Friendly CHALLENGE WINNER and a Groovi step by step

Friendly CHALLENGE WINNER and a Groovi step by step

Hi there,
Nice of you to pop in and hang with your Clarity friends for a bit.
As promised, here is a step by step on the 
Friends Groovi Art I did on Saturday.
Remember the challenge?
Well, let’s see how many plates and borders I actually used,
and who got it right,
and who wins the Any-5-plates-of-your-choice-prize!
1. Laurel
2. Rosie
3. Douglas aka Mozart
4. Annabel
5. Lily
6. Square Nest.

Yep, the Square nest was definitely used to make the fence/wall.

7. Douglas. Nope. we’ve already counted him.
We just use the kooky panel in the background,

…all the way through.

Time to add the foliage above the fence, but again, 
we are just using the Laurel Panel from the Laurel Border, 
and we’ve already counted her…

But now we need some flowers, too.
So let’s use :
No. 7 The Butterfly Wreath Plate.

Check progress.
Yep, 7 so far.
See the large flowers in her dress?
I spy No. 8.
I definitely used the Groovi Plate Mate!
Can you see the little stars in Annabels dress?

More laurel from the Laurel plate…

But here comes No. 9.
Bunting Border in the background.

Spell out the word Friends using the same 
Border Plate Bunting/ABC No. 9.
I spy one more…
at the base, underneath their feet.
Yes, the Basic Patterns Border No. 1, with the leafy trail. 
That make a grand total of….

I used 10 plates and borders, including the Groovi Plate Mate.
Did you get it right?
Read on to see if you won the prize!
And whilst scrolling rapidly, 
learn how Distress Markers work beautifully on parchment…

 Trim back almost to the frame and mount on a complimentary blue paper.
I used a photo slot punch at the bottom.
(Big shipment due in the next fortnight….)

Layer on yellow, to brighten the party up.

Let’s pick a winner.
You can’t imagine how many of you entered the challenge!!!!!
Thank you to all of you who had a go;
It really is amazing how many of you joined in!
And loads of you got the right answer too.

Oooh the tension – oooh! the suspenders!

(Closes eyes and scrolls down the correct answers list)
And the winner of Saturday’s
CarolynBartlett from Dorset
So Carolyn, email me which plates you would like.
And now, after all that excitement,
I think a cuppa is in order.
Who would like the artwork?
Leave a friendly message below,
and I will pick a random winner tomorrow xx
Love & hugs,

88 thoughts on “Friendly CHALLENGE WINNER and a Groovi step by step

  1. Well done to Carolyn, i only got nine, but forgot to enter, been a hectic day today, ah well. Thanks for the inspiration Barbara i shall spend the next hour or two with my groovi toys. And Relax! Love Jilly xxx

  2. Just love all your work, you inspire the most reluctant person to give it a go whether it be using your beautiful stamps, or your fab stencils, and who can forget about the fab range called groovi, with all your products that reluctant person sitting there saying " no I can't do that it's to technical for me" Will be having a groovi time and making sensational cards

  3. Well done Carolyn, well jell though 🙂 It just shows how versatile the Groovi plates are, I would love a piece of "Barbara Artwork", please stick me in the pot if I'm allowed. I also love the new club stamp that came today Barb xxx

  4. Congratulations to Carolyn for being spot on. First I thought nine then I decided it was eight but certainly didn't count the Groovi Plate Mate or the Square Nest…darn it! I would certainly love to invest in this but really can't do so at the moment but it will definitely go on my wish list, but in the meantime I would really love a chance of winning your fabulous piece of Groovi artwork. x

  5. Hello Barbara

    Close, but no cigar. Story of my life, but that is another story. Lol. Well done Carolyn, I am sure you will enjoy your super prize.

    Received my Gold Club monthly offerings today – fantastic.


  6. Sunny afternoon hugs

    Well done Carolyn. Fantastic art work Barbara.

