How Sad this Day

How Sad this Day

Hi there.
Friday, 13th November.
It will go down in history as a very, very sad day.
Especially here in France. 
We woke up to the country reeling from last night’s events in Paris.
No, the world. 
It was Grace in New York who flagged the massacre up to us.
All the way from America.
What dreadful, evil people there are in the world.
To open fire on innocent people, to gun them down.
I don’t know about you, but I really struggle with horrors like this;
they seem to abound nowadays, too.
I know we can’t let the bastards get to us, frighten us,
or else they’ve accomplished their target. 
But it isn’t fear which racks me – no, it isn’t fear.
It’s a deep sense of wrong, of terrible, violent wrong.
This afternoon, it was time to get my feelings out.
Words weren’t working,
so I decided to tackle the new lino cutting project 
I have been planning for months. 
Ironically, I had been struggling for a subject, because lino-cuts always strike me as quite raw, sort of naive.
I had no idea what I was doing. 
Not a clue.
But that wasn’t important at all. 
I knew to cut away from myself, so as not to hurt myself,
and with that knowledge and no other,
I started to try and work through the chest pains,
the sadness in my heart.
Drew round a little saucer straight onto the grey lino.
Sketched the Eiffel Tower into the circle.
No eraser to hand, not important.
I do not seek perfection here!
I am trying to speak when words fail me – literally. 

Time to begin with the cutting and slicing.
Not that hard.
Don’t cut too deep, and keep your eye on the road ahead,
like riding a motorbike. 

Never done this before. 
The closest I have ever come to lino printing 
was with a potato print. 
Not that it matters.
I don’t think I have ever cared less about the outcome of a project.

This was an exercise in thinking through my feelings,
 and letting them out on the lino.

From intricate focus on the tower legs,

to gouging out the middle and creating a divide.

Writing backwards?
Have had plenty of practice with our Groovi art.
And my anger?
I hacked and stabbed away at the lino until it subsided. 
I made crosses for all the poor souls
who went out to have some fun on a Friday night, 
and paid dearly for that right. 
I made stars for all the families and friends who will never ever understand how it could happen.

Then I spread some special lino ink on a mat 
and spread it on the lino with a brayer.
I laid a sheet of copy paper on the wet ink 
and rubbed the back with a spoon.

And here is my first lino print.
I hacked and cut, and whittled away at a piece of blank lino,
until it said what I was feeling.

And I know it did its job,
because when I pulled the print and looked at it,
the tears flowed. 

I shall not pull another print.
One piece on copy paper is all that was needed 
to express what I feel.
Alain just came to talk about Paris,
and I gave him the print.
It belongs here in France. 
love and serenity always.

83 thoughts on “How Sad this Day

  1. We here in America share the sadness . Isn't it amazing have interconnected and entangled we all are? What affects one ripples out and affects us all. Like a pebble tossed into a pond .
    Love shall prevail and in our shock , anger , those of us who forge on in LOVE shall prevail . Love peace and joy . Jan

  2. What a blessed tribute to the lost and the survivors of Paris. Indeed a picture does paint a 1000 words on a day when words and comprehension fail.

  3. Perfect art work for a day such as this. What a sad world, why would anybody think these barbaric acts solve anything. The taking of innocent lives, the destruction of loving families so cruel and so angering. I find it hard to understand why man can't just live in peace and go about their business and enjoy life. Think I need to craft this evening the Groovi will be perfect for focus sing and relaxing my mind. Think a French inspired plate would be a good idea!

  4. Know what you are saying, feeling it too. Glad you got the lino out too, very fitting artwork. Have been distracting myself all day with different stuff. All we can do is think on with those people suffering today, spreading all our hope and positive support that together we can help tomorrow be a bit better than today. Keep well and let yourself relax and enjoy your break, don't let some misguided souls spoil your well earned break, that lets the bad guys win. Love Karen xxx.

  5. I saw your print before I read this blog….it is such a tribute to all those who lost their lives and to those who are really hurting in the aftermath either physically or emotionally! Enough said! X

  6. I saw your print before I read this blog….it is such a tribute to all those who lost their lives and to those who are really hurting in the aftermath either physically or emotionally! Enough said! X

  7. Barbara when I heard the news yesterday I thought immediately of you and Dave actually being there. Your art work expresses how the whole world is feeling after this senseless violence. We all feel it could so easily have been us no one deserved this to happen to them. Our hearts go out to those who mourn. Love Jackie

  8. Totally there with you Barb. I saw it on the news during the night. I don't have any words, it's too deep, in fact my brain is literally totally blocking it out most of the time, highly unusual for me, except when severely traumatised by something, maybe that explains enough.

    The only positive I have seen today that did give a wee bit lift to my heart for a millisecond, a piece of mobile phone footage of survivors at the football stadium leaving along the tunnel signing the French national Anthem at full voice. They /we will rise above it, those despicable creatures may knock us down, may take away some of us, but those that remain will rise again stronger and more determined to live our lives not only for ourselves but for all the innocent people who through such callous uncalled for atrocities no longer can.

