A Wonderful Horn of Plenty…

A Wonderful Horn of Plenty…

Well, here we are in French France,
back in Bretagne paradise,
celebrating Dave’s 60th in style. 
Nobody here except us and our friends,
Elisabeth and Alain.

The weather is glorious.

 When we landed last night,
we were given a warm and wonderful welcome.
I think that’s why we keep coming back. 
The place is idyllic, it really is.
But I think it’s the energy of the couple who own it
that is truly magic.
When we were here in the summer with all our friends,
the Groovi Parchment System had just been launched.
Elisabeth really enjoyed getting in the groove with us,
 and started  getting into parchment art.
Well look what she made for Dave:
Isn’t this just beautiful?

When you open up the card, there is a scroll…

and when you unfurl the scroll…

it’s all there – everything you could possible want in life.

And rolled up inside is a pen,
so that Dave can add his own wishes.

We arrive at 11pm.
the fire is roaring, the cottage is warm,
dinner ready,
fresh flowers on the table,
a wonderful welcome hamper.
Alain & Elisabeth with big smiles and hugs.
And this beautiful artwork for Dave.
Imagine that.
Do you wonder why we come back here every chance we get?!
Josselin market tomorrow,
and then I want to get my head round something…
guessed what it is yet?
love and hugs,
PS. Did very little today. 
Tooth hurty has moved into ear hurty. 

73 thoughts on “A Wonderful Horn of Plenty…

  1. You're right Barb it looks fabulous. How lovely to have all those delights waiting for you and what a beautiful card for Dave. Hope you both enjoy your break away and manage to relax a bit. Xxxx

  2. One of the loveliest places in the world and two of the loveliest hosts. Enjoy being spoilt and taking some time out together. So impressed with Elisabeth's work and glad to see Chocolat made it on the list!

  3. Hi Barbara, Hope you and Dave have a lovely Birthday holiday…Could you be getting your head around a new design club…(Stamp, stencil and Groovi) called the Diamond or Platinum club?
    Enjoy the rest, you both deserve it. xx Sally (spanner) xx

  4. Glad you are having a break and what a glorious card. So pleased for you both. Can i come with you next time? I need a break from grueling work. Perhaps I should just have a life of crafting as shrouds have no pockets – but then would not be able to buy your lovely goodies. Just received my poppies – wow. Have a great time
    Love to you both
    Anne (Reading)

  5. What a lovely welcome and beautiful work. Could you be even contemplating next years retreats, I know you mentioned sorting out dates recently. I hope though that it is planning your week off celebrating with Dave and having proper time off x

  6. What a lovely place and a great welcome from your french friends and a gorgeous card for Dave too. Sorry you are still in pain from your tooth Barbara and hope it soon settles down. Have a lovely day tomorrrow. x

  7. Beautiful and original card, stunning place, shame about the aches and pains, perhaps a couple of glasses of full bodied red could hit the spot. If it doesn't anaethetise the pain, it's enjoyable going down. Both enjoy your well earned rest away from it all. Lovely. Xx

  8. Hi Barbara and Dave
    What a glorious looking place,I hope you have a very restful stay as you both deserve it.
    Glad the weather is glorious as it's absolutely plelting it down with hail her.

  9. Brilliant, precious time for yourselves. Pampered as well. Shame about the tooth, try a sensitive toothpaste it works for me. Not sure what you are up to now, plotting again maybe. I will wait and see. Enjoy your break xxx

  10. Enjoy your break you both deserve your time away. I'm hoping for something pretty that I can colour. Received my newsletter today, beautiful designs again thank you. Hope your teeth and ears don't spoil your holiday. Xx

    1. Hi Donna – dare I say it, we had sunshine here in the end after torrential rain to start with. I hear they've had that funny white stuff in Scotland – hope you're keeping warm. Xxxx

    2. Hi Donna, well done you entering the challenge, haven't had the nerve to do that as yet. Made a couple more Christmas cards tonight. Hope you've had a good day.

      Hi Diane, Hi Sheila, Hi Dot and Hi Jackie hope you've had a good day, apart from the weather. Have you managed,any crafting.xx

  11. Hi Barbara, yay back to Hobbiton. 😉 And Alain and Elizabeth sound like they are honorary Hobbits. 😉 Just perfect. Apart from your pains, that's bad that you've got to suffer that while on your well earned holiday. Hope it settles down really quickly for you. Maybe regular rinses with an antibacterial mouthwash just in case there's any wee bit infection lurking there. Glad you've not got the horrible storms that are here. Hope you both have loads of fun and chill time and manage to get loads of mind photos. Love Brenda xx

    1. giving away your secrets there Donna – needing to live so near to the local Inn!!!! 😉 xx
      very windy and heavy rain a lot of the time and it tried to snow this afternoon but the worst of the storm bypassed here. xx

    2. It comes in pints!

      Snow! Oh my goodness, I love it when I don't have to drive anywhere. I wish it would snow look lovely and then go away again so we don't have the weeks of travel chaos. Xx