    Just received my Gold goodies today lovely and a nice read too. I did laugh about the gym

    Big crafty hugs
    Pen x

  7. Well done Carolyn
    I would like to win the groovi art work how special to have a piece of your art work Barbara hanging on the wall in my craft room for daily inspiration
    Received my monthly club stamp and stencil envelope today thank you clarity towers crafting hugs to all xxx

    1. Bloomin cold down south too but the sun has been out and the washing got dry. Go on Donna, be a devil and put the heating on – there's no point being cold. Just been talking to Emma and she said it's been a tad chilly in Scotland today, and wet. Now this will make you chuckle. Emma fell over at the weekend – yes finally she has become her mothers daughter! She showed me the bruise on her bottom ( face time is great!) and said ' mum my bruise is the same colour as my frying pan!' Not as poetic as distress inks but I knew the colour! What is she like! Hope you are both ok xxxxx

    2. Nope heating is not on, so I am tucked into bed with a pair of chunky socks on keeping my toes warm!
      Oh dear, poor Emma! Did she throw herself down in front of her idol like you? 😉 xx

    3. Haha she landed on the friend that fell down the stairs and took her with her so it wasn't too bad – for her! It was wooden stairs in a pub ( yes alcohol involved!) not the hard concrete stairs in their flat which was a relief! I think pride was the major hurt there. Xxxx

  8. I would love the artwork from my favourite "artiste" -extraordinar – (french pronunciation!)
    Absolutely delighted with my design stamp this month. So, so pretty and lovely directions.
    Enjoy your week – just recovering from digging on the allotment, trying to get it to bed before the winter comes
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

  9. Lovely, really enjoyed competition so artwork would be a definite bonus. Received my Gold Club member stuff today, fabulous stamp and stencil and I love the challenge you've set us. Looking forward to NEC already.Karen xxx

  10. Congratulations carolyn. You lucky girl.

    Great news on the punches Barbara. Fab set of borders a lovely card. Oh and this month's nice stamp and stencil are fab too xx

  11. Congratulations carolyn. You lucky girl.

    Great news on the punches Barbara. Fab set of borders a lovely card. Oh and this month's nice stamp and stencil are fab too xx

  12. Congratulations to Carolyn. She must be on cloud 9 (cloud 10???) at the moment! Beautiful artwork Barbara. The monthly stencil and stamp are wonderful too, thank you. Can't wait to play with those! Happy days! xxx

  13. Congratulations Carolyn. I was one out because I thought the flowers along the back fence were from the Meadow grasses not the butterfly wreath. I had spotted the flowers/groovi plate mate contributions on the dresses. I have just ordered the square and circle nesting frames and the Douglas/Holly/Laurel borders as they look so amazing. The Butterfly wreath and Meadow grasses are next on my list – but the gas bill arrived today so they will have to wait ;-(

  14. Well done Carolyn. Just loving the new Groovi plates! Love the idea of using Distress inks on the parchment paper. Looking forward to seeing you at the NEC,Clarity shopping list getting longer by the minute! xx

  15. Hi Barbara, thanks for sharing the step by step.
    Well done Carolyn, enjoy your prize.
    I'm useless! I went for the straight line on the border instead of the nesting squares as I thought it would be easier to use the single longer straight line than trying to elongate a line on the nesting squares.
    Today's been yet one more of those days when stuff hasn't gone as planned and more problems have been added into the mix! Just wish sometimes things would go my way, it's so hard to keep fighting on after a lifetime of having to fight to just survive in this life, and for what, nothing.
    Love the NDC designs this month.
    Love Brenda xx
    Thank you for the messages yesterday

    1. So are you joining me as members of Barb's Numpty Club then?!!!!
      Nicola has told me even worse bad news this evening, and I thought what was being done to me couldn't get any worse!

    2. Brenda my love, sending you a big hug, you must be due some good news soon. Yep proud member of the numpty club first class here, we thought it was the hills from the landscape set in the background! How silly are we! We are here to listen xxxxxx

    3. I'm joining you being a numpty as I thought it was the straight line on the No.2 border as well. Thought the same as you Brenda easier to use the long line than to extend the lines on the nesting square.

  16. Oooooo well done to Carolyn, I knew there was something I meant to do last night lol. I would love to receive your stunning Artwork. I'm really enjoy getting my Groovi on and spent a small fortune at PS on new plates, loving it, thank you xx

  17. Got the correct number but like Brenda, included the border instead of the square nest. Love how all the inter-changeable plates work with each other in your composition.
    Ready to have a play now to try the Distress Markers on parchment, bits I tried out last night but only managed to use seven plates on mine; my treat after more clearing out today. Six bags for the charity collection tomorrow. ;~}

