A Moment of Clarity on Mindful Wednesday.

A Moment of Clarity on Mindful Wednesday.

Hi there.
Thanks for making the time to read this blog today!
You see, that already tells me something about you. 
The fact that you take time out of your day to read my blog tells me you MAKE time for things. 
This is something that I am having to learn; 
to make time to do things other than work.
And I bet I am not alone; hands up all those of you 
who struggle with the Work / Life balance, like me!
But take comfort in the knowledge that you ARE stepping out of the Work Frame right now, whilst reading this blog.
I am too, actually. 
That’s what this blog does for me.
My pledge to myself to blog every single day 
ensures that every single day 
I  have to take myself out of the mainstream workplace 
and either get arty or get thoughtful. 
Or both.
To me, being creative is not work, not at all. 
We just had a manic 5 days at the NEC, pedalling like loonies.
Was it a success? Financially, it sure was.
Were we wiped out by the end of play on Sunday? 
Not too bad. It was gruelling.
Long hours, hot hall, loud crowds.
But was it hard work, showing people how to get in the groove?
Nope. Apart from when people were rude.
I always find that gutty.
But then again, the excited, motivated people far outweighed 
the nigglers and cynics.
Was it hard work getting arty with the Gelli Plate?
Nope. Apart from when people sneered at me 
and dismissed me as a sales con.
I tend to find that hard work and gutty.
That’s when I could have pulled the pin out of the hand grenade
and walked away, because at that point in time I really would really rather have been at home with Dave,
and not being abused by a bunch of rude strangers.
But again, they were few and far between. 
So work for me only becomes work when I have to work at it. 
When I am in full flow demonstrating, I am having fun, because I am being creative and it is mostly appreciated.  
When somebody is being rude to me, I have to work at not reacting, and then it becomes work.
Don’t you find that too?
There were a couple of very poignant moments at the NEC this time. 
A little girl had come to see me, but it was late in the day,
and we had agreed to make a card together the next day. 
She told me her name: Millie.
The next day, a couple of unpleasant women rattled me,
so I turned the other cheek and carried on, 
but to be really honest I wasn’t present
if you know what I mean. 
I was doing a Gelli demo in front of a big crowd, and it was fine,
but my head was elsewhere; I was in auto-pilot.
I worked my way through the anger in my head and by the end of the demo, I was back in the room.
That’s how craft works. 
Well at the end of the day, Paul handed me a card.
it was from Millie and inside it said, “Thank you”. 
Then it hit me. 
“Oh no!!!”  I wailed,
 “she was standing in front of me and I ignored her!”
The whole time I had been digesting those blimming rude women,
 I had been oblivious to the little dark-haired girl standing right in front of me. I had obviously registered her, otherwise I couldn’t tell you she was standing right in front of me. 
But my absence had stopped me recognising her.
I felt awful. And just to seal my guilt, 
that little innocence had made a card for me.
I could have cried. 
Now I will never be able to apologise to her for being just as rude as the women were to me, without even realising it.
But what Millie did for me was this:
the following day was Sunday, 
and whenever anybody talked to me, 
I made a conscious decision
to be 100% authentically present. 
Not thinking about anything previous or peripheral, 
or anybody except the person in front of me. 
Try it. You will be surprised how distracted you actually are, 
even when you think you are in the room.
And the fascinating fact was that by the end of play on Sunday, 
I was feeling fit and full of energy, not too drained at all.
So in conclusion, perhaps I expend unnecessary energy thinking at loads of different levels simultaneously,
when all I have to do is focus on what’s right in front of me. 
Thank you Millie. 
And I’m sorry. 
What must that little girl have thought. 
much love,

88 thoughts on “A Moment of Clarity on Mindful Wednesday.

  1. Hi Barbara, it's Jo (the girl with phone – groovi designs at the NEC).

    I'm in shock, people rude to you? Mille remember probably innocently thought you were busy, she wouldn't have left the card if she thought the opposite. Glad you rose above those negative people, I love your products nothing gimmicky here.. ps, my first time ever responding to a blog and it happens to be yours.

