1 Day to Christmas Eve Giveaway

1 Day to Christmas Eve Giveaway

Hi there.
So glad you could join me for this Christmas Eve eve.
The kids have gone out with their friends,
the tree is finally lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree,
and we have had 
We went to The Smith & Western in Tunbridge Wells,
Yeehaa !!!
Absolutely fantastic.
Debby Izzy and Tom – Dispatch Supreme
Great food,
Gus, Nick, Leigh and Annie – Stampmakers extraordinaires.
great atmosphere,
Jim and Claire – The boy with his Mammy.
Claire is in charge of our Stencil Department.
great company.
Lovely Grace. 
Laughed till I cried.
Mel, she who illustrates our wonderful designs..
With dear Mark and Gus.
It really was one of the most special days.
To sit and celebrate with our team
after what has been such a crazy busy year.
A year where we pretty much added 
a whole new manufacturing company to Clarity : Groovi.
We sat and talked about all that has happened in 2015,
who has joined us, how the team has expanded,
how Clarity has exploded;
it’s not till you hear it from the makers and shakers, 
the guys actually keeping the machines going, 
and the business moving,
that you really get how amazing our progress has been. 
Then throw in a key move from one TV channel after 7 years
to another brand new one, HOCHANDA.
It has been quite a year!
So whilst Paul and Dave chew the cud in the kitchen,
I have come up to my little artroom
to say hi
and offer you one last piece of artwork.
It’s a piece I blogged last year –
28th September 2014 to be precise.

So if you would like to see the steps, simply check back.

Isn’t that the best thing about blogs?
They are there as a permanent reference.

Here I have just used the abstract stencil,
and masked off the boxes.
Very easy.

Anyway, if you would like this card signed and sent to you,
please leave an uplifting comment below,
and it may just be winging its way to you next week.

On Christmas Day in the morning, 
I shall get here bright and early,
before the family even gets up,
and tell you which blog-friends 
got picked out of the hat on each of the Giveaway Days.
So I hope you can join me then….
Till Tomorrow xxx
Love and Peace,

189 thoughts on “1 Day to Christmas Eve Giveaway

  1. Glad you all had some well deserved fun. We also had our work lunch today with gorgeous roast lamb followed by profiteroles with Bailey's cream – delicious! Just watched the penguins on BBC1 oh Barbara they would make great stamps……maybe next winter…
    Enjoy the rest of your evening x

    1. Ooh, ooh! I was out this evening, so didn't see the penguin programme, but have it on record (I hope!) – but I'm a huge penguin fan (I think I can confidently predict that penguins will feature heavily in my Christmas gifts, they always do!) so I second that motion – penguins given the Clarity twist would be fantastic! P-p-p-please!!

  2. Hi Barbara,
    Happy Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones. I have that stencil and I'm inspired to start the Xmas card making in January using said stencil. I hope 2016 brings you more succes in your Clarity World
    Millie Moss XXXX

  3. Looks like you all had a great day. Fabulous memories for you all to keep. I hope next year is as good for you as last, and clarity goes from strength to strength.
    Gorgeous artwork as always Barbara. Enjoy your Christmas xx

  4. Looks like you had a fantastic time with your team who I have to say are brilliant. I was waiting for stuff I desperately needed and the lovely Tom got it sorted and it arrived today..what a busy year it's been for you all..I hope you all get a little down time before it all kicks off againx

  5. Looks like you had a fantastic time with your team who I have to say are brilliant. I was waiting for stuff I desperately needed and the lovely Tom got it sorted and it arrived today..what a busy year it's been for you all..I hope you all get a little down time before it all kicks off againx

  6. Wow! I think I might be the first to comment today! The card is beautiful, as always. Thank you for sharing your day with us. Thank you for all the great Clarity products, especially Groovi. Have the best day ever tomorrow with your family.

