Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. aka Groovi Douglas.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. aka Groovi Douglas.

Hi there.
It’s Sunday, the sun’s shining,
I’ve just spent the morning writing a German blog,
and if you don’t mind, I shall just translate the project
for you, because it turned out quite nicely,
even if I say so myself!

Used another one of these Clarity Friends.
I think the blog is all about giving you ideas 
and showing you various possibilities…

So many people have invested in these Borders at the special price, so the least I can do is show you a couple of ideas!

Square Nest Plate is a must have, I think.

Wipe parchment with a tumble dryer sheet, and off we go.

The frame, parchment and tools are all in the Starter Kit.
Attach the Douglas Border to the side of the Groovi Plate Mate with cellotape, to stop him slipping while you work.

Who does he remind you of?

Double frame…

Let’s use the funky pattern panel which is also on the Douglas Plate. It really is versatile. Watch and see….

All 4 sides…

And then the Square nest framer 
to tie the whole composition together.

Still working from behind, lay your piece on the soft side of the blue mat which comes with the Starter Kit,
clamp it into place with the Groovi Plate Mate 
and turn the sticks in the panel into flutes..

Have you got a pad of tracing Paper?
We sell an excellent pad, which is brilliant for crafter and artist.
It is a super smooth vellum, and actually reacts like parchment to whitework. Just not as thick.
Write what you want to compose on the parchment artwork onto tracing paper, and turn it over.

Now you know exactly what to write.

The Magic Flute.

let’s add a magic flute beneath the title
from the large pattern above Doug’s head.

If you want to write in a straight line,
and not on the wonk, (as I did!)
 then use a length of cellotape as a guide.

I wanted to write a little von
so used the soft side of the blue mat, and went in freehand.

There he is! Amadeus, looking very dapper!

Turn the blue mat to the hard side,
and let’s do some spot colouring.
I used a Black Soot Distress marker.
Fast and accurate with the two nibs.

Let’s check at the front, to see what we’re doing…
getting there.

Wild Honey is a good complimentary colour.

Dig out a piece of good backing paper.
Score the sides to wrap around.
You can use the Square Nest plate,
or the Border No. 1
Another pair of must haves for me.

Attach at the back with double-sided adhesive tape.

Mat and layer to perfection.

If you set the shadow from the sun on him, 
you can really see the 3-D magic of parchment here.

Well, I hope you like him.
Do you know the Magic Flute?
Here’s a snippet.
 Magic Flute: Overture.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the 
Introductory Groovi Sale online today.
Buy any one border £7.99
Buy 3: £6.99 ea.(2 fixed sets)
Buy all 6: £5.99 each.
Save £12.
Offer ends tomorrow. 
Love & Hugs,

PS I will announce a winner of the number of plates used yesterday tomorrow!
And will step by step that project tomorrow too.

So if you want to join in, go read yesterday’s challenge.
There’s still plenty of time to join in.
And you’ve gottabeinnittawinnit.

60 thoughts on “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. aka Groovi Douglas.

    1. Hi Sheila have you had a good day? I've been gardening – lots of chopping back – quite therapeutic until you stop for a while then you realise your getting old and creaky! Xxxx

    2. Enjoy relaxing after your busy therapeutic day
      I've had a clear out of my wardrobes to make room for the new things to go in therapeutic too it's was good to sit on my bed saying to my partner Tom (full time carer)what I didn't need no more 3 full bags for charity xxx

    3. Evening Sheila, hope you managed a bit of craft amongst all that clearing out. I love a good sort, I am more ruthless with someone else's stuff than my own. I helped my sister sort out her clothes and we got bags of stuff for the charity shop. I did mine the following weekend and managed one bag! My sister was not impressed. XX

    4. Because I live in a 2 bedroom bungalow well one as my other is a craft room and I craft in the conservatory too I can be more ruthless with my clothes now as I am a more stay in home and need comfort .
      I need to be more ruthless with my crafting things I don't use no more or find they are not for me now but that's harder to do as you need a crafter to make good use of them xxx

  1. This is gorgeous Barbara and shows with more experience what you can do with this system. I love the black and honey colours together and the great designs on the plates show up beautifully in that deeply embossed parchment. Many moons ago I actually had a part in a production of The Magic Flute which I thoroughly enjoyed and have always loved that overture so have just listened to it again ….. magic! x

  2. Hello Barb, more amazing artwork, love the image and turning the border into flutes. where do you get your ideas from??? Thank you for inspiring us. Take care. Bx

  3. Absolutely brill, Barbara! Didn't realise Distress Markers would work on parchment. Must have a go – my treat to me after a big clear out today. Charity shops will be well pleased, I think – six bin bags so far, mostly my stuff! ;~}

  4. Hi Barbara, very stylish. I wouldn't normally like this type of thing, but yet again you do something your way and I get it /feel it, and like it, you really do keep expanding what was once a very limited /narrow field in my head. You make me feel I could have a go with all sorts outside my comfort zone, just need to somehow get rid of the bad feelings attached to craft so I can actually do some. Thank you for sharing. It's been a gloomy day here today, but it's trying to brighten up a wee bit just now. Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda
      It will come back to you soon my sweetheart, little steps. Just being on here has been a big step so the others will follow. Big hugs to you and Daisy xxxx

    2. You'll get there Brenda, wish I lived near you to try to give you some confidence. Keep telling yourself you can do it. Try tiny things or just practise on A6 sized or even half of A6 doesn't matter if you spoil it.xx

    3. Evening Brenda, I have been thinking of a way to get you crafting again. You have said you used to knit when you were younger, so that is before you had your bad feelings about craft. Think back to that time and start with a bit of knitting. Get out an old pattern, one you remember enjoying. Then progress onto something you have sewn and make another one etc etc moving back towards your card craft and inks, paints and pencils. How does that sound? Just like Julie Andrews said "Lets start at the very beginning". Fingers crossed. XX

    4. Hi Brenda here's a big cuddle hope you can feel it, maybe when all this change over in your care is sorted out then you'll be fine so I hope that's soon for now keep coming here we need you…xx

  5. Hello Barbara, love this new design – very striking. I didn't think to use markers on parchment (I'm not great with pencils.) Would alcohol markers work? (Not at home so can't try this for myself!)