    Keep smiling and doing what you do..

    Jo x

  2. Hello Barbara my dear. What can I say! I hope the shout out to Millie finally gets to her. Lots of us have shared it for you. Hopefully her mum will read this blog. Hugs to you and chin up…..some people are just not worth bothering about, but it is hard when they are standing commenting right in front of you. Just goes to show who the BETTER PERSON is xxxxxx

  3. Lovely blog today! Now I've given up work I wonder how I managed it! Sometimes crafting is hard work for me though until I remember to look at all of you for inspiration!

    Perhaps the power of the Internet/Facebook even your blog might reunite you with Millie?! I'm sure she was happy to be watching you.

    Hope you've had some catch up time with Dave! Just seeing your pair of FB THAT YOUR BLOG IS UP makes me smile and I can't wait to red it! Sorry for the caps didn't realise they were on !! Xx

    1. Forgot to say, sod off to the rude people! They need to get a life !! Loved the Hochanda show today and looking forward to 6 pm one as well!! Well done to Maria!

  4. I'm sure Millie would forgive you Barbara. I'm just stunned and incredulous that people are actually rude to you!!!!! I feel angry just hearing that!! So, as it's mindful Wednesday, I'm taking a breath before continuing……These people are obviously unaware of all the help and inspiration you spread to us all completely free of charge and from the kindness of your own heart!! They clearly haven't been taught, as I was when I was young, that if you have nothing nice to say please say nothing at all!! And maybe next time they pass a stall they have no interest in they do so, without comment, and as quickly as possible!!!! Well I could go on but I must remember mindful Wednesday……back in the room. Thank you for everything you do Barbara xx

  5. Lovely blog. Millie has taught us all something through you! The problem with rude people is them not you. For some reason hard to ignore. Have some well deserved rest now and give that man of yours a big hug x x x

  6. Oh dear, poor little Millie and poor Barbara. Don't you worry, you know how resilient children are. I'm sure she didn't think badly of you, she was probably too much in awe of you – as we all are! You do great stuff and you're always trying to juggle so many balls and when someone is rude it's hard to remember the good stuff. There are some strange people in the world and they usually have the brain of a pea! So don't waste your time bothering with them. There are plenty of people who love you and think you're just great, just the way you are. Gosh, I'm rambling, sorry. xxx

  7. Barb – I cannot believe that people could be so rude to you, obviously the saving grace is that they are greatly in the minority. You were billed as the 'Queen of Craft' at the launch of Hochanda, you have really earned that title. So please just carry on giving pleasure and inspiration to so many of us. You will get better at the work/life balance but gosh it is hard, and does take such a lot of time to achieve it. Yes, I do speak from experience, and my body showed me just how bad I was at it. I am sure that you won't make the same mistake. Take care and enjoy some time with Dave now xx

  8. Words fail me. How can people be rude ? It's not that hard to be polite. They just don't realise what goes into these demos and days full of graft. I used to do a craft stall. Spent weeks making stuff costing the earth to make and hours of blood sweat and tears. Only to be struck down by rude ignorant people who want the earth for a quid. Just know that you are worth 100 of them. We love and appreciate you barb and so does milli I'm sure.

  9. Words fail me. How can people be rude ? It's not that hard to be polite. They just don't realise what goes into these demos and days full of graft. I used to do a craft stall. Spent weeks making stuff costing the earth to make and hours of blood sweat and tears. Only to be struck down by rude ignorant people who want the earth for a quid. Just know that you are worth 100 of them. We love and appreciate you barb and so does milli I'm sure.

  10. It always amazes me that these women think it's OK to be rude to demonstrators and teachers I have seen and heard it. Just think about it this way, they have to live with themselves and their bitter thoughts. The little girl wouldn't have made you the card if she hadn't enjoyed being in your company. Xxx

  11. Take no notice Barbara, people like that really are not worth the energy that you waste on them! They were clearly small minded individuals jealous of your generous heart and your talent, if I get to be even a quarter as good as you I will be happy.