    A very, very Merry Christmas to you , your family and the Clarity crew. Here's to 2016! Health, wealth and happiness to you all xxx

  7. Hi Barb,
    Great piece of artwork -I remember this one.
    Looks like you all had a fabulous, well deserved party meal. Clarity is going from strength to strength which is absolutely brilliant. I'm sure that next year will be as much of a success as this year has been. Finished off my shopping thankfully today, so just the house to tidy and then countdown begins. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Love Alison xxx

  8. What a wonderful thing it would be to receive this card for Christmas. You have been so generous to us, giving away your lovely pieces of art. The party looked great fun, just what you all deserve at the end of the year. Have a relaxing evening. xxx Maggie

  9. Obviously you're all having a great time at your lunch – fab photos. Don't your two kids look well, Grace is so lovely. Your card is gorgeous, fabulous background. Pat x

  10. Evening Barbara wow what a wonderful smile with your arms round your beautiful daughter and seeing your Son with his cute mask on ,another stunning insperational piece of art oh how I do hope I win a Barbara greys stunning art work
    Have a restful night with Dave while grace & mark are catching up with friends xxx

    1. Hello I'm having to rest a lot haven't been able to craft either my wonderful partner has been fantastic looking after me so I'm very lucky .
      I know Santa is fetching me some crafting goodies
      I wish you both all you wish for yourselves lots of Christmas hugs xxx

  11. Hi Barbara – thanks for taking the time to pop by and share your day with your cyber-family, at this most special time of year when you have your real family around you. The Clarity party looks like great fun and it's nice to have faces to put to the very friendly voices on the end of the phone. I'm intrigued by the "cat faces" being worn by Mel and Mark – a fun party game or peculiar Christmas cracker prize?
    Have a joyful Christmas and here's to continued success in 2016.
    All the best

  12. Sorry I haven't been able to join you tis last few days. Too many balls in the air and too many Carols. Can you have too many Carols? Note my name!
    What a lovely blog to rejoin you on. The Clarity crew, family and general celebrating. You deserve all your success and I for one get great pleasure ( not to mention a mass of arty stuff) from your onward and upward direction.
    Merry Christmas and a great and healthy 2016 to you all.
    Love Carol x

  13. i remember this. loved it then and love it again now. fab artwork. have a fantastic christmas with all your nearest and dearest, hugs xx
    oh and Massimo has sent you one of his christmas cards, like the ones he made for his classmates xx

  14. It's great to see you all enjoying a lovely lunch together and taking a bit of time out to celebrate all your successes. The Clarity team are a huge asset to the company; everyone that I've had any contact with has been wonderfully helpful, polite and friendly.
    I love this design – it's very stylish and elegant – and looks achievable, so I'm going to give it a try next week when I'm not at work.
    Karen xx

  15. Now is the time to kick back and let Christmas Happen ….. lol as if it ever does work like that !! All systems go from tomorrow until Christmas Dinner is over but time enough to have a few giggles and drinks with friends and family.

    Have a Merry Christmas one and all xx

  16. Love this card. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing with us via this wonderful blog. It's been an awful year and you have helped keep me sane. Merry Christmas to all the wonderful clarity team.

  17. Looks like a really good Christmas lunch and well earned by your Clarity Team. Beautiful artwork (as always)and so lovely to see it again. I'm looking forward to a busy day tomorrow with big brother coming for lunch. Wishing you, your Clarity Team and all the lovely people commenting here a very merry Christmas.

  18. Ooo…I've not seen this card before and it is gorgeous and easy to adapt to all occasions. Looks like you were having a great time this afternoon while I was grating away at work. Food shopping is done, a couple of pressies still to wrap and I must go and find out how much the turkey weighs to see how long it will take to cook.

  19. Evening looks like a great time was had by all and so nice to see all those faces.
    Beautiful art work. Love the idea of using the stencil "windows". Have a great eve.

    Crafty hugs pen x

  20. What lovely photos of a well deserved lunch. You certainly have two gorgeous 'children'. Grace is so much like you. You have indeed had a busy year. the move to Hochanda was a brilliant choice I always look forward to your lessons.
    Thank you for taking the time out of such a busy day to offer up this stunning piece of artwork.

  21. A balloon, that's uplifting! A happy Christmas to all at Clarity. I love being a club member and have learnt such a lot from copying the monthly techniques and the daily blog. Thank you.

  22. So glad you had a great day – hope you are more relaxed now and ready for the big day. Am I ready? Almost!! Picking up our daughter from the train in the morning (she's getting up at 5am to get home) and our son arrives tomorrow after finishing work. Then I'll be ready.

