Tourists in Bretagne!

Tourists in Bretagne!

Hope you are ok today?
Dave and I spent the day exploring the coastline of Bretagne 
with our good friends Elisabeth and Alain.
The weather was great, and the scenery spectacular.
It certainly helps when your guide knows where he is!!
First stop, La-Trinité-sur-Mer.
Fabulous harbour and phenomenal worldclass Catamarans.
Millionaire’s playground, if you ask an old landlubber like me!

So apparently the Jules Verne Trophy used to be awarded for 
sailing round the world in less than 80 days.
Man (and woman) is now able to circumnavigate the globe 
in 45 days. 
Check out the progression below…

We can never be content with what we have achieved, can we.
We always have to better ourselves. 
It’s a human thing. 

We decided to kiss the coastline,
 and quite by chance, stumbled upon the most exquisite little chapel, St. Philibert.
Said a prayer. Lit a candle. Had a think.
Look at the ceiling!
Perfect little venue for a wedding…
Next stop, the Pointe de Kerpenhir.
And there, staring out to sea, were the mother and child.
It was no good. I had to see what they looked like from the front.
So down I climbed onto the rocks,

jumping over the little rock pools,
covered in mussels and limpets.
Aren’t they beautiful?
Well worth the hop, skip and jump!

We combed the beach for a good hour, 
 for little precious stones and shells.
Just when you thought you had found the whitest,
 most wonderful little shell ever, 
Alain or Elisabeth would procure an even whiter, 
even more perfect little masterpiece. 
Next stop, St Cado.
Easy to remember, because I thought Alain was saying 
cinque cadeaux, as in five presents.
Only when we were leaving, and I still had not worked out why the place was called five presents, did I interrogate him further. 
Much laughter, completely lost in translation.
St. Cado. 
Our next new home :
At least you don’t have to worry about the neighbours!
I think I would love to have this couple as neighbours though….
They’re about as crazy as us two!!
So there we are. 
A day in the life of two English people, 
in the grand company of two French people.
much love,

47 thoughts on “Tourists in Bretagne!

  1. Hello Barb, so lovely to see peaceful France being enjoyed by kind and peaceloving people! Make the most of your break and recharge those overworked batteries. xx Margaret Col.

  2. Hi Barb,
    Well you certainly look as though you are having a fabulous time. Beautiful pictures and that chapel is stupendous. We had a wonderful holiday in Brittany about 30 years ago. We stayed in a little hotel in St Lunaire and fell in love with Brittany. Unfortunately we have never been back but that might have to be rectified. I'm so pleased that you are both having such a good time with two wonderful people as your guides. You are certainly more cheerful than yesterday thankfully. Enjoy the rest of your stay and as Maggie says, recharge your batteries. Love and hugs, Alison xx

  3. Bonjour Barbara and Dave. Glad to see you having some R n R. What a lovely chapel….wedding bells??? You certainly ain't missing the weather over here…it's rather persistent lol!
    Thank you for sharing your pictures, lovely to see them. Hugs xxx

  4. Wonderful photos Barbara, so pleased you are enjoying these beautiful places, would love to visit Brittany at some stage. The chapel is amazing as is the Statue of Mother and child. Hope you continue to enjoy the rest of your holiday with your friends and that the weather stays fine for you all so that you can visit more amazing places.Xx

    1. Had a restful day, didn't really do much. Finished off my groovi bookmark but that's about it. I have some groovi plates with snowflakes on that I want to use so they may be my next card. Xx

    2. Hi Sheila, hi Donna hope you are both ok. We did some clearing out in the garage whilst it was dry – time to put the garden furniture away after 'summer'! I've got the snowflakes too, they really are beautiful. Hope you sleep better tonight Sheila xxxx

  5. Hi Donna, Sheila, Diane, Dot, Brenda and Jackie, hope you are all well and have had a better day today. I haven't made any cards today, did some baking this morning instead.xx

  6. Oh Barbara thank you for the beautiful picture of the chapel such a stunning place to say a prayer
    As you say a beautiful place with friends thank you for sharing this day .xxx

  7. Another hint on wedding venues hehe has Dave realised your hints look wonderful lace and the Mother and child amazing thank you for take picture. It's crest when you have a guide spec ail a fun guide remember my uncle who lived near lakes taking us to all the none tourist areas of Lake District mind you some scary little roads but beautiful enjoy tomorrow love Joy xxx

  8. What a lovely way to spend the day! It certainly is a beautiful place! And if there were any lookers on they would have seen 4 friends enjoying each others company…that makes all the difference…. Friendship. Something that we all need in the world today! Enjoy the rest of your break! Xxx

  9. Bonjour Barbara, merci beaucoup pour sharing what looks like a wonderful day, shared with such lovely friends. Looks an amazing place for exploring. Me I would have been in one of them dinghy's begging for a go!!! I thought it was only me that had to beachcomb for beautiful shells and stones whenever I was allowed the opportunity, used to keep that quiet thinking I was just a big kid ;-). I would have been in my element there, and me first, I want to live in that wee house please. Wish I could be there too. Maybe you're being too subtle with your hints to Dave of wedding venues!!!!! And no that's not the sum of my French – Je m'appelle Brenda, ou est la toilete!!!! Not bad considering the last time I talked French was 33 years ago for my o'grade!!! And very apt that the only thing I remember is to ask where the toilet is, apparently I've been asking if there is going to be a toilet since I could first speak!!!!! Seems nothing has changed eh!!!! Hope you've got another special day planned for tomorrow. lots of hugs love Brenda xx

    Thinking about you Dot, up to saying a wee hi to your friends here yet? big hugs, love Brenda xx
    Hi everyone else xx

    1. Oh Brenda your French is as good as mine! It's very important to know where the toilet is! That cottage is lovely isn't it, think of the peace and quiet, then the crashing waves and the damp! Perhaps not. I'm another person who can't walk along a beach without looking for shells or stones, I usually have a shell or stone in my pocket, or a concer depending on the season!
      Hope you are ok xxxx

    2. You are not the only one Brenda. I have to find a nice stone from every beach I visit. A piece if sea glass is also very good. My mum has photos of me as a child and an adult looking at the beach for the right stone! Xx

  10. You obviously had a lovely day with your two French friends and thanks for the great photos. That little chapel is beautiful with its glorious starry ceiling and all the wonderful statues and flowers, what a find! Have another good day tomorrow! x

  11. Hi Barbara
    What a beautiful part of the world you are in and how fabulous to have friends as guides. Lots of hints about this wedding Barbara, is this the holiday to plan it? Mind you the chapel is beautiful and the statue is lovely too. What great friends you've got and beach comber too – brilliant, my Dort of holiday. Have fun and lots of laughter.
    Love Diane xxxx

    Hi Dot, sending you a big hug xxxx

  12. Hi Barb, what a lovely time spent in great company. Love the pictures, thank you for sharing them. There are days when I would love to be in that little isolated cottage. Enjoy your break with Dave. Bx

  13. That looks like a wonderful day! Have just got internet connection again after a long drive down south accompanied all the way by Abigail – not good driving conditions, but we're here safe and sound ready to catch a plane tomorrow and observed the minute's silence for all the Parisian victims in a service station on the M6. Time for a large G&T methinks! x

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