  12. OH Barbara the time you give to your clarity followers the crafting and art you teach us the products you bring us that help you give us to face each day forget the rude ignorant people who are jealous of your wonderful creativity think of the girl called Millie who admires what you do hopefully she will follow your blog and know how much you liked her card well done Millie for been creative and caring.
    Have time out with Dave I've got hochanda on record to watch later as want to see Maria and Paul church demonstrate.

    1. Hi Sheila – hope you've had a good day – I had a lovely day with my sister and a trip to the hairdressers ( much needed!). It made me realise I don't spend enough time with my sister and must change that. Enjoy your evening xxxx

    2. So pleased you had some special time with your sister my friend popped this afternoon for a catch up chat which was nice I'm lucky to have such wonderful friends xxx

    3. Evening Sheila, how are your Christmas cards going? I'm not doing any tonight, but I am planning on colouring while watching the recordings of the Clarity shows from today. XX

    4. Hello Donna have been doing a groovi plate Christmas card the one with the car my groovi punch came today it's brilliant so hopefully get it all backed and Finnished of in the next few days I got to Finnish off my Santa in the sky like the one on the calendar not exactly as haven't got the season greetings but am impressed how it turned out thanks to Barbara inspiration glad you got to colour I haven't seen shows yet on record xxx

    5. I want to do this one too. I got the cityscape mask set so I could make Santa fly over different cities! Planning on giving it a go at the weekend. Glad to hear you have felt well enough to craft today. Xx

    6. Hi, Donna, Sheila, Diane, Dot and Brenda, lovely to see you back Brenda. Late tonight been to the cinema to see Spectre. Not really my scene but Hubby wanted to see it. It was quite good though. Spoke to my Son on the phone earlier told him we were were going to the pictures, he said "going where, you're back in the middle ages Mum" nice one. Well that's what it was called in my day. Reading all the comments taken me ages I'm a slow reader, can't believe that anyone could be so rude to Barbara. Haven't finished tidying up the craft room yet, been out most of the day. Yes I Diane I was covered in glitter the other day although I hadn't used it, my hubby said it was all over my face when I got downstairs. How on earth it got there I don't know. Take care, hugs to you all.xx

  13. Hello Barbara

    Try not to beat yourself up too much. It is the rude people with problems, not you or your Clarity team. Some people don't like being happy!

    Hopefuly Millie, or someone she knows, will read your blog and understand.

    Just to say I have been/am watching Maria. She is fantastic, such a natural in front of the camera.


  14. Hello Barbara

    Try not to beat yourself up too much. It is the rude people with problems, not you or your Clarity team. Some people don't like being happy!

    Hopefuly Millie, or someone she knows, will read your blog and understand.

    Just to say I have been/am watching Maria. She is fantastic, such a natural in front of the camera.


  15. Words fail me on the rudeness of some people – I just put it down to ignorance or envy on their part.

    My "getup and go" didn't get up with me this morning, so I had a pj morning and played a few mindless games on FB; but this afternoon I tackled and crossed off three more items from my "Executor To Do" list. (result! – as everybody I contacted were so helpful). I rewarded myself with some mindfulness, – building a watermill from a kit I bought from a craft stall in town. It was one of the same kits that Paul Church was demoing recently. Very therapeutic – and now I have another day to look forward to painting it.

    Hugs to all. xx

  16. Contd, thankfully they are in the minority but that doesn't make the hurt or anger any less. I am sure Millie will bounce back and hopefully someone out there might know wh she is and let her know that it wasn't intentionally meant.

  17. Barbara, it must be very hard demonstrating all day in a busy environment with people coming and going and some chipping in , and then trying to keep going and process it all. You are doing your best and I am sure Millie enjoyed the demo as she made you the card , bless her.
    Thank you for sharing , hope you and Dave have some lovely relaxing time together,
    Take care,

  18. Although you don't deserve to have people being rude and offensive in a way I believe you learnt something very valuable, rise above any rudeness otherwise it will pull down to their level. I just don't understand why people have to be rude we are all crafters and craft in itself covers a very large field of opportunities. So it is obvious there are going to be some that do not appeal to an individual, that being the case, then you wouldn't visit that stand.