    I love your blog: if I get 'stuck' I will visit the archive for inspiration. Thank you for all you do, Barbara, and Happy Christmas! Mxx

  23. Happy days to remember forever … great atmosphere, and I envy you. Quiet Xmas here but 94 year old mum is having Xmas lunch with my daughter, me and 2 great grandchildren. May you party go on well into the new year. Great card again Barb, thanks for sharing again xx

  24. Hi Barbara.
    What a lovely start to the Christmas festivities. Your team know how much you appreciate them and they certainly do a brilliant job. It has been an exciting and challenging year for you but you have come through smiling . I do like this card and how you have used the stencil.
    Christmas hugs from Chris X

  25. You are the Queen of scenes, before I 'found' you I was awful. Now I'm a lot better, thank you for all your DVDs &' lessons on telly. I've improved a lot. Hugs xxxxx

  26. Hi Barbara – it looks and sounds as though you have had a truly wonderful day – with all of your team around you and then, the icing on the cake, Mark and Grace too! Wonderful, and you really deserve it – it couldn't happen to a nicer person – you have an awful lot of supportive friends here, who wish you nothing but good things! It goes without saying that I would love to receive this beautiful piece of artwork! Have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas, with your loved ones around you! Thank you for continuing to be such an incredible inspiration to us all. A very special crafty hug from Gilly xxx

  27. You have been my soul and sole inspiration .
    How I have loved following along with you day by day
    Have my traditional lasagne sauce simmering and tomorrow the grand cherubs and my son and daughter will bake some favorite cookies . Wishing you a very merry and blessed Christmas . Jan stone

  28. What a wonderful blog friend you have become. I await each day's offering with eager anticipation. Yes, I remember this card from last year and loved it enough to have a go myself. To own a piece of art of yours, Barbara, would be absolutely wonderful. I wish you the happiest of Christmases with your family and friends. Gill xx

  29. Your party looks great fun. Love the card, a gentle Christmas card which could be adapted for lots of different occasions. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and here's to a great 2016 in Clarity land. Fran x

  30. I remember this piece – loved it so much, I remembered it all year and attempted an autumnal sort of version this October. Have tree and snowflake stamps under the Christmas tree so can have a go at recreating the original on Boxing day! But would love to win the real original!

    Looks like a fun party, lovely to have the opportunity to get together and let your hair down. What a year it has been!

  31. Hi Barbara
    Well that looks like a fabulous party and great time being had by all. It's great to put faces and names together – haven't you got a big team now! Happy Christmas to everyone at Clarity and may I wish you all a happy healthy and successful 2016.
    Today's artwork is beautiful- now don't laugh, I saw this at Ally Pally, bought the stencil, Julian loved it too – decided we would try this for Christmas cards (royal we of course!). Have I done it? Have I heck! I'd forgotten all about the stencil and this card!!! Oh well, I've got an idea for next year anyway haha, what am I like! Have a lovely evening with Dave.
    Lots of love
    Diane xxxxxx

    Hi Donna xxxxx
    Hi Pam – hope you arrived safe and sound xxxx
    Hi Brenda xxxxxx
    Hi Dot xxxxx
    Hope you are all ok. Wishing you all a happy Christmas and sending you all a big hug – Brenda there's an extra one for Daisy xxxxxxx

    1. That made me chukle Diane as I have done that in the past too! I brought a set of flower stamps to make a card for my Mum, put them away so she wouldn't see them and completely forgot I had them! It was like a secret surprise when I found them again! Xx

    2. Hi Diane and Donna, have arrived safely I've done exactly the same with stamps and stencils probably because we have so many now, it's nice though as when you remember them, it's like having them new. Love and hugs to you both.xxx

    3. I'm even worse than you two – ordered the same stencil twice on two occasions because I hid the delivery boxes from my other half and then forgot to unpack and file them! X

    4. I'm glad I'm not the only one, I've got a spare groovi plate, going to give it away on here after Christmas and will be having a sort through to see if I've doubled on anything else – bet I'll find something ! x

  32. What a happy bunch you all look. You and your team make everyone feel special.
    I was not following your blog last year so this is a new piece to me and very lovely it is too.
    Going to collect my last minute food tomorrow at 7.30 but I bet you'll be up first!
    Happy, happy Christmas to you all xx

  33. What a lovely piece of art and I would love to own a Barbara Gray special. Nice to see pics and names of your hard working team. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you all. Cheers Fi x

  34. This fab card is on my looooong list of techniques to try, practice and maybe perfect. I now have all the bits I need (thanks to Gray Day), so will have a go during the lull between Christmas and New Year. Even if I'm lucky enough to win the card, I'll still make a few for Christmas 2016! And write on my Clarity calendar where I've stored / hidden them. Thanks for all your lessons, tips and techniques, I've learned loads.

