it will just get better with age. I too love wood, I get wrong of hubbie when we go visiting old places, as I just have to have a 'feel' of everything…even when it says 'do not touch'!!!

  15. She is so beautiful. I love things made from natural things like wood and stone. Wood is so tactile and I just love the feel (it must be in my blood as my grandfather was an old fashioned undertaker, making all the coffins himself as well as carving altar screens, and making all the household furniture). We also have London Plane trees in the town centre here. Hope you have all had a great, creative day. Don't work too hard. xxxx Maggie

  16. What a lovely gift Barb, she looks perfect in your garden. Near to us is a London plane which has a plaque saying that it is the broadest plane in the UK..mind you the plaque is dated 1968 so who knows now! Enjoy your crafting and I hope you have lots of inspiration xx

  17. Well done Dave what better to give your artist Love of your life than another beautiful work of art. Bet you're glad you stopped to look just as we did and found Clarity.
    We might need and entrance fee soon to Barb/Dave estate glad wee Marks covering his bits …..Love ..Dot..xx

    1. Hi Our Brenda,
      Hope your sitting there knowing that somebody cares because my friend I so much do.
      If ever there was a friend I would love to hug for real then it is you God Bless yoy my lovely you are never far from my thoughts. ..xx Dot..xx

    2. Hi Pam I'm playing catch up! We e had a lovely time with mother in law, lots of food laughter chatter and games. Glad to hear you are home safe and sound and have had a lovely time too. I'm plumping the cushions ready for the Clarity sale, might have to wait a couple of days to get a proper look as more visitors tomorrow. Hope you are ok. Oh dear, why has Sheila turned into a digestive biscuit ? Haha. Brenda lovely to see you, sending you a big hug. I like a nice strong cup of tea please and not much milk – I've got a tin of chocci biscuits so I'll bring them with me. Love to you and Daisy xxxx

  18. Hi Barb,What a beautiful present – well done Dave! Hope you have had a good day with Grace in Lewes. Bet you and Paul had a good morning doing your prep for the shows etc. Looking forward to seeing the show and what's new. Love Alison xx

  19. What a fantastic arty piece Dave found for you Barbara and it will sit well alongside Grace and Mark. I hope you and Paul had a great creative time this morning too. x

  20. Hi Barbara
    I spy Paul. I hope you have had a peaceful few days with your lovely family and that Wurka & Hollick have not been too troublesome. I suppose it will be back to normal now. I am looking forward to the new Groovi Club and the upcoming TV shows. I don't think we consider how much hard work and planning is needed. We just enjoy the wonderful products and inspirational blog and shows without a thought as to how they come into being. I think my resolution this coming year will be not to take so much for granted.
    Hugs from Chris X

  21. She is a lovely addition to your garden family. Do you have a name for her just yet? I love that you and Paul started your creative process early on the Monday after a holiday weekend. Cannot wait to see the results! Enjoy your children.

  22. Perfect present from Dave. Your set is almost complete. Loved seeing the London Plane when I worked in London. It's such a fabulous tree. When you find a whole street in London that is still adorned with them standing at the kerb side, it's quite breathtaking. The bark colouration in beautiful. I think that there is a moth that has perfect camouflage to match it. When there was the awful smog pollution in London it evolved to have darker camouflage but has now evolved back to the lighter shades…or so my science tutor told me at uni. Hope you had a fun time with Paul and also got all your prep ready. I'm sure that Paul will have you organised with carefully labelled boxes. Love and hugs, Jeanette xxxx

  23. Lovely gift to sit and gaze at, my hubby bought me a beautiful Angie Lewin print for my present this year and to make it perfect he framed it for me. Managed to come down with a cold over Christmas, so was a bit out of sorts but did manage to show Mum how to use the Groovi system I bought her for Christmas. Just a simple picture with happy birthday, but she seemed very happy with the results. Lovely Christmas all round, back to work tomorrow. Karen xxx

  24. Well blow me down, Barbara! And Dave!
    The Plane Tree is very, very well known in Australia, lining many suburban streets. My grandfather planted one in the yard of the house I grew up in. But I have never heard it called a London Plane. You learn something new everyday ☺
    Keep enjoying your time together!

  25. Wonderful, Just need Dave to complete the set now. My husband told me all about the plane trees when we visited London last year. Fantastic that you have Paul to work with now. Lots of creativity with both of you. xx

  26. 'She' is very beautiful and I can see why Dave was drawn to her; she'll look splendid in the garden with Grace and Mark.
    Your day sounds pretty perfect to me and I look forward to seeing what you and Paul create over the next few weeks.
    Karen xx

  27. What a super present Barbara, she's lovely, a great addition to your garden family. Very interesting about the London plane tree, hadn't heard of it. Must look out for them when we visit London for a wedding in April. Hope you enjoyed your morning with Paul doing your prep for the show, and that Dave wasn't working too hard sorting out the warehouse. He's got us all wondering what you have in store for us, being it's going to be another busy year. Whatever it is I'm sure we'll love it. Just as long as you both make time for yourselves. Hope you enjoyed your shopping with

  28. What a stunning gift! What a clever and thoughtful man! I am also lucky enough to have one of those – he is definitely 'my reward' for what I went through with my first husband, enough said. I am very lucky, I have had a wonderful day with my husband, daughter, son-in-law and 3 grandsons. We don't get to spend time together very often as we live 250 miles apart – but my daughter made my day-when she looked around the room, and watched the boys playing a game at the table, our husbands deep in conversation, and the 2 of us sitting together on the settee looking at the 'crafty presents' that I had bought for her and she said 'It's a proper family Christmas!' – even though it was a few days late! I felt very blessed – crafty love to all xxx

  29. Lovely present…Dave has such good taste. I've never heard of the London Plane. I have a couple of chainsaw sculptures in the garden – an owl carved into the trunk of a wedge of tree and a bear coming out of a log, they are both made from lumps of oak. Up here there are chainsaw sculpture competitions.

  30. Lucinda, my heart goes out to you. It's just 7 months since we did the same with my Dad, it's an awful situation. You want them to go, to end their pain and suffering, but you want them to stay with you. I'm sending hugs your way, and know I'm thinking of you xx
    Love that wood sculpture Barbara, so beautiful, what a fab present. Have a good time with Grace x

    1. Thank you Loraine. Fortunately he's in no physical pain, he's quite peaceful. We're about to go in to see the doctors the morning. Not sure what they'll be able to tell us, but any information is welcome.

  31. Hi Barbara
    Sorry I've been AWOL, family time with no internet, so really lovely with lots of laughter and games being played. Widths I'd seen your cracker and peg game – oh what a laugh! What a beautiful Christmas present from Dave, that must have been a challenge keeping that hidden from you! I'm always amazed at how delicate these chainsaw sculptures can be when you consider the harshness of the saw they use. What a lovely collection. Thank you for sharing with us, hope you've had a lovely shopping day with Grace. Lots of love Diane xxxx

  32. Hi Barbara she's beautiful she has to have a name things seem better here in the north still lots of roads closed and the weather forecast for tonight is awful glad you had a good Christmas love June Horrocks cxxxxx

  33. What a lovely gift! Can't wait to see what you and Paul have been up to. Much love and thoughts for Lucinda and her father. I used to be a Social Worker for the elderly so I know that the wheels of life continue to turn at all times. I am glad he is in a cottage hospital. I once had a cottage hospital allow a man's dog to come and sit on his bed with him for his last hours. It still brings a lump to my throat to think of it. Much love to all – Jayne

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