    Loving Maria on Hochanda and recorded both her shows just love your Groovi plates.

    Eileen x

  19. That's it Barbara, focus on what is in front of you, what's important and shut out those negative vibes. Having a day where I am feeling I am achieving nothing and contributing not a fat lot, it's just I am unsettled because we have our big move this week and I don't know how to make it work when even I don't feel like I belong. So focus on what is in front of me, tonight I am going to get Groovi because that steadies the ship and rights the world. Tomorrow is another day, I'll deal with what is in front of me, who actively wants my help/advice etc and ignore the negative in the background coz it can just stay there, where it belongs, of no importance to anyone. Thank you for this, it has cheered me up immensely, that and all those extra goodies I've seen in bits on Hochanda, ooh you are naughty but I do like you!!!! Well done Marie, takes real guts to do live TV and loved it when you did the demos. Much hugs as always Karen xxx

  20. Hi Barbara
    Having seen you demo in front of the crowds ( and there's always crowds!), smiling, joking working the crowd , it doesn't seem possible someone would be rude to you, but I know there are those people out there. They should know to walk away and go and buy the stuff they like from the other stalls – no doubt the pound ones!!!!! I've also seen you interacting with young crafters, spending time gently showing them and coaxing them to gave a go. I'm sure you are still Millie's favourite person and you will come across her again one day. Enjoy your evening.
    Love Diane xxxx

    Hi Donna xxxx
    Hi Dot xxxxx
    Hi Brenda xxxx
    Hi Pam xxxx
    Hope everyone is ok xxxxxx

  21. Hi Barbara
    Just to let you know i came to the Nec on Saturday, Paul & Emma were brillent very helpful and giving lots advice on my Groovi questions. Please do not worry about the rude people ,somtimes they are just jealous of what you have achieved. You are a star in our eyes and brillant in all you do.
    Well have seen Maria on Hochanda today did a brillant job, and you are so naughty some more goodies for the Groovi plate!!!
    Have a great break , and glad to hear Dave is getting a whole lot better.
    Lynn xx

  22. Barbara, your words of wisdom and life observations are brilliant. I am so sorry to read that you had to endure rudeness at the NEC. I will never understand why people have to be like that, there really is no excuse for it. For myself I have been privileged, and yes that is the right word, to have been able to see you demonstrate in person a couple of times and I was enthralled and enchanted by the art certainly but also by you. You really are an inspiration so thank you. x

  23. I'm always sad to hear about incidences of rudeness, bad manners, shoplifting or other poor behavious at craft events – all the exhibitors work so hard to get their stock ready, plan all the demos, deal with their painful feet and it must be so frustrating to experience such negativity. I'm so happy to hear that your strategy made your last day so much more enjoyable. Millie sounds like a delightful child, and was obviously so inspired by you to have made you a thankyou card – I hope you can find her and talk to her to put a smile on both of your faces! Happy holidays, Susan x

  24. I am so sorry but the world is full of such people that they spioled your day but they are only a few there are more who love you and really love everything you do for us all and Millie must have understood and thank you bless her glad Sunday was back on track. Have loved seeing her back on TVs today she is fantastic lady really hope you and Dave have had a good day lots love and hugs Joy and of cause Katie xxx

  25. I am sure that little girl was just entranced by your demo and probably never gave it a thought. I know there were some very rude people about on the Saturday, I could hear them as we wandered round. Why? I do not know what they achieve. I like to think I am polite to all but maybe that is because I have been on the other side and have been spoken to in a very rude way. Anyway we enjoyed our visit to your stand even my daughters who are not really papercrafters. Now enjoy some time with Dave who I hope is still improving. xx

  26. Good evening I have taken time out to read your blog and hope to learn something new each day. Today I have …. be focused and listen.

    Words fail me how there are people who can be so rude. I did see your request on facebook that you were looking for Millie.

    I really enjoy your blog and have just started one myself. Day today's blog was all about shaving foam……..boy I got in a mess but I was enjoying the experience.

