Voting Is OPEN!

Voting Is OPEN!

Good evening everyone, Paul here posting on behalf of Barbara!

Barbara and Dave are currently driving through France to enjoy some time out and have a bit of a break after a manic few weeks and to celebrate Dave’s Birthday.

I must say that when I popped round to see them both on Tuesday evening, every room in the house was full of some amazing birthday cards – it was like walking into an art gallery – so much talent and creativity!

Anyway, some mega mega mega exciting news!

Look at all these nominations for The British Craft Awards 2016

Most Inspirational Blog
Barbara Gray’s Blog
Best Stamp Collection
Best New Craft Gadget
Groovi Range by Claritystamp
Craft TV Personality Of The Year
Barbara Gray
If you have a spare 5 minutes, please click on the link below and vote for us!
Go to:
The closing date for all votes is 11.59pm on the 17th December 2015
Right, I better get on – I have some prep to do for my upcoming TV shows on Sunday 22nd on HOCHANDA – I may hijack Barbara’s blog later next week with a peek of what I will be doing!

Happy Crafting and don’t forget to vote!!!

Paul x

57 thoughts on “Voting Is OPEN!

    1. Hi Jackie, just wanted to say how sorry I was to hear about your husband. Must have been a shock for you both. Sending lots of well wishes for a full and speedy recovery. XX

  1. Hello Paul – remember me "Green nose, workshop"!!!! Done my voting and looking forward to seeing you on the TV. Hope all is well with you
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

  2. Hi Barb & Paul,
    Have voted. Thanks Paul, looking forward to seeing you on Hochanda.
    Barbara & Dave have a great time in France, you deserve it, love Alison xxx

    1. Oh Donna I can always rely on you for a giggle! That's definately a Kenneth Williams 'oh Matron' moment! . My lovely friend Jackie came round for lunch today and we had a crafty catch up. Xxxxx

  3. Hi Paul, voting done. Haven't watched Marie's Show on Hochanda yet, been recorded to watch at leisure. Looking forward to your show next week.

    Have a super time in France Barbara and Dave, you deserve a well earned rest. Enjoy celebrating Dave's Birthday.

  4. Evening Paul great to having you blogging looking forward to your hochanda show
    Voted already
    Have a fantastic break away Barbara and Dave you both deserve a well earned holiday

    1. Hi Shelila hope you are ok. I've been chatting craft today but haven't managed any. Just been chatting to our daughter before the storm hits Scotland , it's quiet at the moment but I'm sure she will text I'm the morning as she walks to Uni with a weather report! Xxxxx

    2. That's so lovley chatting to your daughter is better than crafting for you and her special times ,I've managed to do some groovi today which was good hugs to you and your daughter hope the weather is calm as she goes to uni xxx

  5. Thanks for the heads up Paul – I'll get right on to voting before I head off on my hols. Good luck with your shows, but sadly I'll miss them as we'll be travelling. Barb & Dave enjoy your trip and belated birthday celebrations! Susan x

  6. Thank you Paul for reminding us about the voting and hope Barbara and Dave are having a good time in France, they both deserve the break! I saw Maria the other day and am looking forward to your shows too. x

  7. Hi Paul I get round to voting soon. I am so glad Dave and Barbara are having some time away. I am looking forward to finding out what you are listening to tomorrow if you are going into work. Hugs Jackie

  8. Hi
    I've voted

    Been thinking about you today Dot. And I've had my disco ball thing on today which made me think of Amy too. I think I've got the video capture software sussed for recording Barbara on your laptop. Let me know when you're ready and I'll try work out how to explain what you need to do, it's really easy to do a simple record, it's trying to explain it in words that will be hard!

    hi everyone else

    Hope Barbara and Dave have a great break away


    1. Hello my lovely Brenda , how lovely to 'see' you. I hope you and Daisy are ok and the storms aren't too bad where you are. Take care xxxxx
      I've been thinking about Dot today too, yes it was the funeral today – sending you a big hug Dot xxxxx

    2. Thank you everyone for thinking about me. The worst of the storm bypassed here, just been very windy. Been trying to snow this afternoon, but back to rain just now. xx

  9. Hi Paul
    Thanks for letting us know, I'm off to vote in a minute. I'm looking forward to your shows next week.

    Barbara and Dave safe journey and have a fabulous holiday xxxxxx

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