  35. Do like this card you can do so much with it ..looks like a good works do .I missed all of mine this year .know you would have had lovely meal at smith and western like it there . have a good evening .

  36. Beautiful artwork, I often search for things on the blog. Its so useful to have all the projects still available and of course all the videos on you tube.

    The lunch looks like fun, I bet you all had a laugh.

    Merry Christmas to everyone who works at Clarity and thank you for all your hard work this year keeping us Clarity customers going with parcels of beautiful new crafty things! Can't wait to see what awaits us all in 2016. Xx

  37. I love this one too, picking a favourite is like picking a chocolate from a beautiful box, they are all my favourite. Guess what I will be hoping for in my Christmas stocking and if not lucky then Santa has got me a calendar as an excellent substitute. Have a lovely Christmas Eve one and all. Hugs Karen xxx

  38. Another amazing piece of art.
    Looks like you all had a good party, well deserved. Great to see Grace and Mark joining in,part of the Clarity Team. '
    As I mentioned earlier, I am new to this form of communications, thanks to my Granddaughter, and I am really enjoying it. Now feel part of the Clarity family.

  39. I loved this the first time I saw it and I love it even more now. It is awesome to see all your team together along with Grace and Mark all having fun together. Go Team Clarity and long may it continue. Happy Christmas Eve Eve. Lol xxx

  40. What a wonderful team you have, Barbara. It's nice to see them all having such fun, and being able to put names to the faces! The artwork is amazing…I remember it from the first time around, and trying to attempt something similar. I may have another go, over the holidays! 🙂 Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Xx Jo

  41. What a wonderful team you have, Barbara. It's nice to see them all having such fun, and being able to put names to the faces! The artwork is amazing…I remember it from the first time around, and trying to attempt something similar. I may have another go, over the holidays! 🙂 Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Xx Jo

  42. Fab artwork. One I hope to try some day. Like so many… 🙂 I hope you have a blessed and happy Christmas with your family, Barbara. You have all certainly earned a good one this year! x

  43. What a terrific year it has been for you and Clarity. You must be proud of your growing company and the people you employ. It looks like everyone was having a great time at your luncheon. I love what you did with the stencil and stamps here. Almost looks like stained glass. Thank you for the reminder from last year on another brilliant idea for your stencil and stamp use.

  44. I remember that blog – kept them all – downloaded and filed for another, another and another day. Brilliant artwork. However my thank you comes not only to you but to the wonderful Clarity team. Long may you reign – the best in the craft world.
    Hope something comes out of the hat for me but nevertheless my love and good wishes go to you all.
    Anne (Reading)

  45. Another lovely card – and what a way to celebrate a terrific year with all your Clarity family. Looks like you had a ball!! And always good to revisit 'old friends' with stamps and stencils that may be feeling a tad neglected alongside all our new stuff and your Groovi product line. Have a wonderful Christmas – to the entire Clarity network!

  46. Congratulations on that fabulous CHRISTMAS LUNCH.
    We can see how funny it was and I have to say it´s well-deserved.
    To you, Barbara, your family, the whole team and all blog-readers
    MERRY CHRISTMAS and a healthy, happy NEW YEAR 2016
    of course I want to win the card today
    Rolf xxx

  47. Hey Barbara, looks like it was a really fun time and Im so glad you all enjoyed it. Great artwork again, true what you say about a blog, there to keep for ever, but I still like it when you remind us…and so good of you to give us the date too…saves a lot of searching haha. Look forward to seeing who has been lucky. ordered the calendar..a little bit of "gray' in the 'browne' household…lovely!!

  48. Love this artwork. Very elegant. What a big team you are now. Isn't it wonderful to sit back once in a while, relax with your colleagues and look back over the year. It is good for the spirits to acknowledge the progress and achievements that often get lost amongst the day to day pressures and stresses of business. Well it's certainly a big thumbs up from all of us. Here's to next year and more wonderful products and inspiration x

  49. Looks like a wonderful time with a wonderful team. Clarity certainly has grown in the past year. However, the customer service is still second to none. Love the artwork today. Remember that post and will have to check back for a refresher on exactly how you did it after Christmas. I want to wish you and your family an absolutely wonderful Christmas and all the best of everything in the New Year. I just love your blog and don't know what I would do without it in my life. You always are so inspirational and uplifting and I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  50. Ooh your Christmas lunch looks awesome and a well deserved celebration for all of you! Your card today is stunning! I remember seeing it before and loving it and still do! xxx

  51. The abstract stencil is so good for scrapbook backgrounds and photos. I love looking back over the blog may it long continue. Wishing you your family and all the Clarity team a Happy Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year and thank you Barbara for sharing your highs and lows with us and for all the tutorials that are so inspiring.