    Anyway happy days Pen x

  27. How enlightening – I shall try that tomorrow when I have very, very, rude people to deal with at work.
    And now – HUMBLE, HUMBLE apologies to Clarity Towers. Evidently our computer went ape-….and produced 163 e-mails to PETE. I only wanted the answer to a problem with a stamp!!!
    I wonder if he counted them! Well, so, so sorry and the computer still having a benny at itself.
    Love the blog, love Clarity, love Barbara and everybody – what else can I say. Poh bah to technology and its servers
    Anne (Reading)

  28. Loving your inspirational blogs, as said by others its just sad negative, waste of space people who will always be glass half empty & make nasty comments without a thought to how it makes others feel. From experience I know that even with everything going on in your life you always have time for others. You have soo many people who love everything you do for us, tips,techniques, depleting bank balances (all in a good cause of course) Ignore the hecklers, wish I'd been there to put them right though! Hope you & Dave are going to take some 'chillin out time' Great shows with Maria today,will ask for an autograph at our next class, I'm sitting on my wallet at the mo, trying to resist the new groovi's. Hugs x

  29. Barbara I came to the NEC on the Thursday armed with my Clarity shopping list and a friend new to the crafting bug! We stood and watched you along with other like minded ladies doing the lovely Christmas tree stencil on the gelli plate. We also watched Maria and Paul. We passed by several times and you were all working with such passion. I managed to speak to Jane, whilst buying all my goodies, and was thrilled when Jane mentioned that Dave was finally on the mend and the cause of his illness. Sadly I was unable to get to you to say hello.
    I am sure you will have inspired Millie, you must have for her to say thank you! It should be the ladies that were rude to you that should feel guilty not you, but that is the sort of person you are …..caring!
    I hope Dave continues to make a full recovery and you enjoy some quality time together.
    Love Alex X

  30. I am actually quite shocked to hear that people were rude to you! why would anyone be like that to you, you're so hard working and dedicated to your love of craft and always so happy to impart your knowledge. Gladly like you say they are few, so don't dwell on them when you have so many happy followers. Enjoy your break, but don't get too use to it and forget to back in the groove or should I say Groovi! x

  31. Hi Barbara
    I know just how those rude people made you feel……. There is no justification for people like that.when you are sharing your time and amazing skills and inspiration with others. They are probably very sad and talentless people. Thankfully there are thousands of appreciative people who out weigh their negative comments with tons of good wishes and awe for your seemingly endless dedication to your craft, and sharing it with others.
    On behalf of those many thousands of people…..THank you.
    And to those who were rude…….shove off!!!!!

  32. OMG! Rude to you when you are working hard to inspire people to get creative? Some people obviously find great enjoyment in sneering and picking holes in other people, I have NEVER understood why some people do this? Were they not taught manners when they were young? You need to be strong and rise above these negative wingers, I know it must be hard when you are standing there doing your best, must really put a black cloud over things. I know there would have been many, many more lucky people that watched you and went away with the confidence to try and the courage to start on their crafty journey.
    I really hope you find Millie, I'm sure you will. Working in a school is such a full on pace that occasionally I find myself half listening when the children are talking, while in my head I'm thinking about the groups coming up, the paperwork that needs filling in, the resources that I need to locate etc. I hate doing it, and I try really hard to make sure it hardly happens. I use the technique of using the same words they have said back to them so they know I have heard what they are saying. We have a session of golden time one day a week and I used to use that time to catch up on the odd jobs that needed finishing. Now I spend it joining in, playing, making paper planes, colouring (guess who introduced that special activity!) talking to the children, They love it and so do I!
    Have a restful evening reading all your blog comments and hope they all lift your spirits.
    Love Donna XX

  33. Barbara please don't let small minded people into your head they just are not worth it & hopefully it will be them feeling bad for being so rude & thoughtless. I know it's easier said than done having worked in retail for many years & been on the receiving end of many irrate & often irrational customers. My motto is to always try to speak to others as you would like to be spoken to. Have a wonderful holiday & recharge your batteries with the love of your life. His words should be the only ones you take to heart (& the many positive things other have already said!).
    Much love to you both – Lynne xx

  34. Hi Barbara
    I'm sure Millie fully understood and was just happy she had met you,otherwise she would not given you a thank you card,but I do hope you manage to get contact with her some how as I think it would make her day.
    Forget the rude poeple and just enjoy your time with Dave.