    1. Hello Margaret. Alcohol pens work on parchment as they are quick drying. You can even use a bit of blending solution ( using cotton buds, folded kitchen roll) to blend pencils and distress inks. ProMarkers work too. Xx

  6. So wish I had thought about wrapping the pretty bit of Groovi parchment I made at Jo's fun class in Glasgow yesterday, instead I tried adhesive and wasted it. I took a pic though so will just have to do it again using this useful tip.

    1. Oh Linda what a shame after all your hard work. It's always been tricky finding a way to stick velum – you can buy sticky dots that'd are tiny dots of glue that don't show through or I have heard you can use a tiny dab of cosmic shimmer glue, wipe it off with your finger then cover the tiny area with an embellishment such as a pearl – or a parchment butterfly!xxx

    2. Have you Tried a bookmark and get the bookmark covers then you don't need to use any adhesive don't be put off its a brilliant piece of crafting kit xxx

    3. Hi Linda. Did you put the tape all the way round or just at bits? I may have a solution for you so that your piece is not wasted as you say….( I bet it's not as bad as you think ) . Post a pic in the Glasgow page and tag me so I can help. Xxxx

  7. Hi Barb,
    Very, very clever. I hadn't thought that Douglas was a Mozart look a like, but now that you mention it!! Love the border you've made as well. I like the Distress Marks on the parchment too – a darker effect than the pencils. Love Alison xx

  8. Hi Barbara
    Oh he's handsome and yes I can see Mozart now! Love this artwork, isn't it fab, that frames looks amazing as flutes , you really make us think out of the box don't you. I went to see the magic flute when I was a teenager, fabulous. This brought back memories, thank you. Enjoy your evening, hope your neck and Dave are both doing well.
    Love Diane xxx

    Hi Donna, hi Dot hope you have both had a good day xxx

    1. Hi Diane, yeah good day. Got started on a Halloween card for my sister. Also caught up on yesterdays Strictly programme but haven't watched tonight's yet so don't know who went out. XX

    2. Hi Donna
      I haven't caught up with Strictly yet – rugby keeps taking over! I'm impressed by your sorting out- did you know if you take your M&S clothes to Oxfam shops they give you a £5 voucher to spend in M&S in exchange – that helps with the recycling! Xxx

  9. I wish I had half of your ideas. This looks great and the colours go well. I wouldn't have thought of using my distress markers either, but they show through brilliantly. Have to budget so only ordered Holly along with other things but I will probably get the others later. Had a good day today. Saw the Vulcan fly over, went for a lovely meal then the cinema to see The Martian, it was super, had you gripping your seat. Don't normally do all this on a Sunday but it was Hubby's Birthday.xx

  10. What peace! After a hectic day, what better than to follow the blog and extra bonus the beautiful music. Many thanks. Have a great week
    Love to you all at Clarity.
    Anne (Reading)

  11. So clever using the abstract border as a frame, and love the colours you have used. Will have a go at colouring with pens on the back of my parchment piece, as it's so vibrant. Susan x

  12. Douglas is a bit of a mix of Jeremy Vine with those long legs and Jay with his slightly mad hair (till he had it cut last week). I really enjoyed that lovely music while reading this tonight. I can see so many ways of using these border plates to go with all the other lovely things you have given us already. Today has been a quiet calm day after the excitement of Sazz's Wollaton workshop yesterday and the "character building" involved in those projects. I hope you have managed some peaceful time with Dave today. Love to you both. xxxx Maggie

    1. Once you start, Alison, you will be totally hooked. Mixing and matching and picking bits from all the different plates is great fun and very addictive. You need the Starter Kit and then the world is your oyster. xxx Maggie

  13. Was wondering what pens would like on the back on the parchment and was also wondering if distress markers would work! How clever of you to answer my question without me even asking it! Now if you could just tell me the lottery numbers that would be great! XX

    1. Evening Donna was laughing at your one wee bag clear out I'm the same I haul everything out and before I know its all back in again even the size 10's that will never see the daylight any time soon…xx

  14. Now that is amazing Groovi art keep them coming Barbara there has been no housework done for 2 days I'm addicted now been trying out the white work today need not to be so heavy handed I think but I'm getting there and that's great I can use my pens as I've not got the posh pencils yet Thanks…Groovi Dot…xx

  15. Another lovely card – who would have thought have turning them into flutes?????? I wonder what else we could turn them into? Let alone the other borders on the other plates. Wish I had the imagination, perhaps one day it will hit me …… Still I'm happy with the two simple ones I've done tonight, both the same but quite different if you know what I mean! xx

  16. Please give us some Groovi storage please, ive got some borders and the starter kit and just know |'ll keep adding to it so need somewhere purposemade to keep them all together, safe and undamaged. Loved playing with it this weekend it is addictive like you say. x

  17. Playing catchup with your posts while I have working internet. WoW!!! Love this to bits!!!! I shall definitely have to order all these plates when I get back to the UK. Fantastic artwork, so inspiring. Xxxxxx

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