  52. Lovely photos,really nice to see you all enjoying yourselves. Beautiful artwork again, loved this one when you did it last year, even had a go myself but not quite the same as didn't have your lovely snowflake stamps, (on my wish list) the stencil is so versatile. Thanks Dave for saying what the masks were for. Barbara your cards are so lovely I couldn't really just pick one, thank you for giving us all a chance to win one of your fantastic creations. Also a huge thank you to Dave and all your team for all their hard work too. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family, you so deserve all your success and long may it continue.xxx

  53. What a great picture of the team having a well deserved Christmas feast. Each one fitting perfectly into the Clarity cog. Best wishes to all of you xxx
    Well after spending weeks convincing myself that I was not going to buy as much food this year, I panicked and dashed out to the shops and bought far too much again!
    So I may have too much food but there is plenty of room left for a Barbara Gray card… Please x
    Much love xxx

  54. What a year you have all had and what a wonderful way to round it all off. As a relative newcomer to you and your blog I haven't seen this card before. I would hate to have to pick the one that I like the best. I really must take some time over the next couple of weeks to go and have a look at your older posts and enjoy more of your artwork. Please keep up the good work. All the best to you and yours.


  55. Your Christmas lunch looks like such fun and truly it must have been a fabulous year for you and all the Clarity crew. Well deserved success as you are all so talented and work so hard. Looking forward to what next year brings! Merry Christmas to you all, Susan x

  56. Looks like you had a fab Christmas lunch, so good to take time to celebrate the little things and this year you have BIG things to celebrate. Here's to 2016.x

  57. Hi Sheila, Brenda and Dot, hope you're all well and almost ready for the Christmas festivities. Up to giving us a little hi Brenda, would love to see you here just to know that you're ok. Love and hugs to you and all on the blog and Merry Christmas to you all, peace, joy and love.xxx

  58. So happy to see your Christmas party day, hope you remembered to wear a pair of your fab cowboy boots, Barbara! Shared celebrations with you over the miles as we, too, had our annual pre-Christmas lunch at our fav restaurant in Aberdeen – Poldino's; we've been frequenting the aforesaid establishment since relo-ing here in '93, Mike worked out that this is his fifth decade dining there from his first visit to Aberdeen in 1979-wow-now that reels in the years as we met in Malaysia in the mid eighties!
    The mini scenes on your featured card are so beautiful, a definite one to commit to memory, as are all! LABW ;~}

    1. Haha I read that as knickers at first glance!!!!!! Oooooeeerrr! Shelagh my daughter is at Uni in Aberdeen so we must look out for this restaurant when we come up to see her and take her out for a meal. She's been walking around the house in shorts since she came home at the weekend because it's so warm down south! Have a lovely Christmas xxxx

  59. Bit late to the post again. That's because I'm finishing off Christmas cards for my family…travelling down to Kent tomorrow to spend Christmas with my children and share a very special first Christmas with my Granddaughter (the one that was born whilst you were on air on Easter Sunday and I was stuck in bed recovering from back surgery) Oh what a year it's been! Groovi has been such a huge success. So pleased you had such a fun meal …love the animal mouth masks. So the children are home and the tree is up and the staff are happy…it's finally come together so relax and enjoy a few days off before a new year begins. Love and hugs Jeanette xxx

  60. Team work to make the Dream work, love that saying and it certainly applies to the Clarity family and I like being a teeny tiny part of it.