    3. Hi Brenda, great to gave you back again, glad a lot of the bad storms passed you by. We had the heavy rain here on and off all night and morning, but the sun came out a few times between the storms.xx

    4. Thank you. You wouldn't believe what I'm having to go through, but like Barbara has said before, this is the last place I want to be walking away from, so I'm trying hard to talk on here again. Xx
      Thinking about you Dot xx
      Are you sure a pint will big enough for you Donna?!!!! 😉 xx

  12. Glad to hear you have arrived to a wonderful welcome … Just what you two need. Hope the tooth/ear situation improves soon Barb. Just waiting for Chris and Lizzie's flight to land and looking forward to.celebrating my birthday with them 😀. Love Sis xx

  13. What a beautiful place! And such a warm welcome! So pleased you're enjoying your holiday!Also, what a lovely birthday treat for Dave's 60th 😊 Oh, and that BEAUTIFUL card! Really lovely! Sorry to hear about your tooth ache though. Hope it'll be better soon. Have a wonderful time ! xx

  14. As Debby said… Perfect place to celebrate Dave's 60th but also a perfect place to have a honeymoon.. Although you need a wedding first….but I'm sure that could be arranged!
    Enjoy your break and come back well refreshed! Xxx

  15. Hi Barbara
    What a beautiful place, no wonder you find your way back there time and again. Love the card too – good to see chocolate on the list. Now I wonder if that's going to be turned into a Groovi design? Enjoy the good food, good company , good weather and a good laugh too. Hopefully ear hurts and tooth hurty will go soon.
    Lots of love
    Diane xxxxx

  16. Have a wonderful break Barbara and come back with your batteries re charged.
    Mmmm are you trying to get your head around a groovi design club, that would be fantastic.
    Hugs Jackie

  17. Ah what a lovely place to relax and enjoy Dave's Birthday. What a lovely time we had there. Please say Hello from me to Elisabeth and Alain for me. The parchment scroll is lovely. I remember when you first put up pictures of these cottages, thinking how lovely it would be to go there! Have a lovely time all of you. Xx

  18. Hi Barb,
    What a fantastic place to celebrate Daves birthday – I'm sure you'll both benefit from being there. What a fantastic gift for Dave too, it's an absolute masterpiece. Hope ear hurty (& tooth hurty) goes away quickly. Love to you both, Alison xx

  19. Wow Barbara stunning place to enjoy yours and Daves time beautiful scroll
    Keep rinsing with salt water hope pain goes soon
    I've had a lovley time groovi ing tonight
    Could it be the winner of the bespoke stamp sets or our colouring book xxx

  20. Hello Barbara

    I wondered if you were returning to France. Have a lovely time and rest, both of you. Dave's card is a work of art. Elisabeth is a very clever lady.

    Hope your tooth/ear settle down without too much more problems.


  21. A stunning card and beautiful thoughts. Have a lovely break; these special places and times are so magical. We relish ours. Hope the tooth/ear improve very soon. Carol

  22. Glad you are both in such a lovely place to relax together for once. Never mind anything to do with work. Just have fun. By the way, following on from Wednesday and rude people, I was quite shocked at something that happened to me today at my local craft class. There is a lovely lady who keeps us supplied with tea etc, and helps to set up with all the bits and pieces, and I automatically thank her, as you would. She commented to me today that she noticed that I always said thank you and thanked me for that. It shocked me that it was something noteworthy. Is it so unusual these days? What do you all think? Meanwhile, I hope that your poor ear and tooth improve rapidly and you both have a lovely relaxing time. xxxx Maggie

    1. I would like to think it's not unusual out in the big wide world, but I certainly don't hear it as much as I would like. I am always reminding the children to say please and thank you. XX

    2. yep Maggie, please, thank you and sorry is a rarity these days. Like you I get complimented on using these words, and also that I am good at telling people when they've done something good /right! It's not the norm to do so these days apparently! xx

  23. Hi Barbara & Dave, what a beautiful place to be staying in, and what a lovely welcome. Dave's card looks amazing and must have taken hours to make. Do hope your hurty tooth and ear soon get better, if it doesn't, try to get some antibiotics in case it's infected. The pharmacies in France are very good. I'm thinking maybe you are planning the colouring book, or something much much bigger & better your Wedding???

  24. What a wonderful place and such a lovely couple. The card is fantastic. Sorry that your pain has now spread to your ear. Hope it doesn't spoil your holiday and whatever you have planned for tomorrow. Hugs &;love, Jeanette xxxx

  25. And relax. What a fabulous card from Elisabeth! Hope you enjoy your holiday and hope that your tooth improves soon. So sad to see what has happened in France this evening – thinking of everyone who has been involved and sympathies to all the affected families. Stay safe, Susan x

    1. Terrible news….my thoughts are with those in France and all the families affected by this awful events in France. Hope you are safe Barbara and Dave and friends.

      Pen x

  26. Hello Barb and Dave, the greeting for Dave is beautiful. Hope you have a lovely break with your friends. Stay safe. My prayers go out to all of those in Paris and their families. Bx

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