  18. Hi Barb,
    Thanks for the step by steps. Really enjoyed trying to work out which plates you'd used. Also, big thank you for this month's Club stamp and stencil – I love both of them and they will be really useful. Loved the bit about Steve on the treadmill – I did have a bit of a chuckle about that! Really looking forward to my character borders coming and then I can have a go at the picture – but yours would have pride of place if I won it! Congratulations to Carolyn. Love Alison xxx

  19. Lucky winner I'm envious spent ages trying to work it out and still got it wrong couldn't see the squares thought it was just the fence that made the lines. Great artwork though x

  20. Well done to the lucky winner, I'm just a little jealous….! Love the artwork as usual, would love to own it😀 I'm really loving the Groovi work. I haven't got any yet but it is all on my Christmas wish list. Still love to read the blog every day, I'm amazed at how you manage something every single day no matter what is going on in your life. Thank you. Xx

  21. Congratulations to Carolyn. Enjoy your prize. There are so many lovely things to choose from. Thank you Barbara for getting a supply of the photo slot punches ordered for us. They are very hard to find so they will be a welcome addition to your shop. I have been stamping your clever corner stamps onto thin card and cutting them out to cover where I have used glue to mount the parchment. The punch will give a nice neat finish.
    Hugs from Chris X

  22. An amazing piece of work, Barbara. It is so intricate with so much to look at, I would love to win it to hang in my craft room to inspire me. The Design club stencil/stamp and newsletters arrived today -lovely stuff – the highlight of my day 🙂

  23. Loving following the development of your parchment work Barbara. This is just beautiful and would be a wonderful inspiration to hang in my new craft room. So fingers crossed.

  24. Congratulations Carolyn. What fabulous plates, fantastic designs. What an absolutely beautiful piece of art Barbara….it would look gorgeous framed in my craft room!!!! Hugs xxxx

  25. Well done Carolyn enjoy choosing your groovi plates… I need them all for this very addictive system . Thanks for giving us a chance to win a piece of your art Barbara I'd be honoured to have this in my house……..take care…xx

  26. Hi Barbara
    Oh that's how you did it! Well you kept us entertained for ages last night so thank you for that- it caused much hilarity too, especially those pesky flowers on the dress! We nearly reached breaking point with them until a casual glance at the mate showed us the way! The finished results is beautiful and would be treasured in this household. Congratulations to Carolyn, enjoy choosing your 5. Xxxx
    Loving those distress ink markers on the parchment , the colours are amazing.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Love Diane xxxx.

    Hi Dot, hope you are ok xxxx

  27. Congratulations Carolyn, well done. Thank you for the step by step Barbara, would love to win your fabulous artwork to put in pride of place in my craft room. My NDC stamp and stencil arrived today, love them both will be very useful.xx

  28. Well done Carolyn! I missed the square border plate and that's the one I'd used yesterday!

    Been to the races today at Windsor, as I didn't win there (well only one race) it would be lovely to win the artwork especially as it's my birthday tomorrow! That would be a fab present. My NDC envelope arrived today but I'm saving it until the morning to open.

    I will have to get my order in now for the new plates – also the family words plate as I hadn't seen that one until yesterday!


  29. Congratulations Carolyn. Good eye to catch everything. Thanks so much Barbara for the step by step. Would love to win the artwork and show it to everyone here in Canada. Hopefully, we will be able to get some shop or distributor to carry your wonderful line of products. Have a great night.

  30. Hello Barb, thank you for sharing the step by step of this amazing artwork. I would love to win a unique piece of Barbara-ness. Did I read correctly that you are getting those photo slot/corner punches in stock? Yippee, been looking for one. Well done Carolyn, good spot with all the plates. Have a grand day everyone. Bx

  31. A lovely piece of artwork Barbars, so much detail. Spent an enjoyable evening sifting thought my plates to try the challenge and decided that I really needed new set to add to my collection. Anne x

  32. Well done Carolyn. Me jealous, of course I am,lucky you but feeling quite pleased as I got the right number of plates. Would love the artwork, a lot of wonderful work in that piece. xx

  33. oh yes please…owning an original Barbara Gray piece of jaw droopingly gorgeous artwork would truly be a treat and one that would have pride of place in my home. I was undecided initially about buying the groovi system but your recent gems have meant i have splurged and now look forward to trying out my new toys soon.

  34. HI Barbara – it goes without saying I would love to own a Barbara Groovi original but had to laugh today when my husband wanted to know who was the woman on the TV talking about genital stroking was !!! It was your groovi programme and you were – gently stroking santas beard ……. not stroking genitals

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