    Lovely artwork today, got everything crossed that I get picked for one of the days. Don't worry about doing it on Christmas day, we can wait, enjoy your time with your family xx

  61. Looks like great fun at lunch phew what a busy end to year you all had but you did it something to celebrate lovely picture of you and Grace and mark both having fun loved the card to well time for family time greys most things done what's not just to bad lots hugs and liveJoy xxx

  62. My gosh Barbara, that's dedication, getting up early to blog. Enjoy your Christmas with your family I'm sure fellow blog followers aren't expecting daily updates over Christmas. God bless you and yours xx

  63. Lovely photos of your great team having a great time at the end of another great year Barbara! The card is one I remember and is beautiful with the boxes filled with that pretty snowy scene and then that drift of gorgeous snowflakes, and I love the colours too. Thank you for a wonderful blogging year and although your personal year has had its ups with your Groovi success, and downs with Dave's health problems, it has finished on a high with having the family together for Christmas. You deserve a good time for all the hard work you put in and all the inspiration you give us. x

  64. Thank you Barbara, loved this card and eventually bought the stencil, though not had time to have a play. Looks if your Christmas party was fun. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year.
    Janine xx

  65. So nice to see some photos of the 'support vessel' and engine room personnel. You have all done wonderfully well this year and long may it continue. I still love today's artwork -it's just had it's 1st birthday that's all. I'd just like this opportunity to wish you all at Clarity a Merry Christmas & happy new year. Xxxxx

  66. Another beautiful piece of artwork, there is something peaceful about looking at it, me thinks. Thank you for sharing the images, many congratulations to you Barbara and the rest of the Clarity team for your well earned success this year.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to one and all. Mary xxx

  67. How kind that you always make time to communicate with us all, really do appreciate that. Something really touched me today, I have to tell you, I went into my local chemist and as I sat waiting for my prescription I noticed a novel on the chair next to me. My first thought was oh dear someone has forgotten their book. I picked it up as there was a piece of paper with writing on sticking out the top and I thought it was a shopping list. When I looked closer it was an envelope on it read – to whoever picks up this book please have a treat on me just wanted to spread a little festive cheer, from a wellwisher. Hope you enjoy the book. I was stunned but opened the envelope to find a 5 pound note inside! What a lovely kind gesture, I'm overwhelmed, so touched and will always wonder who left that book on that seat. God bless them x

    1. How wonderful – i'm going to do this tomorrow. I hope someone finds it and that my small gift will give as much pleasure as your gift has given you

      Wishing you a Happy Christmas Dawn

  68. It's wonderful to see the Clarity team enjoying Christmas lunch AND it is wonderful to meet the team and to hear where each person fits into the Clarity family.

    You had me going with this card design. I read your blog everyday (even if sometimes like today it is after midnight so I might actually read two in one day LOL!!). I was thinking I don't recognise this one with designs whizzing around my head but then as you gradually picture by picture showed more of the design I suddenly got to that 'aaah, now I remember it' moment and smiled at both the artwork and the rosy glow it gave me last time I saw it too

    THANK YOU for taking the time out of your busy life to talk to us each day via this blog.

    Thanks also for this Christmas activity and the chance to win something gorgeous from you, my fingers and toes are crossed 🙂

    Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas


  69. Looks as though you all had a fab lunch, a well deserved treat after the busier than usual last few weeks that you have had !! with all the lovely ideas that you have given us I think I need to carry on making Christmas cards in the New Year, marking the calendar as to where they are put is a good idea as this year I mislaid some, not finding them until I tidied up the craft room to return it to a bedroom for the family to use over the holidays !! Merry Christmas

  70. you all look like one big happy family, just as you would like it. Wonderful art work again. Don't rise too early to chose the lucky winners, remember it's Christmas time for rest and family.

  71. Love this card! And the comments above, once again you can feel the love for you Barb, the Clarity team and the inspiration! Thank you Barbara Have a wonderful Christmas. Love and hugs Jillyxxxx

  72. Love the card – I for one am so glad you developed the Groovi plates – perfect for crafting in the family room rather than in my craft rm – and fabulous results even just by colouring the lineart – so forgiving – have a lovely family Christmas Eve xxx

  73. looks like you've all had a well deserved treat today. I'm looking forward to what you might bring us in 2016
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and prosperous New Year

  74. Happy Christmas Eve . Missed you last night as was in bed before you posted hence the early read this morning. You all look like you had great fun at your lunch! It must be so nice just to sit with everyone and reflect about the events of the working year. Today sees our family (20of us) heading out to the pantomime this afternoon and back here for some home made soup and cheesecake.wishing everyone a peaceful happy Christmas and a happy healthy prosperous new year. "LANG MAY YER LUM REEK"

  75. Love this idea and as I have the stencil will give something similar a go. Glad you had such a great time at the party. Just got to finish the 3rd of the Christmas birthday cards: today, Boxing Day & 27th and my Christmas crafting will be done!!!! Here's to a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. Can't wait to become a diamond member!