  35. I don't understand why people bother to go to things and then complain or are rude all the time. Such a waste of energy. Glad you are over it now. I'm sure Millie would have understood. Enjoyed the show with Maria and have recorded the second one to watch tomorrow.

  36. Hi Barb,
    I can't understand why people have to be rude. My parents instilled in me that manners don't cost anything and that was what I tried to get over to my classes when I was teaching. I'm sure Millie was just thrilled to bits that she had met you – I don't believe she would have given you the card if she was upset with you, but I do hope that she or someone who knows her, reads this. Don't let the horrible people get to you, you give so much to so many people and I for one thank you for everything that you do for us. Try to forget them and focus on having a good time with Dave. Love Alison xx
    Ps well done to Maria, great show xx

  37. Hi Barbara I don't understand how anyone could be rude to you it does take all sorts. I know what a drain those type of people can be. I so wish everyone could be lovely and appreciative. Do take care. Hugs Jackie

  38. I am absolutely astounded that anyone could behave so badly and be so rude. I am glad I did not hear them otherwise……….. I am sure that Millie's Mum will read this and understand what happened and be able to help Millie understand. I wish those miseries could understand how much it must take out of you and all the other demonstrators to be doing the same things so many times each day. Most people perhaps see only one demo and then move on. They do not see and listen to the many, many times you explain the same techniques throughout a day, and still manage to make it fresh each time, and see how many people you help with a problem, either crafting or personal. I hope you and Dave are now able to find some time to yourselves to make up a litle for last week. xxx Maggie (No 1 Stalker)

  39. 'The enemy wouldn't be attacking you if there wasn't something very valuable inside they wanted. Burglars don't break into empty houses. You got a purpose' Sorry, I can't give credit to the author as he/she is unknown.

  40. I can never understand people's need to be rude, they may not like your work ( can't understand why), then why are they there – move on and if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing. I love your work along with thousands of others. Rest and re-fuel and then craft us something else beautiful. xx

  41. We're all human , really tho' we are spiritual beings having a human experience . That's where your humanness came forward and your spiritual self when you realize and change .,

  42. Just to say how much my friend Lynda & I enjoyed your demo on Saturday, we felt you were there for us! Stuff all the rude women, the only demo they are capable of giving is of their own ignorance! Ali xx

  43. I can not take it in that people are rude when people are demonstrating their craft. Knowing how hard you work to help us enjoy our crafting I can imagine how you felt. I do hope Millie's Mum reads your blog so that she will know how sad you are about what happened. Marie was really good with the Groovi plates and very confident. well done

  44. Oh Barbara I'm always incredulous at how rude people can be. If they were that unhappy with what you were doing way didn't they walk away – no-one was holding them to ransom and forcing them to watch you. As others have said, I do hope someone who knows Millie reads your blog and I'm sure she'll understand. Hugs xx

  45. Ignore these people , just no manners. I always enjoy your demo's and I learn such. A lot. On Sunday you even gave me your own mask as it had sold out, how kind and generous, you did not have to i Would have ordered it. But thank you , it just shows what a nice person you are, don't give these people another thought , they are not worth it.

  46. i really don't get why people have to be rude. if they didn't like what you did then they should not have stopped at your stall and moved on.
    anyway i know exactly where you are coming from. happens to me at work quite frequently. and i do have to be very present in the room so then all that frustration ends up coming home with me and then the kids get it. wish i could take time out by crafting before they rattle me with their constant demands, but alas when you have younger kids that is just not possible.
    so despite everything you are blessed and maybe the rudeness is just another way to express how envious they are….. hugs xx

    1. Theresa, when I was teaching full-time and under severe pressure, I had one way, that worked for me, to leave the stress behind at the end of the day. I had one special audio tape which I put into the car player. The volume was in direct relation to the kind of day I had had. Bad day = full volume and me singing at the top of my voice. I only had a short journey but I learned to sing out my frustrations and leave them on the road. Most of the time, it worked. xx Maggie

