FRIENDS – and a Groovi Blog Challenge!

FRIENDS – and a Groovi Blog Challenge!

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in.
Have you had a pleasant Saturday?
Dave and I went to Wakehurst Place for the day.
What a beautiful place it is – especially at this time of year. 
It had to be done – for an annual fee,
we became friends.
So now we can get in for free and all that jazz.
Maybe we will go more often.
I do hope so;
otherwise Wakehurst Place will just join the Gym,
where I am also a friend, but have yet to shake hands 
or even pop my head round the door!
In light of the Groovi Sale this weekend,
(Brilliant Introductory Offer on 6 new borders)
I thought I would make a card…
As it’s rather late, I shall just show you the finished effort.

I have used LOADS of Groovi Plates!
And before you say,
…well, that’s easy for you to do…
let me challenge you!

Work out how many plates and borders I actually used. 
Write the number below. Just the number, 
and leave a lovely friendly message!
Next, write them all down, and email me the list of plates.

On Monday I will pick a random winner.
And the winner I shall invite to pick 
ANY 5 Groovi Plates or Borders of their choice. 
And if you’ve already got every plate, 
then I shall give you a credit note for 5 new ones !!
love and hugs,
Tomorrow I shall do a step by step on this card….

81 thoughts on “FRIENDS – and a Groovi Blog Challenge!

    1. Pleased you had a lovley day I did a little crafting the clarity coated black card with the perfect pearls and best wishes stamp but then ended up unwell so think I tried to hard to craft but that's the CFS pulls you back into line .
      Hope you get to craft tomorrow xxx

    2. Hi Sheila and Dot
      Been a busy day today, took mother in law to the knitting and stitching show today at Ally Pally – I was extra careful as I walked in! We are now completely exhausted! New sewing lamp acquired for Julian and some wool forced itself into my arms! What show did you see Donna? Sounds like a good day. Did you get any crafting done Sheila? Xxxx

  1. Hi Barbara, just had a wee look online at the place you went to today, looks amazing, huge and has everything. Way up market to my local country park, but then it's council run and free. I don't even have to pay for parking because I have a blue badge which also lets us park in an exclusive bit inside. Please do go as often as you can. I'd love to spend loads of time somewhere like that frequently. You only live once and you need to do what you can when you can rather than putting it off, no one knows what tomorrow will bring. Spending time in a place like this is far better than a stinky sweaty boring gym, and even more beneficial for your health and wellbeing. Bet you felt a lot calmer and settled after spending time there.

    I'll try and have a go tomorrow at your Groovi challenge. Feeling fluey with my CFS today because of the last how ever many weeks proper catching up on me now. And earlier I had to go through and make notes for alterations to important documents about me for Nicola, so I've also got a bad headache and seized up brain!

    But we did beat Samoa this afternoon and are now through to the quarter finals next week, there's a big positive thing. Are you going to be neighbourly and support us since we're still standing with our heads held high while England got sent home with their tails between their legs!!! Sorry, couldn't resist, this scenario is a very rare occurrence!!!! And while I'm at it have I mentioned the Davis cup and how Scotland have single handed got GB through to the finals?!!! Is that me being sent to the naughty step now!!!!! 😉

    love Brenda xx

    1. Brenda you are a pickle! Yes we will be supporting Scotland in the next stages. Mind you the last England match was very good. We have a lovely country park near us too and a few rathe nice national trust houses. Night night sleep tight, hope you feel better tomorrow xxxxx

    2. Me again with my guess at the plates you used. It's not that straightforward as technically one thing could come from either of 2 plates, I've explained in my email answers. So I'm saying you used 10 plates, or 9 plates depending on which plate you used for the identical thing. Hope that makes sense! xx

      Thank you for your messages xx

  2. Am I being blonde ? Do you want the number written on the blog for the challenge ????

    Silly me ….. have sent email with my list

    Glad you have had a great day.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  3. Lovely friendly panel of groovi characters. They all look like they are having a garden party but Laurel has just found out that Douglas has been getting groovi with Annabel so she is after him! Heee heee! Could write a book entitled 'The Clarity Groovi Affair' XX

  4. I'm going to join in with 12 Groovi plates/borders as my guess – i'll email the list through.

    Once again I LOVE your design, so much detail. I was going to get two of the characters but now I've seen this I want more of them. I really don't know where you get all your inspiration from – you fill us with your ideas and thoughts every day making things that I would never ever think of.

    I hope your neck wasn't hurting you as much today so you could actually enjoy using the Groovi products for so long.

    Thank you once again, I really look forward to your blog messages but this one is extra special

  5. Hello Barbara

    Glad you had another lovely day out, this time with Dave.

    I am thinking you have used 9 plates. Will have to check what they are called in order to email the answers.


  6. Hello Barbara

    Glad you had another lovely day out, this time with Dave.

    I am thinking you have used 9 plates. Will have to check what they are called in order to email the answers.


  7. Hi Barbara,
    I think I needed longer for caunting as you doing your artwork.
    I´ll send you the numbers of the plates on your email-address.
    Have a beautiful sunday
    Rolf xxx

  8. Me again my guess is 10 as per my email already sent. Glad you enjoyed Wakehurst …. just a lovely place. And know we're you are coming from about getting things and not using them…..but not in the case of groovi plates and clarity stamp. Hehee

    Happy days and crafty hugs

    Pen x

  9. Sounds like nice day out for you and Dave well needed day of first for weeks on a Saturday had some busy weekends . For me quiet ish with granddaughters doing canvases I was meant to be feet up as had me injections in knees Friday so hopefully will help a bit hopefully think 10 plates used big Hugs love the groovi picture you did Joy xx

  10. I'm glad you're having some more time for you and Dave, after a very busy few weeks.

    My new design club envelope arrived this morning – been reading up on that, have plans for the lovely stamp (no spoilers!). Looking to see how easy it would be to get to the NEC in November…

    I found 9 plates in your gorgeous scene – maybe I missed one, or two… but I've emailed my list anyway!