  76. Love this idea and as I have the stencil will give something similar a go. Glad you had such a great time at the party. Just got to finish the 3rd of the Christmas birthday cards: today, Boxing Day & 27th and my Christmas crafting will be done!!!! Here's to a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. Can't wait to become a diamond member!

  77. What a lovely series of photos, certainly looks like fun. I remember this lovely artwork, even had a go at something similar, but using the wee folk too.
    Thank you for sharing all these memories.
    Happy Christmas to all at Clarity, and to all the lovely people I have met this year both in person and virtually through the retreats, shows and here on your blog xx

  78. I got up really early this Christmas Eve but I have not minded as I have happily been watching a repeat of your Groovi plates show on Hochanda.
    If I had to describe team Clarity in just one word it would have to be inspirational. Why? Because your products, your demos & your design team creations are all 'inspirational'.
    At this time of year we all begin to think of our new years resolutions and I'm sticking to just one & it is to treat myself to the Groovi starter set and get back into parchment craft. At least it's a resolution I know I can & will keep lol!
    Happy Christmas/Happy holidays to all & best wishes for the New Year ahead.
    Regards Linda x

  79. What a fun party, you are surrounded by such loyal staff Barb….you must treasure them, Yes wow what a year for Clarity, growing from strenght to strength in a very competitive market. I love this artwork, so beautiful. Merry Christmas and thank you for writing such an inspriring blog each day and for bringing Mindfulness here….I have been pointing my patients in this direction for some years and it is wonderful that you have got behind this too. With love xx

  80. What a fun party, you are surrounded by such loyal staff Barb….you must treasure them, Yes wow what a year for Clarity, growing from strenght to strength in a very competitive market. I love this artwork, so beautiful. Merry Christmas and thank you for writing such an inspriring blog each day and for bringing Mindfulness here….I have been pointing my patients in this direction for some years and it is wonderful that you have got behind this too. With love xx

  81. Barbara – Happy Christmas to you, your family and all the Clarity team. Thank you for a fabulous 10 days of new artwork and carefully selected reminders of previous blogs; I've loved them all.
    Glad you had a fantastic Christmas party with all the gang, you deserve it, here's a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016. Claire x

  82. Wow looks like huge fun and what a great way to celebrate a great year especially as Dave is now back in good health and Grace and Mark have come home for a while. Your team are truly fantastic! Always really helpful and polite. Artwork is as ever fab, and quite a typical Gray one X

    Much love

    Kim xx

  83. Another stunning bit of artwork. Anyone would be grateful to receive any of your work. I know I treasure the two pieces I have received over the years. I wish you, your family and your amazing Clarity team a peaceful Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2016.
    Lots of love,
    Linda. X

  84. Happy Christmas Barbara, Dave, Mark and Grace and the whole Clarity Team. I love this card and will definitely be revisiting your blog to see how to create this fantastic piece of artwork. Here's to a prosperous 2016 to you all and can't wait to see what is planned because it is sure to be great.

  85. Guten Morgen Barbara,
    ach was für eine schöne Karte, und Schneeflocken, wie ich die in Echt vermisse.
    Heute ist nun bei uns Heiligabend und wir sollen wieder 12 Grad bekommen, na super.;-)
    Eure Party scheint ja echt super gut gewesen zu sein und wie schön, dass ich endlich mal Gesichter zu den E-Mails, die ich ab und an mal von Deinem Team bekommen, sehen kann.:-)
    So liebe Barbara, ich wünsche Dir und Deiner Familie schöne und besinnliche Weihnachtstage und lasst es Euch gut gehen.
    Herzliche Grüße sendet Sabine

  86. Hello Barb, love this card, have tried it, but not with a Christmas theme, and it is addictive. Would love the own the Christmas original. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your Christmas lunch, it looks like you had loads of fun. Merry Christmas to you, Dave, Grace, Mark, Mum, Dad and all the Clarity team and blog family. May you have a peaceful and joyful time. Bx

  87. It's a beautiful cards as always Barbara, it's amazing all the cards and stamps that get forgotten over the years, there's been so many.