  47. How horrible for you. Why on earth would people behave like that? Idiots! I look forward to reading your blog every day and it's become part of my bedtime ritual. I always sit up in bed for a while every night with my IPad looking at Facebook, checking emails and reading your blog. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to blog every day.
    I'm really struggling at the moment to find time to craft and am getting increasingly frustrated by this. Work is tiring and demanding so my creativity is hard to find in the evenings which leaves just the weekends but sometimes there's just too much other stuff that needs to be done and the weekend has disappeared before I know it! As a last resort I'm taking two days off next week and will be spending both days in my craft room making Christmas cards and canvases for gifts. Can't wait!

  48. The opinions of people who are rude or stupid don't count for anything and you almost have to pity those who are naturally negative. The shame is the fallout on Millie, but I'm sure she was thrilled to see you in action and maybe your thoughts will reach her.
    Looking forward to catching the TV shows I recorded.

  49. Oh Barbara, put those awful rude and negative people right out of your head. They don't deserve another thought. I was brought up with the saying " if you can't say anything good about somebody don't say anything at all", rise above them and just be yourself. We love you and all what you do is AMAZING. Be confident, it's their loss, they are just jealous and need to learn some manners. xx

  50. Hi Barbara
    I am late again. I am watching my recording of Maria on Hochanda. I must have the Mother & Child and Hearts plates. They are quite beautiful. I just don't understand why some people are so rude. I am like you and try so hard not to be drawn in. It's such a waste of emotion but it can be hard sometimes to not be affected. You are a lovely person and an inspiration to us all.
    Hugs from Chris X

  51. You know the ones that make those rude comments, that are mean, they are the ones that are jealous. Jealous of your talent, jealous of your work and your success. Ignore them and always be aware that we would not be here if we weren't awed by your art and creativity. There are always a few bad apples in the barrel and it's a damn shame we can't shoot them, but hey I don't care what they think or say any more and neither should you.
    As for Millie I bet she realised you were busy and distracted and because of that she didn't reach out to you then, she left a card to thank you Barbara, no one else you. I bet you made her day huni. Now you and Dave need to have a break and let go of the work worries for a bit. Take care and ignore the haters, we're all here and lapping up your creativity and your art. You are one damn fine teacher and artist Barbara Gray and don't ever forgot it. Big hugs to you and Dave Karen xx

  52. Hi Barbara,
    It's all been said in the previous comments, especially Karen's just above. In a way I guess we have to feel sort of sorry for them and pity them that they have nothing better to do. Anyway Barbara, on the bright side of life you have made one little child – Millie very happy and I am sure she will treasure the memory of that day as I'm sure you will treasure the card. Have a wonderful weekend with Dave and all your friends.
    Hugs to you and Dave from Marie.

  53. Liebe Barbara, Sie sind ein wunderbarer, herzlicher und natürlicher Mensch mit zauberhaften Ideen und teilen Ihre Freude am Gestalten mit uns. Ich fühle mich nach jedem Ihrer Videos besser und freue mich, dass es Sie gibt.
    Stundenlang kann ich Ihnen zuschauen, zuhören und habe das Gefühl, ich bin selber mittendrin. Die kleine Millie kam wieder zu Ihnen, schaute zu und es war für Millie bestimmt genauso, als hätten Sie mit ihr persönlich gebastelt. Sie war garantiert glücklich, dass Sie wieder da waren und sie ihre Karte überreichen konnte.

    Unzufriedene, uninteresssierte und grimmige Leute, die einfach nicht das Schöne erkennen, wird es immer geben. Diese Leute waren einfach am falschen Ort 🙂

    Bleiben Sie so, wie Sie sind.
    Thank you for everything
    und herzliche Grüße

  54. I am so sorry this happened really hope that these folk are in the minority. I have found lots of new friends since I started crafting and have found everyone to be so generous with time and sharing their expertise. Hope you enjoy your time off.
    I so enjoyed seeing Maria's demonstrations on TV too, how fantastic to be able to get an extra helping of Clarity. I am gradually trying to improve my Groovi efforts and I am sure this can only help

  55. I am appalled that some people can be so mean spirited and rude to you when you are giving so much enjoyment to others. If they prefer a different style of crafting then I cannot understand why they don't just visit a different stand. I have always admired the way you create, it's just a shame you cannot bottle it :-).