  11. Hi Barbara – well, I'll be honest, I've been trying not to pay too much attention to the groovi system until now – still trying to get to grips with the gelli plate, brayer and stamping, I didn't want to get captivated by another artform! Some of the artwork you've been showcasing has been very beautiful, and your fun challenge today (how many plates? – my answer is 9) has sent me to look at each plate in the collection … several times, because one element in the picture proved very elusive! I'll tell you which in my email. Anyway, in visiting and revisiting the groovi product pages, I have been particularly taken by the new character – Holly – isn't she beautiful?! Will she become available as a stamp?

  12. I reckon 10 but never was any good at adding up. So pleased you and Dave had a lovely day. You both deserve a day out – lovely picture.
    Anne (Reading)

  13. Hi Barbara
    Well this has kept Julian and I entertained for ages! After lots of counts and checking of plates we recon the magic number is 12. I will be emailing you a list in a little while. We do like a challenge! Glad to hear you and Dave have had a lovely day, weather was lovely wasn't it. Hope you have a good nights sleep tonight. Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  14. Barbara, this is an absolutely fabulous piece of artwork to say the least. At first I wasn't sure if some of the characters I would use but bought them all today knowing you would give me some guidance and boy did you ever. Unfortunately, I won't have time to compete in the competition as it is Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada and have lots of company arriving for a few days. Best of luck to those of you who join in and have a Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend.

  15. Wakehurst Place is beautiful and have been there a few times , I also love Sheffield Park especially at this time of year with the beautiful colour foliage. Hope you had a really lovely time there today. I think their are nine plates used in that gorgeous piece of work. x

    1. Hi Barbara, have just sent an e-mail and changed my final answer to eight as I realised that two of the borders were on one plate. Sorry the e-mail looks like a dog's breakfast, it did look fine until I sent it Hope it makes sense! x

  16. What an amazing piece of artwork. Looking forward to tomorrow's step by step. Glad you and Dave had a relaxing day at Wakehurst Place. I make it 10 plates in the challenge.xx

  17. I love all of these plates and I will get them all eventually but I am definitely going to order Holly. Lovely card and I really do enjoy getting in the Groove. I make it 10 plates. Glad you and Dave have had a nice day. Thanks Jx

  18. Hope you had a lovely day out. This is a beautiful card and just shows how versatile and interchangeable the Groovi plates are. I love the new border plates especially Holly – definitely on my wish list xx

  19. Hello Barb, so glad you had a good day out with Dave. Love the card and images, but as I don't have a Groovi plate yet, I am not going to guess. I will leave that to those in the know. Still looking forward to the step by step though. Take care. Bx

  20. Hi Barb,
    Got back from Skye late last night and found the challenge – I think you've used 9 plates. Glad you've had a good day with Dave. Need to catch up on the blogs that I've missed but I did order the new plates last night! Had fabulous time on Skye weather absolutely glorious. Also took in Eilean Donan Castle – beautiful! Off to email the plates used now. Love Alison xxxxx

  21. Hello Barbara,

    I think you've used 9 plates in this piece. Have sent my email off. This example really shows off the versatility of the plates.

    Glad you both had a nice trip to Wakehurst Place. Some of the tree colours are fabulous this year, and we've been having some "Clarity landscape" mornings here – with mist in the valleys showing up all the hills in the distance.

    Ruth x

  22. Oh my – having just had my first Groovi experience with Jo at the Clarity Glasgow group, I really appreciate how long this must have taken you!! Off for a little snooze after all of yesterday's excitement, Susan x

  23. Hi Barbara
    What a lot of clever Groovi work today. Thank you for showing more possibilities for using the plates. The Groovi system is brilliant. I think you have used eight plates to create this lovely piece.
    Hugs from Chris X

  24. Hi Barbara, I think you have used 9 plates in total including the Groovi Plate Mate. Your demos have been truly inspirational, fingers crossed I might be a winner. You've got to be in it to win it xxx

  25. Amazing design. Clever use of all the plates, really is a versatile system. I think you have used 10 plates or borders. So now I will send my e-mail and hope I am very lucky. Thank-you for the chance to win a prize. xx

  26. Love this competition, 10 borders and frames is my guess too, although think there is an optional one too!. Have a big order in for Groovi and you've added more, oh my goodness what can I do! Please please release the storage soon, I need something to hold it all. Christmas this year is definitely going to be Groovi! Keep well. Karen

  27. Just had to delete as I had a recount and think its 10 including the main plate. Have now emailed my list ! Lovely design and the one today as well! I've made a simple card today using the harlequin plate (diamond shapes) and just letters saying Happy October Birthday Stuart – for a man as you can gather. Coloured it in autumn colours. Might do another one now for our friend Paul. Just got to decide what to put it on now.

    Can you get some of those photo slot punches please …..pretty please …….. xxxx

  28. Hi Barbara, I'm late as always, can't use internet at the weekends. I made it 10 but it's not as easy as it looks to work it out as the plates are so generous with all the little elements that can be built up, so you can achieve lots of different patterns with just a few Groovi plates, I think it's a marvelous invention and deserves to be the new Craft Gadget of the year 🙂 xxx

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