    Looks like you had a great party there, well done to you all getting through Gray Weekend. Merry Christmas everyone x

  88. Love the card. Very effective. It looks like everyone had a lovely time at lunch. You and your team have worked really hard and really deserve lots of praise and appreciation. I hope they all have a lovely Christmas, and come back fully refreshed to face the new madnesses of 2016!

  89. Late entry (as usual!!) but love this card. I finally managed to get my Christmas cards finished yesterday (fortunately they were for local friends so hand delivery ensures they reach their destination. Lovely pictures of Clarity Team … you may recall I asked if you had a job whilst at the Retreat in August … these pictures show just what a good, solid, cheerful and happy team you have. Many many thanks to each and every one of them who has got all the Clarity goodies to us crafters over the last 12 months. Really looking forward to see what you have in store for us next year. Just received another Clarity happy post which includes the Star Burst colours so guess what 2016 will be starting with. Happy happy Christmas to ALL at Clarity – wish you all a happy healthy and busy 2016. Love Alison xxxx

  90. I'd forgotten this card, which I thought beautiful in September. Still think it's beautiful !!! Must remember it for next year. Happy Christmas everyone and a healthy New Year (more important than a Wealthy New Year.

  91. Merry Christmas Clarity crew well done for all your hard work over such a busy year and hope next year continues to be even more successful for you and your lovely boss as she deserves it with bells on..xx Dot..x

    1. Hi Brenda keep strong my friend I know this time off year won't be easy for you its a wee bit hard for me to but I love being on this wee blog and love that I met you here's yir wee cuddle it will come faster noo the bridge is open lots of love..Dot.xx

  92. Dear Barb, Dave, the 'kids', Romeo and the Clarity team, you are all amazing.
    Have a lovely Christmas
    PS – I'm thinking of popping down to Ally Pally next year if you are there again?!

  93. Hi Barb, anither beautiful artwork!
    Merry Christmas to all of the Clarity Team. The Clarity Christmas lunches photos are fab and it looks like a merry time was had by all. How wonderful to have your grown up children with you too.
    We have our daughter who lives in Portugal with us and our son and granddaughter too, all cosy on our narrow boat! It is the first time for many years that we have spent Christmas together.

    I am looking forward to seeing what the next developments of Clarity will be and hoping to get to some of the Clarity days or even retreat.
    Have a fabulous time and some r & r xx

  94. I love this card & it is definitely on by to do list! Merry Christmas to all at Clarity stamps you seem to be a great bunch and if work is a pleasure that goes such a long way. Jacqui

  95. How very heartwarming to see you and your Clarity family having a celebration. They really are a family and are the essential support system for all the CREATIVITY that flows out of the CLARITY hub.
    May I take this opportunity to thank you Barbara and your Clarity Family for making our days brighter. Merry Christmas!!

  96. Love the way you have used the stencil in this card, which is one we have in our stash. Must remember to use it more. We have been without the internet for almost a week so haven't been able to read your blog, but I shall be catching up with them all later today.
    Margaret xxx

  97. So glad you all had fun yesterday – your team is certainly one of the best I've come in contact with. Always do their best to help. I remember you blogging this card – liked it then and still do. A lovely treat for whoever wins it. Hugs to you and Dave xx

  98. I'm catching up again Barbara, for some reason no matter how much we prepare Christmas Eve is always a rush lol! Just got a couple of chores to do then we is as ready as we can be.
    It is so beautiful and lovely to see photographs of you and your team enjoying a Christmas lunch. I remember so vividly when it was you and two members of staff and you doing your best to make the whole she-bang work for you, it's so awesome and lovely to see how you and Clarity have grown.
    I wish you and your lovely family a lovely, happy, warm and perfect Christmas.
    Another beautiful and awesome creation, thank you so much for the chance Karen xx

  99. Beautiful card, very evocative although not much of the white stuff this year! Lovely to see you all enjoying your Christmas lunch, what a team you have you should all be justly proud, it's an honour to use your products and to be inspired every day. I have a stash of groovi products awaiting me to have a proper 'go' at.
    Very happy Christmas to you all, enjoy your Christmas break X X X X X

  100. I reckon all your team deserved that meal and you the relaxing fun time. Lovely photos and card as well. Nice to have a reminder of past creations, do tend to forget all the marvelous artwork. Here's to a brilliant Christmas and a well deserved break. xx

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