    I'm glad you managed to turn it around. Just remember it is the empty vessels that make the most sound. I'm sure the vast majority of visitors to your stand came away with inspiration and happy thoughts.

    Sending a hug to irradiate the negativity of the few.

  56. I can't believe that some people can be so rude. What were they doing there in the first place? I'm sure Millie understood. You are a very talented lady and have now got me hooked into the Groovi!

  57. I work with the general public, and although most people are a joy to look after, some beggar belief with their attitude and unpleasantness. I have come to the conclusion that they are deeply unhappy people, and nothing will make them otherwise. So, although their behaviour makes me secretly want to strangle them, I actually feel sorry for them. True crafters know the secret of how to release the tensions in our lives through what makes us happy, whatever the preferred craft, and there are plenty to choose from. Don't let the buggers grind you down, we all love and appreciate you, as did your little admirer.
    I loved seeing Maria back on the t.v. again. I love her humour and her talent, and doest she look fabulous, it took me a few seconds to recognise her. Well done Maria. Xx

  58. I would say that it is unbelievable that people can be so rude, but unfortunately some people don't seem to be able to help themselves. Their negative mindset must make them so unhappy; I can only feel sorry for them. I can't help but be amazed that you take time out of your incredibly busy day to blog and share your thoughts and talent with us. Your blog is one that I check daily and it helps me feel part of the loving, sharing, giving community that true crafters are. I love to read everyone's comments and am humble to be a small part of the Clarity team – if only through mostly 'lurking'. I, too have been thoroughly enjoying Maria's demos on Hochanda. I've ordered the set of 4 Christmas plates and the mother and child set – can't wait!
    Enjoy your well earned break – even if you do find it hard to stop working.

  59. Right – get this piece of inside information/advice – it's a bit long winded, but stick with it!
    When I worked in a call centre for 'customer comments', there was rarely a day I did not get told to f*** off. It used to bother me a bit – was it me? – until I saw a wonderful customer service training film starring John Cleese. One of the 'sketches' showed a customer f*** ing and blinding at the telephone operative, then 'we' went to the customer's house earlier that day when someone had run over his cat and he was distraught and took it out on the poor person at the end of the phone. I saw things differently from then on – it is soooo much easier to feel sorry for someone than to feel anger. Remember this if you ever get nasty people again.
    Have a good holiday.

  60. Unfortunately when part of an event where there are thousands of people passing through there are bound to be a few carpers and criticisers which can be really demoralising Barbara but you mustn't let it get to you. People like that are just jealous of your fantastic creativity and business acumen and drive to succeed and your obvious love for everything you do which is so inspiring and is the reason you have so many loyal followers. Little Millie will have been delighted just to be there and see you, and it shows how much you care that you feel sad you didn't recognise her when she came back. Stay true to yourself Barbara and don't let others insecurities drag you down!! x

  61. Just want to say that it has been pretty grueling over the last few weeks as we have found out my Mum has cancer amongst many other things, and my days are very full, looking after her and working full time, but I want you to know that I come to your blog every day, and every day you make me smile, and give me courage to face the next. That takes someone very special, and that is exactly what you are, and very talented too! 🙂

  62. Dear Barb, those people are just not worth the effort! Just look at the love and appreciation of your blog followers, little Millie and the loyalty of your team. Your blog always inspires me, whether it be words or art. Wish I had been there to hear them, cause I dont keep my big mouth shut! Take care and stay the lovely person you are. Missing Maria's shows as am away for work :-(. Bx

  63. Cannot understand the mentality of some people, you are so talented and inspirational, don't let them grind you down I, like so others read your blog everyday but don't always comment. Have a well deserved break with Dave, enjoy.

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