    Glad you managed to find a way to work through it Barbara. Hope you've got more of that lino you can cut and gouge out of if it overwhelms you again. Try to make the most of your break away still, don't let them win. I think I'm going to try defiantly make myself do something enjoyable this evening, in my own wee way fingers up to those despicable creatures and honouring those that so tragically have had their lives cut short while enjoying themselves at the end of a working week xx

    1. Yeah me too Pam, did my best, did a tiny wee bit and I've sat here doing nothing ever since, head elsewhere and heart sinking lower and lower! hugs back to you xx

  9. Today I feel sad as a mother. I feel such sadness for all those mothers who last night said " goodbye love, have a lovely time, see you in the morning " to their kids as they set off to enjoy s music concert. Only for those poor mothers, " the later" never came. How many times have we all, as mothers, been in the same situation , sending our kids off to enjoy themselves, certain that e would have the opportunity to ask " did you have a good night love, tell me all about it" so today I weep for mothers everywhere especially those who will never again be able to hold their children close to them. Such young people, their young lives wiped out in the blink of an eye by bloody ,evil fanatics in the name of a cause. They show no respect, no remorse, no conscience. A very sad day indeed. Rest in peace young people. X Lynda Lamb

  10. Don't often comment, others do it far better than me. Your blog tonight sent shivers down my spine and made the tears flow again, for those poor French people who lost their lives and those still critically injured. It's got to stop!

  11. I had the news on last night in bed and watched the terrible atrocities unfold
    There is no words
    Just send our love
    Our thoughts
    Loving hugs
    To one and all xxx
    I too crafted today using my Santa star & corner set as it helped me Through such a sad day to loose myself into mindfulness craft xxx

  12. I cried when reading your blog and watching the terrible news. Religion no not in my bible. A lovely tribute Barbara. My thoughts are with all the heart broken families in France tonight

  13. I had seen the breaking news through the night as it had flashed up on my phone, there are no words that can amply cover the huge void many families will be feeling, the fear that so many faced and the pain the survivors are suffering both physical and mental. You are a passionate soul who has turned the sadness in to art and leaving it where it belongs.
    There is so many awful things in the world, I struggle to fathom the need for what goes on … Such a waste of innocent life.
    Thank you for sharing and well done on the first Lino print, my memory if doing those at school was fingers covered in plasters!
    As ever much love
    Kim xx

  14. Hi Barbara
    Such a sad day, your blog and artwork are just right and yes, just one print and it stays in France. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been affected by this and yes as a mum I too feel the pain of the mums who said goodbye to their children last night for the last time. Thank you for sharing this with us Barbara.
    Much love
    Diane xxxx
    Sending everyone a hug tonight – I think we need it x

  15. You have said it all Barbara. I feel such a deep sadness in my heart and soul. Yep they are wrong and we can't let them get away with it. But this world will never be the same because of some evil persons. Dave and you need to keep safe my friend and my heart will bleed for Paris for a long time xxx

  16. Hi Barb,
    I was reading your blog this morning whilst watching the tv and there was a pianist in Paris (I think) who was playing Imagine and then pictures from all around the world showing buildings that had been lit up in red, white and blue. It was so poignant ,there were tears pouring down my face. I don't understand how people can be so cruel and positively evil and all in the name of religion! Your Lino print says it all and how special that you gave it to Alain to stay in France. I hope that you can put this awful event to one side and enjoy your stay in France with Dave. Brittany is such a lovely part of the country and thankfully away from Paris. Love and hugs to you both and to everyone affected ,Alison xxx

  17. You have said it so eloquently Barbara. Glad you managed to get some of those feelings out. Being as old as I am, I really worry what kind of legacy are we leaving for our grandchildren.

  18. Beautifully put. So sad and awful. And not only for Paris – for all the other places in the world where innocent people are being murdered in the name of false gods and false governments and false prophets. Thanks for poignant and eloquent artwork, Barbara.

  19. Hi Barb,

    You have done Paris proud, no words needed we all feel the great sadness and this is monoscule to how the Parisians must be feeling. Thoughts and prayers go out to them all.

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  20. Your words says it all Barbara, these people are evil. Our thoughts and prayers are with those in Paris who have lost loved ones. A very sad day for all in France.

    Beautiful lino print Barbara, I have never heard of this craft before. Tackling something new gives one pause for thought and helps to heal.xxxx

  21. I remember you talking about the Lino Barbara it's lovely no words can express how the good people of this world are feeling just now thank you xxxxlove to Dave. June Horrocks xx

  22. I would have replied sooner Barbara, in memory of all those innocent people, who so tragically died at the hands of those ignorant and cowardly animals! But I was at a friend's daughter's wedding who proved that beautiful things do happen in this world too. R.I.P all those beautiful souls x

  23. A truly awful thing to happen and your lino print is perfect and says it all. Our thoughts must be with all those people who have lost loved ones. Unfortunately I don't see this kind of thing ending any time soon as these people rate life very cheaply and are so blinkered that they have no regard for anyone who does not have the same extreme views as they do. Most of the ills of the world past and present are down to intolerance in one form or another but these people take it to a whole new level! Oh well… that's enough of that. Try not to let it spoil this nice break for you and Dave. x

  24. Hi Barbara
    Those poor people and there poor families must be devastated,my heart goes out to everyone in France.Like you Barbara I got so cross the killing of innocent people or any person is so wrong.I feel their sadness it breaks my heart all this violence and for what?
    I do hope this doesn't spoil you break with Dave too much.

  25. A fitting tribute, we watched the news in horror on Friday, so very very sad , my mind just cannot comprehend. We have a family member that lives in Paris but happy to report he is safe :'-( x

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